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Cedar Rapids Gazette Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1965, Page 1

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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 13, 1965, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather Cloudy through tue. Any rain or Snow Likely. I it i tonight near 30. Hight tuesday 35-40. Volume 88 number 337 City final to cents Cedar rapids Iowa monday december 13, 100ft associated press. United press International continue Kre Biogen Case Battle ebbs claim 1,000 reds killed by Thomas Reedy Saigon apr a task Force of . Marines and vietnamese troops teamed against the Viet Cong in a five Day Battle South of Danang estimated monday that ground and air strikes have killed about 1,000 of the red enemy. Action was dwindling. Marine patrols moving through Hills in the que son sector found a guerilla training area and some warehouses full photos on picture Page of Gray and Black cloth obviously designed for manufacture of the Flimsy pyjamas Many Viet Cong use As uniforms. Valley secure the sector aptly if a imaginatively dubbed by the marines As a death Valley is now secure officers reported. The leathernecks said they have killed 124 Viet Cong captured 28, detained 190 suspects and that 300 More were slain by air strikes in their target zone. Vietnamese officers said their Rifle units killed 240 on the ground 180 died under air strikes in their area and 150 were killed by artillery fire. Vietnamese casualties Early in the fight were described As heavy. The marines said their toll was Light. Reds differ associated press fire on returning aircraft carriers crewmen of the aircraft Carrier Independence scattered As a fire broke out sunday off the coast of Virginia. The fire started during the launch operation bringing pilots Home from Vietnam. Eleven men were burned and four More injured. The Independence docked monday. Another photo on picture Page cemetery markers High court tipped by juveniles tit Illy Jerry Elsea i that they were involved in the i a a in Linwood cemetery s u n d a a service station breaking but and looked As if it had been struck melted. Knocking Over Tomb . I by a violent storm. About 50, Dufort u6i3v memorial monuments were inint0 Lac stadium Booth. Knocked Over and scattered just As Shannon walked to Washington apr the us about the grounds. The captains desk to instruct preme court rejected monday the damage however was that a patrolman be sent to the an Appeal by or Andrew c. I the work of three youths Aget a 1 i Quot a a Ivy that asked a Hall to a Chi 116, 15 and la police said Mon pc lived from the cemetery care 3 Day. I taker. I or a a the boys told police they were merely a horsing Shannon said the boys trav a the youths also admitted Ell Quot a on foot started their sat-1 he d an 1 three othcr3 prowling in several cars break or it May no Rel activities by visit ing into a refreshment Booth Quot he cemetery. Are on trial on charges of con Al Kingston stadium and break after walk Quot a a he length ofis piracy mail fraud violation of ing into a truck at the Robinson the cemetery knocking Over the Federal food and drug act co monuments As they went along i and false statements to a gov the cemetery damage Wasi the toys rifled through Sev Ern ment Agency discovered shortly after i . Sunday by Glenn Garrett the i continued on Page to col. 5 Cago trial involving the drug Kre Biogen. Or. Ivy the scientific adviser the North Vietnam communist government differed at least on the opening stages of the Valley Battle. Radio Hanoi said the Viet Cong inflicted 1,050 casualties including 20 americans killed wounded or captured on the combined Force dec. 8-9. Hanoi a official news paper nhan Dan called it a a serious defeat which led to replacement saturday of Marine Brig Gen. Melvin Henderson by Brig. Gen. Jonas m. Platt. In Danang senior Marine officers said Henderson was in fact ill and that was the Only reason for the change in command. Major ground fighting elsewhere ebbed. . Briefing officers said the Viet Cong May be pulling Back to their Jungle hide outs to recover. Resume raids with partially Clearing skies . Warplanes resumed raids on North Vietnam after a two Day Lull blamed on bad weather air Force f-105 thunderchief and f-4c phantom jets blasted two Bridges Northeast of Dien Bien Phu set a five building military Complex in the same area aflame and cratered the approaches to another Bridge on a main Highway 130 Miles Northwest of Hanoi a . Spokesman said. Navy pilots claimed another Bridge two storage areas and four antiaircraft Sites 14 Miles Northwest of the coastal town of Dong hoi he added. In the Battle area South of Danang . Marines and South vietnamese troops hunted a Viet Cong regiment on the sixth Day of operation Harvest Moon but the foe refused to show himself. Since the fighting began around a Valley 20 Miles South of Danang the leathernecks counted 198 Viet Cong killed 76 captured and 287 suspects detained Marine spokesmen said. Officers regarded the Lull warily. A i done to think the major fighting has started a said the . Marine commander