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Cedar Rapids Gazette Newspaper Archives Dec 27 1965, Page 1

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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 27, 1965, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather a or Raider tonight lows 0 to 5. Tuesday partly Cloudy continued cold. Vollick 88 in in Bah .151 ski car it a pips Iowa monday Dick Mukit 27, him City final to cents asst i at i Imp ass United pm ass marines in ground action say Vatican continues truce try Vatican City aim a Vail can diplomats were reported monday working to encourage a possible new years truce for Vietnam As a new step in Pope Paul a p e r s o n a i peace Campaign. Vatican informants said that while the Pope was d i s a a pointed that the Christmas truce had been Short lived he was end enraged that at least some results had been achieved in answer to his cease fire plea. It was said that both the Pope and his corps of diplomatic advisers Felt that the resumption of fighting did not Iii itself Rule out further Progress toward the Start of negotiations. Secret contacts Vatican diplomats were said to have been instructed to set up secret contacts with both sides in the Vietnam War. The first objective reportedly was another cease fire possibly for new years eve and Day that might he More effective than the Christmas truce. The Pope was reported concerned about the renewal of lighting in Vietnam informants said that while the papacy has no diplomatic ties with North Vietnam Vatican diplomas Are Able to maintain a a a k a Sullivan Contact through other channels. La has no been explained for contrary to reports in example How Pope Paul senti Moines newspaper sunday his message of thanks to Hanoi wans Over age 65 who subscribe for tie Christmas truce and his Blue Cross Blue shield insure plea that the truce might Lead Anne plans will not be Cut off from adequate insurance cover Jage because of medicare. Approximately 115,000 iowans now protected under Blue Cross Blue shield plans a rather than 2 freed gis charged report 63 with aiding Viet Cong Yaj i p Naha Okinawa a the when the Vici orig released a ice Are killed anime ear and r in n age a associated press Viet Cong suspects . Soldiers tie up Viet Cong suspects captured in a helicopter attack by units of the first cavalry division near qui Nhon Vietnam. Suspect at right wears an old French army jacket which is being pulled Down Over his bound arms by a Soldier. Blue Cross traffic toll record Iam Eupr Jei m i n demo candidate a to ii for Holiday period for go aged people 7 Chicago apr the nations Oklahoma. Another five died three Day Christmas t r a f f i c sunday on a snowy Road near a Des death toll broke All records for Buffalo Minn. Seven were killed j0_ Holiday fatalities on he High in a collision West of Sublette v e r n o r Des Moines up a James n. Parker 54, a Des Moines Laid Tod charged two Cis with i Fin enemy during two \ vie Cong imprisonment investigating to d e i e whether they will be trial the soldiers Are sgt of Smith of Chester w Aland spec 4 Claude Mcclure of Chattanooga ter who were released by Fie Viet Cong last month. They will remain on Okinawa until a final decision on their cases the spokesman said Aller an extensive investigation. He said they were charged with preparing furnishing and delivering to the Viet Cong certain documents statements and writings inimical to the interest of the United states. The spokesman did not elaborate on the charges. In Washington the Pentagon i said the maximum penalty under the charge against the two men would be death. But a spokesman added that generally i the punishment is determined by the court martial. He said the two special forces men have been provided defense attorneys. In accordance with . Military procedure their cases now Are being studied to d e t e mine if they will face a trial by court martial. In for by Tho a Saigon straight d planes out skies m killed 63 skirmish to a permanent peace. There was speculation that one Vatican e ii a n n e i was through Hungary. Like North Vietnam and All other communist states Hun. Of a. Will be eligible for Bary lacks diplomatic ties with a lome a tap the Vatican. But in 1964 Budapest regime and he Vatican took a big step toward normalizing Church state relations by signing an agreement that enabled Pope Paul to appoint a number of hungarian Bishops without government me r f e rence. The 80,Odo figure Given sunday a plan complementary to the medicare benefits. In addition roughly 200,-000 iowans Over 65, who do not now have Blue Cross or Blue shield will lie sought out As possible candidates for this complementary coverage. W Illiam Guy president ways. Kan. Sunday. The death toll reached 717 the total dead far monday As late reports were re it a 5 8 killed Over Ved. The previous r e c o r d traffic toll was 706 for a four Day Christmas weekend in 1956. The total surpassed the previous High of 609 for a three Day Christmas Holiday. The National safety Council had estimated there would be 560 to 660 fatalities. Bain sleet Snow and freezing temperatures Over much of the nation added to the expected hazards of Long distance travel minimum Daylight and Smith 27, and business Man monday became Yaj cd j ure 25. The first Iowa Democrat to an were captured Younee his candidacy for gov in november exceeded Wernor in the 1966 elections. 