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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 25, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa SHKB'Wt wop rn bobbin FASHION MATI* ZIG-ZAG sewing.machine Enjoy sewing more with conveniences like: built-in fashion and zig-zag stitches, 3 needle positions, quick-change snap-on presser !urn neediiMn*" While Quantities Last! sertion, fabric setting dial, and more! SELECTED SEWING CABINETS Ml% °FF J    MMM Re4 $140lu$290 ' M W SALE! $70 to $145 Carrying case or cabinet extra Decorator styles for any room, serving as fine furniture when not functioning as wDrk/storage units. Limited quantities on some models, not all models in all stores. / Distinctive Funeral Arrangements REGISTER NOW FOR FALL SEWING COURSES AT SINGER. DAY AND EVENING CLASSES IN DRESSMAKING, TAILORING. SEWING KNITS. FROM $14.50 to $29.50, TEXTBOOK INCLUDED. SINGER Sewing Centers and participating Approved Dealers For store nearest you, see the yellow pages under SEWING MACHINES. Singer has a liberal trade-in policy. 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Sizes 36 to 46 regulars, 40 to 46 longs. Jacket $18 Slack $12 ARMSTRONG MEN’S CLOTHING THIRD FLOOR quality is economy By Mike Deapree Despite a mass of problems — technical, financial and jurisdictional — the combination bridge and dam structure proposed for Cedar Rapids is moving steadily toward reality. And, says Mayor Don Canney, it s not really far behind schedule. “Ifs no more behind schedule than the rest of the interstate construction.” said the mayor, who has a special reason to keep a close eye on the massive project. Canney and Iowa City Architect Ned Ashton are the two prime movers behind the project, which will be the biggest, most expensive project ever undertaken by the state highway commission. • • • THEY BEGAN pushing for the combination concept in 1967. when Canney was public improvements commissioner. “The idea came about be- Kenya Wants To Stage Games NAIROBI. 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No. Since the delayed retirement credit provision went into effect beginning with January 1971, you cannot get any credit for any years prior to that. Therefore, your delayed retirement credit will be for 1971 through 1974 or 4 percent. * 0 * My son-in-law and daughter were killed in an automobile accident nearly five years ago. Since then I have fully supported by granddaughter, who is now ll. I'm retiring soon. and I II start getting social security checks. Can my granddaughter get monthly checks, too? Since her parents are dead and she is dependent on you, your granddaughter may be able to get monthly checks based on your work record. When you apply for your retirement checks, you should also apply for payments for her. 0 0 0 The Cedar Rapids Social Security office is located in room 300, SGA building, 122 Second street SE. Telephone number is: 366-24 11, extension 431. approved by the highway commission in late 1970 The cest estimates have varied considerably since the project was conceived There was first — and there still Is. in some respects — the question of what parts of the structure would he funded by the city, state and federal governments. The 1-380 structure was clearly eligible for 90 percent federal and ten percent state funding as a part of the interstate highway system, and the dam was just as clearly a city responsibility. The city also hoped the E and F avenue bridges would be considered part of the interstate system; on that basis, the city’s share of the $13.6 million project was put at $1 million, plus about $600,000 in gates and machinery for the dam. That estimate was in late 1970. In February of the following year, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) nixed the idea of 90 percent funding for the E and F avenue portions of the structure. That boosted the city share to about $2 35 million But in September, 1972, the FHWA changed its mind and agreed the E and F avenue segments were part of the interstate system. At about the same time, the cost of the dam was pared down, and the city share of the whole project dropped to about $1.3 million. By this time a sixth feature, 300 metered parking spaces, had been added to the project but the “five-in-one” tag stuck • • • IN THE LAST two years, inflation has hit the construction industry extremely hard. The latest estimate of the city's share is $3 4 million. But Canney believes the combination plan still means a saving, because the cost of separate structures, he explains. would be proportionately increased, ton. if that Proposed Cedar River Five-in-One Structure There s Money In Early Death WELLINGTON, New Zea-land (AF*)—The New Zealand government is to make lump sum payments of up to $3,750 to the dependents of any citizen dying before the age of 65. The formula provides $1.5(8) cash to a totally-dependent widow or widower, including a partner or a de facto relationship There are additional payments of $750 for each dependent child, up to a limit of $2.-250 Payments are reduced in cases of partial dependency. Lump sum payments have been paid to the dependents of accident victims since April last year. was the course that had been chosen instead of the combination The city council has always planned to build the dam without increasing taxes, and that’s still the goal, “We’re not considering selling any bonds," Canney said last week. Instead, a fund has been set up and money placed in it from the liquor fund during the last three years. About $6(8).188) found its way into the bridge fund that way, and about $100,000 of it has already been spent for engineering on the project. Last spring, the council decided to bolster the fund by allocating $500,000 in revenue sharing money. The eventual full city share will probably be attained in the same way, Canney said, through a combination of revenue sharing, liquor funds and road use funds. The mayor is also quick to point out that the big price tag covers more than just a span over the Cedar river. Ifs actually a structure nearly a mile long, from Fourth avenue SW to Fourth street NE. with exit ramps, bridges, the dam. traffic signals, sidewalks and related items. And it’s more than just a way to get cars from one side City Hall Notes to the other, he said. Canney feels most people overlook the necessity for the new dam. “It's absolutely necessary to ensure a safe and adequate water supply,” he said, explaining that a large pool must be assured, both to keep an adequate flow available for the well fields that supply the city water, and also to make sure a high enough level is available if the wells fail and water must be taken directly from the river Recreation and flood control will also be improved, he said. because the new dam will have adjustable gates, unlike the present dam. providing more control over the water level. On top of the dam will be two sets of streets, three lanes eastbound for E avenue and two lanes westbound for F avenue. as well as sidewalks. On top of that will be seven lanes for 1-380, four of them eastbound. Cars on the top level will be 54 feet above the waters of the Cedar river. A project that big isn t built overnight. Canney estimates at least two years will be required for the actual construction. • • • BIDS ARE tentatively scheduled to be opened in November. The whole project will be built under a single contract, with the city paying the highway commission for its share of the structure. Because of the size of the project, the FHWA wants to advertise for bids for two months, instead of the typical one month. It’s also the size of the project that convinces Canney things are moving along pretty well A few years ago, he said, a project of this magnitude would take about ten years, from conception to construction But In the last two or three years greatly increased emphasis has been put on environmental and safety consid erations, and inflation has made funding a real problem when coupled with cutbacks and impoundments of highway funds. Since the project was first estimated for opening in 1976. a completion date of 1977 doesn't sound too bad. WELCOME TO WILLY'S!* Thia Week Only! Centerpiece of In a Gorgeous Array of Colors #^50 Free Delivery willy’s 35 loral Designs 3301 1st Ave. SE Delivers Service—363-2675-Open Mon. thru Sat. 8-5 The extension of the scheme by Prime Minister Norman E. Kirk s Labor government to cover all deaths becomes effective in April 1975. Mike Deupree cause of the construction of I-380 and the need for a new dam.” Canney explained “It looked like we were going to need five river crossings, plus the dam ” Instead of several separate structures, why not build a new dam and put the E and F avenue bridges on top of it. then put 1-380 on top of that, asked Ashton and Canney0 The combination, they estimated, would save the city $11 million and the state $1.5 million The concept of a multiple-use structure was well-received from the start, and the specific design was formally ;

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