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Cedar Rapids Gazette Newspaper Archives Aug 10 1937, Page 1

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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 10, 1937, Cedar Rapids, IowaPm dbl a a Northern Otitila tem Iowa interests Eastern Iowa s leading daily 3 cents la City. 5 cents sat Staa. 212. Cedar rapids Iowa tuesday August 10, 1937.associated pros United pre88. International news farm Aid Law this session a Tate work everyday living of production in spite i to wait in 1938. 5n apr a Small 1e states Congress themselves monday Quot Cost of production a this session despite la eneral farm Legisla a til the january ses adopted at a meet members from the a states said delay until a result in Treen a e Sale of this years agricultural pro promised their a votes Jice would be used for a faction instead. Putative Harry b. Coffees Lea and other Agricula Smittee members said tved the interests of Agri Harould Best be served by nent to make farm legis first order of business next january. He opt be Resolution which repro Fred Hildebrandt of Dakota submitted. Would Clear also approved a Reso a which representative Clar Innon of Missouri said he in the House to give the Way Iri this session to any Price parity legislation the it ural committee might re a tentative de Eicher Dof bloc chairman said he the meeting to a see what we i a to about the stymied Condi a a farm in farm Bill action now tentative William Lemke of Jav Dakota said Congress this has Given Quot Only lip scr agriculture. He said the _ want legislation to assure Cost of production for their its and the farm refinancing the alarmists. In be. Joura Post Newton. A Quot Jophe administration Bor ote for report. A Gfa Ashington apr the a agriculture committee voted ugly monday to report out 1 farm Bill within a week the convening of the next i of Congress. An Smith is. C., said Bill would be ready for a a Etc regardless of whether ident called a special ses a or Congress did not meet until a qty. Ii Dent Roosevelt told a recent a conference that crop control tion should precede any re of commodity credit corpor Loans on crops. Southern con eco antiqued on Page 2, col. 2. In Accident at. Floppy Derby is tiled unavoidable fat it Dali Bafidis new. Inquest will be held into Tath of James h. Porter 216 the Street drive be killed sturday when he was struck racing automobile in the Ijar Derby at the Linn county Central City or. R. E. A Deputy Coroner said Or. Munden termed the at and do Arcy 25, of Martelle an injury to his neck cure of a Small Bone in it leg Arm and leg cuts uses in the Accident. Con to reports obtained Satur Fht do Arcy was Riding in a a even in the race by a a red a of Cedar rapids and by do Arcy and Otis Thomas lie who however was a it a at the time car had figured in a Prev Accident resulting in a rubbing on a tire. They _ to pull off the fender and who had driven in a Prev but had been eliminated out onto the track to help a driven by George Clark Mosa struck do Arcy and As they were trying to a repairs. Clark was blinded a lit Clouds and sunlight did the men either before or _ y were struck he said. My l. Lewis not to be in Ottumwa a Pmj Hington up a John Lewis head of the committee jus trial organization Mon it declined an invitation to a Cio rally at Ottumwa rows its ideas and policies so far As it has any from these crazy radicals. By surrendering itself to their wild and a reckless guidance it is ruining the country.�?�. ,. No those words were not writ ten yesterday a 11 h o u g a they might have been. They appeared in the new York world in 1863, in a bitter attack on the emancipation policy of Abraham l i n Coin. A a wrong step now and our Republic May b c Joist. I look upon that paper As the most fatal plan a that could pos a we Quot Sibly be conceived to enslave free it was Patrick Henry speaking in 1787, and the dangerous document was the Constitution _ a it is a solemn moment. Of our troubles not Man can see the end the very haste to be Rich which is the occasion of this widespread calamity has destroyed the moral forces which can resist it reads like a recent Survey but it was written in harpers weekly in october 1857, which the writer described As the gloomiest hour in history when the race was Rushing to destruction., a the causes of the decay of piety and the downfall of morality or. An impartial. Survey of the ruins Christian re Ligion a the title of a in the y�?Teart694 the free Public school railroads Legal Equality pure food Laws a the abolition of slavery surgery and a sanitation a All were feared and opposed As so Many paths leading to chaos. Man is not unlike the Auk the famous imaginary Bird in the Traprock Story that always flew backwards because it pc a r e d where it was going but loved to see where it had been. The alarmist Type of mind is always with us afraid of any change crying out in panic making fantastic signals to Stop the human Advance and so it will be till Tho end. A fall my Days a said lord Macaulay Quot i have seen nothing but Progress and heard nothing but copyright. 