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Cedar Rapids Gazette Newspaper Archives Dec 19 1970, Page 1

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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 19, 1970, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather Clear much colder tonight lows Zero to 15 below. Partly Cloudy sunday highs in teens. I lipids Muht City final to cents volume 88 number 344 Cedar rapids Iowa saturday. December 19. 1970 associated press. Up. New York times St debate cutoff vetoed tax unit approves proposals from Gazette leased wires Des Moines a after nearly seven months of work the legislative tax study committee Friday approved a package of proposals which they say would raise nearly $232 million annually in new tax revenues to cover Reform in the Iowa tax Structure. A heavy share of the Load a $60 million a would fall on the sales tax. Another $45 million would come from an income tax boost. Although the groups tax Reform plan was virtually com plete Friday the committee set a meeting for Jan. 6 to find ways to pay for three components of the proposed package a school property tax freeze a $6 million program to limit the county share of welfare costs to one Mill and a government consolidation incentive plan with a $34.4 million Price tag. At this Point the entire plan is Only a recommendation and sure to bring much heated debate and discussion when presented to the legislature. Iowa gov. Robert Ray has already placed a Damper on some proposals especially those in the area of sales and income taxes. Rep. Elmer Den Herder a Sioux Cente chairman of the House ways and Means committee said there would be a a real Effort to get the program through virtually intact. A Gray areas however he conceded the package has some a Gray areas which might have to be scrapped. The major measure for easing property taxes is a proposed minimum foundation plan of state Aid to schools. The committee proposes the state pay $332,957,000 of the $643,570,000 committee members think will be in local school budgets in 1972-73. Specifics specific proposals designed to replace the property tax and the amount they Are expected to produce include a eliminating the agricultural land tax credit and changeling Money now appropriated for it into the minimum foundation program $18 million. A adding one percent to the sales tax with credits to ease the Impact on Low income families $60 million. At the present three percent receipts from Iowa sales taxes in the year ended june 30, 1970 totalled $183.-836,964. A changing the corporation tax to base it on goods a a delivered in Iowa rather than a sold and delivered in the state $10 million. Revenues from corporation taxes brought $24,273,085 during the year ended june 30,1970. A placing a one percent tax on income from dividends and interest to replace the present three fourths of one percent surtax on income above $9,000 a year $7 million. Radioactive dust strewn Over desert Mercury Nev. A Baneberry the code name for the atomic Energy commissions 230th announced underground nuclear test Here since 1963, went off normally and created a spherical Cavern 900 feet below the desert Sand. What followed five minutes later Friday Wasny to Normal. The dec said pressure from the blast equivalent to detonation of about 20,000 tons of int spewed radioactive dust from the Shaft in which the nuclear device had been placed. A dirty Brown column of dust arose and within minutes reached 8,000 feet. Within hours it spread Over 1,000 Square Miles of Barren almost uninhabited desert. The dec evacuated 600 of its employees near the test site but said that nowhere outside the immediate area of the Shaft was the fallout a danger to human life or health. 17th time it was the 17th time an underground test had a a leaked and dec officials said the Only comparable release of radiation followed a 1965 test. They said the most contaminated dust particles fell to Earth Friday near the test site where investigators found radiation Levels above 25 Roentgen per hour. The Federal radiation Council says humans Are endangered if exposed to More than 25 Roentgen a year. As the Cloud drifted slowly away officials said the radioactivity dropped markedly. Nobody outside the Nevada test Sites 1,350 Square Miles was evacuated. At warm Springs a gasoline Stop near the North Edge of the site and 80 Miles Northwest of Las vegas dec employees measured radiation of about one Mill Roentgen an hour. Over ranches the Cloud drifted Over sheep and cattle ranches mines and a handful of towns with fewer than a dozen inhabitants but the dec said the radioactivity was less than to Milli Roentgen an hour in the Cloud and Only one on the ground. A routine Chest a Ray exposes a person to about 50 Milli Roentgen. A Mill Roentgen is one one thousandth of a Roentgen. The 600 evacuated employees changed clothes and showered. Three Hundred of them were found to carry a Small amount of radioactivity. The Agency which discloses Little