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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 6, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa \ y \J \J is the best time v    k    J    A    f    S the change to Guaranty Bank s be ng ideas. Start the new year right lo gimmick FREE CHECKING on all lal & business accounts. Avantage year in and year airt of )me of the Free. Consumers Not Stocking Up; Necessary .. Proponents Vote on Yet As C a b I e TV County Attorney Challenges Judge on Jury Admonition By Dale Kuetcr !confrontation Tuesday between drivers to complete delivery of Some consumers, fearing a food shortage because strike by independent truck drivers, were rushing Cedar Rapids grocery stores Wednesday to stock up on supplies. However, there appeared to be no immediate danger of food shortages in the area, though truckers were threatening to close down the huge Nash-Finchj food warehouse in northeast Cedar Rapids. Operators of food store chains reported that while consumers appear to be stocking up. trucks 'striking trucker: and Iowa higher the | way patrolmen at the Haw k l Truck Stop in Coralville. Iv ambo perishable food loads. Closed “Otherwise," said Smith, “we claims one of the state troopers are closed. Once the perishable shook his finger under the drivers’ noses, ordering them to move their cars. Will Be Trouble “lf that keeps up there will be ! trouble,” he warned. “Our goal 'from the start has been moderation. We can’t be held responsible for what a few yo-yos do." Kambo said the truckers were goods have empty." Most of our drivers do not want to go out and risk their lives and we're not forcing Mayor Don Canney was asked \\ ednesday to set a special referendum next month for voters |jam to decide whether to award cable television franchise to local company. t’nder Iowa law, the mayor must call for the referendum ii IU Roland Krekoler Countv Atty. ann unum Atty. William Caches has challenged an admonition given bv Judge Wil Fads late Tuesday after-a noon to the grand jury hives-ligating the Cedar Rapids police department In his admonition, the judge advised the jury, among other is unloaded, our drivers,    ,    .    .    ,    , been returning home lH‘tl,loned b.v at least 25 proper- things, not to “read anything in tv owners in each city precinct the newspaper or hear anything Dr. Percy Harris, .1626 Bever on the radio or see or hear any- avenue SF, president of Commu nitv Cable of Cedar Rapids, pre thing on television concerning this matter while von are serv- aid a dispatcher for rented petitions at Wednesday’s ing on this grand jury." them," CBST. Of CKST’s 504 trucks, four are tied up iii Pennsylvania. and three in Indiana. city council meeting He also presented a proposed ordinance awarding the fran- supplying them continue to considering attempting to block ( ki operate. Nearly all deliveries I Nash-Finch either Wednesday ;    * While food deliveries were chise and governing its opera-still being made Wednesday, hon, and a cheek lor $9,000 to are being made during the day,for Thursday. “Some of our peo- truckers claimed to cover have 75 percent of the gasoline durn. tankers which supply filling stations stopped. There were conflicting reports, the cost of the referen- Cost Estimate Harris said County In a motion filed Wednesday morning, the county attorney asked the judge to vacate the admonition, calling it “an abuse of power by the court." In court Tuesday afternoon Caches asked the judge under copy of tin1 motion and told the judge lie had not conducted ex haustive research on tile matter. Caches said Wednesday he meant by that remark that in tin' limited time for preparing the motion he had found no cases that involved an identical situation. He said the comment was made in the context of encouraging the judge matter also: Later Wednesday morning the grand jury was dismissed until Three Firemen Are Promoted The promotions of three fire men to ranks of district com mudder, captain and lieutenant were approved Wednesday by the city council. Promoted to district chief was Richard Mach, 52, who joined tlii* fire department in 1954 and was promoted to captain iii 1972. William Daugherty, 41, joined the department in PHII to research the and was promoted to lieutenant in 1966, was made a replacing Mach. Firefighter William Phelps, emenl ol assistant chief William T McAllen last year. The promotions were based on results of a civil service exanii nation Escape Thwarted By Jail Jacket LOS ANGELES (AP) It didn’t take sheriff’s officers long to pick Avion Garrison out of a crowd of pedestrians in West Hollywood lh1 was the man wearing a wbo|denim jacket with “LA. COUNTY JAIL" stenciled across the back. Deputies were so taken by it Garrison, 25, March 4, when routine matters 36, was promoted to fill the lieu-are scheduled, or until an assis- tenant’s spot vacated by Daugh-tant attorney general who has erty. Phelps joined the depart-been appointed as special prose- men! in 1966. color calls them back. Before the jury recessed the judge repeated the same admo- The promotions filled Caney created with the captain (bey where he got it. Then they escorted him to tho sheriff’s substation where he had leaped a chain link fence and escaped about IO minutes earlier Sunday night. Garrison a va- was an inside trusty serving 90 retir- days for forgery. what statutory authority he had nition hl, had given them Tues_ issued the admonition ‘General Authority" day afternoon. have broader Iowa economy. however    'Plc have wanted to do it from However.    