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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 20, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sat., April 20, 1974 NATIOHAl WtMHt* MRVICt fOMCASI lf AAM IST 4 -ti - 74 3aoor\    *v." 2*53- Edward Rudin, Prominent Mason, Mrs. Howard Norris Fern C. Norris, 64, of 1201 Thirtieth street NE. wife of: 2 Cyclists njured in Accidents Shopping Center Would Cost Taxpayer: Economist ^.    i,.    ,    -T    j-    j    r-    -j    a    ,    i    ^ne    motorcyclist    was    in    good Shrmer, Dies X aSi£S Bo „a w cond,t,on at st- Luke’s h0SPi,al Edward C. Rudin, 76, of 1038 21. 1009. a. Arapahoe. Neb., she and an0,htr m«‘^yelist re- Thirtieth street NE. died Frday was married to Mr. Norris Sept. fniimiMnrr o ov^„t u    d    •    12, J927'    at Oberlin, Ran.    She tollowing a short illness.    Born    in    ’    T,    •    , ®    ,    was a member of Kenwood Cedar Rapids and a lifelong resident, he was married to Iva-doo Cordell April 18. 1923, in Ce-jdar Rapids. Mr. Rudin was tm    fotocavi 11 Of ■ KAIN WOW '//A *HOWf*S ’N HOW United Methodist church. Surviving in addition to her husband are three sons. Rex, of Key West, Fla., Max, rural a    50-vear    Rairfax’ and Larry, Cedar n/t*    ii    , ,    Rapids; seven grandchildren member of MI.    Hermon    lodge, a    anrf one great.gran|chi|d member of Cedar Rapids Con- Services: Turner chapel east sistory and a past potentate of at a time to be announced. El    Kahir    Shrine,    of    which he'Buri a1:    Cedar Memorial, was recorder for six years. He Friends may call at the chapel. also was a member of Cedar    -- Rapids Executive Assn., which Memorial Services he served as secretary for 35 Henderson, Herbert - First years, and was a member of the Presbyterian church at 10:30 a.m. Saturday by the Rev. John Shew. Entombment was in the The probable cost to the average taxpayer of the proposed new west side shopping center was outlined Friday afternoon by an economist who is from William Fletcher, chairman of the mayor’s committee to make a feasibility study about the community center proposed for downtown Cedar payers for Sensible Planning". Members of the group, includ- Rapids-Marion fused treatment for injuries suffered Friday in separate accidents. Gary Croy, 25, of 1040 Parkview drive, was admitted to the hospital suffering from leg and back injuries. Croy was injured when his C e d a r motorcycle and a car collided at Chamber of Commerce, the intersection of First avenue The board also heard a report and Thirty-sixth street NE. Police said Croy’s cycle and a q , I i i I car driven by Raymond J. OTO0K6S “0aOS Mysak, 63, of Central City collided. Mysak attempted to make a left turn in front of the motor-: James R. Stoakes, 34. of 1606 cycle, police said.    Sierra drive NE, assistant ad- a member of a volunteer group Rapids with the aid of some organized this week, “Tax- private financing Report May 15 Fletcher, who told the board Rain or showers are expected Saturday night in the Pacific Northwest and from eastern Texas and Louisiana northward through the Mississippi valley and into the Dakotas. Clear to partly cloudy weather is expected elsewhere. Goodfellows. Surviving are his wife; a son, E. Cordell, and a daughter. Mrs. 