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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 25, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Package Liquor Bill Bottled Up DES MOINES (AP) — A bill to let the Iowa beer and liquor control department appoint special liquor distributors In small towns has been returned to the house state government committee. * Hep. C. Raymond Fisher (Itll rand Junction), committee chairman, said an attempt will be made to rewrite the measure to take care of numerous objections raised on the house floor Thursday. Veto Power Before voting to return it to committee, the house wrote into the bill a provision to give city councils a veto power over closing of a state liquor store and replacing it with a special distributor. Rep. Richard Drake (Ii* Muscatine) predicted the bill will not sec the light of day again in this legislative session. He said he thinks the legislature instead will simply appropriate an additional $80,000 to enable the department to continue operation of seven small town state stores it had proposed to close. Rep. Fisher, however, denied any intent to kill the bill. He said there are simply “too many questions” about it that can’t be resolved in floor debate. Local Business The measure would allow the director of the beer and liquor control department to designate local business men to sell package liquor in communities where it is not feasible to maintain a state store. It would require the special distributors to sell liquor at the same prices as state stores. They would have to buy their liquor from the state at a discount to be established by the department. The big push for the measure arose last summer after the department announced plans to close seven stores, including one at What Cheer, to gain funds for eight new ones in larger population centers. The department finally agreed to keep the stores open to give the legislature a chance to act on the special distributorship bill. Rep. Edgar Bittie (R-Wrst Des Moines) explained there are 21 state stores with $100,000 or less business volume per year on which operating costs are running about 15 percent of volume. “They think they can cut that in half by replacing them with and beer permits handle bottle liquor sales for the state and pay a $250 license fee for the prvilege. Small said the plan would help conserve energy. “There are about 750 towns in this state that do not have a liquor store, and any resident who wants a bottle has to drive IO to 20 miles to get it ” he said. “If they could buy it at home, a lot of gas would be saved.” Dram Shop Insurance The amendment was voted down, however, after Bittie said it would “open up package liquor sales to an extent never yet contemplated under the Iowa system.” Rep. Richard Norpel (D-Bellevue) complained the bill made no provision for dram shop insurance coverage for special distributors, and Rep. Harold Fischer (R-Wellsburg) pointed out it did not require them to post any bond either. Those are some of the shortcomings the committee will try to iron out, Fisher said. Other Bills Bills in the Iowa legislature Thursday: Passed by House 1IF177. To increase from three-fourths of one percent to one percent a month the interest penalty on delinquent property tax. 73-11. To senate. SF341. To repeal an obsolete section on fees paid an officer for various services. 84-0. To governor. SF551. To permit state-chartered savings and loan associations to invest in bankers acceptances and operate on a fiscal year. 83-0. To governor. IIF1039. To provide that a motorist may stop on the traveled portion of a highway before making a left turn into an alley or private driveway. 86-0. To senate. 1IF1042. To repeal the requirement that an escort must precede an oversize load moved on the highways and give the Iowa highway commission discretion to decide when an escort is necessary. 64-18. To senate. Introduced in House HF1056. To authorize the governor to declare an energy emergency and curtail by executive order the use of outdoor lighted advertising. Higgins. IIF1057. To permit a defense attorney to waive his opening statement until the close of the state’s evidence in a criminal case. Doyle. HF1058. To permit motor vehicles larger than allowed by Iowa law to operate in border cities if they comply with the laws of the adjoining state from which they entered Iowa. Doyle and eight others. HF1059. To increase from one quart to one gallon the amount of liquor an individual may bring into Iowa from another state. Junker and three others.    , I1F1060. To rewrite the Iowa *^*rs- The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Frl., Jan. 25, 1974 RALPH Gordon, owner of the Marion Bowl, inspects damago after fire early Friday destroyed the structure. Gordon had closed up about 3 a.m. and the fire was reported about 3:54 a.m. WIND FANNED flames and smoke as fire swept through tho Marion Bowl early Friday. Glow from the flames could bo seen from a wide area of Cedar Rapids and Marion. Loss was estimated at $500,000. The fire, which was reported at 3:54 a.m., was brought under control shortly after 6 a.m., but heavy smoke continued to pour from the ruins. See story on page one. Large Water Rate Hike Is Aired at Independence INDEPENDENCE - At a special meeting Thursday the Independence city council discussed increasing water rates here from 38 to 62 percent over present rates. No action was taken but the rate increase is expected to be reviewed again at a meeting next Tuesday, when bids will be a new ordinance to change the council meeting from 5 to 6 p.m. was read and approved. The council voted to allow only one-way traffic on the block of street in front of the Jefferson high school on Fifth avenue SE. The new ruling will which permit motorists to travel north opened on the new hydropillar only, will be enforced on a year 500,000 water tower to be located in northeast Independence. Necessary Step ..Clark Madison, city clerk, said it appears the rate increase on water will be a necessary around basis. Bond Sale . On Feb. 13 at 5 |p.m., the council will sell $68,000 worth of .special assessment bonds and $125,000 worth of general obliga- step to help pay for the new tion bonds to pay for the 1973 tower and water main improve-paving project, ments.    Three    city    appraisers were The total project is estimated appointed on staggered terms. to cost about $700,000. He said $36,285 feet of new water main will be needed to upgrade the present water system and connect the mental health institute’s water system to the city’s system. They arc Jack Waskow, one-year term; Claude Smith, two-year term, and Wayne Miller, a three-year term. Police Chief Lyman Albaugh was instructed to draw up specifications for a new police The third and final reading of lear. Flames Sweep Marion Bowl Nighttime Snowmobile Ban At Vinton Is Voted Down ALL Marion fire units were called to the scene of the Marion Bowl fire early Friday. The building, at 3465 Seventh avenue, was destroyed, but firemen saved adjacent buildings. Gazette Photos by rry Tanner and John Mclvor. Officers Installed I Framer, conductor, and I Dewey Lockey, secretary. By WRC in Marion    *    *    * Robert Michell No. 126, WRC.i    person    to    bus    dishes, installed officers Wednesday, ney’s Scoreboard. Marion Mrs. Edward Kuba is the pres-    *    *    * To Give Recital — Piano students of Mrs. Lowell Morgan I and Mrs. Kenneth Abodeely will [give a recital at the Mrs. Abodeely, 2875 Twenty- jarge groups entered in the Mrs.; third avenue, at 2:30 p.m. Satur-, iowa }jjgh School Speech Assn. contest Saturday at Vinton. Included in the large group ’» ^“iComDetition will be a OI Jo VINTON - The Vinton city council Thursday night considered then rejected a snowmobile ordinance which would have prohibited all such machines from operating in the city between IO p.m. and 8 a.m. The proposal also would have required all snowmobiles to display fluorescent flags at least 5% feet above the surface of the street. The ordinance was rejected by a vote of 2-3. Mayor Win Watson asked the public safety committee to make some revisions and present the revised ordinance to the council at the Feb. 14 meeting. Protest Hours Objections to the proposed ordinance included the hours dur ing which snowmobiling woulc be prohibited and some opinions were voiced that the machines should be banned from the downtown area. Requirement o insurance for all operators also in Vinton is Marion High Enters Speech Group Contest was suggested home OC. Marion high school plans 'o '^^^teguLed only by pro-involve 25 students rn the four^,,.