the    start’’he said    ,lions stoppea. mere were con- Harris said Coun(y Auditor! The work stoppages by in-    ..    fileting    reports,    however,    that    Merle Copei estimated the cost dependents and the shutdown of I btheve that is the last tmnh few tankers were blocked, al~ at SB OOO    I    „    ,    . . other drivers either in svmna- we should do, but if moderation .    a.m.-m-w.c nf iris dl    ...    ,    .    Eads    replied    he    was issuing ? Jrn-r WW.Limn?in doesnt work we will have lo somedehver.es of gas Hams asked Ihe referendum „ under thc genera, authority! thy I, ar »u . ^    - lake ,nori. drastic stcps    late    bo set March 5. with March 12 ,„r ,he administration of jus- Cedar Rapids • And if Simon (President Nix-    Antagonism    ;'Tf'.rLTl’orrn "Tcable television    emergency Numbers Wilson Plans    onYfucl ‘hif> ai"> doesn't stop Kambo said he realized that m Cedflr Rapids “inevitable." I J"'1Ambulant. 366-7654 making statements about a.violence and blocking of fo«d and said he feels it is important y ^ I y    P    FBI.    402/348I21O Wilson and Co. is considering handful of truckers stopping plants and warehouses could tjnt .    .    comDanv    be    in-    power y 6 court ' may a Fire.. additional layoffs Friday. About the country, there will be more produce public antagonism voived 1    "    *    st{T toward Further abuse of Highway Patrol 364 si7i 150 persons have already been    trouble. We are not a handful."    against    thc (ruck strikers. “But    .whcn    cablc    does    eome    jw»d»l potrora wer Ow grand.    After Ho„,»3*3^629 ..id off at Wilson, and the ie-    Watched    Caravan    'bere will be no moratorium. (_-odar Kapids, it ought to be ; .. S( , I V Pollc'............. 398    5353 Tn.,nB «h    I5    P“    “I6 'r"l Kambo said he and a number said'    - under Ihe control of local    .J* ,?hal' Sheriff.............398    3521 about a 32-hour week, plant of- Kambo said he and a number    nlr/(vn< ” Hp    lenged by the state of Iowa. ficials said.    of other truckers watched the ‘    ^    .    I    Tbe SaVS thC news    i^’P    or'4 tarry in your billfold) Reports of cutbacks at Penick    l°n£ caravan of trucks pass the    ^    ^    montb    payments He    From    C.R.    media are one of the bulwarks and Ford turned out to be false.1 Jovva City area Tuesday from j pUrcbasecj 1972 tractor for dicers and board members protecting proper operation of although the situation could J inside a Johnson county sber‘| s|;ffutiv over mo OOO he said oi immunity Cable are Cedar our system of government and change by next week if thc 'tis tar parked on an inter- -    ’    ^    .    Rapidians.    in many instances information truck strike is not over.    state 80 overpass.    Kambo    said    his guess is that j|arrjs sajd the company related by the news media “Penick is operating and we: “When we arrived, we had tOi[™st    I    started preparing a proposal. makes everyone in a democracy .........between $10 00° and $l5 00° f about 15 months ago. and over a I more knowledgeable.    I year was spent writing the ordi-j nance, which he called a model for other cities. have not laid anyone off.’’ said Par^ a certain distance from the a plant official. “We won’t have interstate,” Rambo said “The any problems this week.”    deputy said we could sit in his John Koons. head of the Iowa [ ar Ife preferred that, saying Shippers Assn., said 30 depart- could keep an eve on us. ment stores which depend on I here were four more reports truck service for dry goods de- °F sniping Wednesday in Iowa, livery will begin feeling the cf- Three trucks were hit by bullets feds of the truck shutdown next ne<,r *be Marne interchange week. Included are about a dozen Cedar Rapids stores. year once expenses are deduct cd. "That’s not very much for a 70-hour week,’’ he said. Gov. Robert Ray said Tuesday the highway patrol and Bureau of Criminal Invcstiga- nient, tion will assist local authorities of in apprehending anyone involved in harassing truckers. No Guard Call The “No Authority’’ motion declares that the He said the cable should pro- court does not have authority in vide, in addition to entertain- any way to limit the investiga-and public tory powers of thc grand jury and to do so would be an illegal educational access services. near 1-80 in western Iowa. Bullet Holes State troopers in Des Moines He said there arc no plans at found three .22 caliber bullet present to call out the Iowa na-holes in an eastbound truck tional guard. owned by the Stoppenback    “lf you take guardsmen off    pb*se are whether the company closed Tuesday, resulting in (lie Truck Lines °f Jefferson' Wis.    their jobs lo stand guard you A Des Moines driver told could lose a lot of manpower authorities two shots were fired and still miss the snipers." Ray Other Communities Other communities were having more severe problems Cornblossom Foods in Vinton “We have come up with what interference by the court in the adminstration of justice. The motion notes that the ad-1 monition was the one ordinarily: given lo a petit jury. It notes loss of jobs for 80 persons President Lou Sanboeus said Cornblossom plants in West Union and Independence will remain open through Thursday, and as long as pork supplies are ^Hieone delivered. Dubuque Packing Co. in Du- at his truck near West Liberty, said. Ted Dunn said he was passing a There slow moving car on 1-80 when that in the car fired two will shots at him One bullet lodged in the sleep Economist Robert Carstens at buquc" resumed limited opera. Ier compartment of his cab and Iowa State university said a key .ions Wednesday, bu, most of    hi.    the    trailer.    