in Vietnam maj. Gen. Lewis Walt. Set Chicago fire has 13 murder raps Chicago apr i just big Carrier Home again . Pilot 38, lost 18 men in Viet tour i \ # a a a held on a starboard deck Edge in Vietnam War by Harry Nash associated press writer Norfolk a. A the aircraft Carrier Independence got mad. They have came Home from War monday to an emotional Welcome that thrown me out. I be in her Mission this was the explanation of Robert Lee Lassiter As he admitted using a borrowed match to touch off a fire saturday night which killed 13 and injured 22 in a West Side tavern. Lassiter 26, of Chicago was charged sunday with 13 counts of murder. Lassiter a labourer for an electric company told police that he splashed a gallon of gasoline in the door of the Seeley club on West Madison Street then borrowed a match to ignite it. An argument the incident that touched off the fire Lassiter said was an argument with Eddie Gaston 38, a waiter at the club. Witnesses said Lassiter had been flourishing a Large switchblade knife and Gaston told him to put it away. The two men grappled after arguing and Lassiter was fore de to leave. A a in la be Back and they re going to get it a witnesses quoted Lassiter As saying As he left. Gaston was among the seven men and six women killed in the Blaze. Police quoted Lassiter As say ing he then walked a few Hundred feet to a service station and purchased a can of Gaso line. Police said Lassiter splashed the fuel on the floor at the Entrance then poured a Trail of gasoline across the sidewalk to the Gutter and ignited it. Started panic 7-state plan Albany a the new England governors have been invited by gov. Rockefeller to a meeting Jan. 6 to discuss an economic development plan for the seven state Region. Today s chuckle when it comes to foreign Aid everybody knows what Uncle Sam stands for. They just done to know How much. Copyright the flames sent the 40 occupants of the tavern into a panic. The front Entrance was blocked by flames. The Only other exit a rear door was locked. A i saw Many persons with their clothing burning a said Willie Daniels 35. A they cried and screamed and begged for customers rushed from the two bars lining the 25-foot-wide room. Some jammed into the Yard wide front Entrance trying to escape. Others rushed toward the rear door. Lassiter was arrested As he slept in his Home a Short time after the fire started. When told of the deaths and injuries Lassiter said softly a ooh my god no a and offered Solace for her losses. She tied up in the rain and fog at her naval base pier minus 18 men and 16 planes that had sailed with her to Vietnam Waters seven months ago. Thousands of wives children and parents streamed aboard the big ship for a just before Christmas reunion. And the Joy of the ships return All but blanked out the near tragedy that struck sunday when a ruptured fuel tank of a plane leaving the Carrier for its Shore base spewed a Sheet of flame along the flight deck. Navy honors just before the families boarded the ship an official Welcome was extended by naval state and City officials who had landed aboard the Carrier in Hampton roads in helicopters. The Navy unit commendation was presented to the ship and her air Wing by vice adm. Wal Demar f. A. Wendt Deputy commander in chief of the Atlantic Fleet for exceptionally meritorious service during her five months of combat operations in the South China sea. Wendt presented the legion of Merit to the ships skipper capt. John e. Kennedy for his role during combat operations in Southeast Asia. Virginia gov. Albertis s. Harrison sent a message saying the officers and men of the Independence had acquitted themselves with great Honor and Are entitled to the plaudits of the elevator above the thousands of people who stood on the rain swept pier. Many carried homemade Welcome signs and others had store bought signs. A Navy band and two High school bands played Lively music. Children waved tiny american flags. Surges of Homecoming happiness pulsed through the ships 4,500 officers and men and swiftly erased most of the scars of a spectacular fire that swept the flight deck at midship Sun Day As the 76,000 ton Flat top was launching aircraft to Fly to Oceana naval air station near Norfolk. Eleven flight deck crewmen were burned and four others suffered minor injuries in the fire triggered by Jet fuel spilled from a ruptured drop tank of a phantom ii fighter plane. Leaped off a helicopter plucked from the Ocean a crewman who had leaped from the flight deck to escape the flames and an officer in the phantom who had ejected continued Page 3, col. 3. Wait in rain also present to extend congratulations and a Welcome were vice adm. Paul d. Ramsey Deputy chief of naval operations for air and vice adm. Charles t. Booth commander of the Atlantic Fleet naval air Force. The official ceremony was gop leaders vote to reject All extremists Washington apr re publican leaders approved i Resolution monday advising party members to reject membership a in any Radical or extremist but the measure did not name the John Birch society. The Republican coordinating committee acted swiftly to endorse the stand of gop. National