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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 19, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa GOLF I TRIPLE I TONIC FOR LAWNS WEEDS ANO FUDS IRON ADDEO The Odar Rapids Gazette: Fri., Apr. 19. 1974 > Your old lawn is beginning I to look like Death Valley. I lie problem could well be soil compaction, (he ancien! curse of an older lawn. I he roots of most grass plants can't break through compacted soil. But Northrup King has developed a grass that solves this problem. Our Fast & Fine grass seed mixture contains NK200. a line-leafed perennial ryegrass with a powerful root system. I he NK200 roots can penetrate compacted — ■■ 11 soil to a depth of 12 to 18 inches. I    WW providing both nourishment and villi holding power. m (\av f Bring your old lawn back to life with Fast A Fine grass seed. It's iifisL\    izuaranteed. Shop the Green Grass Sale at your Golf Brand Dealers. Cedar Rapids Four Seasons Hardware & Garden Center 3028 Ml. \ em on Rd. S.E. Careen T humb, Inc. ’>IN>8 (’enter Point Road VE Regular Green Grass Sale Price Hardi Gardens 3001 1st Avenue S.E. Hawkeye Seed Co., Inc. 803 3rd Avenue S.F Martinson Grading & Kqtip. Inc' 923 J Avenue VE. jl Too much shade, too little grass It s hard to think of a noble tree as a curse. But if the noble    v tree is robbing your grass of sunlight, moist lire and nourishment.    / what can you do? Coralville Drug Fair, Inc. No. 8 8000 8th St. Gift & Garden Center Hi^hnav 6 ^ est You can get Northrup King s Shads Place Lawn Seed. Shad) Place is a blend of several shade-tolerant grasses. Including Nugget, a remarkable Kentucky Bluegrass bred tin Alaska vet’I specifically for shade tolerance. So now you can grow grass in all but the very worst shady spots.   -    —--------- And Shady Place comes with a complete- sat i st act u >n-< >r-your-im >nc\-back gin ran tee. loiTrwluTTiri There’s nothing shady about that. Fairfax Fairfax Grain Co Hiawatha Hiawatha Garden Center Kcgulai Green Grass Sale Price Iowa City Uremic man Seed & Pet Center 13(H) l*»t Av**. South Drug Fair hie. .No. 2 1030 V illiuuiM Street g Fair Inc. No. 9 108 South Clinton Manchester The annual dandelion invasion Manchester Cashwav Lumber Ka*.t on Highna* 20 It begins slowly . A few golden blossoms appear in your yard. They seem rather nice at first. But then they multiply, and your grass    retreats. The once lovely blossoms turn w hite 3    and    ugly. Neighbors stop and stare. rn    But    you can avoid all this. When dandelion plants M    start    grow ing, spread Northrup King’s Golf Brand RI Triple Tonic. It’ll kill the dandelion in your yard and ■ several other weeds besides. Itll also fertilize your lawn. H    Triple Tonic is both a tough weed killer and a gentle lf    lawn food. And Noithrup King backs it with a ■    money-back-izuarant ce. Marion Marion Hardware MHO 7lh Avenue T rue \ alue Farm & Home ‘HH 30th Street Swisher Kevil Lit Green Grass Sale Price Swisher Farm Supply IO lh. purchase, covers 10,000 sp. Jt.) Solve your lawn problems now, while the solutions are on sale. NORTHRUP ^ KING ^ 4i 9 y inton Me\ ey Ft*t*d & Seed Walker F. J. krob & Co. Washington Drug Fair Int*. No. .> 1010 Went Madison 1500 Jackson Street N.H.. Minneapolis/ Minn. 55413 ;

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