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Cedar Rapids Gazette Newspaper Archives Aug 31 1963, Page 1

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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 31, 1963, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather partly Cloudy some Light showers through sunday. Low tonight 50s, sunday High 70s. I unpaid City final 5 cents volume 81�?number 234 Cedar rapids Iowa saturday August 31, 1963 associated press United press International die Holiday traffic Hick airs his views on treaty Byrd Quot Juk need those cars etc.?&Quot Berryville a. Apr senator Harry Byrd chairman of the Senate finance committee wondered aloud saturday if president Kennedy really needs All those a unhappy about lobby p i a n e a yachts limousines and things. For it but plans vote in favor by William Theis the Virginia Democrat who yields to no Republican when it comes to advocating less Federal spending said a the president is a Busy Man and he must be Able to move and act quickly and i certainly do not be Testi Rudge him any recreation he is Able to find. But con sea and air Washington up a sen a t o r Hickenlooper Iowa top Republican on two of the three Senate committees which heard Mony on the nuclear test ban pact said saturday that Sld it a the land he expects to vote to ratify transp to available to the Ujj White House. There Are he forecast overwhelming helicopters the Senate approval. Presidents private $8-million,. Lan Jet Boeing 707-320 Aero Hickenlooper confirmed in an interview that signed to the White House i. President Kennedy was by Asp Force one Ajr willing to let a senatorial Force Douglas dc-6b for air delegation read his treaty ports that can to take jets correspondence with p r e autos yachts 21-foot Lincoln con Mier Nikita Khrushchev to satisfy the lawmakers that there were no hidden mental automobile and a ideas a. Three other family cars in 2. Hickenlooper and others addition to secret service declined to take the respond vehicles and the regular Sivility of a interpreting for White House Fleet. Others a what the exchanges a a special Railroad car May contain. Two yachts another yacht. Key role available from the Navy and a racing yawl supplied his stand on the trea y Brough the coast May be i in p o r i u n t to col Byrd in a speech for his leagues who Haven t decided. 4 St annual a a Orchard me a the senior Republican pm Conj. N de hat a h use on Hie Senate foreign re a subcommittee had approved Mons and joint atomic Energy the residing request of a or sir missing woman 47, Bince role in a Wash. March a kill co i Ann Arbor apr a worried professor has re a. Lull ported to police that his a us daughter 16, who recently i and joined the student non violent coordinating commit Lee has not been heard from Riverside Man 43, and since she took part in the March on Washington. Of. Dodge woman or. Russell Wilson of the University of Michigan said also victims saturday that he still had not heard from her. He said Owa news ibis daughter Jacqueline an three Parsons were killed Honor Pupil at University it a Iowa traffic accidents Fri High school has a always Day night opening the labor been Independent but she a Day weekend on a tragic never done anything like a j Wilson a professor of h Ead Are school administration said Vivian in. Conway 47, of she left at 6 . Tuesday Madison wis. With 43 other teen agers and Lyle David Luckey 43, of adults aboard a chartered Riverside. Bus for Washington. Helen c. Strode 38, of fort a going to n. Dodge. The Fri sheriffs officers the deaths came As gov. And state police were asked Harold Hughes and safety to Aid the search. Wilson commissioner William sep said he had telephoned at Pel called for increased tray least 25 of those who made Fie safety in the state. The trip with Jackie in Hope Walker crash of finding some clue. He said a girl Friend Vivian Conway was killed Laurie Wender mentioned about 8 45 for it Day in a that Jackie had a said some three vehicle crash on lighting about going on to new Way 150 Al the Wes City Lim York with Allen Ehrlich a its of Walker. Michigan student and com committee and most informed classified Tion. The is among the two new twin Jet helicopters lawmakers on costing $1125,000 each nuclear Moi May maybe All this is Neces a but some it seems to j me the president could set Mittee officer. Wilson said he called Ehr Lichts