information about its tests said a it is going to take a Long time to determine what 1963 treaty dec spokesmen would not speculate on whether enough of the Cloud would remain airborne to Cross a National Boundary and violate the 1963 test ban treaty which permits nuclear tests underground a so Long As they do not cause radioactive debris to be present outside the territorial limits of the nation under whose jurisdiction or control the detonation was the nearest National bound final report 43 support cuts Iowa s or com yield cloture and 48 opposed Washington a president Nixon plans to Call the newly elected Congress into session Jan. 3 unless the current lame Duck session votes his major proposals up or Down the White House said saturday. A up photo countdown Host Dick Cavett looks on As gov. Lester Maddox of Georgia and Jim Brown former Cleveland Browns football Star wait for 60 seconds to tick off on their watches. Maddox had said he d give Cavett one minute to apologize for allegedly slurring the people of Georgia. Attacks on Saigon and americans Saigon a the Viet Cong marked the 24th anniversary of the Start of the Indochina War saturday with two attacks on u. S. Troops and the first rocket attack in Saigon in a month and a half. There were no american casualties from the two 100-Pound rockets that fell in Saigon but six vietnamese civilians were killed and eight wounded. Most of the victims were children. Four other youths were wounded in a bomb explosion that damaged a Saigon newspaper Plant. I casualties one of the attacks on americans was a 12-round mortar barrage that hit the Headquarters of the second brigade of the 25th infantry division 40 Miles Maddox walkout on Cavett show taping judge rules for Hughes tool co. New York up Street outside the Abc to studios and asked him to come Back. This portion of the Cavett show was aired on the networks evening news program and the entire show was then broadcast As scheduled Friday night without comment on the Maddox exit. The conversation leading to the walkout was started by Jim Brown former pro football Star who asked if Maddox had trouble with White bigots. Before Maddox could answer a commercial break interrupt Northeast of Saigon. Spokesmen after the commercial Cavitt continued Page 2, col. 2. Rephrased the question a emr. Las vegas a a state District court judge ruled Satur Lester Maddox gave Dick Ca trouble with your White and Day that the Hughes tool co. Vett one minute Friday night to has a right to control Howard apologize for a a insulting the demands apology Hughes $300-million Nevada people of Georgia and . The judge ruled against walked out on the taping of of d j10 say admirers r0kert Maheu who for four Cavett television show. Maddox replied. Years had run Hughes Nevada he would not return even Quot no he said big to Quot Cavett properties. When Cavett followed him to the ag.r5ed, a a Maddox then demanded that Cavett apologize within one of i Jen minute for calling his admirers and the a four million people of Georgia bigots. Brown and Maddox looked at their watches and another guest author tru a Man capote counted off the final seconds with his fingers. During the countdown Cavett said a if i called any of your admirers bigots who Are not bigots i apologize a but Maddox did not consider that an apology. Cavett then said a i apologize to the extent that a bigot would be my Way of characterizing your admirers. You re likable at your most outrageous soften line on rioting Warsaw up a Diplomat a in sources saturday reported widespread go slow strikes in Warsaw factories by workers j protesting increases in food prices. Emergency police forces were said to have moved into the factories to combat the unrest. Official reports said life had returned to Normal in the three Baltic seaports of Gdansk Des Moines a Iowa a j1970 Corn crop continued to dwindle in size with the final crop report issued Friday place Ling total production at 859,140. 000 bushels. This was Down from november a estimate of 876.525,000 bushels and the december figure for production was the lowest since 1965 when 814,506.000 bushels were forecast. Last years december estimate was set at 932,372.000 bushels. Yield per acre also dropped with the december forecast set at 86 bushels Down a Bushel from the previous month. Agriculture officials set the i december figure for acres harvested at 9,990,000. Down again i from the november figure of 110.075.000 acres. Soybeans up while Iowa a 1970 Corn crop proved a disappointment the states soybean crop appeared headed for an All time record with total production set at 186.624.000 bushels. The december estimate is 4 percent above the previous High set in 1965. Although the yield per acre was Down a Bushel from 1969, 32 bushels in december of 1970. Compared to 33 bushels a year ago agriculture officials said Friday the fact there were More acres grown in 1970 resulted in the record breaking prediction i the 1970 Iowa Grain sorghum crop was estimated at 2,368,000 bushels unchanged from the previous two months forecast. 