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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 25, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The (Velar Rapids Gazette: Frl., Jan. 25, I*>71 Deportation Legislative Support of BIG GEORGE! by Virgil Parkh Kirkwood Board To Discuss Hearing Set Revenue Road Bonds Urged Its Policy on Negotiations por Musician up,” partly because of sudden and general increases in overhead, such as utility rate increases. and party because of the anticipated opening of alioth The Kirkwood Community college board of directors has scheduled a special meeting for Monday night to formulate the board’s position on a profes- er building next year, sional negotiations bill now Hoard the results ut pending in the state senate. study report, presented by Dr. Vernon Pickett, associate superintendent for education. The Iowa U.S. 30 Assn. Thursday night urged more than 25 I    w    * Two members of    the    rock    iowa legislators to    support is- group Wishbone Ash.    from    Ung-    suance of highway construction land, were released    from    Linn    revenue bonds to    fund Iowa county jail Thursday.    highway projects. roads is 39,500 yardstick.” perhaps the best Preparation One of the pair, Kevin S Har-a self- nngtoti, 23, of London, vs as released on his and a deportation hearing was scheduled for Feb. ll The bill, SF 531, was passed by the house last year and is scheduled for senate debate Fob. 20. It deals with negotiations    and collective bargaining    The    report was prepared over for public employes.    the last few    months in conjunc- Board Chairman B A. Jensen lion with the visit Feb. 10-12 by of Cedar Rapids said he hopes the board of regents-state defile board will take a strong payment of public instruction stand on the bill, by resolution examination team. or other means.    The    self-study report is    Kirk- “I hope a concern spreads vv 00 (! s ovvn evaluation of over our constituency,” Jensen progress in instruction, facings    ties, service    and quality of pro- Forbids Strikes    grams. 4    ...    .,    ....    , , ,    Accepted resignations    from As    written, the    bill    forbids i u Lu ~    JHondv    Roy,    head of the area strikes bv public employes. The! . , -    v*.    _ •    •    r a* *    data processing services; Bar- main topic of Monday s meeting,.    ,    ’    . is expected to be a provi£ion, bara Olmstead secretary rn the calling for binding arbitration ;'f'ord pg“B fn,or' and;finials said. by an outside party in cases of Jeanne Frjedl key punch opera- The d (ies    trd tor in the bookkeeping office t • a * a    „    Approved    hiring    Ruth    Ann Jensen indicated some people    .    r .,    . . . 41_ ____  Kraush,    secretary    in    the    student affairs office; Paula Van De The other, Nigel Mark Finery, I president, said 22, of Oxon, England, was ruled Moines meeting. to be of valid status by the im-    Reduce Loss migration service and will not    “(They)    also reduce be deported.    maintenance    dollar loss The two were arrested early cannot be recovered. W e d n e • d a y after Linn “Increased taxation of sheriff’s deputies investigated a report of drinks    being served after hours at the Salty bonds and interest. Dog tavern, west of    Cedar    “iowans    realize we    are    not Rapids on highway 30.    making    necessary    improve- Emery was at the tavern. He mcnts in our road    and    street took deputies to his motel room systems rapidly    enough.    It    is to show them his passport, of- likely we are going backward. “The total miles of deficient finding Despite Shortage Despite the energy shortage, “we should gel IOO percent of 1972 consumption of gasoline and diesel fuel in Iowa, he said. Road use tax    funds    for 1972 are “not ‘doom    and    gloom',’ Faxon said “Tonight we need to look forward with a positive attitude. “Increased dollars are essential to enable the Iowa highway commission to schedule con-j Istruction each    year    totalling much $150 million or more. which “The Iowa U S. 30 Assn. requests that you recognize Iowa’s £,aso. road system needs and work to line and diesel fuel    is    the    logical    provide the funds    to accomplish source    of    funds”    to    repay    the    ^e job. “Revenue bonds offer the ad vantages of having increased own recognizance I highway construction at a cost less than inflation,” Robert Faxon, Cedar Rapids Chamber of Commerce executive at the vice Des an impasse in negotiations. Jensen indicated some i in the area held sessions to study the possible impact of