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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 16, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sat., Feb. 16. 1974 Obituaries Joseph A. Schmitt Joseph A. Schmitt, 82, of 517 Third street SU. died Saturday in a Marion nursing home. Born Dec. IO. 1801, at South Sioux City, lie was married to Cora Kuhn July J. 1908 She died in 1041. On Dec. 31, 1044, he was married lo Ada Freese in Cedar Rapids. Mr. Schmitt was a lifelong resident of Marion and Cedar Rapids. He was superintendent of maintenance at Link-Belt Speeder until his retirement and was a member of the Fogies I club. Surviving in addition to his <jUHj Friday wife, are a son, Or va I W Schmitt, Cedar Rapids; ten grandchildren. 18 great grand children and a sister, Mrs. Delbert Newman, Cedar Rapids. Services; IO a rn. Monday at I the Murdoch chapel, Marion, by jot Biberon. Suit Is Filed Over Elberon Elevator Sale I TOLEDO Eugene Severson, nolle Plaine, filed Milt Friday in Tama county district court against Elberon Elevator. Inc Hughes Sees No Senate Conviction of President the Rev. Albert J. Stokes, pastor of the Interdenominational church, Cedar Rapids. Burial: Oak Shade cemetery. Friends may call at the chapel after I p rn Sunday. government has an ‘'obligation to protect former Vice president Nixon Agnew if his ha* is iii danger.” even if he is impeached by the house of representatives, in the tty Frank Nye The United States senate wi not convict President Robert Safely, Jr. Robert C. Safely, jr., 46, a former Cedar Rapids resident,1'''’’ l,,\, VV' .1...,  ...... I. Ai,.tin T    *    '«    «*«    hill)    tl»    hlbWMI Severson asks that the defendant be required to accept the balance under a sales agreement and deliver to Severson a warranty deed for certain real \ raising estate and bill of sale for personal property he says he purchased. Severson says that on March 4, 1973, the defendant orally lift WI AINU POIOC AM $ Snow is expected tonight in parts of the north Atlantic states, upper Plains and northern Rockies. Elsewhere, generally fair weather should prevail. Cifv Briefs . ..    . !nf Aushn, Texas, | Elevator, part of four lots following a brief illness. Born in,which u \s lQcated( and Cedar Rapids June IO. 1927, he was married to Jeanne Schnei- ...    ...    ..    .    .    _    der    at    Bellevue. Worried? Listen to God s „    tU _    „    .. Word. Benedict. 366-7462,-Adv. , Hl‘ was wltb Hollins Radio *    *    *    for    15    years    here    and    in    Rich- Honored—Suzanne Willy, 2639 ',rda0"' T<*?*?• 1,0 had b.('on Filth avenue SE. has' been »"b Texas Instruments in Ans- named to the first semester "I.Ihc lasl T y.ea,rs The Weather Hies Btu temoeratures Friday, low temperatures overnight and inches of precipitation: Anet! age    12    -ll    .12    L Anqeles    70 4* Atlanta    «o    42 I 40    Miami    70 ae Bismite    3*    Od    Min apnlis    31 18    IO Chicado    30    21    N. Orleans    H SS    ii Denver    44    24    New York    32 23 Duluth    2S    IS    .07    Phoenix .    74 42 Honolulu    84    70    S"attle    SS 45    .48 Houston    75    49    .32    Washinqt'n    41 28 Extended Outlook — Partly cloudy Monday and Tuesday becoming mostly cloudy with a chance of rain or snow Wednesday. Overnight lows mostly in the 20s. Daily highs mostly the 30s. Landlord Deposit Bill Change Is Seen by Riley CITY - Sen. Tom dean's list at Indiana Central college, Indianapolis. *    *    * Experienced Beautician needed, Fashion Flair Beauty Salon. 