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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 23, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Television Today By Jay Sharhutt U. S. Judge Voids ASCS Penalty On Grundy Man — City Briefs — Court— (Continued from Page I.) properly in permanently pre- I hr Cedar Rapids Gazette: Mon., December 23, 1074 While Pleads Innocent Navajo Way' NKW YORK (AP) - The NBC Television network is taking care of Christmas business Monday with “Scrooge”, a wonderful 1970 movie musical version of Charles Dickens' “A Christmas Carol”. Be sure to watch it. But also make certain you stay tuned for NBC’s following show, “The Navajo Way”, a superb one-hour mood piece about the still-surviving, still-strong traditions and culture of America's largest Indian tribe. The program, written and narrated in a gentle, low-key manner by Robert “Shad” Northshield, is a far cry from those plight-of-the-lndian TV essays which always seem to exhibit more pity than understanding. This show, while exhibiting its share of compassion for the poverty, disease and alcoholism afflicting the Navajos, puts the emphasis on understanding how they survive in a white man’s culture. A a a The title of the program sums it up: They survive because of the Navajo “way,” a culture in which nothing is compartmentalized, in which shearing a sheep requires just as much “religious” ritual as burying a relative. Their “way” primarily is explained through the lives of a Navajo family and Long Salt, an 85-year-old medicine man. And it is consistently treated with dignity and respect, no doubt because the show is as much a homecoming for Northshield as it is a portrait of Navajo life. He did a documentary about the tribe for CBS 20 years ago, and draws (Mi it effectively in a series of then-and-now studies with old and new film footage of the people and land he visited in 1954. For instance, he recalls at the start of the show — with accompanying black-and-white footage — a Navajo baby boy who was dying of in fant diarrhea, “the main killer of young Navajo Indians.” ♦ * * The child was brought to Long Salt, rituals and chants performed and “whatever monster lived within the tiny body, it apparently was slain by Long Salt’s ministrations,” Northshield notes as he shows current film of the boy, now a strapping young man. As he points out. the medicine man “is tradition and tradition heals. That is the way of these people.” Ifs a theme he keeps driving home, not only in tracing the Navajo history but also in describing, with a quietly controlled anger, the increasing intrusion of white culture on that of the Navajos. He occasionally uses music to underscore his thoughts and footage, and ifs a seeming paradox: The music is of the white culture — gentle Bach airs and, in one wrenching then-and-now look at Indian alcoholism, a sad, slow version by Stan Getz of “Here’s That Rainy Day.” ♦ * * But somehow it all works and greatly complements the understated narration of Northshield, who with his crew spent six weeks with the Navajos filming on their reservation near the Arizona-Utah border. They’ve come up with a show of far more sensitivity than you usually see on the tube. And they deserve many cheers, if not an Emmy award, for the care they put into “The Navajo Way”. Instruments Stolen — Larry, AA and Alanon — Kenwood ve n J 1 n * stpn ^d .1J!dVd,<] f ^^(JTcl&r AtTCIIQ ll fTlQIlt Television Listings 9—KCRG TV, Cedar Rapids 2—WMT-TV, Cedar Rapids 7—KWWl-TV, Waterloo 3—KTVO, Ottumwa 4—WHBFTV.Rock Island 6—WOC-TV, Davenport 8—WHRT, La Crosse IO—KROC-TV, Rochester 12—KIIN-TV, Iowa City 13—WHO TV,Des Moines Monday Night 6:00 2-Action News 7-News, Weather 9-Eyewitness News 3-News, Weather A-Action News 6-News, Weather 8-News, Weather IO-News, Weather 12-Disneyland Carols 13- Eyewitness News 6:30 2-To Tell Truth 7-Sanford and Son 9-lef's Make Deal 3-let's Make Deol A-Puce Is Right 6-Hollywood Sqs. 8- Consequences I ©-Christmas Child I 2-Audubon Wildlife I 3- Sanford and Son 7:00 2-Aesop's