11963 when Guery Parker an unsuccessful the were doing so anticipating the Tiki tie amen in aggressors May resort to maltreat. Threaten intimidate in two soldiers a the Viet Cong said the release of Fie prisoners was to show Good will to the a a peace Loving american people and also because the a a crimes of 80 1 11 and Mcclure a were not j tic most grave and during their detention they showed that they became aware of it a when Smith and Mcclure were released by the Viet Cong their families said they could not recall any remarks they Ever made criticizing i 8 participation in the Vietnam War. Residents of Chattanooga remembered Mcclure As a so so continued Page 3, col. 3. Joined twins Are severed May survive los Angeles a siamese twin girls separated in three hour surgery shortly alter birth have a better than even Chance of living their attending action paediatrician says. Ported the babies were born Christmas Day with a common bladder and intestines. Reedy a for a i tie i j. J of North the third kept its Vietnam and in nut to. Marines let Cong in ground after a Short interrupted Christmas truce the marines reported strikes against the communists during patrols around the big . Air base at Danang 380 Miles Northeast of Saigon the americans reported taking Light casualties. A s u a d of leathernecks pounced on about 40 View Cong killing 15 at a Hamlet called Quang a no. I two hours later a Marine platoon near Quang a no. 2, about two Miles southward was attacked by 75 Viet Cong armed with automatic weapons. Counted la bodies the americans called in artillery support tanks and armed helicopters. When the Brief encounter was Over they counted the bodies of 41 communists. Marines in other scattered against the reds refilling seven Viet Cong during the Day. Air attacks were made Only on suspected Viet Cong concentrations in South Vietnam. . The 1964 can Christmas weekend and the 428 Dida a for he Des Moines Cut 4 fit i i it Chi inn or q Ronoff non this fatalities during a recent no Holiday weekend. That weekend from 6 . Thursday dec. 9, to Midnight sunday dec. 12, was surveyed by he associated press to establish a comparison. Cool readings to continue monday night co uni year said he Vav a s convinced that democratic gov. Harold e. Hughes would run for the next y e a a although Hughes has not yet an Quot n o ii n c e d his Parker plans. Parker said a with two re pub r i i a s overran Smith the Hiep Boa Camp Northeast of Saigon. They were released nov. 27 at the cambodian Border during a period of demonstrations in the United states against the Vietnam War. After a week in phenom penh capital of Cambodia the two were flown to Bangkok and then to Okinawa. They denied to american television newsmen that they had told a news conference in Cambodia they would re color Good sunday As mrs. Robin Man spokesmen said ground action Itonya passed her 20th birthday also was reported in Low key at one Hospital daughters Lisa for the last 24 hours. Marie and Sheila no Orine a beyond confirming the suspend geared to be holding their own Sion of the Aerial War which at another. Steadily had been closing in on the Hanoi Haiphong Industrial Belt . Officials in Saigon said their paediatrician 36 said Only that the orders came hours after surgery a a they re from Washington both still moving around which is the most important sign to us. Everything is functioning this raised speculation that and their color is the pause was a new invitation the doctor added however to North vietnamese president a there is no was to Tell what to Chi minho a regime to come the end result will be a to the peace table. . Offi the twins together weighing Cias declined to guess How Long speculation turn to the United states and join the Campaign against the War in Vietnam. The two claimed their state roads jammed with cars. By the associated Piess the safety Council said 80 temperatures in Iowa pushed Beans already out beating the of minion vehicles were on the slowly toward expected Atter Bushes for votes i believe i Road during the 78-hour period noon highs a the teens monday j had better Start running now which started at 6 . Thurs after a blast f Canadian air even at the risk of being con ments had been misinterpreted Day and ended at Midnight Sun a pushed Tlle Mercury to near Zero Side red a Maverick by the lbs correspondent Romson quoted Smith my a i archbishop end re Hamvas Hospital service inc., of Iowa was named president of the the Blue Cross Agency for the hungarian Chi