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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 25, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Cedar Rapids Gazette: Couldn't Call Young Baboons Babies NEW YORK - Albanian-born photographer Gjon Mill, whose pictures of the Watergate hearings appear in Life magazine’s special report, “The Year in Pictures, 1973”, said he was “most impressed with both Uncle Sams, — uncle Sam Ervin and Uncle Sam, the government, and its successful democratic process”. Art forger Elmyr de Hoyer had 250 of his imitation Picasso and Matisse lithographs stolen from his Ibiza island villa. He warned art dealers to be on guard for the fakes. Tony Church, who plays John of Gaunt in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of “Richard II” at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, says the famous line: “This blessed plot of earth, this England . . When the company arrived here last month, they brought along an authentic prop — a coffee can of soil. Thus, when Church recites that line, he’s holding up real English earth. * * * Impressionist David Frye, who opened at Jimmy’s this week, developed imitations of 17 new political figures during the past few months. When asked if anyone else worked that fast, Frye replied: “Only God. He made two people in just six days.” Jacqueline Susann will introduce the new singer who calls himself “The Luv Machine” _ named after her best-selling novel — when he opens at the Persian Room Feb. ll. Lotte Lenya, who tried to kill James Bond in the movie “From Russia With Love”, by kicking him with poison daggers in her shoes, will be honored for her deft footwork by Florida State university next month when she presents the awards at the school s Junior Olympic Fencing Championships. The Bedford-Stuyvesant Police Athletic League will be given a special screening of “The Super Cops” which was filmed in that part of Brooklyn last year. * * * Johnny Andrews, the pianist-ginger at the Gaslight Club, w&5 once a weatherman for WCBS-TV and said he was only once mistaken in his forrcasts: ‘‘I received a letter from a viewer who wrote: ‘Just thought you’d like to know I spent this morning shoveling away ten inches of | what you predicted would be overcast skies’ Ernestine Jackson, star of “Raisin”, received a fan let- j ter from a convict in an upstate prison, informing her she has been named the institution’s Pin-up Queen. Metropolitan Opera star Richard Tucker is also a cantor, and had to learn Bizet s “Panis-Angelicus” for a religious album. The tenor was unsure about the correct pronunciation of some Latin words and met with Cardinal Cooke. His Eminence later said: “Where, but in America, would a Cardinal give ‘professional advice’ to a cantor9 Leonard Lyons Dudley Moore, costar of “Good Evening”, was at Jus-tin’s and said he was “amazed by the ferociousness, dexterity and versatility of the Miami Dolphins,” the Super Bowl winners. “They’re all great athletes. Give them two years of hard practice,” said the English actor, “and they just might become champions of the British Rugby League, too.” . . . “Let My People Come”, the musical at the Village Gate by Earl Wilson, jr., will have a San Francisco production in March. Maurice Chevalier's Paris home, which was to be turned over to the French government to meet tax requirements, will be converted into a museum instead. Lawyers for the late entertainer’s estate discovered he had property, money and securities in other countries. * * * When John Rubinstein, star of “Pippin”, sings on a forthcoming TV special, Broadway, My Street”, his orchestra will be led by Arthur Rubinstein — namesake of John’s father, the pianist. In an upcoming issue of Gallery magazine, author Mickey Spillane says the first thing he learned about writing was what not to say: “Every time I read a novel by a new writer, they get carried away by their