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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 26, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa HEATHCLIFF GET HIM Our OF HERE'" Hie Investor’s Conicle For Better Health There Are Ways Diaper Rash Can Be Prevented By Dr. S.L. Andelman Diaper rash is one of those little annoyances that makes a baby ornery and takes some of the fun out of mothering But it can be prevented. Generally this skin rash, sometimes called diaper dermatitis, appears on the inner surfaces of the thigh, genitalia and buttocks and sometimes spreads to the legs. It’s localized in the area ordinarily covered by the diaper and causes the skin to smart, sting or itch. In appearance, a diaper rash varies from a diffuse reddened area, in which the skin has a parchmentlike look, to groups of tiny reddish blisters. As it progresses, oozing may appear and sometimes a secondary infection may follow Susceptibility Infants who get diaper rash easily may have inherited a susceptibility for skin irritations or a vulnerability to secondary yeast or bacterial infections. A number of conditions may actually activate the rash: separation of the skin caused by continuous contact with the wet diaper; increased irritation from the moist heat produced by rubber or plastic pants; retention of sweat caused by the plugging of the sweat glands, allergic factors, such as sensitization to detergents, soaps or plastic diaper covers; Primary irritants, such as feces or ammonia from the urine; infection, or irritation from friction or pressure. You can prevent diaper rash by promptly changing wet diapers and cleansing the skin with each change (particularly after a bowel movement). While the child has the rash, don’t use any impervious Dr. Andelman diaper cover, such as plastic pants — such a cover can produce physical conditions that increase the warmth and humidity of the skin, which in turn favor the growth of bacteria and yeast. Treatment In treating the rash, use only one diaper along with a protective powder. Rinse the diapers lightly with quarter-nary ammonium compound Another way of helping the skin is to expose the uncovered diaper area to dry, warm air This can be especially beneficial and is easy to do at nap time. Similar to diaper rash is the intensely red, dry and shiny skin caused by chafing that often appears in obese infants wherever the skin comes in contact with other skin. Excessive perspiration, retention of sweat and constant friction of the affected parts can make the infant restless and uncomfortable. Here, too, you can help the situation by frequent cleansing, changes of diapers and airing of the skin. Dr Andelman welcomes letters outlining problems which he may discuss in future columns. Ile regrets, however, that he cannot personally*-answer mail. Write to him in care of The Gazette. By Sam Shulsky Q — Please discuss the advantages and disadvantages of investing in coins and diamonds vs. stocks, bonds, mutual funds and savings accounts. A — The first, and most obvious, difference is that an investment in coins and diamonds brings in no current income. You are speculating IOO percent on a gain in market value Furthermore, the coins or gems must be insured and kept in a safe place. Securities, either directly owned or via a mutual fund, do provide income and are quite liquid, so that immediate sale is possible The same, of course, for day-to-day savings accounts Current income is a big factor in all these investments. As to market risk, I am not prepared to testify. Gold, for example, has come down in price in recent months even though the inflation which spurred interest in it goes on. Diamonds, I’m told, are successful inflation hedges in the hands of persons who know what they are buying. Remember, in most cases diamonds bought for investment at retail, r.ust be liquidated at wholesale Q — We own $10,000 American Telephone and Telegraph 7s of 2001. Should we sell and buy treasury bills? We are in our mid-60s A — I can’t see any reason for the switch At recent market prices, the 7s of 2001 are yielding 8.7 percent, current, and more to maturity. Treasury bills’ yields — as this is written — run from around 7.2 to 8 4 percent. Since you bought 30-year bonds, I assume you were interested in long-term income, and not in rolling over your money every 12 months. Furthermore, the expense and market price spread involved in selling IO bonds and then going into treasury bills would further reduce your income from this money One no vote Q —- I would like to know if you could send me some free pamphlets on investing in stocks and bonds and also how to read the stock quotations. A — I have some form letters on investing in stocks and bonds, but need a stamped self-addressed envelope to get them to you Since you live in a large city, you will find that many brokers offer pamphlets of this nature. The N Y. Stock exchange offers an “investment kit’’ for $1.50 which can be obtained from the exchange. Dept. SI’, Box 252, Wall Street Station, New York City, N. Y 10005. Sam Shulsky Q — I recall reading of mutual funds which would accept your shares and give you in return their own stock. so that you would have to keep track of only one dividend source. A — You are referring to “swap’’ funds which were allowed for a time some years ago. They are no longer available Q — My broker recommended some conglomerate bonds which would yield better than 