1 yield per acre also remained j constant at 74 bushels per acre. Iowa Shay crop shrunk from last months forecast with total production set at 6,910,000 tons compared to 7,433,000 tons in november. Yield per acre also was Down with the december j figure set at 2.76 tons per acre compared to 2.90 tons per acre in november. A the prolonged Harvest attributed to the reduction in the 1970 Washington a the Senate saturday rejected an attempt to halt debate on a Money Bill containing funds for the controversial supersonic transport. A two thirds vote was necessary to obtain cloture on the Dep a r t in e n t of transportation Money Bill containing $210 million for the set. Forty eight senators voted against cloture 43 for it. The action Means debate will continue pending new efforts to agree on a Compromise or another try at cloture possibly As Early As tuesday. The margin gave no direct indication of strength on the set since Many backers of the plane iowans vote Washington up senators Miller a Iowa and Hughes a Iowa voted saturday against cutting off debate on the set. Continued Page 2, col. 4. Southerners and westerners who have traditionally voted against cloture voted against limiting debate and some set opponents voted to Cut it off. Senator javits in. Appealing for Compromise of some of the issues before the Senate said he Hopes set opponents a will not be deceived by the lopsided vote on this it was Senate Republican Leader Scott a who with 18 supporters proposed the Senate halt debate. The Senate voted two weeks ago to strike set funds from the Bill after the House narrowly approved a $290-million appropriation. A a 20 Mill statewide tax on res a a hundreds of Miles corporation owned property to i away dec planes tracking the replace Revenue from the per Cloud said it was Graveling North Sonal property tax which would be replaced $44 million. A eliminating the part of Homestead tax exemptions based on school costs $20 million. A establishing a a business privilege tax of one percent of continued Page 2, col. I by Northeast at about four Miles an hour. Today s Index four classes of toys banned As hazardous Washington a the rattle and party Pak fringed food and drug administration balloon quakers. Friday banned four classes of fridays order apparently re toys As hazardous. Moved any threat of action against the Wasp gun because Only loud Caps were banned. In the Case of Lawn darts the Agency said such Sharp pointed items could not be sold As toys but could be sold in sporting goods stores if labelled specifically against use by children. The quakers would apparently be covered by one of the four banned classes because t h e Agency said earlier their danger Lay in the possibility of swallowing or inhaling components. The status of the protect of product was Uncertain. Russian Relief plane crashes and 17 killed Calcutta a a rus Sian Relief transport plane crashed saturday while on a flight from the East pakistani capital of Dacca to new Delhi killing All 17 persons aboard. Church 3 comics. 9 courthouse 2 crossword 9 daily record. 2 deaths. 2 editorial features 6 financial. 13 Marion 13 movies. 7 sports. La 12 television. 8 want ads 14-17 but it would not name the specific brands of toys affected or say How and when they would be removed from the Market. An Fra source said the Agency has a list of 44 toys it believes fit the banned classifications. But a spokesman said a no list is going to be made the reason he said is that some of the toys on the list were not absolutely determined to be subject to the ban. The spokesman said Man fac a tuners involved would be informed of the ban. It would then i be their responsibility to inform retailers he said. The four banned classes Are breakable toy rattles with parts that can cause puncture wounds or be swallowed. Dolls stuffed animals and similar toys that on breaking expose Sharp components a capable of laceration or puncture a noise making toys with detachable components having potential for laceration puncture aspiration or ingestion. A a noise making Caps or toy guns not using Caps that produce sound Levels of 138 decibels or higher. The Fra proposed earlier this month to ban four toys specifically. They Are the Wasp Cap gun Lawn darts and arts protect of product a musical a gave you chances j Gdynia and Sopot where bloody a what do you mean Outra or a erupted earlier this Iowa news one dead in crash saturday Nhorn it near w. Branch round clock you Genus a Maddox asked. A you Haven to apologized yet and you be got 15 Maddox walked off stage and Cavett followed him to the Street during another commercial break. A i gave you the Opportunity to apologize a the governor said and refused to return. As the taping resumed Cavett said a i can to Tell if gov. Maddox is All showman and part politician or week. But communications were Cut Between warsaw1 and the Northern City of Szczecin where fierce riots took place thursday. There was also no word