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Cedar Rapids Gazette Newspaper Archives Jul 16 1966, Page 1

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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 16, 1966, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather fair a Little warmer through sunday. Low tonight in 60s. High sunday in 80s. Volume 89�?number 187city Minalio cents Cedar rapids Iowa saturday july 16, 1966 associated press. United press International troops on hand riot zone quiet by James Dwyer Chicago apr National guardsmen helped police restore relative peace to a riot scarred West Side area saturday and then most of them withdrew to their armoires on a standby basis. Photo on picture Page police patrols and two jeep loads of guardsmen roamed the area saturday but there were no Early reports of daytime looting or other violence. Youthful gangs who had looted. Burned and fired sniper style from rooftops faded away As guardsmen told to shoot to kill if fired on went on patrol Friday night through the streets of a 140-Square-Block area rolled trucks loaded with soldiers rifles at the ready bayonets fixed jeeps with machine guns mounted police cars with shotguns poked out windows. Viet reds warned by identified Harriman on captives d Al Raj or More. Nor have they allowed u speck,25 United nations a Secretary general u Thant appealed to North Vietnam saturday not to try american prisoners. He said any such trial would a generate still More intense escalation of a War he said already threatens to become world War ii the International red Cross committee Access to the captives. He added that Hanoi has re-1 fused to accept the committee headquartered in Geneva As a protecting Power and has turned Down requests for prisoner mail Exchange and package Exchange although a trickle of mail comes in and out Aiken warning senator Aiken in it warned that if Hanoi carries out its threat to execute . Airmen. Up photo Wilson flies to Moscow his wife looking on and his famous pipe clenched Between his Teeth British prime minister Wilson Waves As he leaves to Downing Street for the Airport in route to Moscow where he arrived later today. The ostensible purpose of his trip is a visit to a British Trade fair but he Hopes also to talk with Premier Kosygin about peace in Vietnam. By Jack Bell Washington a roving ambassador w Averell Harriman publicly warned Hanoi saturday that mistreatment of . Captives a will change the whole., feeling of the War which he a he american people wll de said up to now has not been a he Complete destruction i aimed Aga not the people of of North Vietnam. North Vietnam. J Ken who Bas or to cd Zed a in the strongest words yet be Era ,0&Quot of Quot it a a car thus if issued by a Washington official Quot of bluer words a he carefully concerning red threats to try phrased Warner american prisoners As War criminals Harriman said ,. A it a a North Vietnam still ind Cates pm of reprisals that they believe the . Will and further Blacken the Hope for i peace. Of 18 Senate democratic doves Friday that such action by Hanoi a would bulletin Chicago a police supt. 0. W. Wilson announced saturday that the killer of the eight nurses has been named in a warrant As Richard speck 25. A Seaman. Fingerprints taken at the scene of the killings identified speck As the Slayer. Wilson said. The Man. Wilson said bears tattoos Reading a born to raise one Tattoo on his upper left is a drawing of hat and goggles. On his right forearm is a Tattoo of a Dagger and sickle. 1,500 into action Board acts to Cut air traffic Jam mrs. Gandhi gets billion from soviet no peace Aid judge voids Coralville annexation Hanoi statement Tokyo apr Hanoi radio announced that it would a release a special transmission at 8.45 p.m., Iowa time saturday. This hint of an important statement did not disclose its nature. Photos on picture Page Senate democratic Leader Chicago apr police said Mansfield Mon who in saturday that a search for the forseen the statement by the 18, Kil or of eight nurse students agreed generally with Aiken s appraisal of prospective Public a expanding greatly geography demands for retaliation. Mically and in number of per vice president h u in p h r e y sons warned Friday that staging of a we Are still very hopeful a special to the Gazette knots of negroes lined curbs. In some areas cat calling Occa i to talc Jam m0st0w a api India Wilson will attend a British signally but there were Only prime minister ended a mos Trade fair Here and also Dis Seatter cd incidents one report Washington apr the cow visit saturday with prom cuss Vietnam with Kosygin. Cd sniper shooting with police civil aeronautics Board mov uses of a billion dollars Worth of i mrs. Gandhi said the soviet returning fire but finding no my to ease monumental air tray soviet Aid but a Kremlin re Union has promised a just in has ruled against the City of i stick to this thing Fie jams across the nation. Fri fugal to follow her suggestions it Jer Day night authorized 