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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 11, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Tho Codal Rapids Gazette: Mon., lob. ll. 1071 — City Briefs — Conopus Club — Dr. Kingsley Grant will speak on cable television    at Tuesday’s Conopus club meeting, at noon at the Embassy club. ♦ * * Dean’s List — Botte Jo Gabriel Menefee, 1300 Oakland road NE, has made the dean’s list for the first semester at College of the Sequoias in Visalia, Calif. ♦ * * Fun And Games Tuesday Night 7:30 P. M. Open To Public. V. F. W. Hall 700 2nd Ave. S. E.—Adv. % * * Breakin —An adding machine valued at $100 was reported taken in a breakin Saturday night at the Serv-Quik Cleaners, 3905 Center Point road NE. Entry was gained by breaking a window on the building’s north side, police said. Evening Optimists — Tues-    *    *    * day’s meeting of the Cedar Rapids Evening Optimists will be Founders and Awards night with a special program by Don Angott, 6:30 p.m. at the lx>ng-branch. * * * 1974 Proof sets, $14.00. Jer- j ome’s. — Adv. ♦ * * Executives Assn. — Marty Many Truck Drivers Are Back on Road Independent truckers began taking to the highways in greater numbers Monday with predictions that the majority would be back to work by the end of the day. Iowa continued to be one of the states where many independent drivers have refused to accept terms of a settlement worked out in Washington last week. Even though some 250 drivers City, County Offices Will Close Tuesday Cedar Rapids and Linn county offices will be closed Tuesday for Lincoln’s birthday, as will state liquor stores throughout the state. However, retail stores, banks, factories, state offices (employment service, revenue depart-m e n t and driver's license bureau) and federal offices (including the post office) indicated they will be open. Griffin Change of Bill Title Draws Protests DFS MOINES (AP) Senate! vehicles permitted in the Democrats Monday called for border cities.” This change in title left the bill open for amendments to allow increase weight on Iowa highways. The committee had earlier de- bcen clouded by Griffin’s actions. ‘No Jurisdiction' Griffin’s only comment was to say, “I just don’t think the ethics committee has any jurisdiction.” Senate Majority Leader Clif-Lamborn (R-Maquoketa) said he was trying to find out what took place. “I think we have to work on the bill the committee voted out,” he said. He said he knew of no rule missing all bul a day or two of this first four weeks of the 1974 session. Robinson has been recuperating from a viral infection. State Rep. Joan Ijpsky (R-Cedar Rapids) was absent Monday w-ith a touch of the flu Rep. Lipsky became ill last week and was under doctor’s orders to remain at her home in Cedar Rapids for the first two or three days of this week. Ralston, sanitarian for the Linn'woo Carroll drive SE, reported The sweetest Valentine gift...    from    northeast    Iowa    voted    in a fresh fruit    basket from Dale’s    Waterloo    Saturday    to    continue Fruit market, $3.50 —$6.50 — $9 00. Open    9-6.    3338 Center Point Road NE. 364-3314. Always Free Hospital Delivery.—Adv. ♦ *    * Worried?    Listen to God’s Word. Benedict. 366-7462 —Adv. * *    * Items Taken —Grant Hale, county health department, will speak on “Communicable Diseases” at Thursday’s 7:30 a m. Cedar Rapids Executives Assn. meeting at the Roosevelt hotel. * * * tools valued at $150, a $26 battery charger, and a $35 12-volt battery pack were taken from his car over the weekend while it was parked in the rear [of 406 First street SW. * * * Astros Florida trip. 363-4517 Adv.    Associated    Chiropractors    Hoyt *    *    *    Thomas D.C., John Roper BS., “An Experience of Unity” to DC., Iowa Theatre Bldg. After celebrate Christian Unity work appointments by request. among Catholics and Protes- —Adv. tants. Sun., Feb. 17, 3:00 p.m.    *    *    * All Saints Church.-Adv.    Any    size living room sham- * * ^    pooed    $8.95. Bedroom $6.95, it,    ,    .I    through Feb. 28. Work guaran- For Valentines day, Love    366-6226    Diamond    Carpet an Antique from the Stable on Lpholsterv Cleaners.—Adv. the Alley, 365-2448.—Adv.    ‘    *    *    * *    *    *    Ponderosa    Steak    House    needs Best Rental Open 7-9 Week- day help. Apply 9-11 or 2-4. 2275 days, 8-5 Sundays. — Adv. *    *    * Love is ... a Valentine on the classified “Love Is” page Feb. 14th. Dial 398-8234.-Adv. ♦    *    * 16th Ave. S.W.—Adv. ♦ * * the strike, more owner-opera-tors were on the road Monday. Near Normal Truck stops in the Cedar Rapids area said conditions were rapidly returning to normal. A spokesman at Cedar Rapids Steel Transportation. Inc., said about 30 percent of its independent drivers across the country were back to work Monday morning, with expectations half would be on the road by Monday noon. The Iowa highway patrol said truck traffic picked up between 50 and 70 percent of normal over the weekend. There were no reports of truck driver harassment in the state. Meet Again Truckers in many parts of the state planned to meet again Monday to re-evaluate the situation. Dave Dawson, one of the spokesmen for owner operators in the Cedar Rapids arca, acknowledged that the strike was all but over. “I’m telling drivers Allies Oil Clash MOSCOW (API - I’ravda said Monday the U. S. hopes to use the 13-nation Washington energy conference to set up a coalition of industrial Western nations against the oil-producing countries. The Communist party newspaper said the U. S. also wants to “smooth over somehow contradictions between America and its allies which rushed to save their own economies, pushing aside and trampling their neighbor.” The conference may result “in a new clash between the U. an investigation of action taken by Sen. James Griffin (R-Coun-cil Bluffs) in changing the title of a controversial bill. Griffin is chairman of the senate cities and towns committee. I bated a proposal by Griffin on|R>n lhe Democratic caucus asked allowing heavier vehicles in the the senate ethics committee to .    ,    ...    .    ,    .    . .  investigate if    Griffin took im-!border cl,lcs' bul owrwbclm- Regular    garbage pickup will proper action    iii changing the*'n8ly v°ied it down. be made Tuesday.    title of a bill    intended to allow *n ^e open caucus. Sen. Min- ---------- long trucks    to enter Iowa’s j •* ° ^ e ^°dere (I*-Iowa City)! Rucci^nc    Rpnorf    border cities.    said that if the senate    continued    that prevented the committee ixuooiaio    I'cpui    I    to allow committee chairmen to    chairman from changing    the Asks Removal    make such changes    “we are    $tie, but “I haven’t seen it    hap- The    milder    recommendation going to have to put a    watchdog    pon before.” came after Sen. Joan Orr (D on every committee chairman.”    *    *    * Grinnell) originally called for    Assistant Majority Leader senate censure and his removal I Gene Kennedy as the committee’s chairman {said the future of the bill has {the Iowa senate Monday after The senate began debate on long trucks bill last Friday, but two Men Charged in Iowa Woman’s Death [velopment and motivation, will deferred action after Sen. Wil-    ...    . u., uneaker Hp has snnn ham Palmer (D-Des Moines) TRENTON, Mo. (AP) - The Trenton hospital by a man, who!** guest speaker. He nas spon- said he had discovered the bill I highway patrol said two men then sped away had been changed after it was wanted >n connection with a said she had been shot once in voted out of the cities and towns s hooting death surrendered the chest with a .22-caliber committee.    