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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 25, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa a.'...______  „v.    .•y.'-ii.*.'JI" «    "... ■ ^^uwjivW'v-.'-' |Q Hie odar R&plda Guctte: iii.. Jan. 25. c'l For Better Health riieyll Do ll livery l ime J AW, HENRY" f GOOP TO GEE VOO! THINGS ARE SO BAD I'M THINKING OF CLOSING OR THIS PLANT. WE’VE LOST A LOT OF SOSIN ESS AND WE?RE OVERSTAFFED! BOT WHAT DID YOD WANT TO ■ SEE ME ABOUT? 7 DIDNT REALIZE THINGS WERE ** SO BAD"-IS’ THERE ANY- / THING WE /    S'? CAN DO 'P /    16- LOOKS LIKE BlGDOME BEAT HEN TO THE PUNCH LET'S SEE WHO ; CRIES FIRST- V> %    ,*% T HEN TRIED TO ASK FOR A RAISE, BUT 0ieOOA\£ WILL TALK / ) HIM INTO TAKING y ^ A CUT- BiGPOME HAS E.S.P.-EVERYTHING STOPS PAYRAISES! r The BEST DEFENSE IS AN OFFENSE. AS THE FELLA SEZ. 7luanda tlppd    ^ '    ’ to    yr B. COMERFORD, f/ /A ST. M MN. tfJL ’ - Vertigo, Dizziness, Is a Symptom, Not a Disease My l>r. S.L. Andelman “My doctor says I suffer from vertigo,” a reader recently wrote. “What is this disease and how do I get rid of it?” Vertigo is a physician’s way of referring to dizziness. It is a common symptom not a disease in itself — and may be related to many different diseases of the body. These diseases, in one way or another, usually affect the vestibular apparatus of the inner ear which helps you maintain balance. Movement Of course if you’re suffering from dizziness, you are well aware of your problem. In our reader’s ease the doctor probably neglected to tell him that vertigo and dizziness are the same thing. Dr. S. L. Andelman Movement of a fluid and small stones called otoliths normally stimulate the hair cells and other nerve endings in the inner ear’s vestibular apparatus. This helps to tell you your position in relation to gravity. However, when you are overstimulated — as when you spin around quickly — the brain gets confused signals. This makes i you lose your sense of up and down and you become dizzy. Iii addition to overstimulation, other things can also cause vertigo. including disorders of the endolymph, the fluid of the semicircular canals which are a part of the vestibular complex. I Such disorders can also send false messages or insufficient signals to the brain. This happens in Meniere’s disease when there may be an excess of fluid in the semicircular canals. The problem may also be caused by something somewhere else in the labyrinth along the route of the auditory or hearing nerve to the brain or within the brain itself. Vertigo may precede fainting due to insufficient blood flow and lack of oxygen to the brain cells. A person’s sense of balance is also related lo his sight. That is why some dizziness is accompanied by nystagmus or abnormal eye movements. Lie Down lf you feel dizzy or faint, you should sit, lie down or at least brace yourself. In diseases such as Meniere’s disease, the dizziness, is so extreme that the person loses all sense of balance and falls to the ground. lf you think you may lose consciousness, sit with your head between your legs. This increases blood circulation to the head, but it does not always stop the dizziness. Vertigo — or persistent dizziness — can only be corrected permanently when the underly-j ing disease or malfunction is discovered and treated. Ibis le-quires a physician s counsel. * * * Dr. Andelman welcomes letters outlining problems he may discuss rn future columns. He regrets, however, he cannot personally answer mail. Write to him iii care of The (lazette. French Line Up For Free Calls SUK KSM KSS, France (UPI) There’s a night-and-day line lo use the public telephone in this central French village; but callers don’t mind waiting. When they get to the phone they can dial anywhere in the world free. The post office pronounced (he machinery out of order and promised to send a repairman. That was four months ago. Meanwhile, t h e delighted users form their daily queue. The Investor s Guide By Sam Shulsky While New Year’s rea Gluttons are supposed to be set dswn on the stroke of midnight, Dtc. 31-Jan. I (and forgotten three drinks later), it won’t hurt to present (some in somewhat shortened form) ten market trader resolutions gotten up by John Magee, a widely respected veteran stock market observer and publisher of “Technical Analyses of Stock Trends”: 1 — I will not make a donkey of myself in the broker’s board room, at the club . . . proclaiming where the market average will stand by March 31 ... or mid-year... 2 — I will not alienate my friends and antagonize my family by reminding the world . . . how right I was about the up turn (or down turn) . . . 3 — I will keep in mind that my broker is my agent. I will make use of any help he can give me, but I will make decisions myself and accept the responsibility .. . 4 — When I buy a stock I will not mobilize all the good news to make it look pretty. I will try to consider both the favorable and unfavorable angles as impartially as I know how. 5 — I will not close out a stock position that is doing well by me, for no other reason than that I have a profit. I will not cut short my gains in a good situation. 