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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 19, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Nixon Draws Enthusiastic Crowd ]jPton Cou"cil r a i I    .    Discusses Dog hor Alabama Honor America Tai kl Leash Ordinance The (filar Rapids C.a/ettr: I Hrs., I rh, lf!, 1974 House Commitfee Hears Testimony on Motorcycles WASHINTON (AT) With Wallace, who has sought the!as, “Honor America out directly mentioning his Wa- presidency three times and is Nixon.” ternate woes, President Nixon:(,Mnsid,‘rc(l a contender for the    Speech    a    Rehash has told his largest and most 1978 D(‘mocra,ie presidential no changing the stop light at the in- ((.c*t motorcycle drivers during tersection of Cedar and Fifth accidents, but it is better to ,,    j    ii.    i a.    -      an    injured    victim    than    a to pay,    large    and enthusiastic    crowd I    ,    ,*H    Anu‘rH    honor    to    tin?    presidential offic-*-    Nixon    seemingly made    little ef-ifrnm    •)ni(fM    linll|f    , can people arc col    a    nation    of    while    sidestepping    any    praise of    „.v    f,om    m"lnif!l"    un"1 5    a fort to try and prepare    a    memo.    Two    hifih school students re- Motorcycle a c c I d e n t s in- speech for the occasion. *•    ■ My Charles Roberts    Dealers’    Assn.,    said    helmets    a1 officials can penalize states if play a “lighted headlamp’’ TIPTON The Tipton city dj.;s MOINES (AID Mel* haV(! a “sh(,|f hfc” of thrf*e they fail to adopt federal safety passed the Iowa senate 30-15 lll,,,,,( 1 council Monday night approvedmets may not completely pro ^yr,s hl b(st’ an(i many shatter guidelines - which include safe-11 ast ,<cb' 23•    _____ enthusiastic audience since ,hei!"ina‘ton; wcmcd car(,ful ln his|, AI,hou*J "    jslr«-tr to flashing anther on hr introductory remarks to payilarge and enthusiastic crowd,1 < vH-ir and flnchin»    nn Fifth it    ,    . 1972 campaign thai “the Anteri hr,.mr »n ti, .............   ...    ■    1    ir    a,,(1    n',"h,n«    ,K]    on    1    lf,h    dead    one,    an    Iowa    house sub- rable presenting a govcrnmMit . lass,    ,    from    |%2.70 Kathy Reid and Mike Thordsen, ,    , had requested this change al the ln lowa’    lowa 1 ubl,c    Sa,t'ty .Jan. 7 council meeting.    Commissioner Charles    l^arson Action on the matter was said, and    registration    of the percent ....      committee    has    been    told. quitters.    Nixon the man. Joining (,ov. George Wallace “We in Alabama have always at an Honor America day rally honored the office of    the presi    Talking without    a    manuscript, Monday in Huntsville, Ala , dency of the United States. We    he rambled and    repeated frag- Nixon told an outdoor crowd os- are all flag wavers    in Alaba    nicntp ol addresses    delivered in timated by security personnel at ma,” said Wallace.    the past. 20,000 to JO,OOO:    The governor got a bit more Many people in the crowd taken alter the lowa State High* machines grew 24.7 “Americans have always had personal when, after saying it were inattentive to his words, WH>' Commission said it had no each year since 1969. strength in adversity . . . there was an honor to have the Pres- chattering while he spoke and objection to the proposal have been times of discour-ident in the state, he added:    seeming satisfied simply to A motion was approved in agement in America but the “I say Cod bless you, Mr. have seen the President.    striating    the    city attorney to American spirit was such that President, and I submit to you Once he was introduced, indraw up a year round dog leash we always became stronger that you are among friends in fact, large numbers streamed ordinance. The mayor and coun-vvhen the going got tougher "    Alabama.”    