apartment Here and was told he had not returned yet. University officials said Ehrlich had failed to Register for the fall semester by fridays deadline. Not mentioned Collins wins $5.8 million space contract. Sary a he said. Treaty was approved How or an0 her by the foreign relations com Mittee thursday 16 to Ltd an example by getting along with Hickenlooper a in o n g we h a use Ess a a those voting Aye. He said Many senators speech quote were dissatisfied with Points Byrd repeated several in it but a find it difficult to times a quote from the pres demonstrate specific details Identa a inaugural address on which objection to the a ask not what your country Cedar rapids news treaty could be he can do for you a ask what electronic systems for said he is unhappy about an you can do for your coun four satellite tracking Sta a a unprecedented and Evi tons will be furnished by Dently organized lobby for when he entered the sen Collins radio co. Under the but he added ate 30 years ago Byrd said terms of a $5.8 million con a unless something pres a there were Only two major tract entry unknown occurs Iso called Federal state Aid issued by the Goddard think i shall vote to ratify it programs a for land Grant space flight Center the con companions were rescued. On Quot Quot Reserve right foreign relations associated press Back from risky trip a Andy Drebitko right who went Down 308 feet in a futile Carch for Louis Bova missing Miner is shown with h. Beecher Charmbury Pennsylvania mines Secretary. The smiles Are of Relief at Drebitko Safe return from his perilous Mission. A u t h o r i t i is said miss Conway and her Mother Tillie Conway 66, of Walker were returning from a weeks vacation in Missouri and were a mile from the elder woman a Home a mile West of Walker when the fatal crash occurred. Drillers resume activity in search for Bova clue by Stanford Benjamin i Ellin and Henry throne Hazleton a. Apr a were rescued last tuesday courageous Volunteer Friday a remains of plug night ended speculation that a Televik Louis Bova might been eight children in two families Ehrlich a parents in new As the Conway car going York told Wilson Thev Hadnot North App ached the walk heard from their son sincere turnoff Cecil Dewyatt i tuesday and he Hadnot men Willis. 61. Of route t Council toned the Washington trip Bluffs stopped his South then. Bound car to make a left two of the Wilsons other turn nto the Walker Road truck tractor unit drive daughters were in new York and Wilson phoned them on Chance that Jackie might stricken 2 die be staying with them. _ one of them mrs. Jerome Webb City to. A Jacobsen. 23, a recent Bride two children died and an who lives in new Yorken other in the same family be listed Aid of police there who admitted a it will be like rapids then careened came critically ill Early sat a truck tractor unit in South by Robert Seth kelp <>1, of i518 sixth Street new Cedar rapids struck the left rear of the Willis car authorities said. The tractor unit owned by Carl Nelson inc., of Cedar into chamber from which two. U looking for a Needle in a Hay urday in what the Coroner stack a said might be food poisoning or bacterial infection. 20, arrived in new York live children from another tuesday after a years study in Paris. She left for Home Sion camera lowered into the chamber for testing and exploration had picked up what a. State mines Secretary h. Colleges and roads. Tract Calls for providing and with this Hope for finding Beecher Charmbury said a Loday. He said govern Jansta Jing the systems at to Bova ended drillers Contin geared to be a Many a image. Mem Meir economists and vote ate cations at Fairbanks alas used work saturday on Sev Drebitko reported reserved the Rishi to spend of More and cutting a Rosman n. C., and for eral Loo Yard d e e p shafts appeared to be the taxes at the same time. Two additional Sites yet to be which might provide some was the remains of against the treaty even Jike men looking for newi"01"0 Cue to the whereabouts of that had been used to close Ilar symptoms of vomiting Hee think she a just on a hol though they voted to report frontiers Thev sound like the track my facilities Are the Miner missing since a up the 12-Inch Hole before and diarrhoea. Two were bos Day. But what if there a it favourably. Hickenlooper rip Van a be part of the National Cavern aug. 13. They widened it to 18 inches , the others re been foul play