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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 15, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Who Buys Drinks? Solons Compromise By Kandy Mlnkoff DES MOINES (UPI) - The senate ethics committee Monday agreed to a compromise proposal broadening the scope of senate lobbyist disclosure restrictions to include meals and alcoholic beverages served to legislators. The proposal, approved 5-1, was made by Francis Cudahy, a Jefferson lawyer who serves as a lay member of the committee appointed by Cov. Robert Ray. Ills proposal was adopted after Sen. Cene Glenn (IM)t-t urn wa) lost a bid to call for complete disclosure of all gifts from lobbyists to senators. senate*. However, committee members expressed concern that a full disclosure would jeopardize other amendments when the lobbyist legislation is brought before tin* full chamber for approval. Committee Chairman Sen. Roger Sh alf (R-Camanehe) said many senators may “become hostile” to other provisions sought by the committee if it supported a full disclosure provision. Son. Gene Glenn Action Committee Formed For Common Cause in Iowa AMES Members from 300,000. The 2,(HK) Iowa members Iowa’s Congressional districts will soon receive a state news .support of the lobbying efforts and Jim Hipskind, representing bitter urging which they receive from a lobbyist each month. Sen. Minnette Doderer II)-lowa City) said that by including meals and alcoholic beverages “we would be including many of the expenses which are normally under $5.” Sen. Leonard Anderson (R-| tor of Common Cause in Iowa. ,. .    .    ..    . . groups state the Washington staff, met in    .    ... h    and organizations. Ames on Saturday to form the Contributions and inquiries p r o g r a rn action committee may be sent to Common Cause, (FAC) of Common Cause in 500 East Sixth and Grand, Des Iowa.    Moines, 50319. Governing    guidelines    were--- adopted, office space in the new Hea|fh Professionals Iowa citizen’s action center in    ^______ Des Moines was obtained and Mrs. Marty Hock, of Des Moines, was hired as coordina- Slate Drug Workshop Sioux City), the lone dissenter George Palmer, a lobbyist re- on the compromise, said he saw presenting the Iowa Student n» n<*d to change the $5 provi Public Interest Research Group and Common Cause, suggested a compromise be reached that would lower the limit from $5 to $1. However, committee At present, senators must re- members said J ii at proposal port all “items or servicer” in!also would jeopardize passage, excess of $5 each month to the    „ secretary of the senate.    ompromiie Cudahy’s amendment would require senators to list all meals sion and would continue to list only those expenses in excess of $5. Glenn finally agreed on the compromise, but said he would “Public Confidence” Glenn contended that “a full disclosure is needed” to continuo public confidence in the or alcoholic beverages irrespective of cost along with all other items or services in excess of $5 Parents Plead to Charges Of Non-Support at Tama TOLEDO—Seven persons appeared before Magistrate Jesse E. A rends at the Tama county courthouse Friday on charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor by reason of non-support. Terry J. Cecak, Belle Plaine, pled innocent to information filed against him, and his hearing was set for Jan. 18. Representing the prosecution in each case was Assistant Tama County Attorney Don Juhl. Kirk Tesar had his case dismissed on a motion of the county attorney. Mrs. Shirley Axon, Traer, entered a plea of innocent to the non-support charge, but was able to reach an agreement in court. Juhl stated that between Nov.    I,    1968,    and Jan.    I, 1974, Mrs.    Axon’s    children,    in the care    of    her    mother,    had re ceived $11,050 in Aid to Dependent Children payments. Mrs. Axon agreed Friday to pay $7.50 weekly toward child support. Mrs. Axon’s former husband, Gerald    Rae    Schutterle, Gar rison, also appeared in court on the same charge. He pled inno still prefer full disclosure. “It’s a sham for us to excuse, in our reporting, anything which leads to influence of legislation,” he said. “As far as jeopardizing this legislation, a few years ago any mention of disclosure was met with hostility, but the senate managed to move ahead sa*d and implement some legislation concerning lobbyist expenditures.” The rules only apply to the senate. Tile house Is scheduled to consider similar lobbyist disclosure rules later this month. DES MOINES — Health professionals from Northeast Iowa, including physicians, nurses, social workers, pharmacists and .    ..    trie    i    i    I    others, have been invited to According to Hat Sondrol a |(. jn a d abuse the state PAC the   .    _    * Campaign Funds member of immediate effort of Common Cause in Iowa is to urge people to contribute to the Iowa election campaign fund. “By placing posters in all banks and income tax offices, we hope to publicize the checkoff on state income tax forms which allows everyone to give a workshop on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It will be held at the EWALU conference facility near Strawberry Point. The workshop will offer health professionals an opportunity to learn how to better recognize drug problems in clients, gain skills in handling drug related problems, and take a more ac- dollar of their Iowa tax money ,ive r()|c in the dnJg abuse pre. to support the political campaign of their choice,” Sondrol Voters have nothing to lose other counts and was fined $30 for reckless driving, $25 for in- j    7    ~T~ toxication, and $25 for resisting UGCOPclh Af©6 arrest. Court costs of $6.50 were; paid in each case. Dan Faircloth, 18, Union | Grove Lake, Gladbrook, appeared with his attorney and had his case bound over to district court. Faircloth is charged with breaking and entering in the daytime. He was released on a personal recognizance bond. Also bound over to district court was the case of Roger L. Backen, rural Tama. He is accused of larceny in the alleged theft of a coat from a Tama tavern. vention efforts of their community. Participants Irom the Cedar .Rapids area include John and everything to gain by tak-1 Sauer> pharmacist with Lowering advantage of this new state sity 0f‘ iowa hospitals; Donna law-    Ambler, student nurse from “Furthermore, it is the first Coralville; and Craig Wunder-of its kind in the nation” on lic.ht Cedar Rapids public li-state income tax forms, he J hrary. Equal Rights For Men Bills Filed in Iowa DES MOINES (AP) - A group of Iowa legislators moved Monday to strike a blow for equal rights for men. The legislators filed bills in the Iowa house to create a commission on the status of men and to provide by law for the observance of Father’s day as well as Mother’s day. “I’m serious,” declared Rep. George Knoke of Council Bluffs, chief sponsor of the commission on the status of men bill. “I believe in equality.” He said it is unfair for Iowa to maintain a commission on the status of women, as it has done for years, arid not have a similar commission to light for male equality. Rep. Robert Krause of Fenton, sponsoring the Father’s day measure, said he was serious, too. He said Iowa law “authorizes and directs” the governor to issue an annual proclamation urging Iowans to fly the American flag on Mother’s day, but not on Father’s day. The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., Jan. 15 1974    5 Legislative Notes by Frank Nye Rep. Newhard Is Last —For a Parking Stall DES MOINES Every last legislator has his or her very own parking stall with its very own number in the statehouse parking lot this year and in this instance the very “last” legislator is Rep. Scott N *whard (R-Anamosa). He’s not last becai-se he’s the youngest, either, having reached his 22nd miles lone last Aug. 23. He’s last because he got No. 158 in the drawing for first-term legislators. How come there are 158 parking stalls when there are only .ae legislators. Because Ll. Gov. Arthur Neu, who is not a member of the legislature, and seven legislative staffers also get stalls. □ □ □ Vo, I Atrail TF NEWHARD is No. 158 legislator (inelud-1 ing lieutenant governor) who is No. I legislator? In longevity, that is. There Isn’t one No. I, there are three No. Is: Senators C. Joseph Coleman (D-Clare) and James Briles (R-Corning) and Rep. Elmer Den Herder (R Sioux Center). Each is serving his ninth session. They were to draw for No. I, but Briles deferred to Coleman and Den Herder, who took No. I and No. 2 respectively. Briles took No. 3, which happens to be easier to back out of than either of the ''(hers. Tries To Enter Moire Of Brother, Wounded * TR Aor    COUNCIL] added. In state issues, Common Cause will support legislation for stricter campaign disclosure laws, for a complete record of payments by lobbyist groups in the Iowa house and for new ethics rules to eliminate conflicts of interest among public officials. The Iowa PAC also endorsed a $500 aggregate limit on gifts The workshop is sponsored