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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 18, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa What young People Think TV Movies Top Talk in Popularity Tools That Create A compass is a tool just right for making circles. It is useful for making pictures and designs. A compass has two arms, one pointed and the other for holding a pencil. To use a compass, put the sharp arm onto the paper. This point will be the center of the circle you will draw. Then spread the other arm out and gently touch the pencil to the paper. Now slowly swing the pencil arm around, always keeping the sharp arm in place in the center. When you have gone completely around once, you have drawn a circle. To make small circles move the pencil arm of the compass close to the sharp arm. Large circles are made by moving the pencil arm away from the Teens on Wheels By Michael bmm Dear Mike: Would you please be kind enough to recommend an oil additive for my 1973 Comet V8? I’ll take your word for it. Eager To Add Dear Eager: I recommend that you use no additive at all. Good pre-mium-grade oil is all any new or newish car needs. (And most older care can do nicely without additives, too). Dear Mike: Car: 1973 Pontiac Grand Ville. Problem: loud clanging noise underneath, like someone hitting the rear axle with a hammer. The garage says it’s the exhaust system expanding and contracting with heat. Impossible. Too loud. Your opinion? Worried Dear Worried: I ve heard exhaust systems click with heat hut never clang. Check for loose mufflers, shocks, control or sway bars, etc. A good front-end shop usually makes the hest detective in cases like yours. (Write to Mike Iamm at Room 601, 50 Rockefeller plaza, New York. N Y. 10020) Birds Have Left; Now Who Pays? GRACEHAM. Md. (API -The birds have left Graceham, but who is going to pick up the bill? Frederick county Commissioner Donald Lewis said he doesn't feel the county is obligated to pay for the noise-making operation which scared most of the millions of grackles, starlings and blackbirds from the local pine grove. The state health department has sent the commissioners a $1,000 bill for the sound truck used in the operation. Other bills add up to another $1,200. LAFF - A - DAY •CIS IMH—>i»" *»>***«—■—** “I don’t want to see any more of three sloppy catches.” TOOLS FOR AU YOUR GARDENING CHORfS i carry a complete selection lawn care and gardening tools. SONDROL’S VARIETY I HARDWARE 1507 1st Avene* SE 362-8915 tore Hours 8:30-5:00 in Our Lot Store Copyright 1973 sharp one. Try making circles inside of other circles. Then make many circles crossing each other. Sometimes it is interesting to leave unfinished circles. Coloring some of the circles makes a very interesting design. Here is one already done. Try some of your own. They are really fun. __ ani A paper punch is another creative instrument. The small circles of paper it makes are ideal for mosaic. But the large paper into which the holes are punched can be used also for making pictures and designs. You may want to punch out a design and use it as a stencil. By putting it on top of another sheet and painting or coloring over it, the design should appear perfectly on the background. If you choose not to use paint or crayon, you can hang your punched design on a window. The sunlight peaking through makes a delightful, sparkling sight. By Nancy Gilbert Today’s young people would rather watch an old movie on late-night TV than watch a popular talk show, according to a nationwide survey of high school and college-age students. Forty-five percent of the boys and 62 percent of the girls said they’d prefer an old movie over a talk show. Eighty-seven percent said they’d seen movies of the 1930s and 1940s. On the question of whether the oldies are as good as new flicks, 41 percent said equally as good. 37 percent said not as good and 22 percent said better. Fifty-four percent thought the present-day female sex symbols are as titillating as the “pin-up”  ______ £r'S °f ‘J1/ 194,°* movies but 34 Robert    Redford,    Paul    Newman percent favor he pm-ups over ■    d E|Hot    Gou,d    Bi„    Mor today 5 e'a^ B'rts.0, Miami said, ..Today ac’tors Sex Appeal    have more sex appeal than the Asked about male actors like ?re,ty b°ys ot the old-,ime mov-Humphrey Bogart, Clark Gable s b ,    , and Errol Flynn, in contrast to 'Todays actors are more be- _____ I    livable    than    the    actors of the ^|| x-\rr    old days; they are less of a : I I Calls CJtt    fairy tale,” said Scott Meltzer, r* D I I n i'15, Metairie, La. Car Kental U6a I But Rob Lehman, 17, State College, Pa., said, “The older NEW YORK (AP) - The International Telephone and Telegraph Corp. says it is calling off a proposed