14 percent. He said that as long as the company is making money, the bonds are okay. I’m retired — need income. A — You won’t get an okay from me for a bond rated CCC. By the time you find out the company is not making money, it will be too late for you to run (J — lf I sell a mutual fund after owning it six months, how much will I lose? A — I don’t know. You know what you paid in. Now multiply the number of shares you hold by the “bid” price and you’ll get the present value of your investment. * * * COMMISSION BROKER: A broker who executes securities and commodities buy and sell orders for the public. Mr Shulsky welcomes written questions, but he will be oble to provide onswers only through the column For information to check on obsolete securities, please include a self addressed, stamped envelope Address your re auests to Sam Shulsky, care of The Ga Jette BIG GEORGE! Virgil Partch water. You’ve sprung Leader Predicts Common Market Entry by Greece ATHENS, Greece (Al1) -Cornelius Berkhouwer, president of the European parliament, said Friday thdt measures would be taken for Greece’s speediest entry as a full member of the Common Market following the country’s return to democratic rule. “After five days here we are convinced that the Greek authorities and the very last man in the street is knocking on the door of the European Economic Community,’’ Berkhouwer said “I firmly believe that the EEC should open that door as widely as possible.” Berkhouwer said he met with Premier Constantine Caramanlis and other government leaders and received a Greek plan on the stages toward Greece’s full entry into the market. Berkhouwer was speaking at a news conference dealing with the revival of Greece’s terms of association with the market. These term! were frozen in 1967 following the military coup and suspension of democratic rule in Greece. According to the 1962 treaty of association, Greece is scheduled to become a full member of the market by 1984. 70,000 Back in War-Torn City CAIRO, Egypt (AP) - An estimated 70,000 persons have returned to war-torn Suez City since Israeli troops withdrew last March, the Cairo newspaper Al Ahram said. Before last October’s Middle East war, the city at the southern end of the Suez (’anal had a population of 26*2,000. During the war, 85 percent of the buildings were destroyed or damaged and the population fled before the Israeli drive to the western bank. Egypt is pressing ahead with reconstruction of Suez City and two lesser-damaged major cities on the canal, Ismailia and Port Said. WIN AT BRIDGE Want Ad office open daily. Until noon Sat 8-5 By Oswald & James Jacoby Jim: “We haven’t discussed four- and five-card major-suit openings for a while Maybe we should do so again Oswald: “In our bidding, we practically never open a four-card spade suit in first or second position and we try to avoid opening a four-card heart suit.” Jim: “We also want our partners to assume we have a five-card suit when we open a major in first or second seat, but not quite to the extent that today’s North did. Apparently each time the opponents bid spades. North thought his hand had become better Oswald: “West opened the king of spades and shifted to a trump After this start South knocked out West’s ace of diamonds; ruffed one of his spades in dummy some time along the way and made his contract.” Jim: “This result does not prove the value of opening some four-card heart suits. A club shift by West at trick two would have beaten the hand unless South let East hold the first club. An opening club lead would have beaten the hand irrespective of South’s play.” VtCRRDJfeft** The bidding has been    2H West    North    East    South IA    Pass    14 Pass    I N T    Pass    ? You. South, hold 4 A KQJ IO 54*85432*74 What do you do now? A—Bid three notrump in duplicate where honors dont count and four spades in rubber bridge where they do. TODAY’S QUESTION Instead of bidding one notrump your partner has raised you to two spades What do you do now? \nswer Tomorrow Volcano Land Volcano eruptions have created 210 acres of new land in Hawaii since 1969 I north 2b 4 3 V I) IOT ♦ Kl) HISH + 108 3 2 WEST EAST 4 A K 10 7 2 ♦ Qd I ¥ 8 5 4 2 * ♦» ♦ A 5 J 97 4 + 04 +KQ ll 7 5 sot rn (D> 4 8 6 5 4 ¥ A K J 9 ♦ J 3 2 + A J Both vulnerable VV <>st North East South I V 14 2* 24 Cass Pass 3¥ Cass I ’ass 34 4* Cass I ass I’ass Opening lead—K 4 $58.2 Million in Oil Overcharges To Be Made Up WASHINGTON (AP) — Four oil companies accused by the Federal Energy Administration of overcharges totally -$58.2 million already have complied with FEA orders to make up the costs to their customers An FEA spokesman said the orders against the four companies resulted from an agency audit of the oil industry during the first half of the year. The spokesman said Wednesday that Conoco was ordered to make up $11 million in alleged overcharges, (’hurter received an order covering $15 8 million. Ashland, $21.5 million and Koch, $9 9 million. The FEA’s statement was a clarification of an announcement Tuesday, which said the firms only had agreed to comply with the orders, but had not done so yet. Switched to a rowboat’’ Sell your motor with a fast, result getting Classified Ad! Dial 398-8234. Senior Citizen Buses Cedar Rapids System Telephone 383-8244 Area Ten (SEATS) In Cedar Rapids 398-5605 Elsewhere 800-332-5996 House Sales, Book Contracts Newly Found Artifacts Shed Light on Early Chinese Life Financial