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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 25, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 2A    Cedar    Rapids    Gazette:    Sal-,    Alg.    25,    H74 *V*f Vandals, Time Erode Unique American Indian Art Works UPI Telephoto THE RAVAGES OF time, vandals and construction are slowly destroying a unique American art form — rock scratchings made a milienium ago by wandering Indians. In Utah, an estimated 80 percent of all sites of the scratchings, known as petroglyphs, have been at least partially marred. Here, David Litz, a member of the Utah university petroglyph protect, uses an opaque wax pencil on sheets of transparent mylar to record ancient Indian drawings etched on sandstone cliffs in southeastern Utah. Churchill Birthplace Slated for Repair BLENHEIM. England (AP) —Blenheim Palace, birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill, is to be reroofed with blue-grey slates from England's oldest slate quarry in Cumberland The quarry recently exported 12.(KH) slates to Canada for roofing the Historical Resources building in Fredericton. Lots of Water Coe Scholarship Endowment Told Kila Johnson Miller, 3Bihi Indian road SE, has initiated a $50,000 endowed scholarship fund for Coe college The scholarship will Im* called the Erroll L Miller and Kila Johnson Miller scholarship, commemorating also her husband who died in 1972. When fully funded, the principal amount of the endowment will be $50.(MM), with the income to be awarded annually to deserving Coe has been given to Cornell college in Mt. Vernon Mrs. Miller's grandmother, Mary Coe Kettering, was the first cousin of Daniel Coe. who founded Coe college in 1851. Mars Tour A round trip to Mars could Im* made with a powerful rocket in HH) days, including 40 days spent in exploring the planet. CAPITOL REEF NATION AL MONUMENT. UTAH (UPI) -The ravages of time, vandals and construction are slowly destroying a unique American art form — rock scratchings made a milienium ago by wandering Indians In Utah, an estimated KO percent of all the sites of petroglyphs — as the scratchings are known — have been at least partially marred But a team of University of Utah art students, financed by the national endowment for the humanities, is working to document some of the art work for posterity and awaken public interest in saving endangered sites ’Rubbings” Cary Stilovich, 2B. a senior graphic design major, hopes to take pictures and •‘rubbings” of BO sites before his six-month. $10,000 grant runs out. Rock art is scattered throughout North America, hut it has generally been overlooked in comparison to spectacular discoveries elsewhere in the world Utah's drawings an associated with the Fremont culture, which flourished between 1,000 and 1.200 A D Typical drawings feature mountain sheep, coyotes and hunters In some regions, trapezoidal human figures wearing headdresses have been pecked into the rink Stilovich said professional archaeologists have tended to shelve consideration of the scratchings in favor of other research at digging sites because of the difficulty in correlating the art with specific native cultures. As a result, he said, much of the work has been done by those interested in the art itself. Too Simple “Many contemporary artists say rook art is too simple, yet much of the work displays a high degree of skill in com position, planning and execution It’s actually a very approachable art form that can involve anyone on any level " Researchers agree that the pictures were used as a record of objects, hunt tallies, concepts and legends. Some were mere scrawls for amusement, but most of the work was done by the tribe’s shaman, or others under his direction, as an aid in insuring health, fertility, ram or prosperity. The Utah student and his aides begin their work by studying rock drawings and photographing sections of particular interest. Then they tape large sheets of transparent mylar over selected panels and work over the entire sheet with an opaque wax pencil, capturing the texture of the rock and defining the recessed image, largest Drawing A “rubbing.” as the procedure is known, may require several hours or days to finish, depending on the size Candidates for School Board To Be Queried Candidates for election to the Cedar Rapids school board will Im* questioned about issues Thursday at 7:30 p m at the Kennedy high school auditorium. Seeking two three-year terms on the hoard are Curran Rosser, Jan Zonneveld. Robert Barber and Norman Lipsky. Candidates for an unexpired two-year term are Mark D. Donahue, Mary Ann Kucera. Howard L. Beall, Carl Ledford and Scott Olson. The candidates night program is being co-sponsored by the Cedar Rapids Education Assn . Jaycees, League of Women Voters and Parent-Teacher-Student Assn. Things are happening every day in the Classified ads. and amount of detail Stilovich said his large*-’ drawing was 12 by 20 feet and took two days to finish “Unexpected things start appearing in the rock as we work on the rubbings,” he said “The feeling of the background is as important as the pecked image, and so we try to get (he figures in the context of their settings “The native artists used natural cracks and corners in the rock to advantage in telling their stones, and we try to convey the full extent of their planning ” Monsoon Is Seasonal Wind Over Arab Sea A monsoon is a seasonal wind Derived from the Arabic for season, (he word was first applied to winds which blow for six months from the northeast and six months from the southwest across the Arabian sea It has since been extend cd to similar seasonal winds in other parts of the world, the World Almanac says They are strongest along the southern and eastern shores of Asia Just Arrived at Peck’s . 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