s c o p a c Yem state said the company has re Day and ended at Midnight Sun pushed t,1e Mercury to near Zero Side red powered to represent the silent up to now on two do sunday night in Northern Catholic Church in dealing with things several accidents accounted counties the hungarian government. J Quot Tine that there will lie a for dozens of deaths Aii of the slate was to be in wont quit complementary program and shortly after the Start of the the grip of the cold wave Mon i two that people should enrol Holiday period a bus travelling Day night with lows from near 0 a i under part b of medicare. I n Jay pavement in Oregon Zero North to about to above Christmas efforts a papal aide medicare is made up of parts added out of control crashed South predicted. A and b. Part a is automatic and turned Over. The Accident and offers benefits for Hospital j thursday took 13 lives. I services without charge to the the next Day five died when peace in Vietnam Tine of All Levels. Would con big Oil Rig slides into sea one killed of the 30 men aboard was reported killed and three were seriously injured. Four killed Waurika okla. Apr four members of the Leroy Mcfad Den family died Early monday in a fire that swept through a Frame House. In ship s hold it was two degrees above Zero Early monday in Spencer three above in Mason City and four above Iii Sioux City. Early morning temperatures ranged up to 17 degrees at Burlington. The downtown Low in Cedar rapids was 14. Low temperatures recorded in said a file has done everything Belg could and he will continue to do everything possible to promote recipient part b is voluntary a car skidded out of control on pm m f. U it in and a oils $3 per month t0 pro an ice coated Bridge in Eastern other aides added that Vatican lode benefits for physician serv a diplomatic activity to f o s t c race no duplication control Blaze Blue Cross covers the Hospital service phase of insurance Protection while Blue shield pro a new Orleans apr a Vides insurance covering physio fire broke out monday in the Dan fees. Hold of a ship carrying nearly i Hampton Quot and Grimsby England apr a Guy pointed out that Blue 200 tons of Small arms Ammu giant Oil Rig collapsed and Sank Cross has remained silent on nit Ion from France. I no reported was 2 below Zero in the North sea monday. Two the matter of medicare until a a coast guard spokesman said a Washta in Cherokee county policy could be formulated to j the Blaze aboard the 6,145-ton. A a. Neva West was under control northerly winds were to keep continued Page 3, col. 7.n j hat Jap presence f he afternoon readings in the teens ammunition posed no threat to deside sunny skies. Highs Sun Petersburg boy Dies the firefighters. I continued Page 3, col. 8. In Shotgun Accident special to the Gazette Petersburg Kell ii Len Borg 13, son of or. Mrs. Harland Willenborg of Resburg in Delaware was killed instant in the twit republicans who already have announced their candidacy Are William Murray an Iowa state professor who lost a general election race for governor in 1958, and Jack Peters a Prysby to e r i a n minister and Des Moines business Man. Parker owner of retail whole a a i e vacuum cleaner Supply the Lull would last in the South u. S. Casualty lists grew. A . Army truck carrying soldiers of the . 1st Man doctors nurses and technicians try division hit a mine 30 Miles North of Saigon casualties were reported heavy. The Viet Cong detonated a mine at a government troop 12 pounds were born by cesarean Section at holy Cross Hospital in suburban san Fernando then rushed to Cedars of Lebanon Hospital where a team of 18 performed the surgery no breathing Murray As say did not use the word a a in p a i g what i said was that i w 0 u i d like to see ,. T f or a Mouth resuscitation was applied Mcclure Strong made to end the War in v i e to Nam a Abc n e w a Man Jack per ce., said business associates i Kins said Smith told him he was and friends encouraged him to subjected ,0 a poor Man s brainwashing a Perkins report run for governor support in and his have Cam East Iowa monday morning pledged were 2 at Cresco 3 at new a pain. Albin and Waukon 4 at new Parker said he Felt continued 5 at Oelwein and Industrial growth would be the Fayette the coldest Iowa read main Campaign Issue. A to bring Industry to Iowa a governor must be experienced and talented in salesmanship organizational ability advertising know How and plan continued Page 3, col. 2. Cd or. Gans said the babies were joined in the lower Abdomen by a Bridge of tissue six inches in diameter which contained a common bladder and a thin Membranous Sac around the intestines of both babies. He said that the Sac broke either during or before delivery leaving the intestines exposed to the air and hazards of Backie television newsman said term a this forced surgery in neither i was aware of the he said Fate of the two other special the father Gerald Mantonya forces men captured with them 20. A film