for a time from Katowice a South Western steel town where strikes had been reported. The government appeared to be backing off from Early hard-1 line assessments of the rioting. Communists in the crisis area of Northern Poland admitted the Washington a pres West Branch a Bruce c. Ident Nixon proposed saturday Minemier 22, Beverly n. J., was fatally injured Early saturday in a two vehicle crash on that Congress go into a round the clock sessions a even on sundays a to act on pending major old Highway i about three Miles legislation East of Here. He put Forward the idea at a investigating Highway patrol45-minute White House Confer officers said Minemier a Auto ence with Republican leaders of continued Page 2, col. 2. Apparently struck the rear of a delivery Van occupied by Rob Wilkerson 26, Lowden w hich was parked on the shoulder of the Highway. The Senate and House. Nixon asked his visitors to a do All a minority party can to Force a vote on such items As the family assistance plan so Basque verdict following Yule today s chuckle Burgos Spain a a military court martial that tried 16 Basque extremists for rebellion will make Public the verdict after Christmas an informed source said saturday. A Tell me a said the pretty Young lady to her Date a Tell me your Hopes ambitions dreams and w hat kind of car you copyright details of the Accident Are rial Security improvements Tex vague according to patrol re tile import quotas and funds to ports. Officers however said continue development of a us Wilkerson initially reported he Personic Airliner apparently had fallen asleep at j Senate democratic Leader the wheel of his vehicle and Mansfield Mont was Quick to slammed into a Bridge abut-1 reject Nixon a suggestion. A a in a willing to meet sunday but not a round the clock a he told news ment. He reported the Accident shortly after 5 . After walk continued Page 2, col. 3. They la oppose Airport with firearms London a Ltd residents of six villages some 50 Miles North of London Are vowing armed resistance to a Royal commission recommendation that Many of their houses be razed for an International Jetport. Billboards spotted through the six communities proclaim a Airport Over our dead bodies a and we mean posters show a belligerent looking Farmer with a Pitchfork astride Stewkley Church a target of the bulldozers. A i have a Shotgun and a few backsides will be peppered if any bloody Airport Man sets a foot on my land a a Farmer from Cublington said Friday. A my family has been Here for 380 an electric company Surveyor found himself looking Down the business end of a Shotgun two weeks ago. A the boys ran him off a the Farmer said a but they let him Back later when he proved he had nothing to do with the Cublington a 160 residents would be homeless their Village gone if the commission findings Are accepted. Wing population 1,500 Stewkley 1,016 Aston abbots 264 Denton 61, and Hoggeston 124, would almost disappear and nearly 1,000 Homes would fall. Four 14,000-foot runways a terminal Complex Multi carriageway highways and Railroad spurs would replace them by 1980 in the rectangle five Miles Long and three Miles wide. The facilities would handle too million passengers annually. A this fight will not be lost until the bulldozers and jackhammers actually begin to tear the houses Down a said the Rev. Paul Drake vicar of Stewkley Church. A there will be massive opposition until other villagers say they will lie Down in front of the earthmoving equipment after it arrives. A there shall be marches demonstrations meetings deputations a said the Wing Airport resistance assn., which claims 60,000 members nationwide. The resistance has support from 160 members of parliament but the government not the legislators will decide whether to accept the report. The parliamentarians want London a third International Airport located at Foulness in offshore mudflats which would Cost More but would dislocate no families. The villagers see the Issue simply. A their forebears tilled this land and lived and died Here a said Barbara Ginn whose husband is the schoolmaster a t Stewkley. A their menfolk have gone from Here to fight wars to defend this Way of life. We want our men. A it accomplishes less in a longer period of press Secretary Ronald Ziegler said Nixon a feels this Congress has an obligation to the american people to Complete the major work before it i prior to Jan. 3 w Hen by Law it must adjourn. Those at meeting meeting with Nixon were senators Scott a and Griffin Mich reps. Ford Mich and Arends in director George Schultz of the office of management and budget and presidential assistants John Ehrlichman and William Tim Mons. After the session Nixon and ii i s foreign policy adviser Henry Kissinger drove to the Walter Reed army medical Center to Call on ailing sen Russell a a i wanted to come out and wish you the Best for Christmas a Nixon was quoted As telling Russell who suffers from a chronic respiratory ailment

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