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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 23, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa NATION At WI At Hit SI ftVICt FORECAST *# IMA lit Milo V. Nemecek Milo V. Nemecek, 80, of 3020 Robert Tharp Robert Tharp, 54. Ozone Park, Bever avenue SE. died Sunday N Y., died there Saturday. He following a brief illness.    livi d in Cedar Rapids some 9n Born June 6, 1894, in Cedar yrars ago. Rapids, he had been a life-long Survivors include his wife, the resident of this city and hadj    former Catherine Noble of been a machinist for Quaker    Cedar Rapids, to whom he was Oats Co. for 35 years. He was a married May 6, 1948. member of the International    Services: Thursday at 9:40 at    ^    - Assn. of Machinists and a veter-    )upont-l)armstadt funeral    \sOU PC 11 uOyS an of World war I.    home,    Hew    Gardens,    N    Y Surviving .in- one daughterJP    ~ Memorial Services Probably Okay Myers, Lillian C "------ 1 UM WI ATMI* IOTOCAM ® Snow is expected Monday night from the central Rockies into carts of the mid Mississippi valley. Rain is expected from Oklahoma to Ohio. Mostly fair elsewhere. Mrs. Donald Stastny, Cedar Rapids; two sons, Ivan Nemecek, Lawrence, Ran., and Dr. Dean Nemecek, Rochester, N.Y.; seven grandchildren and one sifter, Mrs. Fred Young, Cedar Rapids. Services: Turner chapel west at 1:30 p.m. Thursday by the Rev. William Harnish. Burial: Cedar Memorial Friends may call at Turner’s west until I p.m. Thursday. The casket will not be open after the service. The family suggest that friends I may, if they wish, contribute to the Cancer Fund. .The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Mon., December 23, 1974    3 B    Another    Woe    for C. R. I Family; Gifts Stolen By Roland Kneeler    rest for six other children and A Cedar Rapids woman hopes a dauRhter-in law. a thief who stole items from her* She said she parked as close car at the K mart west parking as she could t0 the entrance, . . c .    ...    ,    since she was unable to lock the lot Sunday evening will return statjon wagon thinkjng that them if he finds out they repre-1 since it was parked in a well-sent nearly all her family’s lighted area no one would have Christmas gifts, bought with!the nerve to steal the presents. borrowed money.    . « 'vhen cam« wl ab°ut, ,    ,    ,    ,    6:30, she said, the gifts, most    of In case her plea does not jn a re(j plastic sack work, anyone    who saw someone    1 and one in a box, were gone. Linn Sheriff Walter Grant was    taking items    from    a blue 1964    This is not the first stroke    of SHOPPING DAY TILL CHRISTMAS Sheriff Films Turner 1 chapel east at 1:30 p.m. Tues day by Dr. Arnold Herbst.j told Monday he can probably Buick station wagon parked bad luck for the Hartman fami- Friends may c^all at Turner*eastj continue to show law enforce-    ^ training films in local 5:30 or 6:30 P*01*. Sunday f Mrs Hartman said her hus may report to police informa- crvice. The family suggests'hotel and mole! meeting rooms.,ion ,hat migh, be helpful    X    this    .ar    ta    « I without causing the host cs-catching the thief.    ?!    USS    22.    T band has teen laid off from sev- was a construction worker) and is un- Methodist church. Sexton, 45. Tuesday at IO, St.; Bridget’s Catholic church.I Bluffton. Burial: St. Benedict’s; cemetery, Decorah. Rosary Minerve Cline Minerve M. Pyatt Cline. 83, The Weather High temperature* Sunday, toy,' temperatures overnight and inches of precipitation Anchorage    25    23    L Angeles    *5 45 Atlanta    60    33    M.ami    75 69 Bismarck    32    to    .47    Mm'apotis    34 25 Chicago ..    42    31    N. Orleans    69 57 Denver ..    48    28    .01    New York    43 33 Duluth    25    24    .16    Phoenix .    70 47 Honolulu    85    72    .17    Seattle    42 31 Houston .    