Laboratory technician at Hiep Boa. Sgt. Isaac Ca-1 said after surgery Quot i feel much Macho of Elpaso tex., is better. The doctors have been caped last july. Sgt Kenneth very encouraging ifs been in m Roraback of Fayette n the papers and on the radio so was reported executed by the i think everybody spraying for Viet orig in september. Them Quot explain release Vav i i j and pet by stage peace Vigil in front of lbs ranch or. Stephen l. Gans who assembled the team which Separ Barracks at a dec 70 Miles ated the girls said neither Southwest of Saigon just As two breathed for several minutes vietnamese platoons were Start a f t e r birth until Mouth to ing the work Day. A killed a lot a it killed or Hurt a lot of soldiers a a . Army officer said an adjacent compound for american advisers escaped the Force of the explosion. A second mine was found and disarmed. Twenty Miles Southwest of the Barracks a communist mine blew up a jeep killing two american soldiers and an american civilian the air Force raised its toll of losses to communist missile fire Over North Vietnam to to planes. A spokesman said an f-4c phantom jct downed during an assault on the Bac Gail Bridge 85 Miles North of Hanoi dec it had been hit by a soviet built surface to air missile. The Pilot was rescued today Index comics 22 courthouse 3 crossword 22 daily record 3 deaths 3 editorial features 6 farm 15 financial 23 Marion 16 movies 21 society 12-14 sports 17-20 state 4, 5 television to want ads 24-27 county j in a gun i mishap sunday. He and his Cousin were in the basement of the Irvin Willenbring Home in Petersburg when a 410 Shotgun Young Vav i i Len Borg was handling apparent-1 by discharged the charge hit him in the head. Willenbring was the dead boys Uncle. The county medical examiner filled the death accidental the two boys were going logo Hunting the body is at the Kramer funeral Home Iii Dyersville j services will be held wednesday at to 30 at is. Peter j and Paul Church. Jack Beevor Johnson c i t a t e x a s apr almost too texans men women and children a interrupted their Christmas weekend sunday for a three hour peace Vigil near the lbs ranch urging president Johnson to use the Power of his office to bring peace Iii Vietnam. They called on Johnson a administration to set the time and place for a peace conference the demonstrators Many of whom had come More than 200 Miles to take part in the Vigil stood silently on the grass alongside ranch Road i which passes in front of the presidents ranch about 3 Miles away. They left their posts in late afternoon to return Home alter a letter was Given to secret service agent a i a r e ii e e Knetsch for delivery to the president at the ranch for the holidays. Knetsch p r 0 in i s e d two spokesmen for Tho demonstrators a reply either before they left or by letter later in the week. One of Tho spokesmen. Houston chemical Engineer Allen Clark said As the orderly Vigil broke up that they had had no word from the president. Tho letter drafted by the Houston citizens for action on Vietnam commended Johnson for the Christmas ceasefire hut urged further Steps to halt the War an end to bombing of North Vietnam a formal ceasefire and a statement from this country supporting free elections in Vietnam demonstrators were not allowed behind a wooden barricade which crossed the ranch Road. Behind and in front of the barricade stood secret service agents and state troopers. About half the demonstrators had driven 245 Miles from Houston in a yellow school bus. Others came from Austin 65 Miles East and fort Worth about 250 Miles North a fort Worth woman mrs. Morton r 0 s n e a ii a ii ii e d Knetsch a Box of 2,500 Christmas cards bearing the same printed message for the president to halt the Vietnam conflict. She said the cards were from a group called the a worn in s strike for peace Quot about one third of the de in on stators were women some of whom had brought their children. Or. Morton Richer a Texas psychiatric Institute research specialist at Houston who was ordered not to attend the peace Vigil has said he would Appeal that order. Or. \ John Kinross right acting director of the Institute told Bieber last wednesday he would be fired if he went Bieber said saturday no Appeal was possible until alter the Vigil Bieber said he would obey the order hut he criticized it As a a Gross violation of the Freedom of Bieber 31, a native of new York City Bas lived in Houston six years. He also is an assistant professor at the Baylor University College of Medicine. British Viscount Dies in Bahamas Nassau Bahamas apr funeral arrangements for Viscount Margesson Britain a War minister during part of world War la awaited the arrival of his son from London lord Margesson 75, died Friday night. He had been in poor health and was spending the Winier Here. Foch Tuii i Huck us the Only two who can live s cheaply As one Are the Ca and the dog. C Ahi

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