13 supple on trying to in Aid for indians one a fire bomb thrown into Street outside a Home a few store windows broken several a a a pack Falk fops in houses and Storrs mental airlines to Fly nearly too i of tues in houses Ana stores. J j. Indira Gandhi told reporters Cial Raiel by Midnight streets were Vir r o u t e s of the five struck car before flying la new Delhi that fourth five year plan now be Tualla deserted. Riders. Soviet leaders had told her they ginning. Mijoi Gen. Francis Kane held cd spokesman said the could agree to peace proposals de aka i equal to to years ago if they hold out. J a now if they think there is anything in this at All one of1 Iowa City Johnson county the surest ways for it to assure District judge Clair Hamilton that the american Public will to the end. Tria s Wou d set Loose emotions n a. ,. Said capt. Michael Spiotto Dep very hard to control in this k k give up. Just As France did some a very hesitant a i can to think of anything that would be More dangerous than such a step a he told a news conference. Uty chief of detectives. A we Haven to yet reached anybody ave can bring before the by witness he referred to co Razon Amurao 23. Only survivor a if the non nip in Hanoi have of the massacre Early thursday. A billion rubles slightly Coralville in the so called a shoe no matter How Long it takes sense of Aii a i would think j1 the town House apartment Start Vietnam More than �1 by Jion at the offi string voluntary annexation in would be their mistreatment of by bin. .7 in in in 1.500 troops in Reserve and senti.,it on. R supplemental i,d00 into action operating from a base in a parking lot. They teamed with 1,000 police. Quot of anybody shoots at Kane told newsmen a my orders Are to shoot backs shoot to the word must have got around. Newsmen interviewing negroes on the streets reported the late 1964 of about a 700-acre our airmen strip to the South and West of that City. Richard Burger in 1965 had filed a petition protesting the the could agree to peace proposals airlines that Only if North Vietnam accepts i a the soviet economic Aid a annexation As a private citizen usually Fly charter and non Ithem and Hanoi has not com-1 India in the past. Virtually All although he was mayor of Iowa scheduled flights will begin rented on her proposals which City at that time. A hearing had been held my accepting reservations Unm Edi include soviet action in mailing allament in Indian products. Lately for most of the nations peace conference in Geneva. At a news conference before heavily travelled major air communist China has rejected flying Home mrs. Gandhi said routes including coast to coast her ideas she a Hou it 8 precondition a or flights Premier Alexei Kosygin head peace talks would be the Stop the Board specifically granted and off a air at the Airport t0-see s bomb my Quot of North Vietz her off. Kosygin stayed on to Nam. Welcome British prime minister supplemental airlines ae�?~samheeguaard"j"ave1 a or the next m Quot Days has old Wilson an hour lathers. Kosygin said he had exp Well fight slayings bring Johnson Cable sooner or later and trouble will now boing handled by the non come anew. Struck airlines. It reserved. However the right to Amend or i cancel the authority without a a we can t Cope with the stuff hearing they got on those guard trucks a Jas weekend the cab gave t. A youth told a newsman Quot but the scheduled airlines not of Johnson cabled condolences sat we can Cope with the police j felted by the strike authority a 0 aside Marcos in As soon As those Cis go Back to add As Many flights As pos these cops Are Gonna make a sible. Mistake by being lax. It of is was p d found be talking separately to reports Kosygin 5 planned to her a your position a 1 june 30, 1966. Judge Hamilton said the Coralville resolutions of annexation adopted by the Council sept. 22 and dec. 8. 1964, were illegal and void and set aside the annexation. War. A so far there has been no bitterness on the part of the american government or the american Manila a the Chicago slaying of eight nurses including two from the Philippines. The text was not made pub As for the september resold react against the interests of that american aggression should Tion the judge said All owners the North be stopped and All foreign troops of the territory had not signed Harriman speaking in a a withdrawn. Petitions. He explained that the voice of America radio inter a a that is the Only possible so Highway commission the Rock View noted that president John president Lution a Kosygin said. Island Railroad. Johnson county i son had offered to let Hanoi a fall that the government of and the Cole heirs had not joined participate in Southeast asian North Vietnam asks us to do in the petition. Economic development after will be done a he added. Because of this he held the peace comes and promised the Resolution skipped Over the rail . Would contribute $1 billion a we All gotta die some time us can Epsman Cair Fri a Mdse pud Well fight a said another enough