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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 4, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa IO The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Mon., Reb. 4. If>74 lek vision loden Bv Ja\ Sharbutt Public l^otes for Music Awards SEW YORK (AP) - (im your teeth, gang. The television, stage, film and music awards season is approaching. But things will be different this year. There’ll be two music awards shows, not one. No groaning, now. One of the shows is the recording industry’s 16th annual Grammy Awards ceremonies, to be broadcast from Hollywood on March 2 by the CBS Television network. It’ll be preceded Feb. 19 by a newcomer to the awards business, ABC-TV’s “The American Music Awards’’ show, also from Hollywood. If this trend persists, the Republic is in danger of getting an awards show honoring the best awards show. But I digress. The Grammy Awards are voted on by ’ 3,500 eligible members of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. ABC’s awards have been voted on by at least 20,000 members of the general public. * * * “I have no quarrel with the validity of awards given by an industry to itself, the Grammies, the Oscars, the Emmies," says Dick Clark, executive producer of ABC s show. “It ail makes sense. ‘People should pat their colleagues on the back." he observed. But he pondered aloud why the public shouldn’t get in on the act. “I wonder,” he said, “what would happen if you were to take the obvious leaders in their field and say, ‘Here, folks, what do you think? The I hell with the experts.’ And that's what we’ve done.” The folks in this case were 43.200 souls from all walks of life, from age 8 on up, who last December were mailed music ballots by Marketing Evaluation, Inc., a New York-based public survey firm. * * * They were asked to vote on pop, soul and country music nominees on a list based on those considered 1973’s music heavies by three major music magazines — Billboard, Cash Box and Record World - and by a broadcasting trade magazine. They could write in their favorites — Johnny Cash drew the most write-ins, but not enough to make the finals. The ballots had to be returned by Jan. 15. the cutoff date. Clark says more than 20.000 ballots were in by then. They've since been tabulated by an independent auditor and now are under lock and key. awaiting the big night and cries of, “The envelope, please." There’ll bt' 45 finalists, three in each of IS categories. Does the national recording a c a d e rn y consider Clark’s show a threat to its own awards thunder? * * ♦ “No, I wouldn't say so," says academy President Bill I Am ery. a veteran music publisher in Atlanta, Ga. He says he doesn t think a public poll, compared to an industry- vote, is valid in determining who was the best in the business. But like Clark, Lowery currently operates on the theory that thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s awards or even rap thy neighbor's show. “I hope he has every success because it’s good for music,” he said. Hijacker of Bus Dies; Is Killed at Roadblock OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) - A SEVENTEEN —i ■■ IMg’TT Pin.... ii i■ ■■ ga i. ■■■—« The Investor’s Cuick * ® 1974 by Chicago Tnbunt-N.Y NtwtSynd World Rights Reserved    * "Don't look like you're listening or he'll expect a tip!" For Better Health Gout Is a Form of Arthritis By Dr. S.L. Andelman Many people still believe gout is a disease of past centuries, j limited to English gentlemen (who ate too much kidney pie land drank too much wine. Book 'illustrations and movies often picture the gout patient as a (somewhat ridiculous figure, complaining to excess about a (sore big toe. With an image like that, it’s | small wonder that patients today are reluctant to admit to (friends that they have gout. Instead they describe their illness gunman hijacked a bus Satur- J by its more