Fobles t 7- Scrooge 9-Rookies 3 Rookies A Aesop s Fobles 6-Scrooge 8 Aesop s Fables 10- Scrooge 12 Special of Week I 3-Scrooge 7:30 2 1 Heord Owl Coll My Nome * A-1 Heard Owl Coll My Name 8-1 Heard Owl Coll My Nome 8:00 9-Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl 3 Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl 9:00 2-Medico) Center 7-N8C News Special A-Medical Center 6-NBC News Special 8-Medical Center IO-NRC News Special 12-Three Churches At Christmas 13-NBC News Special 10:00 2-Action News 7-News, Weather A-Action News 6-News, Weather 8 News, Weather 10- News, Weather 12-Day at Night 13-Eyewitness News 10:30 2-CBS Movie* 'Michael Kohloas ’ 7-Tonight 6-Tonight 8-CBS Movie-‘'Michael Kohloos ’ IO-Tonight 12-David Susskmd I 3-Tomght 10:45 4 Mod Squad 11:00 9-Eyewitness News 3-News, Weather 11:30 9-America 3-Movie- *'0ne Day Before , Tomorrow" 11:45 A Big Volley 12:00 2-losf Word 7-Tomorrow 6 Tomorrow IO-Tomorrow I 3-Tomorrow Tuesday Morning 6:30 2-Sunrise Semester A-New Zoo Revue 32—KRIN-TV, Waterloo 8- Sunrise Semester 13-Not Women Only 7:00 2 CBS News j 7-Today 4-CBS News 6-Today 8-CBS News IO-Today 13-Today 7:30 9-Romper Room 3-Music 8:00 2-Copt. 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I 3 NRC News Read Entertainment Pages Dailv Via The Gazette j U.S. District Judge Edward -J LeVelle, 1224 Vernon View addi- group meetings will be Wednes-|sc^°°*s ^rom us*n8 facilities of McManus bas voidedl a,$414 pen- tion> rcported to Linn deputies day at 8 p.m. at Lovely Lane state-supported public institu-    John Ue white? 30 formerly, .38 caliber slug striking the base ally levied by the U.b. depart* the theft of $550 in musjc equip United Methodist church.    tions.    of Cedar Rapids, pled innocent of his skull. He was reportedly men 0 agricu ure against a mont from his home.    a A a    Rejected    claims that U. S. Monday in the shooting death shot several times. The murder eTd VioTaliZ of USDAdiver . V *    ,    (:i,ts f"r “"«c'or?- J*rome s courts of appeals do not have1'"* February of Donald Van weapon has not been recovered. Kged violations of UMM aiver 1 Alatern — The Kenwood unit coins and stamps, ie Tower    .    .    Steenis.    ~ : ted acres provisos.    will not meet this Tuesday. (open tonight).—Adv.    power to issue procedural re-    SPrvirm    timp    at the    Oral    Statements Phillip Prosser of rural Eldora I    a 4 a    aaa    -striations on judges seeking tostate penitentiary in Fort Ma Kopecky revealed that oral brought suit in federal court Holiday Party Equipment —1 Presents Stolen - Jacqueline curb press coverage of criminal dison on a Tama county larceny statements were made by the Buresh    Rental. - Adv.    J. Wherry, Oxford Junction, re-    trials.    conviction, was indicted    for    defendant while he was incar- *    *    *    ported Christmas presents val-    Ruled 6 to 3    against    a    woman    murder last week bv a    Linn    (fraled last February in the , j    .    Look    to the Stars! Christmas    Ued at $38 were stolen from her    1fr _    .    . .    ,    rountv erand iurv    Marshall county jail. deprived him of due process as shop the \yant Ads.—Adv.    car Sunday night while it was!00 wr!farc ull° ldim( I a finn-    ■    .    The    cage    had ^en guaranteed by the Fifth amend-    aaa    parked at :m Terrace Hill sylvania power company violet-    District    Judge    Uuis    ^ that ^ and sherjff mont    Car Entered — Kevin Carney,jdrive NE.    ed her civil rights by cutting off * u 2 ’J on d /’    *,n    Walter Grant said last week no J 1    1    e j    'the case for Feb. IO, but White si    -    -    - against Agriculture Secretary Karl Hutz. claiming the procedures used to assess the penalty I I Tosser, a tenant for farm, 1923 Central drive SW reoorted^    aaa owner Mary Smith, participated thieves entered his car Sunday' Potatoes. $5-100 lb. bag; nf    hill„ in 1972 in the feed grain set- while it was parked at 4110 christmas Baskets: $2.50 and [aside program administered byjj0hnson avenue NW and stole aiup Ray’s Market Bowling the Agriculture Stabilization and guitar and record album, valued s W —Adv Conservation Service.    