362-2316. - Adv. * * * He was educated in the Cedar Rapids schools and graduated on is located, ann its buildings and equipment. Severson states he was to pay $50,000 for the property under terms of the oral contract, with 55.000 downpayment and the balance of $45,000 by April I. 1973, at which time he was to get possession subject to defendant's opinion of Iowa's senior Sen. Harold Hughes In Cedar Rapids to keynote a Linn county Democratic bind rally at 7:30 tonight al the Town House, Hughes didn t venture a prediction on whet bel the house will impeach the President. But he said "the votes aren’t there" in the senate to convict him Don't Regret It "I don't regret spending the money to protect him if he needs it." continued Hughes, who is leaving his senate post early next year to become a religious worker "Legally there is no justification for spending the money. But morally there is He would have the right as a private citizen to ask police protection if he felt ins life was in danger. Money would be spent to pro- "1 don’t think Ihc people* want i^ (ha( protection » e President impeached, Qn another subject, the Hughes told The Gazette in an interview, adding that the situa tion is "incredible." Not Cooperating He explained that even though the people feel Nixon is not carrying out his promise to cooperate with Special Watergate Hughes said Second District Congressman John Culver of Cedar Rapids has his wholehearted support to be his successor. Culver is the lone Democratic candidate for the Hughes senate seat so far. State Sen. George Milligan (R-Des Moines) and from the University of Iowa. He nghf lo store pain (here until | prosecutor Leon J.worski, they; State Hep David Stanley i ll J    i    i*—u    j-.i j    1    Muscatine)    are after the Ropub- was in war II. it could be delivered. IOWA Riley chaired a proposed public hearing on a landlord-tenant bill — John H. Noun- currently before the state legis-' uairy ijueen time again. Services Monday at lature *    Now    open    m    Cedar    RaP»ds.    Mar’s Lutheran church. Tho Ki„    attn,A----ion. Mt. Vernon and Tipton. - in Adv. Short NL, a sales .    301 40 43 trace 2.54 1.63 30.01 59% C. R. Weather High Friday ............... 32 Low ovenight ......... Noon Saturday 2 pm...... Rainfall .............. Total for Feb......... Normal for Feb....... Normal through Feb. . Total for 1974 ......... Barometer, rising .... Humidity at noon..... Wind direction and velocity at Gazette weather station at 2 pm, WNW at 20 mph. Sun rises Sunday, 8:00; sun sets, 6:42. Year Ago Today — High 12; I low, -2; precipitation, none. Degree Days Friday ................ Total to date .......... Through Feb. 15, 1973 Percent of normal year Total normal year ..... 4444    Donald    C.    Davin.    46.    of    415 These monies are supposed to    **    J    Twenty-third    street NW. life- ”, Friday by a man while another 3 man distracted her. * * * "An Experience of Unitv” to ly Frlday' Christian Unity1 Born Aug Iowa Deaths Oelwein — Ina Fridley. 79 Services Monday at 1:30, Brant’s, where friends may call from ll) am. to I2:3i) p.m. Monday Anamosa a ber, 84 GoetteohV    *““"'**•    The bill would afford more Monticello — Anna T. Wet- protection for tenants, particu nimont, 85. Services Monday at iarly regarding so-called dam 10:30 Sacred Heart church. age deposits. Manv landlords Devaney s, where friends mavi , call after 7 Saturday.    currently require Chelsea — Anna C. Musel, deposit at the time of any lease 71. Services Monday at 9, Hi a- signing, bak’s and at 9:30, St. Joseph’s church. Rosary Sunday at ,    .    . .    , 7 30.    be returned to the tenants when Keystone — Richard Huet-j leases are terminated, less any mann. 76. Services Monday at! unusual damage. 1 IvilHamsburV — Tora War- T!*e Ri,ey hearin8* on the U.jcejebrate denburg, infant daughter of Mr. i °t Iowa campus Friday after-t„Miand Mrs. Kenton Wardcnburg.j noon saw representatives of the I * „ n7"° c,.    i7**90n*nm trace Graveside service* were,8atur- Protective Assn. of Tenant/8"- SuaA Feb- 3 00 P m 1.031 day ut ll at St. Marys Catholic (pA?) quejfj#n R||ey on (he chances of the bill’s passage. Riley said the original bill ii a * j    * * n .    . • I nUVIC* IOO I F lilll (1V ('UUU OLii J QI rlr*** contained a provision that the ted Friday a black and Sp.enedcrir & landlord would have to pay five whi|c |e|evisjon sf| va|ued al >" ->44",a percent on damp deposits, the ,100 and a dock radl0 va)ued at same amount the tenant would ^ were ,ak,.n from p-.s apart. receive if he deposited the amount in a bank. It now seems likely that that ^nv sjze jiving room sham-Nancy provision may come out of the pooed 95. Bedroom $6 95, I George, an    elementary    media    bill. This    should increase the! through Feb. 28 Work guaran- I specialist at    Longfellow    school    chance of    the rest of the bill    teed. 366-6226 ^Diamond Carpet 43 in Iowa City, Saturday was being passed." he said.    Upholstery Cleaners.—Adv. 4,737 elected vice president and pres- The bill is in response to nu-    *    *    * 4.988 ident elect of the Iowa State Ed-merous complaints that land- Cash Missing — Eastown 71.4 ucation Assn.    lords have    kept damage depos-    Cinema, 200 Collins road NE, 6.631 She will    serve as    vice-    its without    specifying what dam-    was broken into and $190 cash the air force in World Severson says the oral agree-Surviving in addition to his ment was made between him wife are four children, Janet.! and Larry F. Mosebach, for-Receives Honor—Tony King Joane- David and Charles, all aUmerly of Tama, after Mosebach 1926 Coldstream avenue NEjhome; his parents. Mr. and had conferred with and received has been named to don’t want Nixon impeached "The people seem to be so bean nomination conditioned to shock that they can’t react any more to corrup- Same County Asked if he thought, the fact thc first Mrs. Robert C. Safely, Cedar Approval of Robert Blythe, j jail. Rapids; two sisters, Mrs.(Cedar Rapids, they being the -with thc energy crisis tion and to people in high otfici ^u|vcr comes from the same being convicted and sent to county — Linn — as Iowa’s I junior U.S. senator, Dick Clark RTod-ir u midst Fridav I semester honor roll at indiana I k a p I a s ; IWO sisters, Mrs.|vvu«    .mc.    p..*    p    wain    iii.    ewrgy    ........... of M.mls|| wj|| hur, culvers P    •    State universitv, Terre Haute. Georfi<‘ c- 0wen- Minneaoolis, I sole stockholders, directors and )he war in the Middle has!, their (.ha llughes replied: and Mrs. John C. EichhornJoR,cers °f I he elevator business. and * * * Ifs Dairy Queen time again![Newton, and a brother, Gordon According to Severson’s peti- W. Safely, Amas.    tion, he gave Mosebach    his per- Services and burial will be    in |    sonal check for $5,000. which he Austin Monday. Hyltin-Manor    says was retained until    Dec. 6, *    *    *    funeral home, Austin, is    in    1973, when he was given    a check Changed    — Darlene charge of arrangements.    by Mosebach which he    has not 747 Gateway street    cashed. clerk at Fanny Donald C. Davin    Severson    states that prior to April I and prior to the time he took possession of the property, the elevator property was partially destroyed by fire and the defendant has received a settlement from its insurance company for the fire loss. Deputies Again Drag River in long resident of Marion and Cedar Rapids, died unexpected- cemetery. McSwiggin-Uhl- monn’s. Independence — Mrs. Milton Niblack, 67. Services Monday at 10:30 at Mason-Hawe’s. Graveside services at I at Geneva cemeterv, Geneva. Iowa City Teacher Is ISEA President Elect DES MOINES - among Catholics and Protes- All Saints Church.