respectable name of daw forced the driver to crash!arthritis. Gout is a form of ar-1 a police roadblock and then was shot and killed as he fired at1 pursuing officers, authorities said. Police said the gunman had robbed a massage parlor in Berkeley and was fleeing police when he boarded the empty bus, waved a gun at the driver and said he was carrying nitroglycerin. or inflammation of the but a very specialized Television Listings 9—KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapids 2—WMT-TV, Cedar Rapids 7—KWWl-TV, Waterloo 3—KTVO, Ottumwa 4 —WHBF-TV, Rock Island 6—WOC-TV, Davenport 8-WKBT, La Crosse IO—KROC-TV, Rochester I 2—KIIN-TV, Iowa City I 3—WHO-TV, Des Moines 40—KDUB, Dubuque Monday Night 4:00 9—Wild Wild West 2—Action News 7—News. Weather, Sots 3—News, Weather, Sots. 4—News. Weather, Sots. 6—6 OC lock Edition 1—News, Sots., Weather IO—News, Weather, Sots. I?—Where There s o Witt 13—News, Weather, Sots. 40—Lassie 4:15 12—Inside Out 4:30 2—To Tell Truth 7—Sanford and Son 3—Let s Make a Oeot 4 —Dusty'$ Trait 6—Holly wood Sauares 8 —Nashville Music IO-Bobby Goldsboro 12—Consultation 13—Sanford and Son 40—Challenging Sea 7:00 9—Rookies 2—LI1tie Mermaid 7—Magician 3— Rookies 4—Little Mermaid 6—Magician 1—Little Mermaid IO—Magician 12—Soeciol of the Week 13—Magician 40— Rookies 7:30 2 Horton Hears a Who 4 -Horton Hears a Who I Horton Hears a Who 8:00 9 ABC Monday Movie— ' Big Bounce'* 2- Mitzi Gaynor 7- NSC Movie— ‘ Kaleidoscope” 3 ABC Monday Movie- Big Bounce' 4 Mit/i Gaynor 6- NBC Movie — Kaleidoscope ' I Mite) Gaynor IO--NSC Movie-•'Kaleidoscope ' 13 NBO Movie— ' Kaleidoscope ' 40 ABC Monday Tuesday Morning 6:30 2—Sunrise Semester 4—Garner Ted Armstrong I—Sunrise Semester 7:00 9—Corner led Armstrong 2 —CBS News 7—Today 4 CBS News 6— Today 8—CBS News 10— Today 13— Today 7:30 9—Romper Room 3—Americo Sings 8:00 9—New loo Revue 2 - Copt Kangaroo 3—Sesome Street 4—Copt Kangaroo 1—Copt Kangaroo 8:30 9—Morning Show 12—lo School 9:00 9—Mike Douglas 2—joker s Wild 7—Dinoh s Pioce 3—Kid Power 4 —Joker s Wild 6 Dmoh s Place 8—Joker s Wild 10—Dinah's Place 12—Sesome Street 13—Dinoh s Place 9:30 2 —810,000 Pyramid 7—Jeopardy 3—Dr Brothers 4—110,000 Pyramid 6 —Jeopardy 8—810,000 Pyramid IO—jeopardy 13—Jeopardy 10:00 9— All My Children 2—Gambit 7— Wizard of Odds 3—Galloping Gourmet 4—Gambit 6— Wuord of Odds 8 — Gambit IO—Wizard of Odds 12—In School 13—Wizard of Odds Big Bounce” 40-Not For Women Only 9:00 10:30 2—Country Music 9-Brodv Bunch Hit Par ode 2—Love of Life 4—Country Music 7— Hollywood Squares Hit Parade 3- Brody Bunch I -Country Music 4 —Love of Life Hit Par ode 6 Hollywood Sauares 12 Washington 8 Love of Life Straight Talk IO- Hollywood Squares 13—Hollywood Sauares 9:30 40—Brady Bunch 12 Theater Mocabre 11:00 10:00 9 Password 9—Eyewdness News 2—Young and Restless 2—Action News 7 —Jackpot 7— News, Weather, Sots 3- Password Sports 4 -Young and Restless 3 News. Weather, Sots I 6-Jackpot 4 News, weather. Sots ; 8 -Young ond Restless 6 IO O C.lock Edition IO—Jockoot I News. Sots Weather 13- Jackpot IO News, Weather, Sots ; 40 Password 12 - Day of Nioht 11:30 I.) News Weather, Sots 40 Newsline 9- Sold Second IO: 30 7 tomorrow 7- Baffle 9 Wide War Id of 3 Sold Second E rifer tqinment 4 Tomorrow 2 Movie - A Baffle "Toke the High 8 Tomorrow Ground'' IO- Baffle 7—Tonight 13- Baffle 3— Wide World of 40 - Split Second t ntertamment 4 Wild Wild West 6—'tonight 8—CBS Movie — "Last Challenge” Tuesday IO—Tonight lf—David Susskind Afternoon 13—Tonight 40 Wide World of 12.00 Entertainment 9—Eyewitness News ll 30 2— News, Weather 7 News 4— Rawhide 3 News 12:00 4 Dick Von Dyke 6 Noon Edition 2—I ast Word 4 Noontime 7—Tomorrow IO News, Weather, Sots 6—Tom or row 12—In School IO —Tomorrow 13 — News 13 —Tomorrow 40 AM My Children 12:30 12:15 4 Country Music 3—Town and Country j IU—Virginia 13—Cartoons 12:30 9—Let s Make a Deo 2 As the World Turns 7—Three on a Motch 