6 — I will not hang on to a stock that is persistently going against me. I will limit my loss, and close out any position that seems to have gone really bad before I am in danger of1 serious trouble. 7 — I will not be swayed or panicked by news flashes, ru-| mors, tips, or well-meant ad-vice. 8 — I will not put all my eggs in one basket; nor will I be swept off my feet to plunge into some unknown or low-priced stock on a purely emotional basis. lf —■ I will not attempt to tell the market what a stock ought to be worth. I will try to understand that the market has to tell me about what people are willing to pay for it. IO — I will never forget that I am not in the market to prove (to my broker, my friends, my wife, etc.) that I am smarter than everybody else; but to protect and if possible to aug-' ment my capital. Without in any way detracting from any of Magee’s resolutions. I can only say that I can’t place enough emphasis on Nos. 4, 5, 6, 9 and IO. At least. I can affirm that these are the rules most often violat- j ed in the letters which bring' news of stock market losses to my desk. * * * Q — I own a fair number of utility bonds, a few of which are listed, but most of which aren’t. Why don’t the companies list all their bonds? Do I have to call my broker every time I want to know the price of an unlisted bond? A — The companies have to LAFF - A - DAY J Sam Shulsky pay a fee to have their bonds listed, so they are unlikely to do so unless they judge that listing the bonds will make it easier for them to raise capital in the future by selling new bonds. If a bond is unlisted, you will have to call a broker to find out the price. Even a listed bond may not appear if there was no trading in that particular bond on that particular day. * * * Q — In one of your articles you said that losses on stock can be used to offset gains for tax purposes — or, in the absence of gains, to offset up to $1,000 in other income. Hut I am told that I can take off only one-half of a long-term capital loss of $1,400 from my regular income. I had no gains. A — There’s no contradiction here; since long-term capital gains are generally taxed at one-half the rate of ordinary income. long-term losses can offset only half their amount in ordinary income (up to a limit of $1,000). For instance, if you had longterm losses totaling $2,000 (and no gains) they would offset $1,-000 in ordinary income; longterm losses of $2,500 would still only offset $1,000 in ordinary income, but would leave you with $500 in “unused” long-term loss that could be “carried forward” , to next year’s tax return. Mr. Shulsky welcomes written ques-1 lions, bot he will be able to provide am swers only through the column. For lists of growth and dividend stocks, please include a self-addressed, stamped enve lope. Address your requests to Sam Shulsky, care of The Gazette. IIM-IIIT SALE! PRICES SLASHED! FALL and WI MKH FASHION KIMM VLK IN PKOLKFSS: COLOSSAL I tit KSS LLL \K MN VV *9 V I I AN IIH.(ILK Kl.fr. FO SPO. JAPcS ~ J ' T MI SS KS’ AMI ll MOHS. KA MOI S M XKK KS’ 0\i;-VM> -TWO-IMKGK s i x I.i s. cosh mks. longs: seoul SWI; MI SULCI ACI IAK % *5, *7, VU MKC. TO SIU.. SIMMS, TOI'S, SMUK SWK XI KIO. IAMS. KONG ‘-MKO. I XI KLIS. III. X/.IUS. I XXII ti S KAMIS LOVIS! .‘10% rn 50% h.\i ii 'iii iii ii urn it* hi i .iii. i’\msi irs: 50% ... oo% m “Could you put ‘Happy Birthday, Elsie,’ in icing, on this cupcake?" \l LMI Is I INXI how MOW \ • I I Mi x| I. low VIIIX • IHT OU XII $80,000.00 WALL TO WALL DISPOSAL I’’ u . jSt >4* ■ ..*» “V -1 , * ’ >1 X ; I > v ■ I* ALL EXISTING STOCK MUST BE SOLD TO MAKE ROOM FOR NEW STOCK NOW BEING SHIPPED OPEN TONIGHT TILL 9:00 SATURDAY 9:00 to 5:00 3 pc*. Spanish Living Room Set 90 inch sofa plus Mr. & Mrs. chairs. 19995 Regular $429.95    $ Now 3 Cushion Early American Wing Back Sofa nylon cover, your choice of color. 16996 Regular $359.95    $ Now 90 inch Contemporary Sofa Thick luxurious foam cushions, beautiful velvet cover. Regular $369.95 SI /IQ95 Now 3 cushion Traditional Sofa Lovely velvet cover, love seat and chairs to match available. Regular $359.95 J Now ,95 Swivel Rockers velvet covers. Several at this price 7995 Values to $1 59.95    $' Now 3 pc. Spanish Bedroom Set 9 drawer triple dresser, mirror, 4 drawer chest and Queen size headboard. Regular $499.95    $ Now 95 3 Cushion Sofa Oversized seat cushions for extra comfort — your choice of Naugahyde or Herculon cover. 3 pc. Coleman Mediterranean Bedroom Set Triple door Dresser, Twin mirrors, Armoire chest and Queen size headboard. Regular $339.95    $ Now >95 5 pc. Pedestal Dinettes 42 inch round table, 4 swivel chairs. Regular $239.95 S1E09S Dinette 36x60 inch table and 6 decorator chairs. Regular $199.95 SI 0095 Now Regular $799.95    $ Now Twin size >95 Hollywood Bed Innerspring mattress, box spring, headboard and frame. Regular $99.95    Q95 A I IO year Guaranteed Ther-a-pedic Innerspring Mattress or box spring. 39 Regular $59.50    $0095 Now Many items one of a kind — Shop Early TERMS 90 Days Same as Cash or Easy Payments. nn 6 ome }ecor 4398 Mf. Vernon Rd. S.E. OPEN Monday, Thurs. & Friday 9-9 other days 9-5 ;

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