1937 i employers who chisel lashed by House Donald Horst is Back with Foster parents labor committee reports out wages hours Bill which. Southerners will still oppose. Application made for bus franchise by ta1t Cumming. A formal application for a bus franchise and a proposed ordinance governing the operation of buses in Cedar rapids were filed with the City Council monday by Don Barnes vice president and general counsel of the Cedar rapids and Marion City railway company. At the same time or. Barnes assured the Council that engineers of his company would prepare As soon As possible the material facts about Street car trackage which City Engineer f. E. Young had asked last week. Young is at work on an estimate showing what it will Cost to remove the tracks and repave the streets. In informal sessions recently the Council requested Young to prepare such an estimate in order that the Council might Deal intelligently and to the Best interests of Cedar rapids taxpayers with the Cedar rapids and Marion City railway company in the matter of removing the tracks. The request for Young a assistance is significant in the Light of a Section in the proposed bus franchise ordinance which its Forth a under the terms of the proposed franchise the tracks shall be conveyed to the City which can Salvage or otherwise dispose of them As it sees fit from time to time in the future As conditions at the same time the proposed ordinance which was prepared by or. Barnes in behalf of his own company gives to the company the right to remove trolleys feeders poles and other overhead construction in which there in continued on Page 7, col. 5. enters plea. Madison wis. Apr Merle Buck of Corona s. D., charged with piloting an air plane too Low Over a crowd attending a carnival at Middleton last week pled innocent when arraigned in Superior court monday. He was placed under $200 Bond for trial thursday. Washington up a e House labor committee threw its wages and hours Bill into the congressional Arena monday night with the warning that it will bring temporary financial losses and inconvenience to some employers while operating to cure a a tremendous number of anticipating the certain floor fight against president Roosevelt a latest Reform measure the House attacked a pc hireling employers and sought in Advance to refute charges of Southern conservatives that the Bill would paralyse business growth South of the Mason Dixon line. The committee said Quot there is no one Panacea Quot to solve the Basic problem of purchasing Power and that the pending Bill is a a modest and conservative approach thereto. The committee s report did not placate the southerners. They will make their first major counter thrust against the Bill on wednesday when it comes before the rules committee. If they have sufficient votes they can bottle the measure up in that but the delay would be Only temporary. Should such an emergency arise. The leaders hip can Calls e democratic caucus and floor. Such an. Order is not merely an expression of democracy a wishes. It is a command that must be obeyed. May ask g. O. T. Aid. Once the Bill reaches the floor the southerners do not have sufficient votes to defeat it unless they can win every Republican to their cause which is unlikely and in addition obtain support from cast Ern and mid Western members which is equally unlikely. The latter Are behind the measure because they consider it a bar to the continued migration of Northern Industry to the South where it is being lured by prospects of cheap rents and cheap labor. Rep. Eugene Cox dga., one of the leaders of the Bill a opponents made Public a letter from or. Charles f. Roos former director of research in the National recovery administration who warned that enactment of the wages and hours measure would 1 curtail employment by 500,000 in the first years operation 2 decrease production and the average Standard of living 3 lower consumption of raw materials including Chicago up a Little Donald Horst went Back monday night to the Home from which he was kidnapped a week ago but county judge Edmond Jarecki was not sure whether he would stay there permanently. A a a his Foster Mother mrs. Otto Horst sobbed and laughed intermittently As she snatched the boy from the arms of judge. Jarecki who allowed the hours tsp motion for temporary custody of the child. 