—Adv. ♦ * * TV, Radio Taken — John Hoyle, 1531 Fifth avenue SE, ment. * * Anv size living Severson alleges he has given ties assigned to the case. Van Steenis, 32, of 1427 Pawnee drive NW, an antique auctioneer, was last seen at 2 p.m. Tuesday. minds are on other things. ,    ••]    don>t think if men are Responding to another quos- hnnes( ., makes any difference. (ion, Hughes said he (eels thejLook a| Ja(,k    an(, Hughes we were only so miles apart." This was a reference to the fact that former U.S. Sen. Jack Miller, who c    lf    k    j    served four years with Hughes bearer! tor Man in the senate, lived in Sioux City Dragging operations on the while Hughes’ hometown is Ida Cedar river were resumed Sat (,rovc' a*X)l,t *’,t mi,,‘s ,0 the urday morning in the search for ea^,, in northwest Iowa. Donald Van Steenis, a Cedar Hickenlooper, Martin Rapids business man who disap- He aIs0 mentioned that the late peared Tuesday afternoon. Senators B B. Hickenlooper of Linn Sheriff Walter Grant has cedar Rapids and Tom Martin canceled davs off for 14 depu- 0f jovva Qjy both Republicans, 5, 1925. in Marion, he was married to Virginia M. Smith in    Cedar    Rapids July    19. 1955. He    was a    member of    St. Jude Catholic church, a veteran defendant the balance of the of World war II and was produc-purchase price, demanded a tion planner at    FMC Link-Belt    warranty    deed with abstract    of title    plus    a    bill of sale    for    the In addition to    his wife he is    personal property and    has    desurvived bv his    mother, Mary    manded an    accounting    and    set-    His    pickup truck was found at    , Davin. and a    sister.    Mrs.    Wil-    Bement of    the insurance pro-    a quarry located about six miles rr^(;s(’n „„< s Ham Murrin.    both    of Cedar    ceeds from    the fire loss. He    east of town and south of high- Rapids, and    two brothers,    claims the    defendant    has    re-    way    30 James Davin,    Oxford, and    Earl    fused to convey to him the real    Sheriff Grant reported two Davin. Marion.    estate and    personal property:    sets of footprints led down to the Services:    St.    Jude church    sold to him. Mondav at IO a rn. bv the Rev. 1 Severson asks that defendant John Gregory. Burial: Mt. Cal- required to assign to him a varv. There will be a Rosary by |jease between the defendant and Father Gregory Sunday at 7:30 thc railroad company: that de-P m. at the Tcahcn chapel fendant account to him for the where friends may call after I money received from the insur- river bank The set identified as Van Steenis’ disappear at the river’s edge. The other set returned to the area where the truck was found and then dis- livod less than 30 miles apart. "After all," Hughe* continued, "a United States senator has an obligation to renresent all the people of his nation as well as his state. It is different from who are supposed to represent the regions from which they arc elected." Hughes was to appear at a function at LaSalle high school Saturday afternoon before the evening rally. Jury Notices Panel No. 2 is to report for jury duty Tuesday. Panel No. I need not report. The courthouse is closed Monday. Fires Friday. Air-pvac 11:35 a rn. at airport. 2:12 pm. Friday. Cutting torch to junk car at 509 J avenue NW. 10:59 p.in Friday. Overheated oven at 700 Twenty-sixth street SE 8:02 a m. Saturday. Unknown to junk car at 509 J avenue NW. Mower Company Reports Hazard DAYTONA. Ohio (UPI) - A spokesman for the Huffman Manufacturing Co. sa d Friday that a potentially hazardous condition involving tho cutting blade disengagement in some 24-inch riding lawn mower*, produced in 1973 had been reported to the U S. Consumer Product Safety Commission The spokesman said a belt. which tends to shrink when subjected to heating through use. made it impossible to disengage the blade drive under extreme conditions The spokesman said thf* mowers involved are models Z-1015 ("Huffy" label), W-1013 ("Pinto label), H-1019, H-1017 and H-1015. Only mowers purchased after April I, 1973, are involved Mode! identification can be found on a nameplate under the seat of each machine president of    the 29.000 member    age the    tenants    were    alleged    to    and two    tape players    valued    at organization    beginning in July    have caused.    $75 each    were reported    missing before she assumes the presi-    Riley    said the    deletion    of    the    Friday, dency in 1976    interest clause would make    the    *    *    * She is the first woman to head    present bill "very similar to    the    2" Peat Pots. 25c    a    dozen, the ISTA since Etta Cosner    of    one previously introduced    by    Scott’s    Early    Bird Sale,    Hia- Davenport was president    in    Sen Minnette Doderer (D-Iowa    Watha    Garden    Center, 1964-65 She    was elected over    City).    — Adv.    * * * pm Sunday. Memorial Services Laverne Greenfield of Sumner. Fitzsimmons, Robert J. — Monday at IO a.m. in St. Patrick’s church by the Rev. Martin Laughlin. Graveside ser-393-2910. j vices with military honors will be held at noon in St. Patrick’s cemetery. Tama. Father Laugh- appeared. ance company for fire loss; or. that the court order the insur- Poul P|a>’ suspected in the ance proceeds to be used for case. Van Steenis was known to repair and reconstruction of all carry large amounts of money, buildings and equipment dam- Dragging of the aged by fire so that the proper-;started Wednesday Energy Center Established by C. R. Chamber Establishment of an Energy Information Center to provide assistance to members of the C e d a r Rao ds-Marion Area Chamber of Commerce was out- river was afternoon tv can be conveyed to Severson and halted Thursday due to bad    n in Z erne rendition it was in weather, but was resumed Fri- ,'ned. 1 r,d a crnrvn at the mooting of tho Chamber s board of directors. Shed, Contents Lost SIGOURNEY - Fire Thurs- residence of Allen R day night and early Friday de- Huxley lane SW. ♦ Hazleton Man Critical After Vehicle Mishap HAZLETON — Enos Yutzc, 19, of Hazleton, was in critical con- stroyed a machine shed and its dition Saturday at University (contents on the Dean Yates hospitals in Iowa City with head farm southeast of here. and internal injuries he suffered A truck, car, four tractors, in a traffic accident.    corn picker, planters and ma- Authorities said Yutze lost nure spreader were lost in the control of his car on a gravel fire, battled by road six miles southwest of Haz- Ollie, Sigourney leton. The car went into a field No estimate was and Yutze was thrown out. loss. in the same condition it was in March 4. 1973. when the oral|dav. _ ,    ^    ,    bn    will conduct thc wake^w acrpement was made Se- The river search has not pro- __ Rings Taken - One set of di-|prayer service Sunday at 7:30    ^    ,    fh    t    duced anv clue.? to Van 1    the    center    is    to amond rings valued at $160 was p m. in the Stewart funeral Iverson a.K. ai.    Steenis’fate Grant said    provide    a f >cal point for all In Sigourney Blaze reported taken Friday from th- home where friends may call pay cour ens s •_ The    Iowa    bureau    of    criminal    tJ’Pes    of    information    relating    to MI,fun rn   ..    ..    ...    r    ^    investigation    bas    beta    ctUed in were held at Brosh chapel at 2 AAeningitlS LOSO, OUT pm Saturday.    Oxford    Epidemic Avis. the Banks: AIM To Aid in *    *    * Fun and games, every Mon- Young. Paul C. — Service* day night. 7:30 Pour House, 304 were held at I p.m. Saturday at OXFORD — The director of 3rd Ave. SW — Adv.    the Chapel of Memories by the johnson    county    board    of *    *    *    Very Rev. Canon    D. A. Tx)-    ....    ,    , .___.    r, fcrski. Burial was    in Oakwood    health    issued    a    statement    Satur- Cnat Theft — Gordon Fennell,)cemetery, Monticello Arrange- day confirming that an Oxford firemen    from    Grande avenue SE. report-    ments by Cedar    Memorial fu- school    girl    had contracted a and    Richland    ^    ^riday someone took his    neral home.___ case of    meningitis. given for the cashmere coat valued at $200, a    < pair of leather gloves valued at * $20    and a scarf valued at $5    ..    ..    , . I (rom a rack at thc Roosevelt    (Continued (rom Page    I.) hotel.    California    medical facility *    *    *    Vacaville Aug. 2.    