chairman Ray Bliss. A spokesman said the committee unanimously adopted a Resolution declaring that republicans should reject membership a in any Radical or extremist organization including any which attempt to use the Republican party for its own ends or any which seeks to undermine the Basic principles of american Freedom and constitutional Cedar rapids news major Robert m. Horsky 38, Pilot of an air Force transport aircraft sunday was reported missing territory in Vietnam. He was due to retire from the air Force in 1966. His wife Joan who lives at 1727 first Avenue so was notified about 5 . Sunday that her husbands aircraft has been missing since saturday Iowa time. Major Horsky is the first Cedar rapids Serviceman known to be missing in action in the vietnamese fighting. No other information a Telegram from brigadier Gen. John Dyas Deputy assistant chief of staff said no additional information on the aircraft and its Crew is available. The plane did not return from a Mission. A Veteran of nearly 20 years in the air Force major Horsky had been stationed in Vietnam since May. Shortly after his arrival in Vietnam his c-123 Craft made a Takeoff while mortar shells were exploding nearby. This incident was the subject of a front Page article May la in the Gazette by an continued Page 3, col. 6. Caretaker. Started at Gate a it seems the boys just started at one Gate and went right on through knocking Over one Monument Here and kicking Over another there a Garrett said. Garrett estimated that Between 50 and 60 monuments were tipped Over or damaged. A it will Cost hundreds of dollars in repairs and labor but exactly How much is impossible Era cars. J sponsors of Kre Biogen say it then they broke into the re-1 is an anticancer drug but the government contends it is worthless. Or. Ivy asked that the trial be halted until effectiveness of Kre Biogen can he tested in a Case in another court. In other actions monday the court rejected an Appeal by Sam Martin Rise in rate will Aid Economy Giancana reputed Leader of a by Edmond Lebreton j Chicago crime Syndicate from Washington apr Wil a contempt judgment for Refus Liam Mcchesney Martin jr., "8 to testify before a Federal chairman of the Forf prs try. To say a Garrett said. Chairman or me a feral re u g judge he said most of the Monu serve a oar a sad monday its j campy on june i 1965 Over hostile ments tipped Over were not interest raising action will help ordered Giancana held in jail damaged. However the Tomb the . Economy and any delay until he decides to testify. Gian stones Are so heavy that special would probably have required Cana tos made various Hunsuc equipment will be required in f Icess Ful Legal moves to get rebutting them Back in place to. Lease from jail including two said. I Martin also told the Senate requests to jus ice Tom c House economic committee that Clark of the supreme court. Agency had refused to review a ban on some were broken those monuments damaged a �?odepute"1 Agency had struck against others As they it pm esl dem a Johnso Quot a a in a the voluntary recital of fell Garrett said. Ministration continuously in Nursery Type prayers by Public a some of course Are broken formed school students beyond repairing a he added. Lines a pm i parents of 21 new York City although the damage was not tween the Federal Reserve and administration officials both before and after the boards actions a he said. The action taken by the Board j discovered until sunday after Frank Exchange of views be noon the three boys had been arrested 12 hours earlier on another charge. Police caught the youths in the act of breaking into a truck used for storage behind the Robinson co., 2020 sixteenth Avenue so. Officers took the youths to Po-1 i c e Headquarters questioned them and then released them to their parents. Picked up again the youths were picked up again for questioning several hours later when breaking were discovered at two Cedar rapids service stations. Assistant police chief James Shannon said the boys denied there has been a continuing Sci a children had asked the court to Rule the simple nondenominational and nonsectarian prayers constitutional under the 1st amendment guarantee of Freedom of religion. Refused to hear an Ohio Man a week ago raised by one half j who claims his constitutional of one percent the discount rate tights were violated when to that determines the Cost of Bor-1 lice rejected his request to con rowing Money. It was deplored suit a lawyer before consenting by president Johnson and oth-1 to a drunk test. Maj. Robert m. Horsky Iowa City census shows 8,159 gain Iowa City the special census taken 2% months ago shows that Iowa City a population is now 41,602, up 8,159 from the 1960 census. City officials received the re port monday from the census Bureau u. S. Department of Commerce. The Bureau lists 20,971 females and 20,631 males. The median age is 22.5 years. Over 37 percent 15,642, Are from 15 to 24 years of age. Officials said it is obvious that the inclusion of University of Iowa students in the census is responsible for much of the gain. Ers and there was special criticism of the timing of the move since