7*    64    washington    47 30 Magistrate s Court jllam!i 59 Tucsday at Speeding — Carl Gaulkc.j corah    Lutheran church route two, Marion; fined $45|steine’s Monday at 8 and 9, OLson-T"jel-^ormer]y 0f 2435 Franklin ave- ,'    .    XT    ■■■■■...—    nue NE, died Sunday in a local Decorah — Norris Pat WH- .    ’    ,    #.*    , 2, De- nursin8 home a*ter a l°n8 1 illness. until I p.m. Tuesday. The eas- m(.n( ket will not be opened after the se that iruMius "»«y , ii uic> ^*B“, I without causing the host cs-catching contribute to the American!    ®    , Diabetes Assn. or to the memo- tablishmcnts to lose their liquor    Dennis    Hartman    told    employed    now.    Also,    their    resi- rial fund of St. Pauls Ignited privileges.    ^1(>    Gazette her family does not (jence was broken into twice last have a phone, but that if the summer and several items stolen. Mrs. Hartman is the only wage earner in the family, she said, making $2.80 an hour operating an ironer and related activities. Hartman is trying to get into truck driving, she said. Born Nov. 19, 1891, in Dundas, Public Service Christmas Schedules Told Except for the Johnson county SEATS bus service for the elderly. things will be pretty much at a standstill Christmas day. Although the Johnson county system will run, the Linn county SEATS buses will not Grant asked the Cedar Rapids thjcf doe"s wan( return lhe T 0rdina"ce,f°-,Christmas gifts they should be minting the showing of films1 C. R. Weather High Sunday ............. Ix)w overnight ........... Noon Monday ... 2 p.m. Monday Fain n?flSTr h**pTnl^r    s*K°urnev    —    Addle    Rynear-    Minn.,    she had made her home I™** Wednesday. And the SEATS Fairland Iud. Paul Gilchnst, g9, Lombard, 111. Thursday Lu h a daughter Mrs Edward dlsPatch off,ce wlU c,ose at 2 tL0,n.ei.hiU SE;JCharlS!uf.0itfc11- at 2, Reynolds’, where friends I™" d t‘auRm<‘r- Mrs- Mward, Tuesdav 4631 Midway dnve NW, Diana may ca|] after noon Wednes- Wagner.    ...    .    I     . Johnson. 950 Twelfth street. 74...,    Iri    Mrc    u/Qflnor    City    hall    will    be    closed Marion; Thomas Appleby, 410 dd‘V.    T    «    ,    .    In    addition    to    Mrs.    Wagner,    •    „    h    ff Anamosa — Leo R Ankeny, she is survived by a son. James! Vc , d    L 72. Cremation; no services.    Pyatt    Hutchinson    Ran • two 10    *edeiral    building.The Linn Second street SVV; Randy Bul-41 man, 369 Seventeenth street 2g SE; Milton Turner, 1731 Four- 40 41 teenth avenue SE; Dean Hart man, Palo; Joseph Engel, route two, Cedar Rapids; Frank Saz Precipitation '...............None|pal.    Swisher;    each    fined    $30 mal# r,  n 7t t and costs. James Ridings, 5110 Iotal for December  ...... j street gw; Steven Lee, 134 Normal for December ......1.43; Nineteenth street NW; Randal Normal thru December ....33.18 Ridenour. 212 H Eighteenth Total for 1974 ............. fe* NE; Jcny Sc'lM^,0*h; 182d Bever avenue SE; Daniel Barometer, rising .........30.09 Humidity at noon..........73% Wind direction and velocity at 2 p m., calm. Sun rises Tuesday, 7:33; sun sets. 4:40. Year Ago Today — High, 32; low, 30; precipitation , 0.24. Traveler's Forecast Dysart — Elizabeth Skersick, 85. Thursday at IO at Overton’s, Dysart. daughters, Mrs. Howard French, Lewellen, Neb., and Independence - Keith Wil- Mrs. Edward Wagner, Cedar son, 54. Tuesday at 9 tat St. Rapids: a stepson, Albert John’s. Parish Rosary Monday at 3 and wake service at 7 at White’s. Burial:    Immaculate Conception cemetery, Fairbank. Oelwein — Bessie Fisher, 50. Tuesday at 10:30 at Grace United Methodist church. county courthouse will close at noon Tuesday and remain closed Christmas day. Those wanting marriage li-j and slides in establishments! with liquor licenses would apply to his training materials. “This throws a terrific handicap on training programs we have,” the sheriff complained. Mayor Don Canney said he “doubts