by the Health Professionals Drug I Abuse Education Project of the ! University of Minnesota in cooperation with the Iowa Drug i Abuse Authority. The Health Professionals Drug Abuse Edu-i cation Project is a training grant funded by the National Institute of Mental Health. J ef OSKALOOSA (AP) - Char gas of breaking and entering have been filed against Richard Allen Leyden, 19, in connection vip the alleged forcible entry of nis brother’s home in Oskaloosa. Richard was in fairly good condition Monday after his brother, Mike, 21, shot him in the leg, authorities said. They said the shooting resulted from a domestic quarrel. Bond for Richard Leyden was set at $10,000. Contract Let No License Accident, Five Are Hospitalized DECORAH — Four Iowa women and a Minnesota man were hospitalized in Decorah with injuries received in a two-car crash ll miles north of here Monday morning. In fair condition at the Win-;from individuals and organiza-neshiek county hospital were tions to all political candidates, Mrs. Dorothy Gronna, 53, Lynn including the U.S. senate and Renee Ellefson, 21, and Mrs. congressional    races in Iowa    in    has been awarded to Lerdahl Donna Gronna, 22, all of Water- 1974.    Construction of Decorah    for Ville. Mrs. Clara J. Gronna, 77, i Nationwide    membership    in    $26,000, some S4.000 less    than of Waukon, and Walter Ezzell, Common Cause is now nearly    the estimated cost. 65. of Minneapolis, also were in fair condition. POSTVILLE - The contract for the new sewer lift station to handle the new Noxplex plant,1 Emil Barding, rural Toledo, According to the sheriff’s of was back in magistrate’s court i fice, the accident happened at Friday morning. He had appeared before Magistrate Arends Nov. 30 on a charge of no driver’s license. Barding, 79, told Arends at that time he had been driving with a license that cost $1 forty years ago. He was ticketed again on Jan. about 10:30 a.m., a mile north of Burr Oak on highway 52. The automobile in which the four women were riding, driven by Mrs. Dorothy Gronna, and a car driven by Ezzell collided when the Ezzell car skidded in front of the Gronna car. The sheriff said Ezzell lost _    __    8 for no driver’s license by To- centand a hearing was sotfor Ic(*° Police Chief Leo Kendall, control of his car on a curve. He Arends asked Barding why he was charged with failure to had told him he had given his yieid half the roadway, car away when he appeared earlier. The defendant’s '•eplv »    ^ v ~ was that his daughter didn’t I    Sapid#    (&8Z?tt ant the car and had given it Co*M5Si.WSi/an3,1u&&etta* intr    500    Third    Ave.    SE.    Cedar    Rapids,    Iowa Jan. 18. Willie Guthrie, IyeGrand, also faced the same charge before Magistrate Arends. He entered a guilty plea, but was able to work out an agreement by which he would pay $10 weekly in child support payments. A hearing was also set for Jan. 18 for Eugene Lennic, sr., Tama, on the same charge. leonine entered a plea of innocent. Robert McFatridge, Cedar Rapids, had his case continued to Jan. 25 on five counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor by reason of nonsupport. To District Court In other magistrate’s court j action, three defendants were bound over to Tama county dis-1 trict court. Alvin Lee Sanache, Cedar Falls, faced a total of j four charges as a result of an alleged incident at a Toledo I service station and events preceding it. Toledo police charged Sanache with reckless driving, intoxication, assault with intent to commit bodily injury and resisting arrest. Sanache was bound over to district court on the assault charge. He entered guilty pleas on the vv; back. Barding told the magistrate he was now going to give the! vehicle to his son-in-law, and' the magistrate asked Barding to turn in the registration so the sheriff could sec him sign it over. His case was continued until next week. 52406. Second Class Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Postage paid at Subscription rates by carrier 85 cents a week. By mail: Night edition and Sunday 6 issues $2.25 a month, $24 a /ear: Afternoon editions and Sunday 7 issues $2.50 a month, $25 a year. Other states and U.S. territories $40 a year. Delta has a warm spot for you. (In Florida) No mail subscriptions accepted In areas hoving Gazette carrier service. The Associated Press Is entitled exclusively to the use tor republication of all the local news printed in this newspaper as well as all AP news dispatches. 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