the'. ., u n I 4. It,    Wane,    secretary    in    the    arts    and bul last week. He said he hopes members from the seven counties in Area Ten and the metropolitan areas; will have representatives at the Monday meeting to discuss the Two Planners sciences department, and Susan t0 jv Herbst, secretary in the educe tional media office. > t « a bag of marijuana in the room where Harrington was sleeping. The county attorney chose not Arn    kw to file charges against Emery,    ,NameO    Dy    ^ though he was taken into cu.s- Health Counci The start ♦ * * In other business Pamela K. Meyer is a graduate of the University of Iowa versify of Iowa with a bachelor of science degree in general science. Mrs. Meyer’s role as health Jobless Up from November, Down From Year Ago There were 2,000 more persons working in Linn county in December than there were the year before, as the number of employed increased from 77,100 to 79,100. The 1.600 unemployed in December represented 2 percent of the work force of 80,700, according to the Iowa state employment service. In November, there were 1.500 unemployed, 1.9 percent of the! 81.000 work force. In December, 1972, the 1,800 unemployed rep-1 bf the Harrington pled guilty The Hoover Health Council Wednesday in magistrate court has announced the addition of to possession of marijuana and|two health planners to its staff. The board awarded a contract received a six-month suspended bill, then go back and    speak    to the Motorola Co.    to supply    sentence in the county jail, with their own boards about    it.    ra<^'o equipment for    use in the    were beld until Thurs- Starts at 7:30    neW Area Agency wn    the Aging    day for immigration officials. vvith a master in hospital and transportation system. ^ Lee Hoppes, district immigra-! i^alth administration and Jeffry resented 2.3 percent meeting is scheduled to Motorola s hid was    $17,070.    tion director at the Omaha of-    Petrie is a graduate of the Uni- 78 900 work force. in the Linn hall board    plus a recurring yearly    cost of    fjce said Harrington is subject room at 7:30 p.m.    $2,098.80. At an earlier meeting.    (0 being deported because of his the board had agreed to accept guilty plea. during its a bid from General Electric Co. I Though a hearing on the deregular meeting Fhuisday night    of IL. I OO. plus recurring annual    portion was scheduled for    planner will be to structure a at    English Valleys school in    costs of $858.    pcb u Hoppes said he under-1    health plan for the eight-county North English the board:    rhe    General    Electric    bid,    how-    stood the group plans to leave area Hoover serves, and to de- Heard a preliminary report on ever, wa? contingent upon Kirk- the country Feb. 5.    fvelop and implement uniform budget planning for 1974-75 lrom wood securing IEBN approval to __ review and comment nroced- John Blong, director of business use its West Branch tower rent- M u ll aa c    ures affaire Rlnnrr «aiH it now an- frpp (j, (, years    Newhall mOfl rCJCGS ireetor tnt years.    n    , n. ■ n    Petno vviM act as coordinator Drunk Driving Count    of the impiementatl0n of Phast, Charles B. Sumner, 41, New-    I of the Regional Emergency hall, was charged with drunk    Medical Services Communi- driving Thursday after he was    cations System project. The “Don’t tell me we're having your relatives over tonight. Cedar Boat Club Sentence of Elect, Officer, Deafh f(} 2 Terrorists ATHENS (AP) - A five-man criminal court sentenced two Black September Arab terrorists to death Thursday on affairs. Blong said it now ap pears the school will be about $120,000 short of its budget needs, based on projected income, without even considering salary and other increases. He said he has . . never seen a tighter situation shaping The national unemployment rate in December was 4.9 percent. The 2.000 increase in employment from the previous year is accounted for in the category of nonagricultural wage and salary workers (except domestic), which increased from street 69.300 to 71.300.    modore    of    the Of that 2.000 increase Annexation At Hiawatha Is Confirmed Annexation of lurid Increasing the area of Hiawatha by about .»