Dunn    lo"    referendum    will    be    set    pending was no disagreement a prolonged truck strike severlv affect the low (.con,)im *    expertise    is    avanaoie    in Rapids to construct a sophisticated cable system. Canney said a date for thc we think is an excellent ordinance for the city," he said. Two Criteria He sadi the two most impor-,,. tan. criteria in awarding a frau- !h?1 such an adl™nl"on is prop- erly given to a petit jury, which is limited to the evidence brought before it. However, the motion declares' the grand jury is different.) noting court cases and other legal authorities declare thei is interested in the community and whether it has the necessary know-how. He said Community Cable’s interest in Cedar Rapids is ap parent because it is a local com- L pany, and that enough technical &rand jur>’ ma.v derive informs* ‘    .    1    ,    1    ,,    1    finn    frrvm    '*nn»r    c<xiiiv>a    ” available in Cedar thc firm’s 2.800 employes were still on layoff.    A    driver    for Iowa Beef Pro- Thc company, heavily dcpen- cessors told police a pop bottle the highways. Railroads Unlikely dent truck ternate methods of moving processed meat. Job Layoffs Across the state, job layoffs because of the strike passed the 6.000 mark. J. I. Case in Buri on    thc    owner-operator    was thrown at his windshield    jje was not hopeful that driver,    is    looking    for    al-    near Early in northwest Iowa,    jowa’s railroads could step in Thirty minutes later, he was    and hail out industries depen- again the target of a bottle near    dent on trucks. Railroads are al- (ialva on U.S. 20. He was not    ready "at capacity" in Iowa, he hurt    said. Scott county sheriff’s deputies Carstens said a massive dosc-were investigating reports that down of the meat industry in ,    1    .    several pickup trucks were stop- jowa could result in job loses ington and the Chamberlain ping semi-trailer rigs near Dav- for 55,000 Iowans. enport. Deputies said drivers feds cf thc strike tion from “any source. Eads said Wednesday a hear-! ing will be held on the motion Thursday at 9 a.m. “Interesting Issue" The judge said the motion raises an interesting legal issue and he called to mind a quotation that “Only fools and dead ( people never change their minds." He said such a motion seeking a judge to change his mind is U.S. Sen. Dick Clark will dis- UnUSUal He aaid "|c cou!rt» cuss public financing of political attorncy perSOnally del,vered a approval of the ordinance by the city legal department and verification of the petition by the city clerk. Clark To Address Iowa Jaycee Event Manufacturing Co. in Waterloo have been forced to close iCS campaigns in a speech Saturday And the af- a* a Jaycees banquet at Veter-could reach ans Memorial coliseum. »,    ,    .    4U ... . .    were being asked to honor the    the    livestock market, he About    600    at    thc VVaterloo    indc^pendc^nt truckers’ strike firm were idled, and 1.250 at tho no force was involved. Burlington company were out of lnkc    ‘    Marion    Driver 1    „    ,    cessing plant to the store hive other meat processing I he (.azotic received a report    opens    up    again. firms in    the    state were closed,    from a Marion tankwagon    buvers and Iowa Beef    Processors at    driver that he was told to shut iaid. When the strike ends, and the production line from the farmer to the cattle buyer to the proto the planned to idling 90 Mason City Wednesday, workers. Storm Lake Firm Hy-Grade Foods at close down “or else." The driver said more he only has a couple of trucks. Even so, the phone caller Tuesday night advised against further operations. He shut down. . ,    .,    ..    In Chicago Tuesday night. Lake said it would suspend Darrell tJones ;j8 ,)e; Momes operations indefinitely Friday. was stabbed and b(.aten durm^ affecting j00 employes.    an argument with several other Meanwhile, reports of \io- truck drivers, police said fence continued, and the pros- Hera)d Smith presiden( of peds for more trouble were Cedar Kapids Steel Transport forecast by Cedar Rapids on,, cf biggest trucking Trucker Keith Rambo.    firms in Iowa, said independent Rambo said there was a near truckers are allowing CRST BARGAIN DAY SPECIAL Women’s Over The Calf S1-B00TS may find price:-dropped significantly. havi 39 YEARS AGO — .American troops, driving through the mountains behind Cassino. Italy hold circlement Over 900 Jaycees and their wives are expected to attend the two-day annual winter meeting of the organization on Saturday and Sunday. By Wednesday afternoon, reservations had been made by 565 out of town members, according to a Jaycee .spokesman. 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