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Cedar Rapids Gazette Newspaper Archives Aug 8 1953, Page 1

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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 8, 1953, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Rin Dur Ftp my volume 71�?number 210 Cedar rapids Iowa saturday August 8, 1953. Associated priss United press International news City claims a bomb reds Given warning by 16 nations allies with troops in Korea say onslaught May involve China. United nations. N. Y. In8 a the United nations disclosed Friday that the 16 nations with troops in Korea have signed a pledge warning the communists that of there is a renewed red attack on Korea the War May have to be carried directly to red China. The 16 also pledged their readiness to resume the Battle against aggression collectively in the event of a new communist aggression. The formal pledge was contained in a declaration signed by representatives of the 16 nations in Washington july 27, 1953. The formal declaration was contained in a special report from the unified command to the Secretary general and included copy of the armistice agreement signed at Panmunjom. Weather partly Cloudy tonight sunday decreasing cloudiness and a Little warmer Low tonight 5860 High sunday 8084. . 2 30 p. In temperatures 73 so 74 be 73 be 75 new. Britain Hedges United nations n. Y. Apr Britain and Canada made it Clear Friday night that they were not committing themselves in Advance to strike at red China proper. They said the circumstances of any new aggression would dictate their course when the time comes. Ass after policemen notes blood Trail the key paragraph containing the pledge of the 16 nations a id Quot Ward the principles the consciousness of our continuing responsibilities in Korea and our determination in Good Faith to seek a settlement of the korean problem a we affirm in the interest of world peace that if there is a renewal of the armed attack we should again be United and prompt to resist. The consequence of such a breach of the armistice would be so grave in All probability it would not be possible to confine hostilities within the frontiers of Korea. A finally we Are of the opinion that the armistice must not result in jeopardizing the restoration or the safeguarding of peace of any other part of no unification by Force. A. U. S. Spokesman stressed however that this pledge is not aimed at bringing about the unification of Korea by Force. The spokesman pointed out that the agreement As Given above was first reached Back in 1952. In. Spokesmen emphasized that the 16-nation agreement to resume fighting would become effective Only in the event of a unprovoked attack Quot by the communists. This was taken to mean that the 16 nations would not go Back to War if fighting were sparked by South koreans who object to the armistice terms and want to reunite the country by any Means including War. The White House and state department in Washington would not comment on the disclosure. No Advance commitment. In London the British foreign office said the agreement a does not imply Advance commitment on any precise course of action in hypothetical it added Quot at the time when the teat of the declaration was under discussion her majesty s government w As careful to make Clear that in its View decisions which might have grave circumstances should be taken Only at the time and in full knowledge of the circumstances the declaration stresses that the korean truce is a a collective achievement and expresses appreciation to All countries which participated in the resistance to aggression and which made supporting contributions other than those of combat troops among those mentioned in the latest freed yanks show Gayer mood Panmunjom some laughter and Joy came to Panmunjom saturday As 90 americans returned to Freedom in obviously better health and spirits than those liberated in the first three Days of the korean prisoner Exchange. There were few maimed and Haggard men in saturdays group. The reds sent Back 250 South koreans 90 americans 35 turks and 25 British a total of 400. None of the americans was from Iowa. The american prisoners rolled out of the North in red trucks under a broiling Sun. Eighty negroes. One carried a skin drum and another wore a red and White Cap standing out brightly against the Dull Blue pow clothing. Eighty were negroes Many from the old 24th regiment disbanded two years ago when the army abolished racial segregation. The returnees were exuberant. They jumped from the trucks and started putting on a show for the Benefit of reception personnel shocked by the gaunt appearance of prisoners released previously. Some of the men went through soft shoe routines and others tried to tap dance in their Tennis shoes. A Well. Well old Chap. Pall malls no less one quipped to it. Louis Balent of Summerville n.j., when the military policeman dumped a Carton of Cigar ets around helmet end passed them q Man nabbed piece of the old Quot can t keep a Man do you realize we Are in the .a.?