I    at    $160    aaa One of the provisions of the    aaa    .    p|ayer    Gone    __    A    $50    tape    which    required    commentators the^vertttf lmd for^he^si? ' Thnf‘y.S,ea™. CarPft Clean-player belonging to Richard. Winiam Buckley, M. Stanton the diverted land for the six- fog rental machines. Everybody Lerch, 345 Fifteenth avenue SW’    .    in    t0 .month crop season year. juses them. 366-2926,-Adv. was stolen from his car Sunday Rvan*    dnd Ftl,ton UvUS 111 Neighbors Report    aaa her electricity for nonpayment Lwo court-appointed attorneys said their schedules would not The court let stand decision of two lower courts upholding the union - management agreements new evidence had been un- covered. He said outgoing „    *    ,    w    .County    Atty.    William Faches allow a trial until early May. |WQuld nQt present thg cMe tQ The case seems very in-,the grand jury earlier, volved, and I don t think we can The sheriff said Kopecky was be ready before then, one of allowed, after his election in the attorneys said.    November, to proceed with the White Agreed    case since he will be in charge 0 .    ...    ......    !of prosecution after January. .    ------„     ^    jom    unions.    Schultz    then    reminded    White    r____ .    ,    ,    Machine    Opeaed-Po»c« re-^    ^'1    Denied    review    a    PeMiylvanl.;of his right lo a spe^y trial.;    ,    _ In July of 1972. seven of someone broke into High-    *    *    *    ruling    that    a    confession    given    j    within    60    days    of    indictment,    |    Man    S    sentence p™,,,    ^    W«s.Sr|ii    St®    To    Start after The Holiday md} count} ASCS that nue jyjw Sunda y and took $10 in mi; room $1095 bedroom $7 95    ,    . ••    ^    ^    .    liro    HiH    not    warn    the    susDect    of    Defebse    attorneys    indicated Diamond Carpet 366-6226 -Adv. <1,ce d,d not warn !ne    OI!    .    . cattle had been on the 27.1-acre tract for three weeks. Based on ithis petition and an admission change from a pop machine *    *    *    AAA , l    Pr„ccor th„ acoo Mmhl| F“rs exclusively - Berger Residence Entered - Mark by Prosser,    the    ASCS count}    purrjer    Marion. —Adv.    McCluskev and Steve Darling committee fined the farmer $829    aaa    ™ ™ t    *    ii u«    1342 Third street NW, told police istafp    mmmittwc    ,,ems    sto,(‘n ~ ljeonard    ^    someone entered their residence; I’ l8rd’ 3628 Twenty‘first street;Sunday afternoon and stole $50 I, . ■ P r,f ‘    1‘    SW,    reported    a    camera,    tape    jn change and stereo equipment In Sn. Du*    Player’    *****"*    P1^    iValued 3t $1.900, In upholding the conttnfion. and brjdje worth $280, were    aaa of Prosser’s suit. McManus|stolen from his residence sun- christmas Ideas: “Cush N’ his rights. False Teefh Save Clerk from Thief s Bullet OMAHA (AP) — A clerk at an Omaha supermarket desire to question all grand jury witnesses in the ease.    A    Cedar    Rapids    man    Friday I he judge admonished de- was given until after Christmas fense lawyers not to duplicate 0 serve seven days in Linn their time in working on the county jail on a charge of at-case, and told (bounty Attorney- tempted breaking and entering, elect Eugene Kopecky to work Monte T. Dochterman was out discovery for the benefit of sentenced on two other breakin the Linn county treasury.’ charges in Linn district court Judge Schultz then asked the Friday. He received suspended Thomas Plumbing serious injury Saturday by a cases and trials on their sched- cases. set of dentures    ule “so we can get this to trial The two    breakins July 18 were termed the procedures used by Aay afternoon by someone who Soft" toilet seats; Insinkerator was apparently saved from defense attorneys for a list of 10-year prison terms in those the Grundy county committee p,*^ op€n his balk door.    disposers .