a spokesman said Fri Jujic b Marcos office but office ii Agni said Anomer. Day night. A especially in areas Cias a mayor Richard Daley said he blames the outbreak a in Large measures on aides of or. Mar tin Luther the Southern Christian leadership conference. King and his staff have been conducting a civil rights drive in Chicago. Said Daley a surely some of the people that came in Here said Johnson asked him to convey condolences to the a what we re doing now is try families of the victims. Not served by those airlines. Poll Roll nil Pir Road property and that there or More. firm Ore none of the land South o leases Montrose hat right of Way was adjoining the City. Cedar rapid news the judge added that the Cole the entire premises j 0 King chairman ofin8 t0 Rel More Capa Eit it we re not in strike Johnson officials said also of the i Montrose hotel have been leased n any Way involved in the told Marcos his own daughter ,rwas0tannnmneehibe a ranted leave ,0 de Annex or it proceedings. Luci was a student nurse Andis Adelina. Ii was announced Hae heir severed for that reason the tragedy was Tolse to i Felt it a the i a with Quot a period of j,.ui i y 10 years. Co. J the Philadelphia firm took territory cannot be severed Over operation of the hotel sat j by any agreement Between u r d a a retaining the present a property owner and a City be Iowa youth 17,doubly pm a a a found dead on Road expect to get heirs who signed after sept. 22, signed on the condition they they would be very hesitant to Doroni Ory v a is shared take that Amurao who escaped by a very Plain Aiken blamed Moscow for end a is under a bed has told a even though i can t give Cou raging the North Vietnam p0,ice she is certain she can them encouragement that we Mese to step up their resistance. Dently the Kiler will give up the president has a no person in the world wants Spiotto said a task Force of made it very Plain that we will to establish peace More than to detectives is going about the stick to it to the end it will president Johnson a he said. Hunt with the Headquarters in change the whole feeling of the a the soviets could help bring the office of the area 2 Homi this matter to the conference cide unit two Miles from the table. But i fear they want to scene of the killings bog us Down to the fullest extent a keep out in Vietnam and put themselves people against the people of in a position to attack us. The. La William Mccarthy direct North Vietnam. But this bar situation never looked worse in n8 a nerve Center work be Baric act would heighten the Lour efforts to head off nuclear Hind a door with a newly posted temporal feeling and can Only a six a in Crayon which reads. A a. A a a keep said 50 men have Eri 0111 been interviewed in area 2 Mansfield said he has not lost alone Hope that the conflict will be phone Calls have been resettled at the conference from police departments through negotiations. But he i in 14 states Mccarthy said. He agreed with the 18, headed by declined to name the states. Sen. Church a Idaho that these Calls he said were prisoner executions would bring also about men who talked the War to a a peril Point of no loosely knowingly or senators Robert Kennedy . And Edward Kennedy a mass also endorsed the statement by the 18. Signed by among others chairman Ful Bright dark of the Senate foreign relations committee. Fat la through he also reported that efforts to Exchange a captured Viet Cong terrorist for a . Civilian but mistreatment of . Prisoners Harriman said a would have a great effect against any future relations Between our two countries on the kind of live and let live basis we Hope would come have been talking for the last year of violence and showing ,i0j,?,7j Gate. ,. / _ / to i a distaff ,.tnrnc Ann in�zfriirtin0 non nip Waukon the body of Lyle Joo i hot w a a blah pictures and instructing people a i the Hofmann company oper in How to conduct violence j Burke 17, has been taken to Pittsburgh a two ates the hotel Philadelphia in they re on his Kings a Lacrosse Hospital tor an a Job Hunters have become the Philadelphia the Dinkler Tut said King it is Munfor Tranle 1 Topsy to determine the cause hunted. Wiler hotel in Birmingham that one in such a High position of has death j James Sayer assistant per ala., and the Walt Whitman Hoyoung Burke the son of or. A Quot Ager the a unable Telin cum Den no a j t n roil co. Office told police Fri j the hotel property was Pur Day that two applicants stole a chased by the Montrose hotel far $600 camera from his office co. In september of 1964 from Council judge Hamilton said. Continued Page 2, col. 2. Of authority As the mayor of Chicago should perpetrate such a a must be quelled King said he believes the National guard Call up was necessary a the rioting must be Daley and King met Friday 13 about 312 Waukon when and mrs. James Burke of Rural Dorchester was hit by but it is not known if that during their interview. The Sheraton hotel corp. Prisoner held by the guerillas j in South Vietnam had fallen j