^ £ )h|Iowa codcJ The council passed an ordi- day. Students include Anne contest saturday at Vinton nance amendment establishing Ames, Lynette and Kristin An- iXlfmVe larr lthe fo,,owing "°-Parking zones: Diane Anderson, Jeff competition will be a Anne pjav •»'jq1e Footsteps of Doves”, Stick- Iderson, Diane Anderson, Jeff COmDetjU0n will be a one-act V10 /!r°rth id° £hirteenth Adv. Andre, Amy Bixby, ■« Ann, e?mpe,ll0n..wm. Dc a. „one “ street from Second to K avenue; the west side of A avenue from Sixth to Fifteenth street; both sides of K avenue and the cast side of E avenue between Fifth and Sixth streets. A controversial section involving B avenue rom Thirteenth to Fifteenth street was deleted. Surface Water The possibility of charging a lee for use of the city’s landfill was discussed and referred to the sanitary committee for further study. A problem concerning drainage of surface water east of highway 218 between    First and Third streets was    discussed. Green Engineering    of Cedar Rapids was askde to estimate costs of installing    a culvert under the highway to connect with the storm sewer presently under construction. Harold Bogert of Green Engineering presented to the council an engineering contract for the public works improvement project. The contract was temporarily rejected and the city attorney, Ben Fischer, was asked to meet with Bogert to iron out some of the problems. The possibility of adding fluoridation to city water was discussed, and the council asked Bogert to investigate the matter further. Botkin, Regina Braun. Kirk and a c‘horai reading group and two special liquor distributorships,”!law authorizing establishment Bittie said. Rep. C. W. Hutchins (D-Guthrie Center), however, said he didn’t like the idea of giving a state agency broad authority to decide when it can deprive a local community of a state service. “Serve All People” He introduced an amendment, adopted 50-42, to forbid the department to close a state liquor store in any town if the city council adopts an ident.    YMCA    — .Saturday’s activity R‘sa Davis, Annette Foege, actings. Other elected officers arc:|schedulo at the Marion branchery Foster, Kelly Keskinen    * Steven McDonald, senior    js;    Non-aquatic    —    grade    R°b    an(* Sally Locksley, Haul vice president; Mrs. Carl H™'I school^^basketball 9 and IO Mains. Amy and Michael Mar- sen, junior vice-president; Mrs. : j0 hich Den „vm n shul, Cheri Morgan, Randy and Day, Marion city manager still Non! lunk chanfrin Mrs Otha “l?”    -I    KronHn    Murk    Diane    Morrow    *38    1‘Sted    in    serious condition of community health standards and empower the Iowa Mental Health Authority to set standards for evaluation of services furnished by such centers. Lipsky and three others. I’assed by Senate IIF388. To permit public employes to take leaves of absence with pay for unusual circumstances, 48-0. To house. Introduced in Srnate SFI045. To permit blood alcohol tests to be taken from car accident fatalities. Plymat, Priebe, Ramsey, Robinson and Taylor. j.    SFK)    16. To require records to ordinance be ()f legislative pron i d-prohibiting operation of a spc- ings to establish legislative in-1 Neal Blok, chaplain; Mrs. Otha I Brenda Mork, Diane Morrow. ...    .    .senior    high    and    adult gym ii  -------*       Frid-iv McDonald, guard; Mrs. Charles; famj|y gym 3 gymnastjcs Him Barman, DeAnn Possehl, J™-    >™ Mernshek treasurer: Mrs. Irvin _»..u • ____..i____i c ,___ I    ann    Rnhnrts    Knthv    Scott.    Den-    hospital. morning at St. Luke’s Meroshek, treasurer; Mrs. Irvin''".'"u Yclosed 6 to 7 teen- Jana Roberts, Kathy Scott, Den-    I)ay.    u’is    h|)sP*|alizcd ------ ciuD    % gym cioseu o to /, teen j    '    ,    p    .    