very' seriously” if the council would revoke or suspend a license under the conditions Grant described. He refused to promise that wouldn’t happen, though. He said if the films were shown in the same room and at the same time as liquor was being served, the council might decide to take action. taken to their residence at 1337 Fourth street NW. She said she had borrowed money for the gifts and spent about $150 on them, when she remembered there was another gift she wanted to buy, so she stopped at the shopping center. Many of the gifts were for a 2-vear-old son and the Her former husband, the father of five of the children, had been supplying considerable support for them, she said, until he was burned in a car explosion at a Cedar Rapids salvage yard on May 6. ery of the Abu Rodeis oil fields, B is discouraging, she noted the strategic Mitla and Jidi tearfully, to have to pay the mountain passes, or both. Israel money back to the credit union, is seeking a number of political an^ yet have nothing to show Mid-East—- (Continued from Page I.) concessions in return. \ city attorney's opinion last Israeli Foreign Minister Yigal for it. week said the enforcement of Alloo has made it plain that any Sees Possible Bra ut-Kerns’    |    priends    may    call at Stewart v Mt’    Im°8fn    B.    funera]    home Tuesday from 9 Emery, 87. Turned chapel east, i    “ .    __    . \    .... 'a rn to d p m. The body will tx Cedar Rapids. Tuesday Weather, Hi-Lo Bismarck .......Cloudy 14-IB Chicago ..........Snow    32-22 Cincinnati  Shwrs 50-32 Cleveland .........Rain    43-33 Des Moines ......    Snow 28-12 Detroit ........Cloudy    39-23 Indianapolis .......Rain    46-34 Kansas City.......Snow    30-2G Milwaukee  Cloudy 34-27 Mpls.-St. Paul Cloudy 21-7 Omaha..........Cloudy    27-14 St. Louis ..........Rain    40-25    ........ Sioux Falls    Cloudy    19-51    575    ancj    costs (B) Below zero Reilly, 1500 Oakland road NE; Vallie Lucas, Mt. Vernon; Ronald Downs, 912 Eighth avenue SE; Michael Smith, 228 Twenty-seventh s t r e et NW; Charles Marsh, 1366 Third street NW: Gary Bovles, 507 Second street SW; each fined S20 and costs. Right-of-way violation — Debra Shebetka, route two, Cedar Rapids; fined $29 andl A    man    rpported    , Vehicle control violation - I?1'** a billfold containing more George Glass, 813 Eighteenth than $4,500 in cash, checks and street SE; fined $30 and costs, a money order was lost or sto-Jerome Turner, route one, ien Saturday afternoon Russell Callahan told police $4,500 Missing In C. R. Market taken to Parker funeral home, Faribault. Minn., where services will be conducted Friday at ll am. Burial: Oakwood cemetery. Austin, Minn. Intervention In Middle East BONN. West Germany (AP) —West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt said joint interven- Cline. Cedar Rapids, and two'060868 ^or weekend weddings;the ordinance, as well as the agreement must include steps stepdaughters.    Mrs. G r a c e h™;5* aPPty By noon Tuesday.    definition of    what “patrons” sig-    by Egypt toward recognition of Kleinhans and    Mrs. Edward, (’arba£e pick-up will not be    nifies in the    context of the ordi-    the Jewish state. Bednasek.    both of Cedarimade Wednesday, and the    nance, would be a policy deci-    Sources said these could in- Ranids eieht    grandchildren * sc^edu^e will be set back a day.    sion for the    council to make in    dude a pledge not to support and four great-grandchildren.    buses will not run Christ- each case.    guerilla    activities    and    to    cease mas da>    The ordinance, on the books economic and propaganda war- The Cedar Rapids public Ii- since 1971, came to public attern fare as well as allowing third-    ak    * teary will close at I p.m. Tues- tion recently when a furor de- country merchant ships carry- J1,00    ®    iliw day adn reopen Thursday. The    veloped over a proposed substi-    ing cargo for Israel — and with    a.m<2?    . P®55 lf ^ post office will close Wednesday; tute    ordinance.    The substitute    Israeli seamen aboard —    die Last lf the OU problem    or a only.    was    withdrawn    from consider-pass through the Suez Canal.    military    crisis in the area All Coe college offices will be ation after many citizens pro-    “imDMilble”    threatens    world peace, closed from noon Tuesday tested, claiming it would “open    ^    But    in    an interview published through Thursday. Gage Union    the    door for    hard-core por-i    Meanwhile, Kissinger said    in    (Sunday    by the German    cco- will stay shuttered Friday. Elna K. Voss he lost his black billfold wdiile at the A and P store, 2727 Sixteenth avenue SW. He said the billfold contained Degree Days Saturday   ........... Sunday ..... Total to date ........ Through Dec. 23 1973 Percent of normal year Total normal year ... Marion; fined $25 and costs Prohibited passing — Francis Welter, Masonville; fined $25 and costs. Steven Lee, 134 Nineteenth street NW; fined $20 and costs. Drag racing — Gordon Bent-. „ _ ley, 160 Ridge court, Marion; a $2,606 money order, two checks amounting to $1,083, and Plate violation — Kenneth $850 in cash. IStangland, Williamsburg; fined|____ 47)520 and costs. 38j Improper registration — 2.399 Kevin McCarthy, 2042 Knoll-2,170! shire drive NE; fined $15 and 36.171 costs. Evidence Frivolous,' Morals Cases Dropped 6,631 Traffic signal violation — ■    — • — i- i- — r    i    i    !Carl Gaulke. route two, Marion.I    ' Coralville Lake    two charges; fined $25 and Charges against employes of parlor, and Miss Pate turned    (    bange    Rejected Pool level Monday .. 676.58. jeo^on each e^arge^Ronme j ,„e Ebony Massage par|or, 225 herself in to police later.    He    a|s0 rejected a sugges[|on Births — St. Lube s fined $20 and costs. Debbie Fourteenth avenue SE, for a1-    Shock    Justice    |    to go over the specifications and 21 — P andc^Lrs A,,Pn c^Me3C^n^enel Spn^gdflc; 1 e8ed prostitution activities; Scolaro said he dismissed the ma^e changes to reduce the Harris, 5609 Jjdieet S , a son ^ no I mar rnhvm. oil OIH i have teen dismissed in macis- chorees teeause the county at-itos * ^ maDl)r n<>w bids a changed project would probably be just as “unrealistic.” nography” in Cedar Rapids tav-an interview with Newsweek nomic newspaper Handelsblatt, erns ‘    magazine that it is “impossi- Schmidt said such intervention a former Dpifjgp.    *    *    hie” for the U. S. to recommend is “very unlikely Mouther. Cedar Rapids resident, died    jn    a    re|ate<j matter, the coun- that IsraeI negotiate with the Schmidt added that; “One must Tuesday at Mesa. Ariz.    I (Continued from Page I.) cil unanimously adopted a reso- Palestine Liberation Organza- remember that the 1956 Suez She moved to Arizona 12 estimated at llTmillion That lution Monday urging the state Bon “until the PLO accepts the crisis ... and other world-en-years ago from Cedar Rapids, fi uys wvised (0 $34 mi] I e g i s I a t u r e to either pa.* existence of Israel as a lcgiti- dangering crises since then were where she was employed as anilK)ft j^ s in    1 stricter legislation dealing with mate state.    resolved through partly open, inspector at Collins Radio Co. | The' biggest differences be obscenity or give local commu- Kissinger said the U. S. ands partly hidden concerted action She is survived by a sister,L    tho bid and tho oc.im ito1 cities the power to do so.    Europe “will not negotiate overiof both powers.” Edna Yoss, of Mesa.    aro    found    jn |hp vQ&t Q{ damLpubBc Improvements Com- the survival of Israel.”    j “. . . I would consider the Services and burial were in nates jnd reIat(,d m H hinerv ‘un missioner Richard Phillips, who Whatever compromises Sadat same also possible in case the Mesa    :h    5,ini    from'thp proposed the ordinance, said he Anally may make, it is consul- Middle East should again present - estimate    Only one compaa b0!