Options Open to Nixon TOKYO (AP) - China has reported the discovery of ancient manuscripts, some of them books lost from 1,000 to 2,000 years, and other artifacts from Hun dynasty tombs which cast new and important light on the Chinese civilization Hsinhua News Agency, monitored here, said the immensely important finds were made in recent investigations of tombs No. 2 and No. 3 of the family of Marquis Tai who died in 186 B C. A 1972 excavation of tomb No. I produced the corpse of the marquis’ widow in a state of extraordinary preservation and thousands of art objects. Some of them have been seen by millions of people in Paris, London, Tokyo and other world capitals. Long Lost Books Manuscripts copied in Chinese ink on silk totaling more than 120,000 characters representing long lost books, were “especially noteworthy” Hsinhua said of tho new finds. They provide material for the study of the Confucian and legalist schools of the early western Man dynasty — 206 B C.-24 A D. The three tombs are located at Mawangtui near Changsha, the ancient Chinese capital, in Hunan Province. Two versions of the manuscripts of the philosopher Lao Tzu were unearthed as well as a collection of speeches by diplomats and statesmen in the period of the Warring States — 476-221 B. C. — totaling 12,OOO «naracters. There also is a manuscript of the “Book of Changes” and more than IO books prior to the Chin - 221-207 B.C. - and Hun dynasties. Rule by Law One of the recovered lost essays is on monarchs which praises those who rule by law There are other essays on judging horses, “the motion of the 28 stars”, the principles of Yin and Yang and the primary elements of metal, water, wood, fire and earth A map of the upper reaches of the Hsianchiang and Lichiang rivers and another on troop dispositions in the Changsha area are described VW Undecided On U. S. Plant WOLKSBl'RG, West der-many (AP) — Volkswagen has had numerous offers of site's for an automobile assembly plant in the U. S., but has not decided even whether to build the plant, a company spokesman said. “In answering these offers from government officials, real estate agents and student groups, we explain that Volkswagen will not decide before late autumn whether it will build such a plant,’ the spokesman said. If approved, the project would begin with an assembly plant capable of producing 500 cars a day, the spokesman said. He added “The longterm project could then be expanded into a full production plant costing at least $1 billion.” as the earliest yet found in China. A treatise on 600 inscribed bamboo slips describes the burial articles in tomb No. 3 and contains a medical essay. There are paintings on silk showing figures suffering from backache and stomach ache Processions of people, chariots and horses appear on other silk paintings as well as women sailing in boats. More than 300 pieces of lacquerware, bigger and better preserved than those found in 1972, were dug up as well as bows. cross-bows, halberds, spears, weapons stands and a spade with an iron-plated tip inscribed with the Chinese character “five ” A skeleton in the No 3 tomb was identified as that of the marquis’ son, aged about 30 The marquis’ remains were in tomb No. 2 The marquis’ wife was found to have died before he did LAFF - A - DAY —t : sISh “Either you pay this bill, Holmstrom, or I tell all your other creditors you DID!” By Dick Barnes SAN CLEMENTE, (alif (AP) — Richard Nixon may sell his Florida houses and could renegotiate the mortgage on his San Clemente estate to ease personal budget problems confronting him as a private citizen ’And big money may lie ahead if he contracts to write a book. These financial options for the former President were •mimed by Nixon associates, although there is no firm word on what he will do. One adv iser said he expected no quick decision on future financial arrangements. Nixon’s resignation made more immediate the money-problem that began four months ago with Internal Revenue Service findings that he owed nearly $5(N),(KMI in back income taxes, penalties and interest. Ready ( ash While the documents of his presidency are potentially worth millions, Nixon’s problem is ready cash “I ve got to find a way to pay my taxes,” Nixon said in his White House farewell Aug. 9. His income dropped sharply, Group Praises Prison Officials HOUSTON, Texas (AIM -The American Correctional Assn has praised Texas prison officials for their conduct in a recent escape attempt in Huntsville Two convicts and two hostages died in an Aug. 3 shootout which ended an 11-day siege of the prison library. Three resolutions approved at the final session of the ACA convention on Thursday cited the courage and fortitude of prison officials, Texas Gov. Dolph Briscoe and the hostages. Huntsville radio station KSAM was also praised for its cooperation in handling the news during the escape attempt The station voluntarily censon*d some of its newscasts to keep from giving information to the prisoners, who were listening from presidential salary to pension, with his resignation in the face of virtually certain impeachment over Watergate Since retreating to his oceanfront residence here, Nixon and his aides have said nothing publicly about finances. Charles “Bebe” Rebozo and Robert Abplanalp, wealthy friends who have been closely entwined rn Nixon’s financial affairs, visited him several times during the former President’s first days out of office, but wouldn’t