early Monday at the Grundy weapon and died a short time The original title, approved by [county sheriff’s office in Tren-later. School Officials Meet Thursday School principals will partied pate in an in-service course 7. Ii /iv n aThursday from I to 3 p.m. at the Sen. Gloyd    Robinson    (I    -Led    Jojnt Count School System. D-Dubuquc) j Rapids)    was    back    at his    desk in    m sixth s,reel sw. James Marshall, nationally recognized expert on staff de file committee, was “An act Warrants issued Sunday by Authorities's0red I)a,e Carnegie courses foils years in Eastern Iowa and western Illinois. Principals from the six-county area will share new ideas in school management and rurric- S. and its partners” since the West European countries and | But as the bill was printed, Japan have made clear they in-: the title appeared as “An act tend to act independently, the relating to the operation of commentary said.    :    vehicles    or combinations of relating to the over-all length of They are Bernie White, 30, and the sheriff’s office charged combinations of vehicles permit-, James Russell, 19, charged in White with murder and Russell ted in the border cities.’’ ulum development. the Friday night death of with the theft of three weapons, j Whifp’c 94 Vernia    Po    lo    ....    ...    PASADENA,    Calif.    (UPI) — A vvnut. s 24-yeai-old wife.    Gala    Police    said the guns, taken    miu parthauake rumbled Ann of Newton. Iowa. Arraign-from a    Trenton residence    Fri    IV i, »    5    rumbled ment was set for Monday    irom a    I renton residence    r ri    through Pasadena    and other tnt    Monday.    day    night,    were    believed    con    nearby cities carjy Monday but The woman was taken    to a    nected with the shooting.    apparently caused no    damage. Best Rental open 7-9 week- who ca" me t0 do what ,hcy days, 8-5 Sundays.—Adv. want.’ “Severe” Times Willa Phillips is back at La Q .a Ie*/-nm Trine Tn Dawson said the last several OalgOn I lies I O    months have been severe for Femme Coiffures. For appoint- A [rj Border CeiTID D®16 independents. He said there ment dial 365-9955. — Adv.    *    have been many who lost their *    *    *    SAIGON    (AP) — South Viet- rigs during this period, and “Heart’s Delight” Hawaiian namese troops with tank, air others about to, himself includ- Anthurium and white Porn- and artillery support are battl- ed. Pons. $7.50-$15. Pierson’s, your mg toward a strategic border However, Gene Robison, man-extra touch florist. 366-1826— camp in the central highlands, j ager of General Motors Accep-Adv.    the Saigon command reported    tance Corp. in Cedar Rapids, { *    *    *    Monday.    and Bob Fletcher at Rapids Coat Stolen —Glenn Rathje of The command reported hard Chevrolet, said there has not Newhall told police a $130 coat fighting Sunday from the high- been any substantial increase in. and a    $5    pair of    gloves    were    lanc*s to Mekong Delta, with    the number of repossessed stolen    while he was    at    Kmart    ^ North Vietnamese and Viet,    trucks. West, 2727 Sixteenth avenue SW. and 29 government sol-    - *    *    *    diers kiHed in five battles.    cr„r»ric I Kirk* The!! -Douglas Kohoutek. In the highlands 12 to 15 miles ■ rOnCIS J. IV rDy 5051 First avenue SW, reported I southwest of Pleiku, 38 North    Dies, Services be* a $50 tape deck, $15 speaker, $10 ^ietnamese anc* 18    ANAMOSA — Francis J. Kirby, 66. of Anamosa, died Sun-1 day in a Cedar Rapids hospital following a long illness. Former- worth of tapes, a $19 tachometer' soldiers w^e reported lulled, and $20 worth of gauges were C°l- Trung Hien, Saigon s taken from his car Saturday c^ie* null tory spokesman, said night while it was parked at^e North Vietnamese    0f    Hopkinton,    he    had    lived in 5215 Harbet    avenue    NW.    blocking reinforcements    for    the Anamosa ,g --Le Minh base camp,    which:    . J Denies Windfall    dull    w*<*r    ""““p nubuqm- To Insurers from ^,ands alon,! Cambod‘an|™ « reb ». kl.    