own typewriter. You can cut what they write in half. . . . Spillane recalled picking up an old copy of a magazine and reading a story he liked, j but which seemed familiar. “I checked the name of the author and realized I’d written it years ago—under one of my pen names.” Joanne Woodward, who won the N. Y. Film Grides’ Circle Best Actress Award for her performance in “Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams”, was honored this week by the American Film Institute. The movie inaugurated the Institute’s “Portrait of Women in Films” series. HOLLYWOOD. Calf. Until just recently it was a no-no to call y o u n g baboons babies. You needn’t limit it to baboons. Gushing over “baby” elephants, lions or Theater Time For Friday PARAMOUNT “Magnum Force”—7:20, 9:50; shorts—7, 9:30. Saturday matinee — “Magnum Force”—2:20, 4:50; shorts -2. 4:30. IOWA “The Long Goodbye” - 1:30, 3:30, 5:30. 7:30, 9:30. WORLD — “Instinct for Survival”—1:30, 3:30. 5:30, 7:30, 9:30. TIMES — “Last Tango in Paris”—2:05, 4:20, 6:45, 9:10. PLAZA - “Walking Tall”— 7:30, 9:45. Saturday matinee — “Walking Tall”—2:30, 4:55. STAGE I — “American Graffiti”-?: 45, 9:50. Saturday matinee — “American Graffiti”—2:35, 4:40. STAGE 2 — “Ash Wednesday” -7:50, 9:45. Saturday matinee — “Ash Wednesday”—2:40, 4:35. STAGE 3 - “The Way We Were”—7:30, 9:45. Saturday matinee — “The Way We Were”—2:30, 4:45. STAGE 4 - “Papillon” - 7, 9:40. Saturday matinee — “Papillon”— 2:30. EASTOWN I - “M A S H” - 5:30, 7:30, 9:30. Saturday matinee — “M*A*S*H”—1:30, 3:30. EASTOWN 2 - “The Seven-Ups”—5:50, 7:40, 9:35. Saturday matinee — “The Seven-Ups”—2, 3:55. MARION — Features at ll, 1,1 3, 5, 7, 9, ii. even dogs and cats would have drawn raised eyebrows and grumbles from most animal behavioral scientists. According to these scientists, young animals shouldn’t be called babies. In the case of dogs, they’re called pups; young lions are cubs, and so on. Baboons, and other members of the ape family, have no special name for their young, however, and so scientists have only referred to them as infants. But “babies” — never! At least, not until recently. Now, most animal behaviorists have come to agree that newly-born batxxms may be called babies, but that this title should be switched to “infants” after they’re a week or two old. Small Point It seems a small point, but illustrates the lengths to which science seems to go, perhaps unintentionally, to TONITE OPEN 6:30 SAT. & SUN. 2 P.M. Five-Year-Old's TV Series Gets Court Approval LOS ANGELES (UPI) - Five-i year-old Rodney Allen Rippy,; an overnight show business suc-j cess as a cute kid stuffing ai hamburger into his mouth in television commercials, went to court last week to get a judge’s approval to star in a TV series and make records. Under California law, con-j tracts involving child enter-! tainers must be approved by the court. Superior Court Judge Jack Ryburn approved a contract with VSC Enterprises to make a pilot for a TV series entitled “Rodney”, at $3,500 to Rodney for the pilot, and a seven-year option at $5,000 a show’. The recording contract Lone as Possible pa^s 7 pcrcent °f the retai] °    record    price to Rodney. LONDON (UPI) — John “Amen,” Rodney shouted Wayne, 66, last week said he when the judge approved the keeps working because he needs terms. “I like being a movie the money.    star.” “I seem to be able to make it but not to keep it,” said Wayne, 30 YEARS AGO — German adding he has no plans for re- Field Marshal Kesselring threw tirement. “I’ll keep working asinine divisions, representing an long as they want me.”    estimated 100,000 men, against The visit, his first to Britain the Allies along a 30-mile line in IO years, was for an appear- running from four miles north-j ance of a Glen Campbell tele- east of Casino to the Tyrrhenian I vision special.    