'steadily away from the public c*l said several complaints have Nixon pointed to Wallace as a Cheers and welcoming ban- park near downtown Huntsville, b(,,‘n received of damage done living example of this, recalling liers far outnumbered evidences perhaps hoping to avoid traffic by dogs 'the purpose of the his recovery from a 1972 assas- of criticism in the rally crowd, jams.    measure is to control this and to bination attempt that left the although a few persons held    America “Good”    prevent    more    serious incidents. ty headgear. Iowa is one of only four states that do not require cyclists to wear helmets, he said. Phone Registrations To End Wednesday Wednesday is the final day of telephone registration for part- governor partially paralyzed. aloft placards with such legends One of several people attend- Urging the subcommittee Monday to approve the bill requiring use of protective headgear, Farson said, “It seems desirable to me to have a person with injuries from which he’ll recover, than have a victim who will never get up.” Charles easily. He urged the legislature to require motorcyclists to use a “running light” to make them more easily seen by auto and truck drivers. Stamatelos also supported a more stringent The state official said the $1.5 time students at Kirkwood Comte sting program before Ii- mj||jon annually given to Iowa triunity college this spring, censes are granted, and insti- .    .    .    ,    . union of motorcycle learners’ for highway safety, and IO per- Persons wishing to enroll for permits.    cf-n' of about SBO million in road q,e term [^ginning March Ii, The motorcycle dealer said “St? gJS’pli^ ^    ^ 398-5411 between « a.m there is no way to learn on a Jiljt th(, subcommittee was an“ 8 P m- An advertisement in public road how to operate a . .. th t    ba* ever lost Sunday’s Gazette carried list- motorcycle without breaking the "funds Z not enacting mgs for .he spring term motorcycle headgear legisla- The telephone registration is lion    being    tried    on an experimental The director of the State Of- A bill to require motorcyclists basis. Hon Napier, Kirkwood law'. Penalize States lice for Planning and Program- to wear protective headgear, registrar, said ming, Robert Tyson, said feder- eye protection devices, and dis- been excellent. response has Mallard, Cedar Nixon .‘•.aid he wanted to thank jug the meeting to speak in Rapids, said federal tests show his audience for reminding all favor of the ordinance was the that some helmets sold to mo-ol America that her® in the elementary school principal, torcycle operators resisted im heart of Dixie we find that the Bin Mehring, who said too pacts caused by crashes no search project on the Radioactive Radium Excess CS nn Rd I nu/dr a rd Aw    *'!iUt ?* A™e.rK’a is ^00(j’ ltl(' many f,°gs hav(1 t0 b(> chased faster than 13 miles per hour, dicapped will not be renewed OU// De Lowered DV M/X/fl Of character of America is strong, from the school.    He said that is an average of 6.5 for next year, the Joint County (An,    •,,, T    .    ,,    we    are    8°‘n8 to continue to Dogs are now restricted from miles per hour for each of two school board learned Monday Kb MOINES A ) - Iowa Lone I rec - new town well, be a great nation when we are April until October.    vehicles involved in a crash nioht Not Considered a Success, MERC Loses Funding A $700,000 federally-funded re- The board does not plan to pick radium in excess of federal p(jj standards may lower the con- night. The project, known as the Midwest Education Research ,, i    «    April until October.    vehicles involved in a crash communities which have public 4.4 pCi (blending may reduce). 2U0 years old.”    j    The    council    accented the bid water    supplies    with radioactive    Maquoketa -    well    No.    5, 7.7    11 was th« second    Nixon    0f the    Wehde Motor Co., for a    Su,t of Arm°r speech of a long six-day    week-    new t    Marquette —    well    No    132    en(* 'n ,be ^ou*b rrr 7    “IT    PO    .questionable    test    result.. ?