merger of a subsidiary, Avis Rent-A-Car, into American Express Co., because it is uncertain of justice department approval. movies portray are still the same today.” Gone with Wind “Today’s movies are nothing like the days of ‘Gone with the Wind’ and that is very unfortunate,” said Ken Sheldon, 19, Santa Ana, Calif. “The old movies related to everyone while some of today’s movies are complicated and you need an education to understand them,” said Daniel Colpine, 19, Ogallala, Neb. But Jane Gordon, 16, Lynbrook, N. Y., relates better to new movies. “Movies nowadays are more realistic.” And so does Neil Skea, 19, Springfield, Mo., “because in recent days sexual ideas and skin are much more -^evident and projected.” more real. The idols of old-time i flicks were dreamy but not Soviets Execute Head sisrs-is.s!0' *■»» »«*Ni "•» the ’30s and ’40s had stronger MOSCOW (AP) — The former The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Thurs., April 18, 1974 They'll Do It Every Time Ar THE WINANS, WHERE SOMEHOW IS FOOTINS THE SAR TAS FOR AN OPEN BAR- THE PEOPLE SURE ARE THIRSTY- images and were    therefore head of a collective farm con- more appealing.”    struction firm was executed by Asked about situations in class.” Lisa Griffith, 16, Dallas, said, “The old movie idols were more sophisticated than today’s stars.” Some young people answering the poll shared her Under terms of a consent | vjews> bUt others did not. agreement which settled a justice department anti-trust suit    ^,ore    Romantic over ITT’s    1970 merger    with the    Pat Coleman, 18, Mayfield Hartford Fire Insurance Co., Heights, Ohio, said, “The stars the conglomerate must divest it- of the old-time movies were far self of several {subsidiaries, in- more romantic, I think, than eluding Avis.    any of today’s idols.” In addition to Avis,    ITT    has    Chris Morrison, 19, Hamden, agreed to    divest itself    of    sub-    Conn., said, “Today’s stars are sidiaries including Cantee Corp., films and whether the present-day ones or the ones from movies of several decades ago are easier for today’s viewer to relate to, there was again dis-actors had the same amount of agreement, talent but more style and Eddie Pratt, 20, of Cleveland, said, “Times and styles are different but the situations the Nixon: Increase Trade With Latin America WASHINGTON (AP) — Pres- Serving as host for 24 Latin firing squad for stealing state ident Nixon has pledged efforts American foreign ministers at a funds in the Azerbaijan Repub- t0 low£r y s (rade barrjers White House dinner, Nixon list-he, a newspaper reaching Mos- .......    .    ...    led trade and private investment cow from there Friday report- w Latin America and said he as tWQ essentjai ingredients for ed. The man was named M. G. encourage American pri- overcoming Latin America’s Efendiyev.    vate investment in the region, development problems. SMULEKOFrS IEWEIRY DEPARTMENT the fire protection division of Grinnell Corp., ITT-Hamilton Life Insurance Co. and ITT Life Insurance Co. of New York. * See what other tools you can use to create pleasing pictures or projects. You will be surprised at what a search around the house and just a little imagination will bring. IO YEARS AGO - Groping through a sandstorm, a jetliner I o v e r s h o t the airport at Dhahr’am, Saudi Arabia, and' I crashed into the Persian Gulf. on Youth Sent $10,000 To Help Pay President’s Taxes WASHINGTON (AP) - A San Francisco restaurateur has sent President Nixon $10,000 to help him pay his back income taxes, but White House aides say the check will be returned with the President’s thanks. Roland Elliott, a special assistant in charge of presidential correspondence, said the check arrived Wednesday from Jesus G. Monroy, whose firm owns a chain of 30 restaurants. Elliott said it was the largest single amount in the more than $57,000 mailed to the White House to help Nixon with his taxes. All the money is being re-1 turned or turned over to the Red Cross, aides said. VeCo^\0\oX0 ' If you want to save money on parking. pitas,'!*1 iv sr rn No one likes to feed parking meters — or pay overtime fines. And, if you save at Bohemian Savings & Loan, you won’t have to. Since we’re located right in the heart of downtown, we’ll validate your parking ticket from any Park and Shop lot. For one full hour. That’s the least we can do for our customers! That means you can park protected from overtime fines — do an errand or two, or have lunch — and never pay a penny for parking. Another thing, lf you’d 11 ui 11    yuu    11 lay v. ll? * were what ’ ’OU rather take the bus downtown, we ll pay your fare home. On the Ride and Shop plan. Just stop in and see us. You’ll save on bus fare. 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