sea. HELD OVER! 2nd BIG WEEK Wayne Will Work Paramount Pictures Presents A Sagttanus Production Elizabeth Taylor “Ash Wednesday’’ Henry Fonda = 3 = rive seasons RESTAURANT THE FIRST XXX RATED MUSICAL! „ WORLD S GREATEST ALL-STAR CAST . I fa STREISAND a REDFORD TOGETHER! THE WAY WE -pG-WERE = 4 = Escape Is Everything! STEVE OUSTin mctjjUEEn HOFFmnn i i FRANKLIN I SCHAFFNER Min PUPILLO!) -pc- isolate itself from popular understanding. Not all scientists are so straight laced. Famed ethologist Jane doodad, for one, feels the behaviorists carry matters too far iii thief* insistence that no human attributes be given to animal behavior. As a result, there may be an “unscientific” reference or two on her television special, “The Baboons of Gombo”, which ABC-TV will present on Friday, February I, 7-8 p.m., on this season’s entry in the “Jane doodad and the World of Animal Behavior” series. Strangely, the words which all scientists — Miss doodad included — agree should be avoided when describing animal behavior, are such positive emotions as “love” and “happy.” Affectionately “We can say that a motlier baboon behaved affectionately toward her young one,” Miss doodad said. “But we really have no idea what she’s feeling, and so it wouldn’t necessarily be accurate to say that she loved her offspring, or that the two of them were happy together.” “Anger” is another term which behaviorists usually don’t utilize when describing a ii i rn a I emotions. However, some behaviorists balk at simply using “aggression”to describe a knock-down, drag-out fight between two baboons or any other animals, In such instances, they contend that more than animal instincts are involved. The one emotion in which there is general agreement among scientists that a human behavior term might properly be used is “fear.” Nervous Uncertainty The reason is self-evident, as can be seen in tile program when several baboons huddle together in nervous uncertainty before the challenge of a .strange baboon from another troupe. It seems quite obvious that their antics are not mere ly instinctual, but that they are afraid. DOORS OPEN J P IL CINEMA I Roar once again with the original movie cast... “The Baboons of Gombo’ was photographed, produced and directed by lingo van Hawick anti written by Bud Wiser and Marshall Flatmi. CINEMA ll 'W- fir Donald Sutherland Ai HAMMA YE MASH I.*30-3:30-5:30-7:30-9:30 g Elliott Gould AS I NAPPI I) JOHN THI: „ SEVEN-1!? UPS ie dirty-trick* squad thai even the regular cop* are afraid of! 2:00-3:50-5:45*7:35-9:30 !i SEE IT NOW POSITIVELY LAST 'Yr-'"' • .-mai rid •362-3269 PARAMOUNT CLINT EASTWOOD is DIRTY HARRY IN “MAGNIN Audiences NOW are standing up and applauding... WALKING TALL “BEST AMERICAN MOVIE > OF THE YEAR!’ ^ — Rolling Stone tjE/Sm BHB COLOR    CINF    RAMA    RCI EASING    —    R    — present* “WALKING TALL" Starring JOE DON BAKER ELIZABETH HARTMAN ROSEMARY MURPHY WORLD DOWNTOWN 363-8321 ADULIS 52.00 UNDER 14 rn HELD OVER DON'T MISS IT! I A BREATH-TAKING SPECTACLE OF WILD SPLENDOR AND FURY! lf INSTINC ■I SURVIVAL toted by JOWUMMltdKRftjWlElRUlilPRODUCTIONS GmnaJflMM1?' Mc unsd by OI i--) Kl life K/ifeM br MN lh" MMUM WMJCTlOflS INC ® FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY! technicolor » ELLIOTT COULD. “THE LONG GOODBYE” Hi! I’m high powered director Robert Altman, and I’m here filming my latest high-powered movie. Lf Elliott Gould plays Philip Marlowe, a hard bitten, private eye. U Nina van Pallandt, portrays a femme fatale involved in a deceptive plot of shadowy intrigue! With NINA VAN PALLANDT • STERLING HAYDEN £ *ecui*t Producer ELLIOTT KASTNf R • Product by JERRY BICK D.ftcl«d by ROBERT ALTMAN - Screenplay by LEIGH BRACKE IT Bised en me novel by RAYMOND CHANDLER Muitc Componed and Conduced by john T william:; IJnilori Actinia NOW SHOWING! no on* wmi ir unwit MO mi ALL SEATS $*>00 TIMES 70 “PARKIN* 364-1613 United Ardilla A GINDIN! M ASI f RPII Cf Of MAM,!RINO PR0P0BI IONS NIW'rWIIK ;

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