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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 18, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Odar Rapids Gazette: Mon-, I* eh. 18, 1974 They’ll Do It Every l ime is In the Soap operas.the HOSPITALS HAVE PRETTY NURSES OUTNUMBERING THE PATIENTS SIX TD ONE--- Then vou go to the get- WEILERT ANO THERE'S NARY A NiGHTiNGULL in SIGHT-•• The Investor's Guide I CW T CAM IF GME'S GOOP ToH.NtlRSEif SfiWHE/.HWKE// CAMT GST,. 1 Sam Shulsky By Sam Shulsky Privately, I like to talk about stocks, just as well as the next stock market observer. Discussing the relative merits of Kodak [and Polaroid, or Big Steel and Bethlehem, for example, can be just as interesting as arguing the relative merits of the Yankees and the Pirates. So it is always pleasant when I can present names of investment grade stocks and still dis market is no respecter of great [claim any responsibility for "touting” them The occasion is the N Y Stock exchange magazine's recent wealth Fourth, that even big money doesn’t agree on “the best For Better Health Emergency Measures for Delivery of Baby at Home Bv Dr. S.L. Andelman Dr. S. L. Andelman AT BRIDGE there are certain first-aid proce-. Recently we discussed preg- litres one should know, nancy tests. Today let’s talk    First of all,    don’t be fright- about what happens if the test is    ene(l '''hen a    baby is born so positive, you go through the quickly that you can't reach the nine    months    of    pregnancy,    and    doctor or get to    the hospital in    cut the cord between the two then,    behold,    your    baby    is born    time, it nearly    always means    |jjes with clean scissors. Wrap before the doctor arrives or be- the birth is normal. If the birth tbe baby jn a clean blanket, fore you can get to the hospital. was going to be difficult, you’d face uncovered, in a warm Granted, this type of enter-    probably have    had time to get jp|ace gency doesn’t happen often, but    the doctor or go    to the hospital, i    — Let the afterbirth come Certain things    can be done    by itself. Don’t pull on the cord which will make    it easier for    to make it come out. Save in a >    ai    both you and the baby. You'basin or newspaper for the doc- ( a ■    WI ll    caJ1 * do these things y°urself so tor to examine. get someone to stay with you' 13 _ As soon as the afterbirth until the doctor comes and givethas passed outf piace your your helper these instructions. hands over the mother’s uterus ) I — Be sure the doctor or an (a firm lump just below her ambulance has been called. . navel). Cup your hands over the 2 — See that the mother is mother’s uterus and massage it lying down comfortably.    several times to keep it firm, if 3    — Wash your hands it doesn’t stay firm hold your thoroughly.    hands around it until it does. 4 — Do not touch the area 14 — Clean the mother’s but-around the vaginal entrance. Stocks and lower thighs but don't 5 — Place a clean towel under touch the vaginal area, the mother’s hips for the baby - is __ Make the mother com-to come onto If you have time.lfortable and see that the baby is protect the bcd with newspa- warm and breathing. Give the pers.    mother a hot drink, such as tea, fi — Let the baby come natu- if she wishes, rally.    16    — Stay with the mother 7 — If the water bag has not until the doctor comes, broken and the baby is born still (inside the sac, puncture the sac with a pin or tip of scissors. Wipe the sac and fluid away from his face and head with a clean handkerchief 8 — As soon as the baby is Director Clarence bom, wipe the baby’s mouth. NORTH (D) 4 876 *42 ♦ A K 8 ♦ AK952 WEST 4 A J * J 10963 4 J 7 2 ♦ J84 SOUTH 4 K 10954 ♦ KQ5 ♦ Q4 ♦ IO 6 3 Last-West vulnerable North    kilt    South 14    Pass    16 26    Pass    36 46    Pass    Pass IS EAST 4 QU 2 * A87 4 109653 + Q7 Went Pass Pass Pass Opening lead- f J Kelley Promises FBI News Talks WASHINGTON (UPI) - FBI Kelley, in a „ „    ,    .    nose and face with the inside of! I*'a*”r br^a'<    lra<*',if,ns of By Oswald & James Jacoby    a df>an handkerch,ef nop.t usp the late ,1. Edgar    Hoover, has Jim: “We have been talking cotton or paper tissues.    .pledged to hold regular news about bidding long enough How 3 — Move the baby carefully conferences to tell the public about getting back to the play oft0 a c,ean sP°l betwppn the what is going on in the bureau, the cards ”    mother’s legs, with his head Kelley declared soon after ... l    elevated a little and away from taking office last July 9 that he Oswald:    Maybe we should fjujd or secrejjons Don’t wanted the FBI to have an concentrate on smgle-suit plays strejch the cord    ‘open    stance.” for a while. ...    I®    ~    Don't    tie    the    cord    if    the    Kelley    has    gamed    wide    publi- Jim: ‘ The problem in a sing- docjor js on his way. Cover the city by declaring a policy le-suit play is to do the best you baby wj|jj a blanket or towel to against saying “no comment” in caji in that suit with special con- preVent chilling.    Response to reporters’ questions., ll — If the doctor can’t arrive “From now on.” Kelley said! sideration of how the result will affect your contract.    within the hour, the cord should Wednesday, “we will hold three Oswald: Some players might ^ (jed ^is by tying the or four news, conferences a year have stopped below the spade cord in {wo pjaces about two in Washington on a regular game. The play would still be inches apart with clean pieces basis and call extra ones when based on the same idea. South 0f (apc or strong twine. The tie news developments warrant. want? to lose just two trump nearest the baby should be- about six inches from his navel. Jim: “South can lead from dummy as often as he wishes. “You can consider that commitment,” Kelley said. The correct play is to lead the eight and let it ride to West’s jack. Next time he leads the seven and lets that ride also West has to play the ace and eventually South picks up Fast's queen!” Oswald: “The basis of this play is that South will make his contract if East holds either the queen or jack of hearts This roughly represents 3 to I odds in his favor. The alternate play of rising with the king will only work half the time.’’ V*CnRD<fc/*ft>46 The bidding has been. 18 West    North    East    South 14 Pass    16    Pass    IT Pass    26    Pass    ? You. South, hold ♦ A K 7 6 TA K 7 6 ♦IZAK IO 3 W hat do you do now’’ A —Bid three notrump. This is a very slight overbid but sour high cards are all aces and kings. TODAY’S QUESTION Instead of bidding two diamonds your partner has b d one spade over your one heart What do you do now’’ Answer Tomorrow Advertisement Helps Solve 3 Biggest FALSE TEETH Worries and Problems Con*iri**r rn denture adhesive. FASTEST H* Powder does all of thin I) Helps hold upper* and lower* longer, firmer, eteadier. 2) Hold* them more comfortably. 3) Help* you eat more naturally. Why worry? TTae FASTKETH denture Adhesive Powder. Dentures that tit are ear* ntin! to health, ben your Conti >t regularly. SEVENTEEN t VS    t    N.-,    S,«4    'M    7    *    I *r,r t •    I "I demand some respect around here...At least LISTEN to me before you disregard what I say!" publication of the securities buys Of the 40 stocks listed as portfolios of four major univer- the top ten bv each institution, sities— Harvard, Yale, Prince- only three picked IBM, Kodak ton and University of California. | and General Motors and only These listings are interesting two agreed on Ford. General for several reasons:    Reinsurance,    and Texaco. First, of course, is the insight The lists: Harvard, with total into the employment of great general investments of wealth, managed by profes- $1,357,391,602, held (as of last sionals.    June 30 and in order of amounts Second, the revelation that of of money then committed) IBM, the top ten stocks (in market Eastman Kodak, General Rein-value) owned by these institu- surance, Texaco, Exxon, Gener-tions only one — Exxon — a1 Motors, Upjohn, Ford, Mobil appears on all four lists.    