1 a my son my Darling boy a mrs. Horst cried. A a ooh Mummy Mummy a said the Bright eyed Little boy who was abducted last week by his real parents John Regan and Lydia Lavin. A. It Lydia who sobbed and fainted after signing away All rights to the child was not in court when the he. Quot continued on Page 2, col. 8. Orts obtained the boy from st. Vincent s orphanage officials. But the dispute Over the a Case was far from ended. A a full investigation of the hours tsp fitness to rear the child must be made before they can have him permanently a judge Jarecki said. Into the Case stepped mrs. Constance Ewert in whose Home Lydia gave birth to the child 31 months ago. She asked that her attorney James Daniels be allowed to represent real Mother and that Lydia be allowed to Tell her Story in court., a a in a Lydia a closest Friend a a mrs. Ewert said a i want to protect her a it was mrs. Ewerts husband Fred. Who drove the a a Kidnap automobile when lotto a Donnie was a snatched. From the armr of mrs. Horst last tuesday. Judge Jarecki Quot ordered a a hear ing aug 23 on the hours tsp petition to adopt the child and indicated he would seek More information about both sets of "parents.�?�. Horst s former connection with a Small Down Ovyn hotel raided Many times by police vice squads will be investigated. Judge Jarecki said Donald lived there until the horses rented a spacious will furnished Home on Chicago a North Side. Horst said he sold the hotel a few months ago. Both women were subpoenaed to appear in court tuesday when a warrant will be asked for or. John a. Rose who attended the child a birth and issued a birth certificate showing was the Mother. Treasury to ask general tax changes widespread alterations in Federal tax setup will be recommended to u. S. Congress. Seize 22 pounds of heroin from ships Steward report Windsor to return to England claim House seat Vienna us a the Duke of Windsor intends to return to England and claim his seat in the House of lords it was reliably reported monday. According to the same report Whin the Duke resumes his place in the political machine of the country he used to Rule his Duchess the former mrs. Wallis Warfield Simpson will begin to play an important part in London society. These reports followed the sudden visit to the Duke monday of sir Walter Monckton his financial adviser. At Wasser Lenburg Castle where the Duke and Duchess have lived since their marriage Windsor and Monckton were said to have discussed the Duke s financial affairs and his plans for the future. A Pennsylvania Man killed in Highway crash at Chariton Chariton apr Carl b Rheams 60, of Morion pa., was killed and his wife was injured seriously in an automobile crash four Miles West of Here on Highway no. 34 monday. A the Rheams car and a bread truck driven by John Gilbert .23, of Chariton collided. Charles Rheams son of Carl Rheams and Gilbert escaped with minor injuries. Iowa Coal hearing. Des Moines up a the National bituminous Coal commission opened a hearing Here monday to determine what if any Iowa Coal does not directly affect interstate Commerce and therefore should be exempt from provisions of the Guffey Coal act Washington apr the Treasury reported monday customs inspectors in new York had seized 22 pounds of heroin valued at $150,000 from a Steward aboard the liner Manhattan. The announcement said customs agents believed the Cache of narcotics secreted in a stateroom had been carried across the Atlantic several times with the Steward unable to remove it because of close surveillance on both sides of the Ocean. Washington ins a general revision of Federal tax Laws will be recommended to Congress in november by the Treasury undersecretary Roswell Magill told the House ways and Means committee monday. Meantime he said Congress should adopt recommendations of the Senate House tax committee for the closing of glaring loopholes. A a it is our present expectation to present next november full information As to the operation and effect of the present system and our recommendations As to desirable improvements Botev in the taxes themselves and in the administrative provisions a said a Gill. ,. The eight Point legislation program recommended by the Senate House committee to close loopholes will Aid the Treasury if enacted he said. Quot the Treasury heartily concurred in the recommendations a said Magill. A we believe if these recommendations can be put into effect at once not Only will the condition of the revenues be improved blit1 the Basic purpose of taxation in accordance a with ability to will be better says air changes needed. Quot Magill appeared at the first hearing of the ways and Means committee on the joint committee report. The committee plans to