'George Chmelicek. both of I Cedar Rapids; four grandchildren and one greatgrandchild. Services: Chapel of Memories ing L. W. Van    Nostrand,    chair-    ^ ^ centcr should be in the man conferred    with members    b|;|ck wj(hjn a    on operating of the board of    directors    of the    cxpcnses, said    the committee 3 hoped to make a final report to the city council by May 15. Van Nostrand explained to the board that the    Taxpayers for Sensible Planning was organized by a group which is concerned about the economic, ecological and taxpayer costs in the proposed center, which Engineer Group Chapel of Memories. Arrangements by Turner chapel cast. Hendrickson, Carl V. — Turner chapel .cast at 1:30 p.m. Saturday by the Rev Mysak was charged with fail- ministrator and director of W0ldd icPrest nt ik u irta'l arr.. ure to yield to oncoming traffic, plant engineering at Mercy hos- equivalcat 0 pG cc f ® *    *    *    ., * ,    ,    *    j L„Pmo„ entire retail area now, including _.    P“al’ haS been namC<1 dW,rman I tnrlal., Ma,a Si.topnlh avn- I he second motorcyclist suf fered bruises to the hands and forehead. Police said Robert E. Meyer. David Larson. Entombment 31. of 287 Twenty-fifth avenue was in the Chapel of Memories. SW, was found in a semi-un-’ Cole, D. Irene — 1:30 p.m. copious condition at 3:42 p.m. B* f    *    1    n i Monday in Beatty-Beurle chap- „ . ,    .    J,.' ;;' nP*K    at 1    pm- Monday by the Rev- el by the Rev. Earl Huebner. Eriday    in the 200 block of Flftl- I t    I    U'illinmK    Ifar-An;/,    n. .    .    r    _    _    ..    I    -ii_________CUT James R. Stoakes The Weather Hiqh temperatures Friday, low temperatures overr.iqht and inches of precipitation. Anchorite    MMM L. Anqeles    4*    55 Atlanta    .. 75    51    Miami    76    77 Bismarck    76 46 60    Min'aoolis    63 52 .02 Chleaqo    47    45    N. Orleans    79    60 Denver    74    36    New York    MMM Duluth    47    30    Phoenix    78    52 Honolulu    MMM    seattle    54 46 .06 Houston    72 68    Washinqton    MMM M—Missing, Shoes Taken — Ray F’olger, 4224 F avenue NW, reported „    ,    ,    Friday    the    theft    of a pair of golf day at 2 at Hardin s. What    Qt ten Cheer. Burial: Barnes City. ! fh( GS va,UGd at $50 from a Victor — Carl Maschmann, locker at the Elmcrest Country 76. Sunday at 2 at St. James j club. Lutheran church. McAnineh’s.    *    *    * S. Marion Williams. Masonic ser- Burial: Linwood, vices will be by Mt. Hermon lodge. Burial: Cedar Memorial. Friends may call at Cedar Memorial funeral home after noon Sunday and at the chapel after 9 a m. Monday. The casket will eth avenue SW. Meyer, who refused hospital treatment, told police he could not recall what happened. He Lindale Plaza. Sixteenth avenue, downtown and other outlying shopping areas. Important Decision “This is one of the most important decisions the city council will he making in terms of the effect on the community in the future.” Van Nostrand said. Dr. John Chapman, an economist at Coe. termed as “very be closed at 12:30. Poodle, | The family suggests Extended Forecast — Chance of rain in east Monday. Mostlyl son’s fair over state Tuesday and Elkport Campaign 7 rail Engen, 64. Monday at 2 at Ma-i p?**    ma*e    Poodle,j The family suggests that cbap|er \]arcb 0f [)]mes p|edge- dtson Lutheran church. Friends 36a-8716 -Adv.    friends may, if they wish, do-    wa|k wi|,    p conducted m    Cedar may cell at Stone salter 7 Sat-J    *    *    *    nate to the American Cancer So-R jds Aj, ,7    wjth    Ro|j Toledo _ William J. Kubik.i 'Vantad* Old coins. Free ex-    or    the    Shrine    Crippled    Cap( Jamcs Ba|.n(,s as chajr. 80. Monday at 1:30 at Hender- pert appraisal.    Jerome's, IE Childrens hospital. All master    man Tower.—Adv.    Masons are asked to meet at the Kicko(f    mee(jns    was    heW Wednesday Hiohs'n 50s and 60s Monday at 1:30 at Appleton's.1 ,...,    ,    * * *    ,    ,    P    ______Thursday night. Marita Stevens. Consolidate for XI a a -Tv a    Edgewood.    Burial:    Asbury    "Itness to accident at Lindale:    executive director, explained Monday and Tuesday, warming cemetery, Elkport.    