had been to assist in the search Victim Thwarts Robbery Try Couple Charged energy crisis and to maintain an UD-to-date filing of federal. state and lcea! development* Robert R Faxon, the f h'lmHnr'q r\prt)tivp den) rvnlainH presi- A husband and wife are being Public Health Director Lyle held in the Linn jail on charges Fisher said, "This is a case of of assault with intent to rob meningococcal meningitis type after they were apprehended C. According to Dr. Charles late Friday following a holdup a* Herron, communicable disease attempt that was foiled when a section of the state health de- the victim refused to cooperate. 0/NnfAm Trill,** ,, Vl, aP[f ininiL*nj wlUJ Stator i close friend of DeFreeze while payment, this is not the type of si OU lo I I kU ll SO TTI I OIKS Harold Hughes Saturday, Feb- Both were imprisoned at Sole- meningitis associated with epi- .I«hti ('. Rice, president of the (hHinher. termed tho comer “;i valuable service", pointing out rapidly-changing conditions and regulations require an up-to-date resource center. Information at thc (‘enter is available for review by members at any time." Rice By Ford Clark IOWA CITY - Dennis Banks, national field director of the American Indian Movement (AIM) said Friday the movement had agreed to act as an "intermediary" in the kidnaping of Patricia Hearse Banks said, "We are one of five groups who the Symbianese (Photo on Picture Page) Liberation army have requested as observers in the ransom.” dad.    demies." The Examiner said inmates at Fisher said he was issuing a Soledad prisons re-.statement due to the numerous ?,an thor instructions," he said. Hanks was asked what ruary    16. 7 30 p m. at the Town "Our ordinal instructions    are    House    Motor Inn Donation to contact a Cecil Williams,    5,0Everyone welcome:|Fojsom    and_______ whereupon we will receive    fur-    ^P°nsored by the Linn County j Cognized    the two men’s voices D nwrabr Central Committee, on a tape recording from the Anita Terpstra, chairperson, —Isla vas asked "flat his    Pol. Adv    ' Thp Examiner a)s0 ,ald (»,(, principal concern .as IB the    *    *    •    men were visited bv Russell Ut- case. He antlered. -The lad)-    Speakers    Taken    - Two    Speake „e an su memhpr charged an movement s main concern ers valued at $130 were reported W)tb Cyanide-bullet assassi- mix up wlt^ ,owa coun^ health _1 ll). I    aln*.    f    —    —    _     A.    _    —    '    !    OI    I    (    Kft    T    I    t    I    Al?    Eft    I    «    ti    HAI    l(lA/l    i~»    A    C    ,1    ►' Supt. Marcus Foster Nov. 6, a crime for which the SLA claimed responsibility. Michael Got! 20. of 306 E ave- said "Rosier,s of ihe proper in-nue NW, and his wife. Patricia, dividuals and 20. we e charged wi h th expressions of concern from parents. "This is not a panic situation or epidemic situation cither." Fisher said there had been a Purchasers were urged not to use the models until the blad*1 Banks went on to say a sccu-drive belt had been cheeked and uity representative had been replaced if necessary free of contacted in St. Paul. Minn, charge by an authorized service with instructions dealer is the safety of the girl. We realize the Symbianese Liberation army had foe used attention on concerns of a very serious nature, but I’m the father of 13 children rnvself, seven of them girls, and I know how the family feels about their missing daughter." taken Friday from Carter Sound na)j#n of 0ak)and S(:hoo| Service, 4002 Sherman street NE. ♦ * * Washington’s Birthday toupee I sale $49 95. Roman’s in Hiawatha. — Adv. * * * Signs Missing — Two Parking" signs were reported The spokesman said corree t ens had been made in produc tion, and other Huffman model do not contain the potential haz ard. Bani Aid in Ransom said the instructions Garand, Rifle Inventor, Dies .. .    ...    ,    ,    missing early Saturday from Banks raid be agreed that outside the building at College "there are poor people in this    Community    schools,    401 Seven- were ’hat    a Cedar Rapids and    <’f>untry who are denied their    ty .sixth    avenue    SW Iowa City    radio station were to    rights daily. We don’t argue confact station KPFA in Berk-    W)th that But, we plead with    mmMl ,,    ,    riQ    . ,,    . if Hie "lo'.erni nt was „    Vogel    Paint (.enter, 2704, --,e to Pa- Mt. Vernon Rd S E. 365-6901. Hearst and the FBI said a letter claiming to be a third communication from the SLA was y,(i probably phony. The letter, delivered to Berkeley radio station KPFA, threatened to execute Miss Hearst on igencies to con-in tact in event cf an energy prob cident that occurred outside Le- lorn also are available " Lanes, 401 Fourth avenue The latter include not only a ' "    detailed    list    of federal office* Mrs Ge t was arrested shore. related to the energy crisis but v atter the victim. Kenneth j also personnel in the Iowa Com-Rammelsberg, 48, of 1227 Fifth merce commission which Is su-Ftreet SE. alerted police officers perusing the Iowa approach to who were in the arca.    the energy crais. Rammelsberg told Hico a Faxon said the center also has couple approached him as be compiled federal regulations on was walking to his car Tho petroleum, information about it Mercy hospital in SIma^    *‘«"d-bv    gasoline    ra- demanded money. Rammels-; honing and a compilation of de- _ Ben?    hit    the    holdup    man    who    tails about then fled Gott was ... I •    /- I time later. Is Injured in Crash police recovered DECORAH — Roger Ham- mell, 21, of route one, Dor-, Gott was being held on $2,000 authorities being notified before Johnson county learned of the girl’s case. The girl is presently a patient Iowa City. programs Dorchester Man, 21, arrested a short a starter’* Calif you that no harm ♦ * * Quality Paints-Vamishes, Dia ller birthday, Feb. 20, unless chester, was treated for head bond and his wife on $500 bond Pepperdine university in Izis lacerations at the Winneshiek Angeles was turned "over to the County Memorial hospital after    Woman,    18, Killed people willing to help in ransom negotiations between the Hearst family and the kidnapers. He indicated, "We’ll be rneet-SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (UPI) ing all night Saturday and prob-    Ihc — John    C.    Garand,    inventor    of    ably most of    Sunday    in    an    at*j    Banks the 30 caliber    MI    rifle    of    World    tempt to iron    out details    of    thc war ll fame, died Saturday He ransom so the Hearst girl can conference held at thc was    be returned safely to    her    farm-    ty of Iowa,    "Wounded    Knee, ---jy"    dian Rights    on Trial    ”. Too many bikes and not Banks refused to comment di- Banks currently is on trial trieia Hearst ’’ Banks remarks came at a hurried news conference called Cedar Rapids airport, flew in to be the principal speaker at a three-day Adv Anamosa Man Fined On Gratuities Count a one car accident near herr about 9:30 p m. Friday. Hammel!, alone in his car, failed to make a curve on the EARLING (AP) Jean Erlbacher, 18, of was killed Saturday car hit a bridge on * * * Beautician wanted, Junes Beauty Nook, Marion 377-7157. —Adv.    [years as superintendent of the ♦ * *    sewage treatment plant here, $175 Florida vacation includes was fined $500 in Jones county miversi- transportation, hotels, tickets to district court Friday on a Disney World, Nashville Opry, charge of violating the state March 23-31. 363*4571.—Adv. gilts and gratuities act. energy and ant it rust laws "The Chamber also is receiving continuous information from the Energy Impact Center," Faxon said. The Impact Center is an arm of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce which is mainlaining an alert on all energy matters at the national level. 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