Frame a Bill based upon the. Re in detail recommendations for changes Law affecting personal holding Compa Nies discouraging incorporation of yachts and country estates formation of foreign personal holding companies and family trusts and higher taxes upon aliens Magill said that All were necessary. The personal holding company he asserted is primarily designed to Aid wealthy persons in reductions of taxes. If changes in Law recommended by the joint committee arc made he said this loophole will be closed. Calls Lisp Lyle menace. Magill praised the joint com Mitten s plan of discouraging incorporated yachts and country places by eliminating deductions in figuring income tax. He said that the loophole constituted a serious potential menace. He also backed the committee s recommendation to prevent movie actors artists and others from incorporating themselves to avoid taxation. J one of the difficulties of the Treasury he said is that courts chinese japs near Gigantic Oriental War occupation of piping by nip ponese is followed by breakdown in peace moves. Banking tuesday up a the chinese Central news Agency reported from parting fun that a japanese mixed brigade the two chinese divisions defending thenan Kou pass Northwest of piping. Shanghai apr the Chi be peace preservation corps barricaded roads leading to chinese areas around excited Shanghai monday night after a clash in which one chinese Soldier and in japanese were killed. Owner of farm of which still was Foniri b nah her. Kebab Bat Ida news. A Frank Buresh -32� a Farmer near Oxford Junction was arraigned before u. A commissioner de Mcpartland monday afternoon on a charge of conspiracy to violate the internal Revenue act by opera-1 tion of an unlicensed distillery. It was on Buresh a farm that a huge still was uncovered last week when an explosion followed by fire destroyed a barn and surrounding buildings. Federal officers were unable to find Buresh until monday. They a Arenow searching for three men and a woman who arc said to have operated the still. Buresh picked up in Anamosa monday was brought into court by Federal agent de Miller. Buresh waived hearing and was bound Over to the. Grand jury under Bond of $1,000.,�?T he was being questioned late monday by Federal agents. A piping ins a North China a an area greater than Czechoslovakia today was in japanese hands a Buffer state against soviet Russia existed and China and Japan were on the verge of modern history a greatest Oriental War.1 occupation of ancient piping accompanied by japanese proclamations amounting to Severance of the five Northern provinces from the remainder of China was followed by a breakdown in peace negotiations. A / ambassador Shigeru Kawagoe of Japan who had gone to troubled tientsin to discuss the crisis with chinese leaders returned to Shanghai As several Hundred thousand chinese troops continued by train1 to converge on Quot the per Ping tip Neal Nso re j it the possibility Quot thata Baua Dor Kawagoe might return to tientsin to reopen Quot negotiations quilts caught in rain have sore throats Callander ont. Up a All five of Canada s. World famous Dionne quintuplets were confined to their Nursery monday night with head colds caught while they were out in a drenching rain sunday. A or. Allan Roy Dafoe the quintuplets physician barred visitors from the Nursery grounds and cancelled personal Quot appearances of the children. A or. Dafoe said the babies also had sore throats. Emilie middleweight of a the. Quintuplets suf Copeland flays president for a interference new York senator Alt introduces a proposal to thwart. Third term executives. A Washington -. Up a sen. Royal s. Copeland Dan y.,monday attacked president Roose a Volt As a. Creator of democratic party discord and then introduced a proposed constitutional amendment designed to prohibit him or any other person from seeking a thirdterm As president. Copeland a action emphasized democratic factional bitterness on a the eve of a scheduled a Harmony dinner tuesday night which Copeland said he would attend and to which the president it Haa a been invited a a. A the proposal for a ban on third presidential terms coming from democratic senator prominent. the fight against or. Roosevelt so. Supreme court enlargement Bill was especially significant in,.view of the fact that four state governors Lead by George Earle Quot of Pennsylvania have promoted Quot a third term Quot discussion on behalf of the president at Hyde Park tuesday Marvin h. A Mcintyre president Roosevelt a Secretary issued this statement i a. unfortunately several new spa pert and morning carried a wholly misleading Story of the visit of or. Edward j. Flynn to the presi was held out by a spokesman for the Central