Sun.,    contact owner of yellow    D.    Irene    Cole    that money raised in the project :>ovm9s- toPr00 Traer William L. Buigh- Buick: 363-4347.—Adv.    .    _0    ,    ,    .    will be used for work in the field Uorcn Capron, candidate art. 64. Monday at IO at Over-    D.    Irene    Cole,    72,    formerly of    IUI    U1    111    neiu    * ton’s.    ,,    *    *    609 Sixth street SE and a resi- ‘°TW* Cly - Harold TWin, Breakin Reported - William dent o( Cedar Rapjds more than 65. Tuesday at lo at George L.: Casey, 2030 Glass road NE, re- March of Dimes Pledgewalk Will was cited for violation of a of the Iowa Society of Hospital reaj the concerns about the ac- Be Saturday Third annual Hawkeye 'driver’s license restriction. Engineers. A Mercy staff member since 1970. Stoakes was elected during the group’s annual meeting this week in Des Moines. Cynthia Hyde. 19. j ton’s, •bury to 60s and 70s Wednesday. Lows in upper 30s to middle 40s. C. R. Weather High Friday .......... tual dollar cost to the average taxpayer. He cited two major factors: First, the need for street widening and improvement in the area and the installation of extensive sewers to handle the run-off will be among the costs borne by all taxpayers; and. secondly, the potential drastic decrease in the downtown assessed valuation will need to be „ ,    ,. ,    „    ,    ,    ,    will    be    used    for    work    in    the    field    wren    capron,    candidate    for    *    2    3' J, «?r-«' d. uman "as mad? “P «lrouKh increased levy D. Irene Cole, 72, formerly of    K    ,he    Democratic    nomination    for    chafed    Friday with the break- on all taxpayers Sixth Person Is Arrested in Hunter Breakin of birth defects. The 20-mile route through Linn county supervisor, says if. Cedar Rapids will pass eight be is elected he will strive to S1X n SSK?-, aisfcfwsjs. S2IK2* I- •«» in of the residence to become th* person arrested in the Low overnight_____ ____________.................... ........ Noon Saturday ............ 74    been    established.    Burial:    Cedar    $2;5°    and    10,)    record    albums    val-! j>orn jan. 17, 1902, in Charles- Waterloo Example "You need to look only as far Robert Cage. 23. of 710 Ninth as Waterloo to recognize this if 2 p.m. Saturday Rainfall .............. None Total for April ............ 3.71 Normal for April ....... 2.79 Normal through April 7.81 Total for 1973 ........... 9.16 Barometer, steady    29.95 Humidity at noon    51% ■jg Memorial cemetery, Rapids. Aid Ottered Box-Dweller Cedarlued at $400 were taken sometime April IO from his apartment. * * * Quality Paints, Varnishes. Diamond Vogel Paint Center, 2704 Mt. Vernon Rd. SE, 365-6901—Adv. * * * ton. 111. cards will be validated to con- dating services with the city of  a very real danger." Dr. Chap- man said Within a short time after the opening of a major shopping center in Waterloo (which is about two-thirds the size of the one proposed in Cedar Rapids', the assessed Surviving are four sons, Gor- Jaycee volunteers. The march less cost due to combining relat- They were charged with the in- )'{“J,d‘0:11 [,n don, Walter G. and Wilbur Moll- will begin at 8 a rn. It also will cd services such as data pro- cident earlier this week. cessing.    breakin    occurred    Monday route, He said a similar situation (be residence of C.F. "Bud" firm the number of miles of    Cedar Rapids.    avenue SE.    was    taken    to walking sponsors    are to pay for. Speaking recently    to a    group    county jail in lieu    of $5,000 bond Mrs.    Cole had    worked    for    water and rest    room facilities    a* the residence of    Mrs.    