L_1J.L    p;| I    The    Communists overran the    1932> at Ranchester. Mr. Kirby [New    Health    Dill    camp    on    Sept 22 but in Jan.    was a member of St. Patricks* WASHINGTON (AP) - HEW uary it was retaken by a 30-man Cath°hc church in Anamosa^He Secretary Weinberger denied platoon landed by helicopter. t*as a    • - J Sunday that President Nixon’s Since then Saigon has been try- and wa:s    ^ ^°ncs health plan    would    mean    billions    ing to    get    more men to LeMinh.    county prior to his retirement. of windfall    profits    for insurance    Hien    said    the camp is not oc-    Surviving are his wife, eight companies    cupied permanently now    by    ei- daughters, Mrs.    Francis    Boed- However,    he    added,    "lf it re- thor side. _ mg of Hopkinton    Mr*.    Gilbert Becker of Coggon; Mrs. Gary I    Siddell    of Delhi; Mrs. Glen Wa Sn Jazz Dana Lange of Springville; Mrs. Rob- suits in a reasonable profit, that doesn’t disturb me a bit.” Weinberger, interviewed on NBC-TV’s “Meet the Press” program, denied the administration    °ve[‘a!L    ?™ual    jaiz band swept honors at the Donald Chapman of Springville: i cost would be about $70 billion. Lcond annual Drake University I five sons. William. Edward He said he didn t recognize as j Spectacular Saturday in and John Kirby, all of Anamo-“experts those who had made; v such estimates. ToDS in State er* Jones Marion: Mrs. David '    Moenck of Anamosa; Mrs. Bill The Washington high school;Gelton of Cascade: and Mrs Des Moines.    sa; George Kirby of Cedar The jazz band won first place Rapids: and Donald Kirby of Earlier Weinberger had es- jn |he AAA class and won the Marion; three brothers, Ray timated the cost of a plan pro- sweepstakes for all classes of Kirby of Hopkinton; William posed by Sen. Ed ward Kennedy bands competing were 35 jazz Kirby of Detroit, Mich.; and (D-Mass.) at $80 billion, saying bands from throughout the Paul Kirby of Earlville; four the Kennedy plan would mean sjate    sisters, Mrs. Bill Clark of Iowa ‘a very substantial increase in jbe 2i-student jazz band is City; Mrs. leonard Sackett and taxes-    directed by Dick Brickly. Mrs Main Bucker, both of Hop- The    Nixon plan, he said.    -- kinton;    and    Mrs.    Bill    Graham ESS* 12JZSFores» Blaze Set in ,cfcade: 62 firTf,hildr,,n: taxes    and would mean a fetter-    an(j    four    great-grandchildren. a1 outlay of only $5 8 billion He* Hammer-Sickle 5hape    wlII    ^    hejd    at 10-3o estimated state costs at close to I VALPARAISO, Chile (UPI) - a m Tuesday at St. Patrick’s $1 billion a year but said it was    Arsonists set    a forest fire in the    Catholic    church    at Anamosa by impossible to estimate the total    shape of a monumental hammer    Rev    Alfred    Brosius Rosary costs to individuals and employ-|and slckle outslde this port city.IJS, ta recited t^s evening all ers    the newspaper El Mercuric re- lhe Cedar Memorial Chapel of Weinberger said competition ported Thursday.    Memories. Entombment will be* and federal and state regulation Firemen said the area had,made m the Garden of Eternal would prevent undue profits to    been soaked    with gasoline be-    coVC at    Cedar Memorial ceme- the private insurance firms, who    fore the fire    was set creating    tery would    handle the vastly in- the Communist party emblem. creased health coverage under    -- the Nixon plan. He also denied the plan would permit    wide disparity in the quality    of health care in dif ferent parts of the country. He said that in his opinion health services would be brought up to higher standards all over the country._ Advertisement Do Your FALSE TEETH Drop, Slip, or Fall? Don’t keep worrying about vour false teeth dropping at the wrong time. A denture adhesive can he lo. FASTESTH*gives dentures a longer, firmer, steadier hold. Makes eating more enjoyable. For more security and comfort, uae SAWTEETH Denture Adhesive Fowder. Dentures that fit are essential to health. 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