Wcdnesdav    night    following a , ager night 7; pool — pre-school Shaw, Janet Sholes, I at ..m.w.l lessons 9 a.m., youth lessons Swearingen, Usa Thompson,    *__ 9:45, youth recreational 10:30, Pdul Ward and Valeric Wrob-senior life saving class 11:30, RENT A NEW PIANO si floo Only IU All Rent Will Apply lf You Decide To Buy! Per Month No Cartage or Drayage Bandit Gets A Check cia! liquor distributorship. “When the state is in a monopoly situation, as Iowa is on liquor, I believe it is obligated to serve all the people equally, even if it loses a little money in a particular store,” Hutchins said. Speaking in support of the concept in the main bill, Rep. Wally Horn (D-Ccdar Rapids) said, “I think the people tent in courts. DcKostcr. SFI0I7. To legalize golf and bowling tournaments and other events that may have been accidentally prohibited in the state gambling act. Judiciary committee. Mountaineers’ Film IOWA CITY - Ted Bumbler, world adventure photographer. will present “Scandinavian Holi-j day” as part of the Iowa Moun-j .....    .    *** I taineers film-lecture series Sun- gctlmg sick and tired of not get-Jd a( 2 3# jn ,hc Mac. line the nuicker service thew.j ting the quicker service they want. We should provide longer hours at the stores. Iowans want convenience.” The house rejected a proposal by Reps. Arthur Small (I Mona City) and LaVern Harvey (It-Bettendorf) to let holders of liquor-by-the-drink bride auditorium. 30 YEARS AGO — Ankara broadcasts said that several spasmodic rebellions had shaken ( the Bulgarian army in the past few days and there were signs they might develop into a general mutiny. DUBUQUE (DPD—The thief who held up a Dubuque loan company here Thursday forced the company manager to write him a check when he apparently d i d n’t get as much money as he wanted. The manager of General Finance Corp. here said he gave the robber $24 in cash. but was then ordered by the man to make out a check to “J. C. Peter” for $4.(HK) in cash. Manager Bill Vander-veer said the man first entered the office, locked the door and demanded money. After he got the check he fled with it and the cash, Vanderveer said. “We stopped payment,’’ lie said, “but I don't know, there may bo some way of cashing it.’’ open swim 1 p m , pool closed 4 to 7, teenager night 7. * * * Give Awards — Cub Seoul pack 35 met Tuesday at the lewski * * * Motorola Annual Sale. Marion TV.—Adv. * * * American Legion Post 298 dance for want lf you’ve never used a ad. you’ve been missing a sure1 performer. Dial 398-8234. T1CKFTS available at Hiltbrunr r Mi ic ( a lor all concerts at Muncher Audi®num, University of low a. IIIIHtltlVMirS lie SECOND STREET SE First United Methodist church sponsoring a (lance tor mom-and presented awards to Randle s a,K* RUl‘s^s- Saturday, Jan* Smith, Tim Horn. Erie Ferry, R o g e r Gruwell, John Me-Dougall, Mike Stickney, David Dobrzynski, Morrie Fleming, Gary Chalstrom, Tim Bolyard. Larence Kueera, Tony Midi, Allan Smith and Sam Warren. * * * I sincerely thank everyone for all their thoughtfulness of cards, gifts and calls while I was hospitalized. Mrs. Glenn Pyle. -Adv. nary 26. music bv Don’s Combo. -Adv. * * * Deadline tor Sunday Want Ads is 11:00 a.in. Saturday morning. (11:45 for Monday). Classified department closed at noon Saturdays. Dial 398-8231.—Adv. * * * (told Coins Wanted. Call 377-' 1240.- Adv. Feed the Birds Flowers\ffi Flowers Think Spring... with beautiful flowering plants. • Cineraria • Cyclamen • Kalanchoes • Mums • Azalea • Tulips • Hyacinths Cut flowers and Bouquets Im. Doitiet, Rotvt, Mum*. Carnation*. Pu»»y Willow*.             - *'W« i,nd Mower* anywfwi m" Weekend Special I dozen Sweetheart Roses $198 ONLY I ^ ■ Cavil ’n Carry v---------- For Your Teiiaiium: Contam**!*, *oil, limn oui, plant*, and lief oiution*. An indoor golden, tom plpte. HOWER 4 GARDIN SHOR SOOS CENTER PT. RD. NE Phone 393-5565/* C Your Saturday Morning Banks open until noon First National Banks 7v\o Convenient locations In Marion S MULEKOFF'S Open Saturday 9 a.m. ’til 5 p.m. Super Saturday Only Specials! 2'/i aer et of ovorything for tho homo Small Appliances, Main Floor Sunbeam Electric CAN OPENER and Knife Sharpener Ideal Gift with any ta dean blade and retractable tori Model (SPR Hamilton Beach ELECTRIC KNIFE Superb value for the paid Corvet pi emily and neatly, de I ai bable blader lory to operate. * ■Mm    ’9.88 Sunbeam Steam or Dry IRON ben glide* on unhian of iteom for caner Honing, hot in 20 *eiondt, iteom in I VS minute*, bon* all fabric* tater, smoother, foster. JQ Q Q Model SSO    _ ;

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