Larry    on a charge    of breaking    and    en- ( herry-Burrell Co.    and    Chand-    wjjj be available    in parks along    Hohenshell. 5501 D avenue NW’.    tering. ler Manufacturing Co. She was route.    Capron    said    the    taxpayers    of    The    other    five    defendants    are a member of the Lnited Registration area in Kingston Polk county and Des Moines are juveniles, two boys 16. one boy Brethren church.    •    stadium will be manned bv 30 enjoying improved services with 15 and two girls ages 14 and 16 .... .....    ^    ,    .4    TALLAHASSEE,    Fla.    (API    - Hind direction and velocity *    .    ,,    ,    ,    ,.    ,,    „    -j at noon, S.    at    21,    gusts    to 30    A 6<-year-old man who has lived    Tjrcs slashed — Three tires man* ad °*    Cedar Rapids,    and    end at Kingston stadium. m.p.h.    for two months in a battered    on a car owned by Donald E. Cee Cole,    Los Angeles;    five    Those completing the Sun rises    Sunday,    6.17; sun    cardboard box has received nu-    Meyers, Lisbon, vvere slashed 'godchildren, and one great-will be greeted by the American    exists    with    Black    Hawk    county    Hunter.    1132    Twenty-first    street sets, 7:54.    merous offers of shelter and    ja{e“ Friday or early Saturday'godchild.    Legend band, which will    play    and    Waterloo.    He said    computer    sh    pour    shotguns    two    rifles Year Ago Today — High, 66; work following publicity about while parked at the Trophy Services: 1:30 p.m. Monday in 2:30 to 4:30. Sandwiches j services in Cedar Rapids and and a pis(0| valued at $1,700 low, 62; rainfall, .16. Mississippi Stages (Flood stages in brackets) Lacrosse (12) 9.5 fall .1 Lansing (18) 11.1 rise .3 Dam 9 (18) 20.7 rise .4 McGregor (18) 13.6 rise .5 Guttenberg (15) 12.1 rise .5 Dubuque (17) 14.1 rise .4 Davenport (15) 12.1 fall .2 Keokuk (16) 11.8 no change. lounge. 525 H street SW. The retired baker said he was living in the small box on a I vacant lot near downtown Tallahassee because his monthly so-1 cial security payment of $136.90 j to cover ex- * * * Effective May I, Drs. Crew, Vanoumv and Davis will be'c*iurch- "And the assessor there tells us that Crossroads hasn’t anywhere near made up the difference." Dr Chapman said. Assessed valuation of downtown Cedar Rapids is now between $16 and $18 million. Dr 1030 5th Ave Adv was not enough to cover expenses.    j    *    *    * The Tallahassee Democrat.; Blke stolen ~ A ten speed Frantiska Splichal, 87. of 1020 which first reported his plight blcycvf,    at J105 and Seventeenth street NE, widow of Beatty-Beurle    chapel by the    and drinks    will be provided    Linn    county cost taxpayers    Wf.re an;onc items    taken Rev.    Earl    Huebncr, pastor of    Sponsor    sheets are available    about    a quarter million dollars    Hunter also reported a    movie ,, jCalvin-Sinclair Presbyterian fr°m KLWW. Armstrong’s. Kil-    now.    camera valued at $200. a calcu- Chapman said a rough guess on bans. Hardees, McDonalds.    jator valued    at    $61    and Tastee Freez, Tony's Pizza.    IO YEARS AGO    — The    United    knives valued    at    $40    were First avenue Pizza Hut, the    nounqed    a    cutback    in production    sjnp March of    Dimes office    and    States    and Soviet Union an-    police said none    of the    miss- schools.    of nuclear explosive material. Burial:    Linwood. moving from 717 A Ave NE to Friends may call at the chapel. two mis- Mrs. Joseph Splichal Cedar at C.R. (13) 5.9ft fall .38 Fires 10:30 a rn. Frida: .I ' am ntfei .t l i D avenue NE was stolen    Splichal. died    Eridav Move Slower, But They ceived numerous offers of help u avenue wa. was stoienjaffpr a shnrt jnnpss    J Still Make It to Reunion Malfunc- „ ..    ,    „    |a„w « short    illness.    Born for Harvey Smith, an alias used    ^omet,me friday from the    March 7. 1887,    in    Peralec. to protect his identity.    grJUn,dSoo°^Si' Matthew sJ£urch Czechoslovakia, she came to the One of the calls was from a school. -310 First avenue NE. jpnite<i states in 1909 and had tion of alarm at 860 Second av-restaurant owner who said he    *    *    *    lived    here    since eTj4Spm. Friday. Unknown to loo^inK *or. a Part;tim,e c Cfdar R,?P‘d* Accordion Aces she was a member Hu£ rubbish at 525 H street SW    baker. .Another individual of-    Spokane. World s Fair Concert. 11:21 p.m. Friday. Defective    fered to let Smith live in a    Sunday, April 21, 2 p.m. Mem- fuel pump at 4507 Ozark street    house on 400 acres of land out-    orial Coliseum. Admission $1.— ing items have been recovered. Good Attendance For Home Show was a Memorial Presbyterian church.; and Tabitha Society; Karla Ma-1 Still another of- Adv N7:53 a.m. Saturday. Illegal Plde ,he city ... burning at 820 Wilson avenue fered t0 convert his garage into SW. Iowa Death an apartment for Smith. Smith had not made a deci- and Hopkinton Brecham sion on whether to accePl an-v of Hawkeye Archeological Society they once were. Some walk with canes. Others . , ,    ^    wear hearing aides and still saryk lodge. Czechoslovak Soci-; others spe fhe etyof America; Karla Masaryk ,hicker g|asses Relic Show — Annual meeting "I® 1<,!rc''    ,    S'    ,    w,,en    *h,.‘V    come    lo    town    for    a IV of Western Fraternal Life Assn. By Bill Lavalette    the auxiliary, followed bv busi- They aren’t as sure-footed as ness meetings and election of officers at IO. Indian relic show' of the the offers, the newspaper said Six Airmen Feared Dead Kerby, 76. Monday at IO at St Luke Catholic church. Rosary: Sunday at 8 at Goettsch’s, where friends may call after IO a.m. Sunday. Waukon — Leo Fitzgerald, 80. Monday at 10:30 at St. Patrick’s Catholic church. Rosary at 8 Sunday at Bakke-Hanson’s. where friends may call after 2 Sunday. Sigourney — Stella Raben, 84. Sunday Reynold’s.    ,,    __ What Cheer — Ethel Braden a 'omote aiea shortly Lackard, 78 . Davenport. Sun-1 takeoff. of Iowa will be held Sunday from 8 a m. to 2 p.m. in the caf- te p f1 reunion these days, they don’t add a big boost to the convert* Surviving are three sons, Jo- tion business. The third largest Friday night crowd in the 22-year history of the Cedar Rapids Home Show was on hand Friday for the second day of the show. The auxiliary will have a me- unrlH th mt I oh mor,a* service at    ll    a rn. A    tered Exhibition hall    at    Hawk- .j    j9-4    banquet, at    12:30,    will    be fob    eye Downs, topping last    year's lowed by the    veterans’memori-    Friday night turnout    bv    more a1 service.    than 1.400 the effect of a shopping center as large as the one proposed would drop that figure to $12.5 to $13 million "The Cedar Rapids property taxpayer is going to pay the price and have to see the ugliness of a deteriorated downtown to hoot.” Dr Chapman told the Chamber board. —Murder— • Continued from Page I • and Godfrey. Cedar The biggest battles soldiers of St. Luke’s hospital in Cedar A total of 4.500 persons on- Hapjds where an autopsy was to be performed Mrs. Hyde was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Beatty. Edgewood Services for Mrs. Hyde have been set for Monday at 1:30 at eteria a1 Kirkwood college No:RaPids' and Edward- East Mo- World war I fight these davs are )ncluded members of the Iowa 1970 at 4.860 The original division, or- The only times when Friday ganized at Camp Mills, Long night attendance topped last Island. N Y., in August of 1917. wghFswm in 1969 at 4.817 and ^ Appleton funeral "home in Asbury cem- admission will be charged. ♦ * * The 22nd annual show Edgewood Burial port- eterv. Elkport sored by the Home Builders Assn. of Cedar Rapids, will he , The Ranbow division received open until IO tonight Hours for Pickett Honored by national guard Named by MacArthur line; four grandchildren and against time, three great-grandchildren.    