3— As the World Turns 4 As the World Turns 6 -Three on a Motch 8—As the World Turns IO—Three on a Match 12—Electric Compony 13—Movie 40—Let $ Moke o Deal 1:00 9—Newlywed Come 2—Guiding Light 7—Days of Lives 3—Newlywed Gam# 4—Guiding Light 6—Days of Lives 8—Guiding Light 10—Days of Lives 12—In School 40—Newlywed Game 1:30 9—Girl In My Lite 2-Edge of Night 7—Doctors 3—Girl In My Life 4 —Edge of Night 6—Doctors 8 —Edge of N Ight IO— Doctors 40 -Girl In My Lite 2:00 9 - General Hospital 2—Price Is Right 7—Another World 3—General Hospital 4—Price Is Right 6—Another World 8—Price Is Pight 10 - Another World 13—Another World 40~Genera! Hospital 2:30 9 —One Lite To Live 2- Match Game 7—How To Survive a Marriage 3-One Life To Live 4- Motch Game 6—How To Survive o Marriage 8—Match Game IO—How To Survive a Marriage 13- How To Survive a Marriage 40 One Life To Live 3:00 9~Love, American Style 2— Secret Storm 7—Somerset 3—Love, American Style 4—Mike Douglas 6—Somerset 8—Secret Storm IO—Somerset I? - Modern Supervision 13— Somerset 40- Movie 3:30 9—Giliigon s Island 2-Dr Mar 7 What s My I me? 3—All My Children 6 Cartoons 8 Bewitched IO Not for Women Only 12- Bridge 13 Floppy 4:00 9- 7- 4 6- 8- 10- 12- 13- 4:30 2 3 6 12- Star T re? Bonanzo Not for Women Only Big Valley Jeannie Star Trek Bonanza Mlsterogers Mery Griffin Bewitched -Let s Make Deal Mery Or iftm Sesome Street 5:00 9 A BC News 2—Conseauencet 7— Dragnet 3- Newsleatures 4 Giliigons Island 8—Consequences IO- Monsters 40 ABC News 5:30 9—Eyewitness News thritis joints, one. Estimates show that as many afi one million people in the United States, and perhaps sev-; eral million more in other parts of the world, have gout. It may affect many joints of the body. but the large toe is most often (involved. Symptoms are excruciating pain, swelling, redness1 and a feeling of heat. Hereditary The tendency toward gout is hereditary. People who get the! discase have in their blood high levels of uric acid, a natural bvproduct of body processes.; The patient’s system either manufacturers too much uric acid or ks unable to get rid of it fasst enough. As a result, crystals of a salt of uric acid, monosodium urate.: form in the joints. For reasons riot yet understood, the crystals create a focus of irritation, with resulting inflammation and pain. In addition to the big toe, other parts of the foot, the hands and sometimes the krees, elbows and hips are affected. Mast gout victims are men of at least middle age. Only about one patient in 20 Is female and she is usually past the menopause. The sex difference in tendencies toward gout may be due to the fact that more uric-acid is normally present in men than in women. Gout also occurs more frequently in overweight people than in thin ones. Indulging in large quantities of rich foods and alcohol probably doesn’t cause gout but may trigger an attack in a person already prone to the disease. Purine People with gout should eat well-balanced diets and avoid anchovies, sardines, beef and the internal organs of animals — sweetbreads, kidneys, liver. These foods are rich in purine which is involved in the production of uric acid in the human body. Nonetheless, low-purine diet is no cure for gout and may even be necessary if you are taking medicine for the condition. An attack of gout may be provoked by emotional tension, infection, an injury or certain drugs, lf you’ve ever had an attack of gout, report this fact to your doctor if he contemplati* any .surgery for you since surgery may also trigger an attack Your doctor will give you medication and medical advice to prevent the disease from causing crippling of joints, a problem in past centuries. * * * Dr. Andelman welcomes letters outlining problems he may discuss in future columns. He regrets, however, he cannot personally answer mail. Write to hun in care of The Gazette. C BS New* NBL News ABC New* CBS News NBC News -CBS News NHC News