* hl,s h,°™ in, “7 f;stay[‘c The council approved the re- open legislative doors” to ject a( the stale departm€nt tests also will be expanded to parents plies, says a state water engt-    rf    _    Ha.    Last Thursday in Miami he zoning of several lots belonging more stringent protection stat- df ’ M|c lnstructlon ,hc ,;ni- include preschool and kinder ’ • drew a much more modest to Louie Cook from single fami- utes. Maybe ll) have to wear versitv of j0WH an(j tbP joint ?arten students /or if i/sc i..__ a    :__■ t.    r._:t..    o c ■ ■ i t of >n.mn« r»..ti u „    m    ,    , ; six-day week- new police car at a cost of Moreover, Ballard said, pas- (-pntpr ic headnuartprpd in mal<i I. spent mostly $3,832.70 without a trade-in. sage of the headgear bill would citv and is a cooperative Visit Key Biscayne. The council approved the re- open legislative doors” to nrniprf nf thp dpnartment tests ban- up funding for the project. In other business, the board authorized providing materials for non-profit preschools in the six-county area. Materials will also be furnished for handicapped children in profit-making preschools. Vision and hearing screening Boy Charged, Broke 24 School Windows GARNAVILLO --Garnavillo police Monday night apprehended a youth accused of breaking 24 windows in the Garnavillo high school by using a piece of pipe. A janitor, who was in th‘v building at the time, heard the windows being broken and called police. Police chased the boy on fO'J. He was released to his | pCi. bly three times that number have radium contamination 5.0 pci. greater than the safety level set! Moulton County School system MERC operated four years in a six-state area and performed research on instructional materials for the handicapped. The board also authorized participation by the school system in the celebration of the country’s bicentennial in 1976 Information ;n the school system's records, dating back to the 1880s. will be compiled into Two Motorcycles Are Hospitalized there was no cause for alarm. “lf there were any reason for alarm from these findings,” Dr. Hausler said, “it would have been raised IO years ago.” Here is a list of towns with radium radiation of three or more piccocuries per liter pCi, which jP^1- is the permissible radium limit:    Walnut — finished system, 3.4 Anamosa— well No. 4, 4.6 pCi    „ (blending with other wells could! W“h7‘°"J- ,'ourf, w(,|ls j    ranging from 4.4 to 3.1 pCi. reduce the amount to accept-    _ No • able levels).    __________r Karnes City — well No. I, 8.2 Ptt.    _    . Bellevue — well No. I. 8.7 pCi.    ^ I I    * J    T L Kuxholm — well No. I, 3.2    v-/O I I    I 06, I h    T 6    6 pCi. Bussey — well No. 3, 7.7 pCi. Carroil — well No. 9, 3.1 pCi DECORAH- Three teenage (blending may reduce.)    Decorah area youths were hos-j Cedar Falls — well No. 6,    3.9    pitalizcHi Monday afternoon pCi (blending may reduce).    with severe leg injuries re-' Charlotte — well No. 3, 13.0 ccivcd in the collision of two pCi.    motorcycles near here on high- Conroy—well No. I, 3.9 pCi. Way 52. Denmark — water    plant    cf- One of the    youths,    Terry fluent, 3.0 pCi.    Ryan, 15. of route three. De Dewitt — well No. 3, 3 0 pCi corah, was transferred to St I blending may reduce).    Mary’s hospital in Rochester. East Amana — well    No. 2,    3.5    Mum The other two,    Fred pCi (blending may reduce). Walter. 17, and Timothy Hov-Flberon — well No. I, 3.1 pCi.    den, 15. both of route three, Eldon — water plant effluent. Decorah, were in the Win- 3.0 pCi    neshiek County Memorial hospi- Fairhank — south    well,    3.4    tai at Decorah pCi.    Hoyden    was    reported    in good Fort Dodge — finished water,    condition    and    Walter    was    in 3.0 pCi.    good condition Galt—well No. I, 9.9    pl’i.    