through. Viet Cong represents i lives in Algiers at one Point indicated they would undertake j such an Exchange he said. The prisoner is an Aid official Gustav Hertz. Going to the Beach is like j Harriman said the North Viet going to the attic you Are namese have refused to give always surprised at what you any information about the num find in trunks. Copyright Ber or names of the . Flyers today s chuckle piously about the killings or motorists with Chicago License stickers on their windshields who seemed to resemble broadcast descriptions of the Slayer. A police artist sketched the killers face after closely questioning miss Amurao who roused from heavy sedation Friday. No new Light was cast on this mystery Why were there no loud screams no outcries for help during the time the killer bound and gagged the girls herded them into a Back room and led Camlo Vietnam a them but one at a time to their u. S. Marines have moved the deaths ground War to within seven a there were some Light out Miles of the Border Demilita codes by the Girts who came in sized zone in operation Hast ate it but it was t much a i Ings launched at Dawn f riday. Shael Spiotto Deputy chief of detectives said miss Amurao told him. North pasted by yanks in 121 missions continued Page 2, col. 2. Today a Index comics 8 Church 3 courthouse it crossword 8 daily record 2 deaths 9 editorial features 6 financial 9 Marion to movies 7 sports 4,5 state 7 television 9 want ads 10-13 caused his death. Sheriff Theodore Humph said the body was lying on Highway Miles North of it was hit by a car driven by mrs. David Schutte of Postville about 4 45 . Saturday. Mrs. Schutte thought at first she had hit a bundle of cloth j ing. She stopped the car and went Back to investigate. When she saw the youth she called the Waukon Hospital. Hospital authorities called Humph who got to the scene about 5 . The youth had been in Waukon Friday evening. He had left town about 3 30 sat urday to walk Home. Officials said the youth May have been hit by an earlier car. The body will be returned to the Bakke Hanson funeral Home. I Saigon apr wave after no stranger or. An autopsy showed the girls Douglas 67, wed to 23-year-o5�?o 1ss�?~-c photo on picture Page los Angeles a the fourth Bride in the life of u. S. Supreme court Justice William Douglas is a blonde Blu eyed College sociology major from Portland ore., who is 44 years his Junior. The 67-year-old Jurist and Cathleen Curran Heffernan 23, repeated marriage vows in a friends Home in suburban k Nain 0 Friday night at a Small private ceremony. They planned to honeymoon in the Pacific Northwest where Douglas has a Home near Yakima Wash. Word of the impending marriage came As a Surprise Fri Day a the same Day his third wife Joan Martin 26, who divorced the Jurist june 24, chose to announce her marriage. Douglas and miss Heffernan were married in the Home of Fedward Silver a business Man. Silver said a Small Champagne reception for eight friends followed the ceremony. Miss Martin who announced f riday that she married Roger Nicholson in great Falls. Mont., last june 27, was wed to the Jurist two and one half years. Their marriage ended with her accusing Douglas of cruel treatment and personal indignities. First word of Douglas planned marriage came Friday when the couple obtained a License at Santa Monica Superior court. They departed hurriedly out the front door of the courthouse while judge Edward Brand left almost simultaneously from the rear. This led to belief the couple planned to hurry to brands Home for an immediate ceremony. Miss Heffernan who attends Marylhurst College a school for women near Portland listed her parents As Curtis and Mary Curran Heffernan of Portland. It is her first marriage. Imprisoned believed to total 34 wave of u. S. Planes pounded North Vietnam Friday with a record 121 missions. They King i at least two of the latter. Navy planes from the Carrier Ranger evaded to soviet built surface to air missiles fired i from a string of Sites seven to 45 Miles Southeast of Hanoi in an attack on one of the Sites a Navy skyhawk Jet was shot Down by anti aircraft tire. The Pilot bailed out but heavy flak prevented Rescue Helieop-1 jeers from reaching him and he i is listed As missing South vietnamese Headquarters reported heavy losses to a 100-Man company of government troops hit by an ambush by five times As Many Viet Cong. Elsewhere in South Vietnam Only Small scale fighting was re i ported. Douglas was divorced by his first wife Mildred on july 21, 1953. His second marriage ended in 1963 when Mercedes Douglas won an uncontested divorce. Mercedes then married a Washington d. A lawyer Robert Eicholz Only one Day after Douglas married miss Martin. In Portland relatives said or. And mrs. Heffernan first heard of their daughters wedding plans when told by newsmen shortly before the ceremony. After hearing the news they refused to comment. The father is a railway clerk. Continued a Page 2. Col. A

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