&Quot cried pfc. Frank j. Quarles of Hopkinsville Kyas his truck pulled into the Exchange Point. A i just can to keep my Mouth shut Quot he said. A it was a Long trip and a sick one horseman helping Royal Romance reported fired my ii Nii new a a policeman s curiosity and a Trail of blood led Charles Brown of Cedar rapids into Justice of the peace court saturday on a charge of attempted breaking and entering. The 28-year-old resident of r.1 min i 833 Shaver Road be was arraigned seeing a Corno of singing Rod a Turda morning before Justice North koreans driving up the Road the americans yelled and hooted. We might As Well sing too shall we give him a Little blues boys Quot a a a a deeper note wig struck by the turks and South koreans. Their hatred of their captors was so intense that scores Tore off their chinese prison uniforms in spontaneous acts of Defiance. Communist prisoners too followed the urge to shed their garments. Although the return of american British and other prisoners went off much As scheduled by the reds the communists showed no such precision with the Roks. Allied officers complained that the lists of Rok prisoners sent Back were grossly out of order and were frankly a a strikes ease in France despite Miles Adams and asked for preliminary hearing on the charge. The hearing we As set for 16 a m. Wednesday and Brown was taken to the county jail in lieu of $1,500 Bond. At around i am. Saturday Brown asked for a rest room key at the Butterfly restaurant on the main floor of the guaranty building. When he returned to the restaurant he had an injured and bleeding Arm. Wondered. Off duty patrolman Eugene Morey and his wife were eating in the restaurant when Brown returned. Morey wondered about the injured Arm and followed a Trail of blood to the sixth floor of j the building. The rest room is on the second floor. On the sixth floor Morey found a window broken out of the door to or. David Thaler a office and found the Metal door plate dam i aged. The Glass was spread Over a ten foot area of the office. Morey returned to the main new York apr the daily news says the chief of England s Royal stables has been fired because he furnished Princess Margaret with horses for secret rides with group capt. Peter Townsend. In a copyrighted Story from London the news also quotes a sources close to the court Quot to the effect the Princess personal maid was fired for becoming involved in the reported Romance. A despite the upheaval in the Royal staff Quot the Story adds a there is every indication that the Lovely Margaret. 22, will shortly become the wife of the 37 y e a a old Townsend now serving a banishment As air attache in major a Fergy Quot Ferguson was identified As a longtime head of the Royal mews at Windsor the news says he has been running a pub tavern since being fired for providing the Princess with horses. Asked Riding lessons. The newspaper gave this version of Ferguson a dismissal a in the Early Days of the Meg Peter Romance the group Captain asked Fergy to teach him to ride. The two became quite Friendly. A then one Day say Fergy a friends Townsend came to the Royal stables and asked for two horses to be saddled for Riding in the great Park. He left Riding one and leading the other bringing them Back Well lathered up an hour or two later. This became a regular practice. A although major Ferguson is reported to have suspected that Princess Margaret was meeting Townsend secretly in the great Park Woodlands it is said he could do nothing since Townsend As Royal Querry outranked him in the scheme of things. Quot called to a however Ferguson was eventually called to task by sir Dermot Kavanagh Crown Querry after the Queen Mother discovered what Meg and Townsend were up to. A sir Dermot told Fergy he was sorry but a head had to fall because megs Mother was very the newspaper says Ruby Macdonald identified As the Princess personal maid since release veto Laid to fear of reprisals by Jim Becker. Freedom Village Korea apr two liberated americans said saturday that some american prisoners refused to leave North korean prison Camps Only because they feared reprisals by fellow captives. Both said the americans who turned Down repatriation were hated because they had turned informer for the reds. We had quite a bit of said Cpl. Tommie Hampton of Chicago. He said one Stool Pigeon had been killed by fellow prisoners. Cpl. Thomas Murray of Baltimore who spent 32 months in a red stockade said definitely he knew of eight americans who turned Down a Chance to return to Freedom because a they were scared to come a would no to have he said bitterly of one a the was a rat a Squealer. If he came across the line i doubt if he would have lived to get to sgt. Louie m. Leach of Columbus. Ga., said three americans at his Camp stayed behind. Asked if the three refused repatriation because they feared retaliation he said angrily Quot you re damned right i think so. We told them we would throw them Over the Side of the ship. There a Guys up there who would Ive their lives to get Murray said prisoners called Tho eight progressives or red sympathizers but he did no to think that was Why they refused repatriation. A i believe they were talked into it for the sole reason that they were scared to come Back Quot he said. He said six were White and two negroes. Cpl. Roosevelt Powell jr., 25j of Okmulgee okla. Leach knew the same three americana who refused repatriation. A they tried hard to get information Quot Powell said a and tried to keep it from a a a other americans added a new twist to life in red stocked est says u. S. Quot monopoly is no More Quot a non so not on russian Dori Dod in policy talk. By Henry