what about that we just done to not known if the the Wilsons and the opposite Lane striking the Conway car nearly head another daughter Patricia on the left wheel of the tractor climbed onto the family in the same Small a i. I Friday after conferring with a what Community Carl Janet on Ner marked Sis or Bors reserved the right to t ups a the same time Quot in Quot Era lira yarn a e e p snarls me image to. A were taken to a hos Quot we dont know what to vote for reservations or Rhese ideas Don to sound a lunch a Mhz cd t"1 t y of that had been used to Illse pc Nha a with Sim said Wilson. Quot the to announced. Clue to the whereabouts of Blat had been used to close liar symptoms of on looking for report frontiers. They sound Hickenlooper rip Van proposed in committee and was voted Down that the asked to comment t a a Bot group ask Kennedy to fur Byrds remarks press Sec a acquisition network. By Miner Andy Drebitko 36# Nish his Khrushchev Corres retard Salinger made a completion w d 8ve Nasa f Pottsville that his Iden Oon Dence to the gun Malinger Macle a four such stations. The first Secretary of Sta a Rusk As a 0 a a the was constructed Las. Of the National Cavern aug. 13. They widened it to 18 aeronautics and space ad-1 so hazardous was the mis and brought Fellin and leased ministrations world wide Sjon performed Friday night throne rope was curled it was Conway vehicle. The tractor then bounced Back across the Road ending up in front of the Willis car. Authorities said miss Conway a car skidded As she apparently put on the brakes and her car was on the shoulder when hit by the tractor unit. Miss Conway suffered a 11 1c 1 fractured Skull and crushed Chest and was dead on arrival at an Iowa City hos surd the members wednes House in which the president Ives was passed on to him Day that Kennedy would not from the administration of object to letting a sub com j0hn Mittee of several senators this of course referred see the correspondence but to the fact the White House would not for reasons of was built during the second executive privilege a wish presidents term. To turn it Over to the full other White House sources committee. Gave the following list of Hickenlooper explained rave facilities available to Antenna control systems i his motion this Way a i am or Kennedy systems and data handling a a these will function around the plug. Two cases were connected. Iare White. Drebitko added a my in a dead Are Ronald Allen Fath Bitt Tity was not disclosed until Section of the area where Haugh 6, and Terry Allen a or i i year lad been hauled Back up and throne had been Haugh la children of or. Quot no one takes an interest Petal at Fairbanks. It was a 30g.foot Shaft and reported indicated that it would have and mrs. Harry Asbury. In my daughter s where f ,. Und no Trace of Bova been impossible to Tunnel Larry Allenbaugh Terry a about a Wilson said. Lacerations. 5ne was listed in prototype Ajjie s h a f t went to the rom Libere to where Bova twin a was on the critical a fall these civil rights or for those stations being sup camber from which David continued Page 2, col. 5. Continued Page 2, col. 8. Continued Page 2, col. 5. Was also one of the first of and formed the her Mother suffered injuries and multiple plied under the new contract. As the prime electronics systems contractor Collins is to furnish and install the marriages in Iowa decline 23% Sui e the a u in i n i s t r a 11 on j Jen helicopters which a Sterns would be willing to let any Thev said was the same Nom with an 85foot parabolic anon the committee look Bory Ava Ilab e to president a at each site. Eisenhower. They said two addition Collins has of the to were faster replace been selected by Goddard As ments for helicopters used by a source for negotiations for or. Eisenhower. The development of elec Henoc no offem Ihn and by said the primary tronic mechanical and by does not Al Lect the Ordinary r it onion Cut Tomc in j Mission of the entire Fleet is Braulic systems to be into speedily evacuate the stalled at a second Rosman continued Page i col. 3. President and other key of so i facials a in event of National when completed the track sent from 14 to 16 for girls ing facilities will enable Sci a and 16 to 18 for boys and one at the correspondence. equal partner a my motion was based on the fact that this situation does not affect the Ordinary Rule of executive privilege Des Moines apr marriages in Iowa declined 23.4% from 1960 to 1962. Reflecting effect of two Laws relating to marriage the department of Public health said saturday in its annual report on vital statistics. The 1961 Iowa legislature passed Laws raising the minimum age for marriage with parental con today s Index comics. 