<) pci cern was confirmed Thins day in a district court decree signed bv Judge Louis W, Schultz The 350-acre area annexed in voluntarily is bounded by a line running west on Blairs Ferry road to But I.ilo road, north on Buffalo to Carpenter road, and east on Carpenter to highway ISO. The Involuntary annexation of the area was approved by Hiawatha voters and voters in the affected area by an 81-17 v ote last June. About 20 homes are in the annexed area. District court confirmation of the annexation is required when it is involuntary, under Iowa law. No objections were made at the district court hearing Thursday. Some written requests for appearances were filed earlier by objectors, but all had been withdrawn prior to the hearing. Most residents in the annexed area will receive a decrease in their fire insurance rates, Hiawatha Mayor Dale Guthridgc said, if they notify their agents they are now residents of Hiawatha. FRITZ TUCHEL . ,    ,,    I    They    may    begin    calling    Hta- charlies of killing five persons w,||h.; for police and fire and injuring 55 in a grenade and protection immediately. gun attack last August in the All annexed land comes into Athens airport transit lounge. the town zoned A-l, agricultural, Arid el Shafik, a topographer, antl as a*s 11 r(‘ma’ns a8ri' and Khantouran Palaal, unem- cultural, its taxes are not tn-ployed — both 22 — were found creased and could decrease, guilty of seven crimes. They The county roads named an were also sentenced to 27 years given only as boundaries .inc in prison for the lesser charges. are nof l)ar* °* Pr0PerD (> be annexed. Teachers Vote Today on New Salary Package Leo Smulekoff House Entered, Weapons Taken Publishers Reject Novel By Agnew The representative council of | the Cedar Rapids Community .school district Thursday referred the salary package for 11974-75 to a vote Friday of all teachers in the district. The personnel committee of the representative council rec-1 ommended last week that all NEW YORK (AP' — Former teachers in the district be al-Vice-president Agnew offered lowed to vote on the contract the outline of a novel he is writ- giving teachers a 7.18 percent mg to Random House, but the total salary increase, proposed book was rejected, the The package agreed to by ad-president of the publishing firm ministration officials and the said Thursday.    Cedar    Rapids Education Assn. “It is absolutely and totally salary negotiations committee untrue that Random House will includes a 5.26 percent increase publish a novel written by ... in teachers’ base pay, plus lon-Agnew.” Robert L. Bernstein, gevity raises of $280 to $320. involved in a two-car collision in J projects sets up radio base static 2100 block of Sixteenth ave- lions at Mercy hospital. Cedar nue SNV.    Rapids, and the Johnson county ,vv,'VV a“ IT ^ ' I    liaiu , c _    , cc, n.    •    nondurable    goods manufacture treas Police said Sumner s car was | sheriff s office.    5 traveling in the wrong lane Both positions are funded for when it hit a car driven by,six months, beginning Jan. I, Kathryn L. Lindee. 22. Vinton.! through the Iowa Regional Med- No injuries were reported. ! ical Program. Council Hears Airport Goals the president, said in a state-    The average teacher would ing with the city council, ment.    receive a total increase of $770. The council is meeting with Bernstein said the outline of    Also included is a modified department heads to update    the the proposed novel “roughly** > merit pay proposal and a clause city’s five-year capital improve-concerned a future vice- pledging to use the cost of living ments plan for 1973. president who turns out to have index as a goal for a minimum Major airport- master plan been programmed for disaster! salary increase for the following projects called for through 1978 3.8(H), wholesale trade from 3.300 I to 3,500 and retail trade from I 111.500 to 11,700. However, con-istruction employment decreased! from 4.100 to 3.800, Miscellaneous nonagricultural, (employment (including self-employed and unpaid family work-Cedar    Rapids    Airport    Manag-    the present terminal    building    ers and domestic workers in er Roy    Jamesen    outlined    capital    and construction of another con-    private households) was 5.500 in course and main    terminal    December, same as the previous (beyond 1978).    year. Add ten T-hangars in 1973. Agricultural employment also Jamesen again emphasized remained the same. 2,300. the projects are only indications    - of projected needs and no ape- 3® YEARS AGO —• Hundreds cific project has yet    been ap-    of Allied planes hammered the proved by the airport    commis-    French invasion coast for the Rion.    third straight day. Political observers here be-1 lieved Greek authorities might! Fritz Tuchel, 1007 Thirtieth seek to avoid execution of the NE. was elected com- two terrorists, who arc Jor-Ccdar Boat club    danian-born Palestinians.    They! 500    during    the club’s annual meet-    stressed that    on two    other    ne-' # .    