chinese government at continued on Page 2, col. 1. Cop who admitted killing sweetheart tries to wring confession from murderer new York Quot up a two confessed killers one a handsome six foot husky and the other a spindly Little Man with a waxed Mustache and a Hawk nose sat in adjoining cells at police jail monday night and chatted about their killings. The big Man was Arthur h. Chalmers police Lothario who has admitted shooting his sweetheart during a a petting party Quot on Harlem River Speedway and he was doing what probably will be his last police Job a trying to wheedle a full confession from Lawrence Marks who strangled an 8-Ycnr-old girl a on an police already have Marks confession to that killing but they want to know if he also murdered two other girls who were strangled under similar circumstances in Brooklyn. So they gave Chalmers s last Chance to give to society the service he a Yore to Render when he became a policeman and monday night he was carrying out the Odd drama in a dimly lighted cell Brock. No Reward. Chalmers will get Little if any Reward for his work. When it is finished he will be stripped of police rank discharged from the department and will go to trial on a charge of shooting Irma Louise Pradier during a scuffle in his car last june 20. Police commissioner Louis j. Valentine indicated that Chalmers will not be charged with first degree murder. He said he shot her trying to wrest the gun from her when she Drew it after he refused to a go away w Ith he told of a punching her and pushing Here in an Effort to get the gun and police said the Story was fairly Well substantiated by other evidence pointing to a a crime of passion Quot not a premeditated murder. There were two Points in the Story that have not been cleared up. One was the fact miss Pradier a dark eyed French girl was shot twice. Chalmers said he a did no to know Why the second shot was Money mass in the other was the fact that she was known to have drawn several Hundred dollars from a Bank the Day she was killed and the Money was not on her person when her body was found on a strip of grass along the Roadside. Another woman with whom Chalmers a married Man with continued on Page 2, col 6. Banking but he added Teitt up to japs. A the Issue of peace and War will have to be determined almost immediately. Quot a it is still not. Too late to avoid a disastrous conflict if Japan makes a great Effort. Failing that there is hardly a Hope for peace the first time in 37 years the last occasion followed the Boxer rebellion in which the unite states took part aliens monday were in control of piping. The next step chinese Felt would be a japanese move to set up a a autonomous chinese regimes consolidating those already existing under japanese influences in Hope Shahar and East Hope and extending them to other provinces of North. China. Showmanship and propaganda marked the dramatic occupation of piping by the japanese. 3,m6 Taapa eater. Through three Gates and Down the main streets to the blare of trumpets and the a Banzai so of japanese and koreans moved 3,000 japanese troops. First they staged an impressive interview before general to Rashino Kawabe then deployed throughout the City. Chinese impassively watched the demonstration lining the streets in thousands. As the military paraded through he boulevards air planes dropped leaflets practically proclaiming japanese domination of the area stretching from the sea to the Borders of Mongolia along the great Wall South of Manchukuo. North China has been returned to the North chinese a said the pamphlets. A the japanese army has driven out your evil rulers and will keep them a Ricot off off tors set 9-Ytar Mark at Csc tag Yards a nth a Home for sunday luncheon. Of Rcd a slight Throat i a a it a it a week a and War isolated for f level a a Day in Quot the Quot sick Ward at the How a v Quot the president had made it pita built on the Nursery ground i Nicel Cieara a it a tor the famous babies a a it j guest had thata v number it of _ ,. Beeh my Vit edvy to. The. Illness from which All Srel wholly social party. Or. Flynn was now suffering is the first ailment among these a tests no political of epidemic proportions the babies subjects were. Discussed and the have had since april 1934, when stories printed were therefore they All were stricken with colds made out of whole cloth. I Quot -.