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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 18, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa —Twnrn wpmT- lr "Win iiiifiViiiiiijmMwniir-' On Iowa Campaign Trail BIG GEORGE! Virgil Partch Feld Lashes Out At Postal Service Michael J. Feld, a Republican candidate for the nomination for Second district congress, speaking at candidate’s night in Oelwein Tuesday, said “The postal service should be returned to' congressional control. “The present hierarchy im Washington running the postal service is more preoccupied with ‘1984’ contraptions to get out of work than getting the mail delivered on time. We take a 50-50 chance of speedy delivery every time we mail a let-' ter and that isn’t worth a wood-' en nickel much less a dime. “Although the track record of congress controlling the post office wasn’t that great, at least our letters of complaint to our elected representatives were duly delivered.” Jensen Asks Public Energy Corporation Martin Jensen, candidate for the Democratic nomination for Second district congressman, said Tuesday “it would make far more sense to establish a government-owned energy corporation than it does to lavishly support the oil companies with huge tax loopholes. “The major oil companies have used these loopholes, not to develop domestic supplies and build refinery capacity in the United States, but, rather, have focused their efforts on opening up oil fields in the Middle East, Australia, Venezuela, Africa and Indonesia,” Jensen said. “These foreign developments have been financed with money derived from U.S. tax loopholes, to the tune of some $3.5 billion per year on the average since; i960. “Every time opponents of thesa tax breaks try to close them, the petroleum executives say they need the money to develop new oil fields and build new refineries. “A government-owned energy corporation would also help insure that energy sources on public lands would be developed in ways consistent with the principles of ecology and sound land management,” Jensen concluded. Jensen spoke to members of the Cedar Rapids CAP council of the United Auto Workers Tuesday night. Johnson Asks Nixon GOP Aid RESLEY (UPI) - Nicholas Johnson, a Democrat and former federal communications commissioner, is in the midst of a nine-way brawl for a congree sional seat in Iowa, but he believes President Nixon can give him a helping hand. “I already have my request in to the President,” Johnson said. “I’m hopeful he’ll come out to the Third district as soon as possible and campaign for any Republican he chooses.” Johnson, who faces three Democrats and five Republicans in the race for the seat being vacated by Rep. II. R. Gross, a Republican, was referring to the President’s recent barnstorming visit on behalf of GOP candidate in a special election in Michigan Tuesday. The Republican lost. Johnson left the FCC and moved to a farm in his native state late last year to begin his drive for the house seat. Culver Calls for Home Health Care AMES — Iowa Congressman John Culver Thursday called for increased funding for home health care programs in rural America, saying too many elderly citizens are forced to go into hospitals and nursing homes when they could be cared for better at home. Culver, Democratic candidate for the U. S. senate, addressed the annual meeting of the Iowa council on homemaker health services on the campus of Iowa State university here. Culver last week co-sponsored, in the house of represent-I atives, the home health services act of 1974, which seeks to in-; crease funding for programs that train people to provide medical and social services for the rural elderly in their homes. The home health services programs are seen as an alternative to automatic institutionalization of the elderly. “During the last decade we have seen some significant advances in health and social services,” Culver said. “But for all the progress we have made in expanding hospital and nursing home care facilities, we have ; sadly neglected the need to provide our elderly citizens with medical care and social services in their own homes.” Let want ads help you buy, sell or trade. Call 398-8234. ‘Look at it this way, George — if it wasn’t a challenge it wouldn’t be any. fun.” Cites Danger in Fighting Sticks SEOUL, Korea (UPI) — The connected by a rope or chain — U.S. Eighth army in South have been prohibited except for Koiea has ruled that Chinese martiai arts demonstrations, the fighting sticks are dangerous . weapons.    5    spokesman said. Carrying, possession or use of the weapon — two long sticks! DRIVE CAREFULLY Blouin: Revise Committee System Meaningful reform of congress should begin with a review of the committee system, secrecy in committee meetingss and the seniority system, State Sen. Michael Blouin (D-Dubuque) said Wednesday night. Blouin, candidate for the Second district Democratic nomination for congress, told a meeting of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers in Cedar Rapids that congress receives low confidence ratings in public opinion polls and congress is becoming increasingly aware of its problems. He pointed out only 16 percent of committee sessions were closed to the public in 1973, compared to 40 percent the year before. Also in need of reform in the congress is the conference committee system used to work out a compomise when house and senate versions of a bill differ. Blouin said. “Theoretically, the conferees are supposed to represent the positions of their respective chambers as a whole, but more often than not they represent only their own special interests or those of the committee which wrote the bills,” Blouin said. CLIP OUT BALLOT Chime "I I i MAIL OR BRING IN TODAY Please Check The Bell Of Your Choice Do you like hearing the Schulmerich Bells? Your response can determine whether we retain these chimes as a part of the downtown Cedar Rapids Community. Thank you. I enjoy the carillon chimes and would like them to remain as a Perpetual fixture. PERPETUAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 110 2nd Ave. SE    366-1851 I would like to see the carillon chimes removed. Kicckv Thurs. - Fri. - Sat. Only Men’s Knit SPORT COATS Regular Here’s the buy you have been waiting for . . 100% Polyester Knit Sport Coats, our regular stock, reduced for three days only. Rich plaids, c'ne^k* c; solids in sizes 38 to 46, regulers < h.ngi. 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