and Gulf Oil. Third, the disclosure (by coni- Princeton favored, in t h i s paring holdings as of June 30, money order, IBM, Xerox, 1973, with a year earlier) that American Home Products, even big money can make mis- Exxon. Texaco. Louisiana Land, takes. In other words, a falling Texas Oil and Gas, Getty Oil, Bristol Myers, (I e n e r a I Rein surance Yale listed Atlantic Richfield, Florida National Banks, Exxon, Texaco, W Iv Grace, Columbia Broadcasting, Mass., Mutual Mortgage, General Motors. Ford, Eastman Kodak University of California held IBM, Caterpillar Tractor, Kodak, General Electric. Soars, Roebuck, AT and 'I', B a ii k-America Corp, Exxon. General Motors. Procter and Gamble. One amid spend columns analyzing the changes made in these portfolios from tilt* previous annual report. I suppose it would be some comfort to the ordinary investor who has sui jfered through a rough stock market in recent years to point out the mistakes made by the “big boys” who bought General Motors at high prices and have held millions of dollars worth of IBM and Kodak, to name only two other favorites, through declining markets. But what’s the point? Whoever said big money can’t make mistakes, too? 6 6 6 (J — I have $125,000 invested at fi percent. If I withdraw $4,000 a year, how long would the money last? A — Forever, and then some. ' Mi Shulsky welcome* written question*, I hut he will be Able to provide answers I only through the column f or lists of growth and dividend stork*, please Include a sell address eel stamped envelope Address your requests to Sam Shulskv, care of The Gazelle I $125,000 invested al fi ppn*<'n|    with accumulates $7,filii) interest a    ii    QD    A year lf you draw only $4,000,J OoVGT-Up, 3Dn you would be adding $.‘1,5(8) to Officials Fired principal each year. I AA .... i7 Kzu)    WASHINGTON    (AU)    Two Non could draw $7,500 a year and not cut into the money.    tonner regional directors of the You could draw, <10,000 and    Small Business Administration, still not run out of money f()|'i    accused ()f covering up corrup nearly a quai in realm \    (j W(,rj, jin.(| Wednesday. Sot your sights a good deal II - .    However,    (lie agency    declined to detail Specific charges against the men, Russell Hanoi ton, former head of the SBA Philadelphia office, and Thomas Began, former district manager in Richmond. Youths Initiate Drive    offRI'lls1    »aid , I!*    <'harK<'" were not disclosed so as not to Against Gas Rationing prejudice any appeals that WASHINGTON (AP) - The m|ghl be made ” Young Americans for Freedom    mt’n    (an aPP®a|    the ae. announced a campaign Wednes- * 1 0 11    administrator day in opposition to plans for Ihomas Kleppe and to the civil gasoline rationing Some 20D s,,f v l(,<‘ commission, spokesmen members around the countrysai" , , will write letters and lobby their    bring ^ Ma* mpn had congressmen. YAK Chairman been proposed Dec. 21). At that Ronald F. Docksai said.    (|me    lf was als0 Proposed to fire Hamilton’s former deputy, Jo- 1 soph Clark, but he has since (J. S. Assures Brazil:    resigned. No Change on Cuba ln testimony before a congree ^    sional    investigation of the SBA, BRASILIA (Apt the U.S. I Kleppe s;n(j seven persons in has assured Brazil that it does philadelphia and Richmond cov-not intend to change its policy ered up corruption. However, he toward Cuba. Brazilian Foreign cited 0J1|y Hamilton and Regan Minister Mario Gibson Barboza by name said Wednesday after meeting with a U.S. state department envoy. Jack Kubisch. Feed the Birds Save *750 a week. Buy a week in next winter. Start saving $7.50* a week in a Merchants National 5% Ski Bunny Account now, and spend a fantastic week skiing in one of the ski capitals of the world next February. Your savings add up fast, and they earn a big 5%. We can make it even easier for you by transferring your money right from your checking account to your savings account. Start saving this week, and be ready for Vail next winter. See your Personal Banker at any MNB office for details. Even if you never put on a pair of skis, you can have the time of your life in Vail. * The estimated cost tor this ski week is based on current air and ground transportation costs to Vail. and food and lodging costs in Vail. Merchants National Bank rn A BANKS OF IOWA' BANK Main Bank • Motor Rank • Vernon Village Office • Kingston Office • Amana Of fie t 4 ;

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