“constitutionally insufficient.”;    aaa    _Adv He noted there was no hearing Rest j{entaj Rents The Best.    aaa    Witnesses    told    police    that    as    soon as passible.    at a dental office at 176 Jacolyn prior to the assessment of the I AdV.    Hadio    Stojen    _    Hudolph UM Nathaniel Hobert. 18. entered “Gentlemen.” said the judge, drive NW, and at the Electrolux penalty, and that I Tosser was    aaa    ferts,    1539 Seventh avenue SE the Bedford Market at 42nd “I'm not going to wait until Corp., 188 Jacolyn drive NW. not given access to the evidence Promoted _ Terry Usher, son said a $240 citizens band radio used against him and was notiof Mr and Mrs Vjctor usher, was stolen from his car Sunday given the opportunity to consult ^jj^ ^ortR avenue NW. was pro- at his residence. counsel. moted to marine private first!    aaa class upon graduation from the MERRY Christmas and Hap-recruit depot, San Diego.    py New Year Ho the postal pa- * * *    |trons in Cedar Rapids and Mar-Christmas Planters. Poinsett jon, from branch 373, National Has and Centerpieces. Pierson’s Association of Letter Carriers.-F’lorists, 366-1826. Avenue Floral Adv. 366-7148. Free Delivery —Adv. |    aaa *    *    *    Visual    Communicators — A bruised mouth. Witnesses told officers a customer in the store was carrying a pistol at the time [Dial 800 First lf You Seek Tax Assistance The Internal Revenue Service reports there hss heen some mnfucion in tho Cedar Ranidc Breakin ~ Police said thieves technical photography seminar ot the attempted robber}’, jarea concerning the IRS’ toll- bro^e into ^teven ^ Peter- on the MP-4 Polaroid slide cam- After the assailant fired the free taxpayer assistance num-! her, 800-362-2600. Since 362 is a telephone prefix worth $1,359. including an an- p.m.    j    a number of shots at Holbert. common in Cedar Rapids, many (jqUe stereo equipment, an    aaa    Hclbert    was reported in callers are reportedly tn mg to e|ectldc calculator and a pass- Ambassador Lounge — Ladies serious condition at an Omaha reach the local office by dialing port    m ht and danci    ni    ht    ho jta, with woundg t() the the last seven numbers only    *    *    *    East Marion -Adv J.T. Rideoutte, IRS district Mother Dies — Services and - ^rector for Iowa, explained it is bunal for Mrs Glade Butter. necessary to dial the complete, field 73    of Glade ButJ 110-digit number to reach the as-terfield of Cedar Rapids took sistance office in Des Moines. pj^ Sunday in Bradenton, Fla The free service replaces the • she died there Friday( Mrs. telephone service provided in Butterfield was a long-time res-ithe past by the Cedar Rapids J |den^ 0f McGregor. Two other and Bedford Saturdav after- May, both for the sake of the The attempted breakin. on the noon and stuck a 22 pistol defendant and the public.” same date, was at a business at into the mouth o' the clerk.    R . t pH    182 Jacolyn drive NW. Judge Mrs.    Evelyn    Snodgrass.    Louis Schultz, on the latter Witnesses    said    he    then fired White was    to    be    returned to    charge, sentenced Dochterman one round into her mouth. The Fort Madison later Monday, to 60 days in the jail, but said he shot struck the dentures and Robbery is believed to be the may be put on probation after and her only injury was a motive for the shooting of the serving seven days. He was 32-year-old    victim,    since only    given permission to serve the about $250    of    the estimated    term after Christmas. $1,000 he had on his person was    - Lisbon Man Hurts Van Steenis. a Cedar Rapids u.    n !auctioneer disappeared Feb 12 Himself With Oun son residence at 1427    Third    era will be held at Graphic!    