ac    Art; .    . _    , .    casions Palestinians on trial in was rn    manufacturing and 500 in mg at the Kamada Inn.    Gr,.0Cc were    sentenced, but    The residence of a Cedar non-manufacturing    other officers elected for    1974    ,ht.n expelled.    Rapids business executive was Machinery manufacturing em- are Charles E. Svoboda. first q^e observers said an execu- reported broken into Thurs-ployment increased by I./OO din- vice-commodore; Rick Karr. |10n couid create diplomatic and day after a neighbor discovered ing the year, from 13,900 to 15* I second vice-commodore John securi t y complications for signs of entry at the house. 500, while all the categories of Hardin, secretary: Guy Dolton, (jrcccCt which is dependent Police said the residence of asurer. and terry Franc. Up0n Arab oil supplies, but that Ix?o Smulekoff. 3263 Bever circle (food. printing and miseellane- cruise captain.    strictness    of    the    trial had SE, sec re t a r y-treasurer of ous) showed decreases.    Dates    of    the    annual    Cedar    maintained Greece’s interna-Smulekoff’s was burglarized. In the    non-manufacturing    scg-    Rapids    boat show, sponsored bv    tional prestige    intact.    Two    weapons    displayed on a ment,    employment    in    govern-1    the club, were set for March 7-8-      wall    were    taken. ment increased from 8,590 to 9-10 at Hawkeye Downs.    Collision    Kills    Five    I    A    complete    accounting    of    the SEOUL (UPI) — Two passel!- missing items will have to wait Want ads will help you    find    ger buses collided head-on in a    intil Smulekoff returns home, lost items, use them for quick    provincial area    Friday, killing    police said. The loss was not results! Dial 398-8231    five persons and    injuring 50.    believed to be great. improvements projects included in the airport's master plan Thursday afternoon in a meet- by Chinese Communists.    year. Bernstein said Joseph Fox, a The votes were to be counted senior editor with the firm. wasj^ale Priday afternoon contacted by a mutual friend about Agnew s book and met with the former vice-president at the Park I^ane hotel here more than a week ago. Fox “was given an outline, Man Accused of Assaulting Child Charles Herman. 24, of 3009 J one chapter and some character street SW, was charged F riday sketches of a proposed novel w>lh beating his 3-year-old step- course which Mr. Agnew said he was son and intoxication. writing,’' Bernstein said.    Police    said they were called “Fox took the material back to his residence and found the to Random House, read it, and child with bruises and a swollen showed it to James Silberman. forehead vice-president and editor-in- The child. Shawn Carlson, chief. The novel then was re- was in good condition Friday at jected because the Random St. Luke’s hospital. House editors believed it was Police charged Herman with not suitable for the Random assault with intent to inflict House list,” Bernstein said. great bodily injury after inves-He said the firm had agreed tigating the child’s injuries. prior to the meeting “to keep it The uniformed offices, who confidential, We were distressed were first to arrive at the real! t h a t the information had donee Thursday night charged leaked.”    Herman    with intoxication. include Extend northwest end of diagonal runway by 950 feet in 1974 Extend west end of east-west runway by 1,000 feet during 1975. Construe t a freight -cargo building to replace United Air Lines facility currently within the terminal building in 1975. Construct a new terminal conin 1976, to be incorporated in future elimination of it r0o*w t Mw* It b* ’> Qty hi Gnt A hail l«i*«I Tilt* it TH# Svttint (iht tfiytuM HEAPING '/« PECK .....$3.50 HEAPING % PECK .....$6.50 HEAPING FULL PECK ... $9.00 Cl1! tit mmfptt 11 thttry lo* Oft 6tl<«ry It f tilt* Hwpttl DALE S FRUIT MARKET HMC tm* ft. Id M 1441)14    0|W«    >to* I fop W SINGLE VISION GLASSES RINGLE VISION CONTACT S/M LENSES W DOWNTOWN CEDAR RAPIDS 106 FIRST STREET S E. DOWNTOWN WATERLOO 118 E. 4TH STREET OPf NAU DAY MOWDAY THRU ATURDAY HOtCt Of FRAME F ROM A I ARG! St LF C T ION OF LATEST FRAME STYLES. OPTICAL THE BEST WAY TO HANDLE YOUR NEXT REAL ESTATE TRANSACTION JACK HUBLER Phone 377-4907 Home, or 363-1163 Office. GOHMANN'* SALESMAN OF THE MONTH FOR DECEMBER GOHMANN THE REAL ESTATE PEOPLE GOHMANN A ASSOCIATES REALTORS 3318 1t» AVE N.f. PHONE 362*3165 WANTED J YOUNG or OLD MALE or FEMALE DONUT EATERS Come in Anytime! We're Open 6 A.M. 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