Shapiro. Moscow up a Premier Malenkos saturday told the russian parliament the supreme soviet that Russia s Arsenal now includes the Hydrogen bomb. A this should put an end to any chatter re a nonsense about soviet weakness he said. The statement which came As the unexpected highlight of a two hour speech on foreign and Domestic policy was greeted with loud and Long applause. A the u. S. Does not enjoy a monopoly on the Hydrogen bomb any More Quot Malenkos . A Kwa too have the Hydrogen a a a he said the soviet government welcomed president Eisenhower a declaration that the u. S. Wants peace and International collaboration. But Malenkos charged that the a a aggressive policy Quot of the u. S. Contradicts the president words. He urged the u. S. To end its policy of a ignoring red China Quot and said that nation must be admitted to the u n. A a a in his forceful speech repeatedly interrupted by applause the Premier said 1. Russia has emerged As one of the mightiest nations in the world with a Gross Industrial production two and one half said he and ume that of 1940. 2. Russia will never agree to restoration of German militarism. 3. The korean armistice and liquidation of the june 17 riots in we i Berlin and East Germany were great victories for world imperialist cry. 4. Foreign imperialists pro smoking by some captives of a yoked the East German disturb narcotic Weed possibly Marl ances with a View to Remitter in Jetna my Germany and leading to a they said prisoners held at new world War. A Yoktone on the Yalu River a there would have been Seri found the Weed which gave an iou International consequence intoxicating effect when smoked from la German disorders if a while on Wood gathering for pm be restraint and tempera Tely outside the compounds. Mem red no a liquidated the Ber in riots Quot Malenkos said. Could Lav stopped it. He repeatedly dwelt on the pfc. Robert i. Brooks. 23. Might of Russia. Reidsville. S. Cd a said the chinese he scoffed at foreign Specula Rould have stopped its use a if Bon on russian weaknesses end named sen. Wiley a wis As one of the a a charterers Quot who have talking Soo they had really wanted Cpl. Albert Dixon. 26. Of Manchester a said the reds had been made some Effort to Stop the _. Practice Myalenkova disclosure that the Brooks said he thought the soviets Havethe Hydrogen bomb communists encouraged its use a russians first direct an a Becaum if they figured they i nou Cement of development of could make a Junkie out of you t<2tp,c weapons you would he willing to do what. The disclosure the russians they some prisoners said Only a few a men smoked the Weed but pvt. Ker childhood was fired after Gillie j. Rudd of Las Angeles telling the Queen of her dist Ltd newsmen that at one time in Tress that Margaret should be comp a rods isolated 80 prisoners in a special narcotics Ward. A carrying on in such Ion Quot with Townsend in Oner. Fash com in Qiyi Inui Liru i nil Sii a a Ai # a _. Floor and Learned that a Friend i gigs Ann Pyk to Aprl taken Brown to a hospital1 1 1 Usa re tums Asp pea is by v\6 As police found him to mercy Ho-1 off for ii a Varis up a some of the 2. Pm tal where seven stitches had a it Toi of Roldao l l i been taken to Clow the Cut of Washington apr presi i3ic5 in Louo his h.7 nos Tull a be Shower a a a Tokyo up cd Paris 000,000 workers taking part in been taken to close the Cut on Frances worst strike in 17 years his Arm. Brown a began returning to their jobs saturday despite communist pleas to extend the walkout beyond the scheduled end. But the strike of miners and Gas and electric workers was con at his Home. A patient. Later he was taken to the Sta had set Oft an atomic bomb first was made by former president Truman sept. 23, 1949. Blasts announced. The soviets subsequently announced explosion of atomic devices described As used in huge development projects. The american atomic Energy commission on nov. 1h, 1952. Announced that successful Experiment a contributing to Hydrogen bomb research Quot had been carried out by american scientists letters from army pet sonnet Washington up a a top to have witnessed of the. Join ,. A egg newspapers Early in no Hick says u. S. Holding atomic Lead on Russia i private plan thei columbin., Sui. Dull. No unwed Tomlet commit. Mid Leo my Quot in Colo the. Us. Will Fly. Up it let turd a that the. U. S u com pm ctr yrs he 10 a Amain of Ruul it to the Whol it pm of was the president a lion for questioning and by mrs. Eisenhower and Oshima Island group and its atomic weapons Quot even if Russia t jaws i in tinning at least another Day arid identified by Morey As the Man a Small staff of military and 250.000 people and return them really has the Hydrogen bomb. O a 831 we sub in communications were crippled in Quot nth the bleeding Arm in the civilian aides. They Are expected to japanese control i 8tn Hickenlooper Ria definitely. Transportation Wail few no to be away three or four weeks. Still unreliable detectives said Brown then ad-1 a most communist unions called breaking the Glass but m i. On strikers who crippled com �?o�?