round into    the mouth of Mrs.    j His truck was found soon after-    William D. Shelton of Lisbon [street SW sometime    since    Communicator Products, 529    Snodgrass,    the customer    ward near the Cedar river east    was treated at St. Luke’s hospi- Wednesday and stole    items    Eighth street SE, Sunday at 7    pulled his    weapon and fired    of Cedar Rapids. His body was    tai, then released, for a gunshot found about a week later down- W0Und in the left hand Sunday, stream from where the truck! Linn sheriff deputies said was parked    Shelton accidentally shot himself He died of a broken neck with a .22 caliber rifle. He was head, abdomen and arm. [caused by the impact of a injured in his left forefinger. IRS office. [sons survive, Keith of Jeddah. Saudi Arabia, and Alan of Stillwater, Minn., as well as ll grandchildren and a sister. AAA Ski Hawk Hill. Cedar Rapids. Information-362-2129, 363-2871.— Adv. AAA Graduate — Gary L. Jensen. 507 Dunreath drive NE, was graduated recently from Mankato (Minn.) State college. Economy— (Continued from Page I.) service job programs and unemployment compensation. Profits Sidestepped i In urging a new wage-price policy, the report did not address the question of profit [controls. Vice-chairman William [Proxmire (D-Wis.) said commit-! H lee economists believe profits T    Up(. Ll IJ will take care of themselves if •    ivlt?n noia prices are restrained.    For Car Theft The report said a wage-pnce policy should focus mainly on Two men are being held in industries and unions with sub- Kinn county jail in lieu of $1,500 stantial market powers.    b°n<l    on a charge    of    lar- Heller also called for selective    ceny of a    motor vehicle, price controls, but not a full    set    Steven    Hepprle, 18.    of    830 of wage-price rules. He said the Third street NW, and Albert federal Council on Wage and Knowles, 19. of 600 G avenue Price Controls should be NW, were taken into custody equipped with more power to Saturday night by Linn sheriff’s [call for a rollback or deny price deputies. hikes in what it considers fla- Also arrested was Hepprle’s grant cases.    16-year-old wife. She    was    re It now only has the power to leased to her mother-in-law. thrust attention through public    —- hearings on price increases it Man Sentenced for considers inflationary.    .    , Heller also urged F'ord to call Having Stolen Goods on workers to limit wage de-, Kevin Morgan of Cedar minds next year to 7 to 8 per Rapids Monday was sentenced to a year in Linn county jail on a charge of receiving stolen goods Morgan is accused of receiving stereo and radio equipment cent. Man Pleads Innocent To Charge of Arson A Davenport man indicted I last August. The equipment is last week on a charge of arson the property of Kenneth Vine. in connection with a fire at the!—— - Salty Dog tavern, highway 30 west, pled innocent Monday in Linn district court. Judge Louis Schultz set trial for David C. Hintermeister for Feb. IO. On motion of his attorney, the judge also allowed Hin-temietster to post his own $20,000 bond without surety. He had heen in jail. The judge released the defendant to Community Court Services and said he may return to Davenport to seek employment pending trial. IO YEARS AGO - Russia plunged the U.S. into a new [crisis by rejecting an Asian-African plan designed to permit | the General Assembly to recess for the holidays without a showdown on peacekeeping assessments. WMT-TV Channel 2 will show “THE CITY THAT FORGOT ABOUT CHRISTMAS” Dec. 24 at 6:30 PM We have the book illustrated in color I 95 CEDAR BOOK STORE 3519 lit Av*. SE Cedar Rapids 366-7189 let a st 'u^v’ old man fill you with the joy (rf Christmas. A television premiere. Albert Finney plays a singing, dancing Scrooge in the joyous musical version of Charles Dickens’ "A Christmas Gtrol!’ Dame Edith Evans isThe Ghost of Christmas Past. Kenneth More .    I isThe Ghost of Christmas Present. And Alec Guinness is Marley’s Ghost. Its delightful entertainment tor the whole family. Be sure to tune in. “Scrooge” 7pm, nannel 7 A Happy Holiday ¥ YI U Special from ADJT& Also uamng Laurence* Naismith, Michael Mfd win Screenplay, music and Knot by lube Bruuve. Musk conducted and supers urd by bn Fraser Executive producer l«be Bm uw Produced by Robert H. Solo. Directed by Ronald Neame. ;

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