*55 lhe resolution will have a ercd extremely unlikely that he a difficult, world-endangering Submitted a bid on    the cates    ’    tangible effect, but he believes    will accept an agreement with- criiis. I would also consider (in- “As far is Pm    concerned    I also has va,ue    as    a formal    out Israeli surrender of oil fields jtervention) possible if, from the don t need much study at alf to    expression of the    city    council’s    and mountain passes seized in oil problem, either in connection £    f ^    1 •    „ ^    _ ii . ,    tho f ni/HAi/AP rvf Qinfli sit trine? fhnltuifk o    /irieio a»» in_ reject the bid.” said Mayor Don feelings on the subject prostitution    activities!    scolaro    said    he    dismissed    the] Dee 21 — To    the families of Delmar    Cobym,    911    Old    (have been    dismissed    in    magis-| charges    because    the    county    at-1cost Georjtv    Cummin**. Vinton, a Marion road*    trate’s    court because evidence    torney's    office    failed to show 0,1 wfrdTwnucSW; each' fined    submitted    against    them was    "^le    cauae.’; a son Jeffrey Bourgeois, zoi    •    They    didn    t    give    me    enough Northview place    NE, a son.    51,) ana cosis. Accident, damage to vehicle Births —-    Mercy    — Sandra    Smith,    216    Atwood    judge i)Pf, 21 To the families of drive SW; fined $15 and costs. Judge Anthony Scolaro dis-! laro. Harold    Walker.    240 Eleventh, Improper turn — Jeanette    missed    .Up    charges    Friday folded, Marion, a    son; Gregory|Pityer, 78 Thirty-sixth avenue    missca    me    cndrSes    rriaay 101 Ba Imogen Emery Dies; Services Are Pending MT. VERNON - Imogen B Emery. 87. died in a local nurs ing home Monday morning. the takeover of Sinai during the with a Mid-East crisis or m-1967 Six-Day war.    dependent thereof, a new crisis In other Mid-East develop- would come endangering the en-ments:    'tire world.” Beirut press reports said Newsweek magazine quoted Syria's armed forces went on a Secretary of State Kissinger as _ “maximum alert” Monday fear- saying in an interview in this ing Israel would launch a big at-'week’s edition that he is “con- Born in 1887 in Bloomington.,,a<k d,urinS 'he Moslem Al Adha vinced'j the oil situation will not '(sacrifice) feast which starts reach the point that military in- “frivolous,” according to the 111., she received her law degree from the University of Iowa in Tuesday. There also were re- tervention would be considered, ports Israeli naval units were at evidence to show me a crime! He su8gested the council askjl910 had been committed," said Sec- “* fe?cral    Mrs.    Emery    was    a    reporter    at    s,'a a poss'ble attack agamst Turn that unused piano into a A    AU“'    ,p    (>1H    conine    rrnirt    for    is    coastal Palestine refugee camps bike. car. or whatever you want Marion, a son. [airon, Van Horne, a daughter. Dec. 22 — Mr. and Mn Chester Glaneman. 7100 Vernon road SIS. a son. Out of Town Births At McChord air force base. Wash. — Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Miler, a son Dec. 21. Mrs. Miler is the daughter of Mr. and Mn James L. Patterson, 5701 lorado drive SW tion to permit building the I The evidence presented wa$'^*«    «»■"    *<    year; SW; fined $35 and costs. Faulty equipment — David i ^ w0men «h0 had been Mt Gingerich, 102(1 A avenue NW, uint "°men uno naa ^ten LaVern Hess, 115 Fifteenth av- charged were Angella C. Gret-jenue SE; each fined $10 and; ten. 30, of 2275 C street SW, and i costs. lowing a preliminary hearing. Iowa Deaths old superior court for 15 ,    ,    .    _.    .#-—■!    and    then    for    six    years “frivolous,” he said, for such a|a d<7    council    con-    as    depUjy    derk    of    dis- serious crime.    