~<1 he had been looking for the dub. Malone inured. , ,portion Droom and burned Moth numb # from Horm of us. Military ,0"evhw pm to authorities on Okinawa. Hickenlooper said Quot it would m. Ranking Senate member of the the islands Are about 200 Miles con my Ald he a would a neither South of the japanese Home is dispute nor and Rolf Premier lands Midway Between that a we a u Aile Jal it cd Vivell ii Iii j a of essential Public services Friday to door m dark. He said some line and Star on strike but the 00 sixth floor socialist. Catholic and i depend. Added ent unions ordered their members i a Fri identified Brown to Honor the time limit. A up tint of the doctors who the red Effort got its first set-1 knew the let a Tion of the office backs when trains left three of and held a there several tunes six Paris stations shortly after for treatment latter category Are Denmark. In in Ifni it at the same time the so. Norway is a a Mel sentenced subway and buses. Strikes throughout Frinces i Public services and nationalized industries were called by the socialist workers Force and the Catholic and Independent unions to protest Premier lamely a Economy program that threatened to cause firings. The communist dominated Quentin Prievo. The fire killed general confederation of labor 13 men. Most powerful Union group in the Patten 2d pled guilty to two nation was caught by Surprise felony charges of wilful burning and joined the movement later the fire july 9 in Mendocino Gas and electric workers were National Forest roared Down a called out for 46 hours a miners i narrow Canyon and trapped 14 walkout was extended through it protestant missionary trainees saturday by agreement of All and a Forest Ranger unions. Postal Telephone and tale Patten meanwhile had been graph employees were on an in hued As a Cook in int fuel int limited strike. Jersy Camp. I Berlin tightened Berlin apr the russian zone communist reportedly clamped severe new restrictions True 0,1 trav1 into a run saturday in old no to ii ski Quot ft�?~5nj�?ojs.� ignore the agreed Midnight dead of told him the Nix room Wal Stroudsburg a. A it a a a Mio. Ii to Piunt weekend Rush of lit Crmim senator Malone a Nev is in a Dulles said the . Cannot make any difference in our own ask Hospital with a fractured Pelvis Tyve up control of the Ryukyu we Are going ahead i r,v0<?d a a on. But the foreword to the declaration stresses that the armistice la a military agreement Between military commanders adding a it to intended to make possible a final peaceful settlement and assumes that this end will in Goat Quot Faith be today s chuckle in a traffic snarl one of the inevitable Horn Hooters began blasting his Horn a Man in a car alongside looked Over and politely inquired a what else did you get for Christmas a Cesar Rhth in Forest fire Willows Calif. Apr Stanford Patten an unemployed Handyman who started a Forest fire because he wanted a Job firefighting Friday was sentenced to two to 20 years in san suffered when he fell from a International tensions in the far Laid out Quot horse. Jewat a the senator came to this resort Okinawa to a pert of the Ryu Village with mrs. Malone ofter roup an it it a major Congress adjourned. Defense installation. He was injured late Friday -. While Riding with his wife. Details wet Hospital. A a Ryukyu program. We Are going ahead Oug a "j�?�0 which ios pita teaches said he Laland our a durin he prwjn1 with plan As they have been v or Cefus made it anyhow i he said he had not received an Al stopping even eve Biti intr Ige pre briefing r e r e n t i y arid pedestrians from g e 11 i n g it which would enable him to or across the sector harder the. Collate on the truth of Malenkos s were said uth Aje b2�n Knezz a i even guess after a ba7�, of wimp i mull with fill will. De n. R a i if it is Likely be said. Railroad tickets and a for rat tails were not disclosed by the Stilt the White House said a no by r j tronnem Ho.ojj.1 a Sci jul i comments to the. report. ,7, th�?o7.1irf get amount Bri ricin and by i Secretary Hagerty a Man. Amount Dooster d president Eisenhower would pifcfy1ng Arr it and new York apr puppeteer a nothing himself lha German. Sluss dts Frank Paris 39, who says he is Hickenlooper was asked nose at the communist Nolle he the creator of Howdy Duodv and whether a Lenkova a statement fun Hng or n2w a Nhut is suing the National broadcast of True would increase the need Quot in a 1oop my company for unauthorized for International control of atomic m a a use of the puppet has hiked his Energy. Lorb i Nan million it claim for damages to $575 000. A take Gate is always open for. R. I am pans filed the new claim in International control of Sevasta by web a Mary Federal court Friday amending Ting weapons Quot the iowan said. Landon apr Queen an earlier suit for $200,000. A it is up to the russians whether Mary left an estate of 406,407 the puppet maker said Abc we have real control. Pounds $1,137,936it was an a if they would consent to the bounced saturday when her will things other nations will con was probated the Queen widow sent to we could have controls of King George a died last the u. S. Has always stood in March at 85. System of the will did not disclose the i names of any of the beneficiaries. Today s Index diarrhoea. Comics. Courthouse. Crossword. Daily Becard. Deaths. Editorial features Marion. Movies. Radio and to. Sport. Rule. Want ads. 37272i6it. 5s 4, 5i 9-11 dropped him in 1948 and has been exploiting Howdy Doody and two other puppets or. Huff and Eustace both commercial by and on television without per readiness to have a Mission. J reliable

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