Electric Compony NBC News Newsline Dr. S. L. Andelman By Sam Shulsky ii — Whatever became of the plan to give savings and loan depositors stock iii their institutions? I was led to believe we would all receive a windfall iii the form of free stock. A — The matter is still undecided, but some rules recently proposed by the Federal Home l/onn Bank board have substantially altered the whole plan. First and foremost is the FHLBB’s proposal that the capi tai stock of the savings and loan s*on would — after association converting from a downward adjustments mutual to a stock company be vided by depositors, Sam Shulsky nidation of the association, existing capital before the conver-certainlsure, - be di-not share plan to convert to stock would be eligible to buy the stock ♦    4    * Q — Could you please send me a list of real estate trusts? (J — Could you please send me a list of mineral assets companies? A — To these queries (and others iii the same vein) I can only say: I cannot maintain reference you ihe lists of stocks iii any particular field. And then, of course, there are the Im.midi directories aud tilt* many financial publications. ♦ * ♦ Mi SDulsky welcome* written question* lull tie will tm mile lo provide an iwers only through the column. For Infer- .nation on lurporat#    uemneVi please Include a self addressed, stamped envelope Addn ss your requests to Sam Shulsky, tare of The Gazette. IU) YEARS AGO marines captured Th/* U.S. Namur and library lists of one type of stock four other islets at the northern or another. Any broker, I am end of Kwajalein atoll in the would be glad to furnish Marshalls. SOLI) to deposit holders, with holders. Other provisions in the proceeds of the sale being dude a restriction on dividend added to the equity account of payments from the new capital What the for ten years, the possibility of receive, selling warrants or convertible stock, but a non- debentures with the stock, and warrant enabling the requirement that a majority proper- of eligible account holders ap the savings and loan, deposit holders will then, is not transferable them to BUY shares in bon to their deposits, at a price prove the conversion. to be determined in each individual instance. Shares not bought by tors must be offered first The FHLBB’s proposed rules are open for comment until Jan. deposi-! 31; final regulations will be is-to sued late in February. At other depositors, then to bor- present, conversions are prohi-rowers, then to officers and em- bited until June 30, 1974, by con-ployes and finally, by an un- gressional directive. Only de positors of record at least 90 days before the particular S and L board of directors adopts a derwriting, to the general public. In the case of subsequent liq- We're Ihiowitm a VALENTINES PARTY fur VOU! fifteen el your very best friends! Tonight, one great show after another! • I Lr 5:00 Sk Evening News With Howard K. Smith and Harry Reasoner A fast-paced, quick witted team that brings you the news clearly and concisely. 5:30 Eyewitness News For full coverage of regional events this is the one to watch ... if fakes you right out to where ifs happening! 6:00 Wild Wild West West falls into hands of Eccentrics, a group of assassins controlled by vicious Count (Victor Buono Manzeppi! 7:00 The Rookies An aging ex-con, the mastermind and master of a stable of young hoods, becomes target of police! Georg Stanford Brown, Michael Ont-kean, Sam Melville star. 8:00 “Big Bounce” Monday Night Movie Byon O’Neal, Leigh Taylor-Young star in eerie tale of twosome involved in grisly games of death! 10:00 Eyewitness News Larry Hightchew, Bob Brooks and Wayne Winston bring you this one ... a complete wrap up of the day s events! 10:30 “Who Killed Lamb” Wide World Mystery A puzzling assortment of clues falls neatly into place in chiller obout mon ‘ who had no enemies!’’ P Jo TV9 ;

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