Their    average    is    now    78 Sincerest thanks to the many    Cervices: 1:30    p    m. Monday in    years.    These    are    the men who ACANA    (nam up    V°lu"torV"d '» a"    It    warf    iW.'l    cif    nt    ^ "a">e from Col. Douglas Mac | ^ final daw Sundae will bn ALANA, Guam (Af I — Six who were so wonderful to us    George    n.    McUilI    of    ^ar^    R115 count r\ called ^rthui then its chief crewmen    were presumed    dead    during    the loss of our Terry.    Rus Memorial    church. Burial: “* Florence Saturday    after an air    force1    Russell    Helms Family —Adv    Czech National    Friends may at 2 at carg0 pjane crashed and burned    *    ^ ♦    caP at Janeba-Kuba after I p.m. ^ f . ,    ,,    Sunday. Friends may, if they $50 reward for information,    u,,o    u. .    „    ...    .    .    _    _    .    wish.    contribute to the Hus Me- leading to the return of 2 Gates    ,    .    .    ....    , vt    invtx    mortal    church building fund. to after the Rainbow division to fight. Reunion Veterans of the Rainbow divi- representation WASHINGTON (AP) -ident Nixon signed an tional funding bill signed to make it XT Commando 10x15 tires and wheels stolen off 72 Jeep at Kar City Auto Sales. 366-1831 — Adv. * * * Streak to Central City Furniture for Free IO speed bicycle behind the Aragon Tap Room,) of its ow’n Pres- number of persons applying for w,th any stereo in stock, start- 320 Second avenue SE, were re- oduca- 'he loans. He said ii is no. im- “*■* «*•    °r.    cor"P°'    ported damaged early Ssturday iw much the nent Central City Furniture v    h J    J Mart, open Sunday 1-5. Phone 438-1315.—Adv. Collegian Loan Bill Signed by President Two Cars Damaged; Parked in an Two cars parked in of staff, 8 p.m. and later its commanding gen-___ etal, because it covered rn "its 2 Toh Asphyxiated a span as tar _    *    * sion, which saw action in both flung as the arc of a rainbow." by atBdfTl from 5 1K world wars, are holding their! While still in Europe, the divi- CHICAGO (UPI) — Two 56th annual reunion Saturday sion members decided to hold young sisters died early Satur-and Sunday at the Montrose annual reunions.    (day    when    apparently asphyxi- hotel.    I    he    division    was deactivated ated by steam from their Aliev Because    of the veterans after World war I. but was reac- bathroom sink, police said y fought in both wars the Rainbow tivated for World war II and Heat awoke the mother, who    appreciation an alleytdivision has a generaton gap again served in Europe.    found    the    bodies    of    Latricia    ViCe    !n    'eU r< ffl(r —    rn    •    ......    ......    CA/*!    tit    I    AA In World war ll the division Barnett. 2, and Natasha. 3. in housing Mental Health Assn. E L. (Lou) Pickett was honored by the Linn County Assn for Mental Health Friday upon his retirement from service with the association Pickett, public relations director for SU Luke's hospital, is moving to Arkansas. He received a walnut and brass pla-of his ser-s of the association. Fridav de- mediale*y known he liberalized program will easier for ,he government children of middle-tncome (ami- The compromise lies to obtain federally guaran- ,lon which congress rent * * * Calculator Taken — A cal- The World war ll vets average j fought a sustained drive of 450    the bathtub in their 52 years of age.    miles from Strasbourg in Alsace    project apartment. Iowa is home for    about 450    through the Siegfried line to the!    