say whether money was discussed. One adviser familiar with Nixon’s finances said the present feeling among aides is, “Let s let the gentleman rest until he’s rested. He should best know when that is He should not be expected to make a lot of decisions quickly.” New Expenses But soon there will be new expenses. Now without public funds to pay his legal fees. Nixon presumably will need private attorneys to advise him on a pending Watergate trial subpoena and perhaps other Watergate matters Nixon's present financial situation is this Ills cash savings were virtually wiped out by a payment of $284.7(16 for back taxes and penalties from 1970-72. plus interest. Ile has promised to pay an additional $148 081 for 1969 back taxes, although the statute of limitations for civil collection of that sum has expired Ile was to pay $243,000 in principal and interest July 15 as the final payment on his San Clemente property. But he received a six-month extension on that debt in return for agreeing to pay higher Interest. Ills principal assets at this point are his equity in the San Clemente property and two houses at Key Biscayne, Fla. He owns no corporate stocks or bonds. His income, instead of $250,000 as President, is now $62,950 in presidential pension, plus about $18,000 for other past government serv ice ranging from World war II military duty to vice-president. For his first six months out of office, he’s also entitled to $450,000 in transition office expenses, then will get $96,000 a year for aides’ salaries, plus other benefits such as office space. Because of his abrupt resignation. Nixon didn't even have money for office stationery during the early days of his post-presidency. The General Services Administration and congress were at work clearing up that red tape, however House Sale The simplest quick step Nixon could take to raise significant money probably would be the sale of his two houses in Key Biscayne, Fla , which could net him $15(1.(NMI or more. Within six months, he’ll also have to revamp his mortgage arrangements for the San Clemente property He could simply extend payments on the amount now due or he could raise immediate cash bv negotiating a new and larger mortgage The former President also could make a financial comeback by writing a book or selling his papers and tapes The papers and tapes are potentially worth millions of dollars President Fords lawyers have said the tapes and documents will remain in the White House until Watergate legal issues are resolved Successful Volume Ultimately, the materials are expected to go to Nixon, but there has been no indication he will sell them Ile has said previously that the materials would be placed in a Nixon presidential library. ROBERT’A’READ'Photographer Creative Wedding Specialist 1133 Thirty fifth Street, NE *363-7694 Continental Albums- No one has said Nixon intends to write a book. After his vice presidency, he authored a commercially successful volume entitled “Six Crises”. Experts in the publishing industry say that paying Nixon a big advance for a book would In* highly speculative They say that it is impossible to tell now what the public interest in a Nixon book would be in 1»2 to 2 years — the minimum time they figure would elapse before a book could lie in bookstores. Another major question, they agree, is what would Nixon say? “The value would be if he told it like it happened.” said one agent. “If he just wrote a nice rosy painted picture, then the critics would murder it.” One New York agent cited $2 million as a possible advance to Nixon for a book, but other experts were skeptical of that figure. Secluded Estate Nixon has until January to work out a means for paying off the San Clemente mortgage. The Nixons have given every indication they intend to live permanently in California, so they are not expected to sell their secluded estate. The mortgage is now owed to a private family which sold the property to Nixon in 1969 High interest rates and tax considerations could lead the mortgage holders to agree to a longer-term payoff Or Nixon might try to refinance the property with a loan larger than the present mortgage so he could have enough money to also pay his 1969 tax bill Quicker Source Any transaction, however, is complicated by the fact that while Nixon sold much of the land in the 26-acre estate to Abplanalp and Kebozo, it still Advertisement Help* Solve 3 Biggest FALSE TEETH Worries and Problems M 'Ifnlurt' a'lhc ivc. K.YS-I M i    T?U’f ,|,M^ »" "f I - llel|M hull u,,,M.r, urMj )o I un iter, firmer. Readier. 2) Hold, them more comfort ald v I) lid on you <•«' inure naturally. Why worry’ IW I- A SIK KT ll I lent tire Adhesive I ow der Denture* that fit arn regularly.    h’ yuur dwn,‘rt remains in a single parcel under a trust agreement A quicker and more likely source of money would be sale of the two houses Nixon owns in Key Biscayne, Fla. He bought them for slightly more than $250,000 in early 1969, Outstanding mortgages are estimated to be a hit more than $150,OOO With a rise in property values. Nixon presumably could dear at least $150,000 from a sale. Abplanalp and an owner not publicly identified own two other houses in what was the five-house presidential compound at Key Biscayne. Their houses were leased to the government for security and support personnel. Rebozo owns the fifth house and it is his residence. v REALLY NOW... 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