cuil0    #4    trict    court.    She    was    active    in ‘ The evidence was very weak|le^hy “'^n^Zday morm ^ ^ un,il rectBl this Stage of the proceedings, j jntr hAtu,or»n fh#> fVMinril ^nH rprv-i ...    . She was a member and past at Marriage Licenses New Albin — Janice Colleen Kester, 18. Tuesday at ll, St. Co- Joseph’s Catholic church. Rosa-ry Monday at 7:30, New Albin funeral chapel. Burke-Thorn-; burg, Lansing. stage of the proceedings,    jng between the council and rep- Pamela    L.    Morrison, 19, no    and    1 had no alternative but to    resentatives of the city 0ngi-    f    ..    r>au2hters    of* the address,    both charged    with    dismiss fhe charges. 1 said S    neering department, consulting ArJerican    Revolution    and    was prostitution,    and Bamie    Pate,    |^e    lime the evidence shocked    engineers and bidders 21. no address, charged with!m-v^^sense of justice, the judge!   -—............. soliciting for prostitution. Miss Gretten and Miss Mor-.    u    „ , , rv ,A f I ney could either file a rison were arrested Dec. IO fol-1 J said Scolaro said the county attor-j true information in the cases or submit! in Lebanon. The    Beirut newspaper.    An fire said Marshal Andrei Grech-; ko. the Soviet defense minister.) is paying a secret visit to Cairo to discuss Egyptian arms needs. The    Beirut newspaper,    An Nahar    said Iran will provide I* 4auu,    Egypt    with several kinds of    de- president    of the fe»fve ucapons inthldjn),    a to buy with a want ad! Debbie Baldwin and Kevinj Worthington — Alvina L. lowing a raid on the massage! lhpm t0 the grand jury Gunman's Leap Ends Standoff .........  i    _    .    “If    he has further evidence, I armed with a shotgun who bar- Tlirn    rwiy. at 6:30. Kramer s. Venezuela Completes , would urge him to take it to the rjcade(i himself all night in an A    ^    ’ Malamphy, Beverly Maltas andjSoppe, 66. Tuesday at 9:30, St.J Ernest Hagerman, Patricia Vo- Paul s Catholic church. Rosary mack a and Gordon Powers.; Monday Jeannie Lynch and Ronald Dyersville.    ,    .    .. Franks. Jinger Dayton and Manchester — Miss F. Louise {Oil lakeover Dill Irvin Blattner, Robin Hootman Dunham, 57. Tuesday at 1:30, and Kenneth Hootman, all of; Shelly’s, where friends may call The draft of a bill to complete. Gail Grimm,1 after 7 pm. Monday.    the    nationalization    of    American)    Horan,    assistant    county NEW YORK (UPI A man international Quota club Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. Eva Marie Gabor Parnell. Bowling Green, Ohio; and a grandson. Services are pending at modern radar network and will train Egyptian pilots to fly American-made Phantom F-5 warplanes. The (ffclitr J&ttpuU fltairPfc t OoftinStd "A )4*3 bv Th# Oottft# Co. ana published daily and Sunday at SOO Third ow# SE, Cedar Rapids, iowa SJ406 Second class postoat paid at Cedar Ropids. Iowa Subscription rotes by carrier *S cents a. week Bv mail: Night Edition and Sunday 6 Issues SI 7S a month. %39 OO a year: Afternoon Editions and Sunday I issues S3 85 a month, 140 OO a year Other states and U S territories 160 OO a veor. No Mail Subscriptions accepted In areas having Gazette carrier service The Associated Press Is entitled exclusively to th# use for republication of oil the local news printed in this newspaper os well as all AP news dispatches. grand jury,” Scolaro said To Grand Jury? Cedar Rapids Cedar Rapid: Murphy, Belle , and Plaine. Laverne Waukon — Anna Houlihan. 0jj holdings in Venezuela was!attorney, said he had just been Mtftin'.s:    ,lma    Knl„_    !    being    submitted    lo    President    notified    of the dismissal of the Tu^da?"i ll, st johnPs Lu-Carlos Andres Perez Monday, jehargcs. No decision has been theran church. Fell met’s.    Perez. who pledged w hen he « whether to proceed to Central City — Irma M. Pat- ,    ...    .    •    *    the    grand    jury with the charges, ten. 87. Tuesday at ll, United ^ °Vflce. ast ?Pnn8 to nat‘on' ht. sald nandez HI, 270 Twenty-fourth) Methodist church. Murdoch’s, j alize the oil and iron ore indus-i avenue SW. Both listed debts of Tilf} casket will not be open tries and make the country eco- , VV imam H>rnt of tne $27,386.55 and assets of lo am. Tuesday    'nomicallv    independent    is    cx-lredar    Rapids    police department! Petition for Bankruptcy David J. and Karen K. Fer- apartment was critically injured Monday when he jumped six stories to escape police who rushed in to subdue him A police fqxtkesman said Robert Higgins jumped from the window of the Staten Island apartment minutes after poliee-fired canisters of tear gas into it and broke in »o disarm him. Rapids. R,-WM«nri.T    P«*ted    to    present the bill to the|said £ C0Uu,d not understand 86. Moriday at ., Murdot hs..(v    , conercn^ in March how the charges eould have MONI HEAL I Burial Thursday at rrenton.j v« ntzut lan (ongitss in Mart    treal    airpi nd assets of $25,795, with $23,500 claimed as exempt. Richard W. Reutner. Lune Springs, formerly doing busi- i ^ ness as Reutner Constructi«m Winthrop George Koohv, and doing business as Reutner 47 Tuesday at 2. Fawcett’s. A Brothers of Newcastle, VS yom- memorial fund has bc*en ching, antd Lame Springs. Debt*:,tablishcd. $59,526.56. Assets: $26,781.60, Winthrop William F. Spit/ with $3a0 claimed as exempt. ; 88. Thursday at ll, St. Patrick’s teRoy Edward Bauman II. Catholic church. Friends may Waterloo, doing business as|cajj after noon Wednesday at Lee’s MFA Insurance, Cedar Falls. Debts: $24,997.76 Ast cts; $4,131 81, with $1,960 claimed as exempt. Fires 5:49 a rn. Monday. Assistance call at 213 Twenty-third street drive SE. Fawcett's. Victor Glen Stavcnhagen. 67. Tuesday at 2:30, McAn-inch’s. Decorah —• William Joseph Senior Citizen Buses Cedar Rapids System Telephone 383-8244 Area Ten (SEATS) In Cedar Rapids 396-5605 Elsewhere 800-332-5934 Airport Walkout (UPI) - Mon- I been dismissed.    treal    airport maintenance “In my opinion, we    followed,    workers    were back on the job all of the necessary steps    to    en-    Monday,    ending their five-day sure a correct arrest.    illegal walkout “We had probable cause, otherwise we would not have arrested Prostitution Is an cx-I tremely difficult cast* to prove j anytime. ; “This ruling makes it that j much more difficult.” said Byrne Send a bit of cheer with a bouquet from... 4 Seasons mi HI fw .aa Id Flewtr Ste* rn bus A 4 flowers Belong .v /jct..- PIERSONS f‘ FLOWER SHOP if1" I SOO Elhi Blvd. NW FL0WERPH0NE 366-1826 when words aren't enough send sympathy with flowers FLORIST and GIFT SHOP 364-8139 PHONt ANS WIRED 24 HOURS EVERY DAY .IOU* K. LA PFS Convenient Downtown Location 308 3rd Ave. SE    365-0511 To START Or STOP YOUR Dial 398-8333 DEADLINES FOR: TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY THURSDAY - FRIDAY 7:00 PM IVIN,N° Bt rom FOR: SATURDAY-SUNDAY 10:00 AM FRIDAY FOR: MONDAY NOON SUNDAY FOR: HOLIDAYS 10:00 AM DAY Bf FOR! lf you seek the comfort of making arrangements prior to need... By ail means, feel free to contact a tuner ail director. Only a qualified, licensed funeral director is fully capable of advising you in every aspect of arrangements, services and protection. His knowledge and experience are invaluable in assuring fulfillment of your wishes in every detail. He is qualified to give you objective advice on alternatives based on years of experience. And, what’s more, as an established service in your community, his reputation and continuity in service will give you an extra measure of assurance. Why not give him a call. Send for Fret* Booklet “I acts I very Family Should Know” ROLAND WILBERT VAULT CO., INC. (Positively No Sale* Contact Will Be Made) 1210 Blairs Ferry Rd., Marion, Iowa 52302 ;

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