�f&Quot or. Dafoe-explained., that they Quot the president repeated Mon had been caught in the rain while Day for the thousandth time that playing in the Yard sunday and he has not taken part is not Tak were soaked before they could ing. Part and will not take part be hustled to shelter. In any local primary election sex Emilie had been released from cent in his Home town and Home the. Hospital saturday and was county. with her Sisters when the Quot it is. Of course necessary that rain started. They dashed around from time to time the president in the rain apparently enjoying should see on Federal government it and it was some time before business wholly disassociated from their nurses were Able to collect local political events some i divid them and Lake them into the urls actively interested in Pri Nursery. 1 Mary or local elections. The babies have two Quot personal a it is hoped that readers of appearances Quot scheduled regular newspapers will give Little or no by each Day at the Nursery credence to stories which purport which has become one of the tour to print assumptions based on such is attractions of the world but visits. Unfortunately the overdo. Dafoe ordered both cancelled whelming majority of a such As a Ndem Ini Cly. A. Sumption Are not founded on it was Learned that or. Alan professor of children a Dis. Cases at the University of to a Veea a walk. Ronto and medical consultant for i Copeland a break with the and the quintuplets has. Not been i ministration however dates Back summoned and this Wais believed Len before the last election. Tammany senator who is now that organizations candidate for the democratic nomination for mayor of new York City Copeland a took a walk about the time Alfred e. Smith and others repudiated the new Sanger was aroused by dispatches from Hyde Park n. A. Telling of a conference be Washington up a sent�-1 tween president Roosevelt and mint of Republican leaders new York state de throughout the country toward a Ward j. Flynn Bronx democratic mid term . National Conven Boss Flynn backing Jeremiah to tion is being sounded a out by Mahoney for the democratic Noel \ former president Herbert Hoover nation for new Yorkus mayor gave a Campaign to revitalize the the impression he was the Presil party it was revealed monday dents Choice plan aimed specifically at a the president himself does the. 1938 congressional elections More in five minutes to destroy but looking ahead to 1940 presi democratic Harmony than can be do tial balloting would feature reestablished in a generation by to indicate the colds were not severe. I00ver is seeking special convention i continued on Page .2, col. 4.cd i c a g o up a livestock dealers paid $17 25 per hundredweight for Choice 1,522-Pound steers monday at the Chicago stockyards. Mondays Price was the highest paid Here since december 1928, and followed the recent upturn in hog prices which carried Swine quotations to an 11-year High. Choice 823-p o u n d heifers touched a 7-year High at $16 monday the highest since 1930. Report 300 dead in korean floods Keijo Korea apr More than 300 persons were reported monday to have been killed and 150 injured in floods in Northern Korea. Almost 2,700 Homes have been washed away or demolished by the Force of the Waters. These tactics 1. A regular party National convention late this Winter or next Spring to unite Republican leadership and crystallize party support behind anti new Deal candidates for Congress.-, 2. A two year National Cam Nign against president Roosevelt a administration through newspapers radio networks and Maga Zines. This phase of the plan would Quot Auosa Baeb. Reach a Climax with the regular the Law of nature is to National convention in 1940 to the Campaign expenses by Selling nominate a presidential Candi a souvenir Book of the National Date. I convention. Hoover introduced his strategy Sopwith might take hint from g. O. P. A forget Book writing to close Republican friends shortly after introduction of or. Roosevelt a supreme court enlargement proposal. He held conferences with Small groups in new York Chi-1 Cago and the West. House minority Leader Bertrand i Snell also advocated such a con Bath the Deane rats and tha republicans did that Little Lishing Gadget. We have Bath books at Hame As Complete pref that politics makes strange collaborators. Awe can to see Why the Republic mention. He said the convention Are pointing the unman cured could a take Stock of Public is Finger of scorn at the democrats sues before the next congressional while the democrats did no to write elections. Seek to end strike. Des Moines up a Union Heads and officials of the White line Transfer and storage co. Here were scheduled to meet monday night to discuss settlement of a strike of mechanics employed in the firm s two service garages. A gone with the wind they did turn in another weather report. The title of their Book was a just a or. Sopwith might take a hint from the republicans and and press his desire to write his biography a How i finished copyright 1937.1

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