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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 11, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Collective Bargaining Questions By Frank Nye DES MOI NKS - A “no-strike” bill (SF 531) parsed last year by the senate, authorizing public employes of Iowa to bargain collectively with their governmental employers, Is set for debate in the house on Feb. 20 at IO a m. It is one of the most controversial bills that will come before the 1974 legislature. Questions about it come up daily and find legislators and lobbyists putting hundreds of people-hours into finding the answers. ‘Final Offer’ A recent question that sent Hie bill’s advocates scurrying to find an answer came from Judy Daubenmier of Cedar Rapids, who covers the education beat for The Gazette. Her question probably reflects the thinking of many school board members throughout the s.tate, but to understand it one first must know that the bill contains a “final-offer arbitration” section. Under this section, if employer and employes can’t reach a settlement, each names one arbitrator to a three-member panel. These two then select a third, who automatically becomes chairman. It is the panel’s responsibility to decide the better of the final offers for settlement of whatever issues are involved. Mrs. Daubenmier wants to ru‘CCi’sary* know what happens if the panel    Voter    Answer is faced with choosing between final offers that go beyond the legal capacity of a govern- Answers Elusive mental unit to fulfill due to spending limits imposed by law. Her question was posed to Gov. Robert Ray during a recent interview. The governor, who backs collective bargaining, said it was an excellent question that he couldn’t answer immediately So lie picked up his telephone and put in a call for State Rep. Brice Oakley (R-Clinton), a lawyer who has done much research on the bill. Oakley agreed the question was a good one and asked for a few days to come up with an answer. He took the few days and here is his answer: “This question would occur only in the case of school districts and cities. Counties have no spending limit and state agencies will go to the legislature for appropriations and if it exceeds that, they negotiate again. “However, for schools and cities a different approach is “For the situation to arise the employer (school board or city council) probably would be faced with the option of granting higher economic benefits at the expense of cutting back, or deferring, projects and programs. “it has been my feeling that the voters will answer the ques tion of whether or not the cut back was too great at the next election. “The process or negotiation will heighten public awareness of the budget building process and thus make the employer more accountable. “Usually, what happens is the employer comes to the bargaining table with a ‘chunk of the pie’ approach and says, ‘I’ve got about this many dollars because of these programs, so how will we divide it?’ “Obviously, the employer will want that figure within legal spending limits. If he doesn’t (that is, if the employer is controlled by the employe electorate) he will have to explain a substantial cutback in services and the word will get out on that pretty quick through administrative leaks. “From a legal standpoint failure to submit an offer within the legal .limits would be publicized at the first offer level when it is rejected and public pressure is asserted. “If it persists, the Public Em-p I o y in e n t Relations Board (PERB) would (or could) be notified by the neutral arbitrator that even the second offer is illegal and that constitutes a violation as an unfair labor practice as failure to negotiate in good faith, the PERB being in the position of representing the public interest." Spending limit Another question might be what happens if the final offer is more than available funds but under the legal spending limit. Subsection 6, section 17 of the bill seems to answer that one: Culver Urges Protection of Privacy Action CHARLES CITY - Iowa Con-gressman John Culver said here Monday that congress must take action to safeguard individuals against invasion of privacy. I IJy Jerry Mwiener    For    the    most    part,    McDonald Culver, who is seeking the!    DES MOINES    (UPI) -    Repub-    ^the Iowa    ^rs    are    “going Democratic    nomination    forjlican State Chairman John    Mo-1 J? mak® th^‘r selection for    high United States    senator,    made his    Donald of Dallas Center    last [,ff,ce based on aJ*1?**    J . remarks at a    Rotary    club    lun-    weekend said he believes    the ll:v d"(d rec01rd- We dont    feel cheon here.    problems created for GOP    can-tbat Watergate is a thing    that “Like other members of didates    around    the    nation    be-    w.    b(‘    of    great    significance    on congress, I’ve become increas- Impact of Watergate in Iowa Minimal — McDonald ingly concerned over the alarming increase in wiretaps, electronic surveillance, crime-com cause of Watergate and related * V()tes cas*,n Iowa-incidents will have a minimal Republican candidates, he impact in Iowa.    said. will be “running on a posi- McDonald conceded that the tive record of achievement." Doubts Impeachment The chairman said he even speculate" on puter abuse, and other forms ofi possible ramifications of the invasion of privacy in recent scandals which have surrounded years,” Culver said.'    the Nixon administration are of, „ “Frankly, the potential for po-: "great concern” to the state’s    ,mDacr    0f    either    the lice-state type* of abuse is a1-G0P leaders. However, he be-    possible impact of e her m 1st unlimued so long as these '-os most Iowa voters WNI dis-1 cern between national problems msiacnt mxon on ,ne OUICome kinds of activities remain vir-t u a 11 y unregulated," Culver an(* candidates said    their home areas Culver said President Nixon’s    “Fair    Minded" State of the Union message contained a reference to the need for legislation in this area. "Details of the administration’s own bill may not be sufficiently protective," Culver said. in of the 1974 elections. He doubts in that either will come about and said it is a waste of time to even consider the possible rami-“We feel people of this state fications. are certainly fair minded and McDonald was in Washington discriminating in their selec- and visited with several presi-tion," said McDonald, who dential advisers at the White gJJ added that the large number of House last week, but received Senator Sam Ervin, jr.. who is Publicans seeking congree no indication that the President chairman of the senate consUtu- »!onal    *a‘s    ‘ho1uldbe a" ,nd,ca‘    [m«ht resi«" ,or    “*    ,hehre    ware I tonal rights subcommittee, also>hc    °P“ h<' c,aJ"    f‘™ fifounds    or    impeachment. has completed a bill of his own dldates    have about v,ctor>' ,hlt    ,.He added'    1    don    * see    it i on safeguarding the right of year    the cards. privacy. “So with the administration and congress headed in the same general direction, it looks like we are going to get some constructive action on this important matter this year," Culver said. “And this should be good news to freedom-loving Americans throughout the country." 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Dick Clark, Iowa Democrat, (center) discussed possibilities of a liaison , between Iowa legislators and Iowa'* congressional delegation with Senate Democratic Leader James Scha-ben (D-Dunlap) (left) and Senate Republican Leader Clifton Lamborn (R-Maquo-keta) in Des Moines last week. ermm. Send the FTD LoveBundle and the Extra Touch of Joie de Fleur perfume. A delicate floral print folder containing a capsule of FTD's exclusive Joie de Fleur perfume. DONT DISAPPOINT YOUR VALENTINE. SEND EARLY. The FTD LoveBundle—tender blossoms plus a satin heart sachet with a capsule of FTD's exclusive new perfume, Joie de Fleur.To send your gift almost anywhere call or visit your FTD Florist today. 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