7 courthouse. 2 crossword. 7 daily record. 2 deaths. 2 editorial features 6 Marion. 8 movies. Sports. 4,5 state. 8 television. 8 want ads. 9-11 a a enlists at the Goddard Center greater Speed e 1 to process vast amounts of 2. The $8-million fan Jet data which Are transmitted transportation was ordered Back to Earth by scientific for or. Kennedy because of satellites. Its greater Speed and longer _ Range. The three other 707s and the dc-6b were part of the Fleet available to or. Eisenhower they said. 3. The Lincoln limousine was ordered during the Eisenhower administration. 4. Railroad cars have been the Slayer of two girls one continued Page 2, col. 8. Of whom worked for it. $10,000 offered for girls killer new York apr Newsweek Magazine Friday offered a $10,000 Reward for creating a new three Day waiting period. A net reduction of 20% was noted the first year the Law was in effect by comparing marriage rates for fiscal i960 and fiscal 1961, which had just begun when the Laws went into effect. Marriages declined further in 1962, from 21,962 in 1961 to 18,981 last year. Meanwhile divorces declined Only slightly from 4,731 in 1961 to 4,697 in 1962. The report showed that while the number of divorces was reduced in 1962, the number of children affected by divorce increased from 6.153 in 1961 to 6,475 last year. It showed that 39 4% of the persons divorced in Iowa last year were in their 20s, compared with 38.7% in 1961. The number of births in Iowa declined to 61,703 last year compared with 64,143 the previous year. But deaths increased from 28,-158 in 1961 to 28,632. Of the births in 1962, 1,-686 were illegitimate compared with 1,713 in 1961. But the rate of illegitimacy per 1,000 live births was 26.8, up from 26.4 in 1961. The average age of All mothers in 1962 was 26.3 years while the average mate children was 22.5 years. The most births were recorded in August both years a 5,821 in 1961 and 5,543 in 1962. Deaths from pneumonia heart disease and accidents increased in 1962, while those from influenza cancer motor vehicle acc i d e n t s and polio decreased. Only two polio deaths were recorded compared with six in 1961. A record Low of eight maternal deaths were reported compared with 15 in 1961. Influenza deaths dropped from 182 to 95. Cancer fatalities fell from a record 4,603 in 1961 to 4,448 in 1962. Motor vehicle deaths declined from 698 in 1961 to 657 last year. But total Accident fatalities increased from 1,340 in 1961 to 1,386 last year. Age of mothers of Ille git deaths from heart disease climbed from 10,846 to 11,-190, while pneumonia deaths went up to 860 from 837. In both years conditions of infancy caused the most deaths in infants from birth to four years of age. Accidents and suicides took the most lives both years in the 5 14 and 25 44 age groups. Circulatory conditions resulted in the most deaths in the 45 and older group both years. The report showed there was a birth every nine minutes in 1962, compared with one every eight minutes in 1961. There was a death on the average of every 19 minutes both years. Weddings took place every 28 minutes in 1962 and every 24 minutes the previous year. There was a divorce on the average of every 111 minutes both years. Fair condition at St. Luke a Hospital Cedar rapids this noon. Willis and his wife Hazel were not injured. A third person in his car Ruth Hurd 56, of route 3, Council Bluffs complained of Chest pains but was not hospitalized. Kelp suffered a hand injury. Miss Conway was born in Dexter minn., feb. 28. 1916. She lived in Cedar rapids before becoming associated with the Manchester department store in Madison. Survivors include her parents or. And mrs. Thomas Conway. Route i Walker and a brother Donald a Conway of Waterloo. She was a member of Cedar rapids Lodge 262, a Obj. Memorial services tuesday at 2 in the Janeba Kuba funeral Home by the Rev. John w. Ried of the first lutheran Church. Friends May Call a the fun continued Page 2, col. 6. Today s Chackle few articles Are More expensive than a girl who is free for dinner. Copyright

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