Investigators said the    children Austrian Tyrol. It was the first    awoke during the night    and ap- th riaht    Hn    h .    veterans had    registered    unit in Germany, the first to    parently turned on the hot water wasrama Td    ^    ^ C<JI"iR)r f^lhmrig by noon Satur- penetrate the Siegfried line and while playing in the bathroom Police said Richard Killinger, Rainbow veterans 896 Twelfth street NE. reported abr (Triter    (Sasrttr 1183 by Th* Goieft* In 500 Third Ave SMM ‘ d doily and Sunday at •aa damaged while parked in the alley. congress sent to teed college loans.    Nixon April 4. also allows school Iculator valued at $7° was takcn The measure makes any districts to carry over into the, sometime within the last 30 young person automatically cli- ncvv    fiscal year, which begins    avs from a car owned by gible for such a loan if his■ July    I, funds not spent during    ( carles McEowen, 5919 Crest- parents’ adjusted family income the current fiscal year    ridge avenue SW. but was not is $15,000 or less. '    Sponsors said this was needed reported t0 P°hce until Friday The student may borrow up to because presidential impound- ^‘cause p was believed to have $2,000 a year under the loan pro- nients had tied up substantial misplaced, gram. The government pays all federal aid-to-education funds    '    nadoes interest costs on the loan while um»l    only recently. When the    A good salesman has to cover    states    April    3    total the student remains in school. funds    were finally released, it    his territory. Want ads do this    the    American    Fled Cross report In the past such government- was too late in the school year daily,    jed Friday. only f°r many school districts to in- .......... .IZZH-'.T.    —ZI" day. with about 25 more expect- the first unit to enter Munich Dan Pctsche TO Tenth street cd b Sund ^ l0 SE reported the r.ght Iront I Ra, „ Heaslv of cedar Rapids. window on his car was damaged „    ____r    • Art Bequest a past president of the division,) PITTSBURGH (AP) who is registration chairman.. j|ale char|es' Rosenbloonb a Tornado Donations    Sunday    Schedule    Pittsburgh philanthropist, has Sunday’s activities include a bequeathed his private art col-WASHING! ON (AFL — Dona- breakfast at 8 a m. for past lection to the Museum of Art at tions to aid the v ictims of tor-jpresidents of the division and the Carnegie Institute. A washcloth plugged the drain and the sink overflowed. Investigators said the children apparently climbed into the tub to escape the water, which scalded one child’s feet. Established Co. and__________ Cedar Rapids, l'o*a Second doss Postage paid at Cedar Rapids, Iowa Subscription roles bv corrlor 19 coms a week. By mall Night edition ond Sunda/^6 issues S2 25 a month *24 j-- ZZ 50 a month, *75 a vee states and US territories *40 a year. No mail subscriptions accepted In areas having Gazette carrier service, The Associated Press is entitled e*du slvely to the use for republication of all the local news printed In this newspaper as well as all AP news dispatches. yeor: Afternoon editions ond Sunday 7 issues *2.50 a month *25 a year Other that struck a dozen!, 7 million,! guaranteed loans were available to parents who could telligently u: demonstrate financial need It sa'd was a complicated process in- - volving considerable paperwork that sponsors of the bill said discouraged many rt" from applying for the loai,u. 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