Federal budget information will be available in just about a month. Some of the Federal Reserve Board members who voted against the interest charge in a four three split joined in the criticism. Hurtle on to endurance Marks promises new i rights Law Piel me Vietnam apr senator Henry Jackson a Wash visited the scene of one i of the Vietnam wars major Bat ties monday and promised american soldiers they would get a i Bill of rights similar to those Given to world War ii and korean War veterans. By Ronald Thompson Houston apr the gemini 7 astronauts still vigorous and mentally Alert in the ninth Day of the Marathon space voyage hurtled on toward new endurance records monday and looked Forward eagerly to a wednesday rendezvous with gemini 6. Frank Borman and James Lovell have shown no evidence of weariness despite the Long grinding exposure to their strange world of space or d. Owen Coons a flight surgeon said monday. A they Wake up Sharp a he said a respond quickly to ground commands and make no errors in copying information relayed to them from Earth stations. A they knew what they had to do and they Are going to do it. We expect them to be As Good to the Borman an air Force lieutenant colonel and Lovell a Navy commander overcame one problem that had plagued them from the beginning but picked up another during the night. A red Light had flicked on and off for Days presumably indicating a loss of pressure in one of the fuel cells. Sunday night flight director John Hodge of the Blue team working the overnight shift suggested that Borman turn on a Cross Over valve which equalizes oxygen pressure Between the two fuel cell systems and to leave it on. A apparently a Hodge said a this cured our problem. The Light went off and both fuel cells seem to be working As Well As they were on the first Day of the flight. The new problem was in a tape recorder which stores data gathered by the astronauts for use in tile Post flight analysis. It stopped working. Hodge suggested that Lovell resort to an old method hit Ting the recorder a few Sharp blows but that did no to Start it up again. Officials said they could get All the necessary data from the pilots in their passes Over ground stations but in the end would have less information than desired. Borman and Lovell woke up monday after a period of Light sleep and soon began asking questions about the Progress of efforts at Cape Kennedy to prepare the gemini 6 spacecraft for a wednesday launch. They were told an abbe continued Page 3, col. 5. But Martin said he thinks that instead of dampening the economic Boom the boards decisions to raise the permissible rate of both interest charge and interest paid on time deposits a should help to sustain Progress in raising output and employment by averting monetary overstimulation of the and he continued they a should moderate the rate of expansion in the demands for credit and at the same time enable the Banks and especially the smaller Banks to attract deposits to help meet those these benefits Martin argued offset the added Cost to both business and the government of borrowing Money. Martin listed several indications he said pointed toward inflation in recent months emphasizing especially that the Index of Industrial commodity prices has begun to Rise after continued Page 3, col. 3. Rusk expecting Little from meeting at nato Paris apr Secretary of state Rusk called on French Premier Pompidou monday As foreign and defense ministers of the Atlantic Alliance gathered to discuss an integrated nuclear Force and Frances part in the Alliance. Rusk told newsmen on his arrival he did not expect anything surprising to emerge from the ministers meeting opening tuesday at Headquarters of the North Atlantic treaty organization. The Case of John j. Dietz against the City of Toledo would have Given the High court an Opportunity to further amplify its interpretation of the 6th amendment right to counsel. The court has ruled this right applies in criminal proceedings in state courts As Well As Federal courts. And in its june 1964, Escobedo decision the court extended the Protection to police interrogation. A affirmed a three judge Federal court order that had barred interference with last months special election in new York state. The ruling left in effect an original order calling for the special election under a reapportionment plan called plan a enacted by a Republican controlled special session of the legislature. A granted a Justice department request to release $203 million in Oil Money impounded since 1956 in the Louisiana submerged lands dispute. The Federal government gets $170 million and Louisiana $33 million. Mondays order spelled out in technical detail just How a line shall be marked out to take in the area three Miles Seaward from the Shoreline to which the state can claim ownership. After handing Down the rulings the court recessed until Jan. 17. Today s Index courthouse. 3 crossword. .23 daily record. 3 deaths 3 editorial features 6 farm. .22 financial. .24 Marion. 25 movies. .21 society. .14, 15 sports. 17-19 state. 8, 9 television 20 want ads. �?26-29

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