According to    Deputy Sheriff Grimes — finished water. 3.5 Mel I^ee both motorcycles were pCi.    proceeding south on the high- Hardy — well No. I, 5.9 pCi way between Burr Oak and De-Hedrick — well No I, 36 pCi. <;orah when Ryan made a l -Knoxville finished water, turn which resulted in the eolli- 6.1 pCi.    sion. Lawton — well No 4 5.7 pCi. Hoyden was riding with Ryan (blending may reduce).    on tin* Ryan motorcycle and LeClaire — well No. 3, 3 6 pCi Waller was operating the other (blending may reduce).    vehicle. Ryan was charged with lauderdale — finished water, failure to have a driver s li-5 6 and 3.0 pCi.    cense. Walter, with failure to Lineville well No I. 4.4 pCi stop in tile assured clear dis (surface supply under construe- lance ahead and violation of a ljon,    restricted license. 2'/a acre* of everything for the home 3rd Ave. at I st St. S.E, In Downtown Ceder Rapids ana, STOR-MOR. COMPACTOR TAKES THE BULK OUT OF YOUR TRASH SO YOU WILL HAVE JUST ONE TRIP A WEEK TO THE TRASH CAN INSTEAD OF OPEN WEDNESDAY 9-5 THURSDAY 9 am. to 9 p.m. water engineer. A report by the Iowa Depart-!^    crowd, and many more critics,    jy residential to multiple family    a suit of armor next year,”    he' ment of Environmental Quality;    Milo — well No. I, 3.7 pCi and when speaking at a hospital    residential. Cook said he wishes!speculated,” or scat    belts.” (DEQ) stated that at least 52 W(‘” No. 4, 3.3 pCi.    dedication.    to construct a duplex.    He asked the subcommittee, Iowa communities —    and possi-    Moravia — well No. 4, 3.0 pCi.    Flying    back to    Washington    ------- “Why    discriminate    against mot- Morning Sun - finished water    from    Huntsville, the    President 20 YEARS AGO — Sen. oreyclists?”    by    requiring    them I stopped    in    Indianapolis to    pick    George    (D-Ga.)    introduced    a    to    wear    headgear,    when    drivers ______ 2.377-loot    well 5 5 UP    bus    bau^btor    Ju*u‘ Nixon    bill    to    raise    the    individual    in-of    cars    are    not    required    to    wear by the federal government.    Eisenhower, who is recovering    come tax exemption from $600    seatbelts.    Federal    funds    are    being    dis-    pamphlets    and    short    stcrics    and But State Water Supply Engi-    from emergency surgery for re-    to $800 that year and $1000 in Dan Stamatelos,    West    Des continued    because    the    project    be    made    available    to    schools Deer David Green said the fed- eva u< 0 L, . „ moval of an ovarian cyst.    succeeding years.    Moines, of the Iowa Motorcycle was not considered successful, and the public. erat standards are purposely (Ncw AllHn - w('11 No- 3 4 strict to reduce the danger of.^ illness among persons who use New l/ondon — finished the water.    water. 6.1 pCi. Green said if a community    Oakland — well No.    I, 3.5 pCij has one well which records con-    an^ web No. 3, 4.9 pCi    (blending! lamination greater than allow-    niay reduce), able, but other wells have less Odebolt — finished water, 9 0 contamination, the town could mix water from the various sup-    Pleasantville — well    No. I, 3.0 plies and reduce the over all P^i- contamination level.    Postville — well No. I, 3.1 pCi.    i The report is the    result of    a    Preston — well No. I, 3.4 pCi.: long-term survey of public an^ web No. 2, 3.0 pCi I variable | water supplies by the State Hy-i results), gienic Laboratory in Iowa City, j Richland — water plant ef-Officials were quick to say, I    4.8 pCi. however, that even though a Searsboro — well No. 2, 4 2 town’s drinking water is shown P^> (blending may reduce). to exceed the radium standard, ‘s*°ux City — system blend 4.5 pCi. Soldier — well No. 2, 8.0 pCi. j Stuart — No. 2 effluent, 12.0 pCi. 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