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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 18, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Obscenity Bill Debate Okayed HES MOINES iApi TU      _i__i____i_________......    .    ..... MOINES (AP) The statutes were declared unconsti-lson exposing himself ‘ knows or obscene material to minors. anorn ■'ii f( la,‘a ('nmm’*,re has tutional.    reasonably should know the ex- But the committee deleted a passed "oaw/in,,LLi,0L!r:    The    Amendment    P«sure is Patently offensive to section in Ihe house-passed bill . lh ..    piohihit dis-    the viewer when taken as a that would have allowed mar- i Din ion of obscene materials to Ender the committee amend- whole and applying contem- ried minors to observe obscene "10,rs,.    mcnl' a person who publicly ex- porai v community standards material. Kilt the committee Wednesday Poses him or herself in (he for sujtab|e degrees of cx. voted unanimously to amend Ihe-presence of a third person posure.”    movies measure to include sections to would be guilty of indecent ex-    ...    And    it    voted    to require drive- outlaw indecent exposure and posure.    Lascivious    Acts    jn movies showing obscene lascivious acts with minors    However, an exception would    Tile lascivious acts section    films to erect fences    or    other- under age IR.    ke macje jf the third person would make it unlawful for per- wise prevent minors outside the Ihe hill is the result of recent were a consenting adult.    sons 18 years old or older to theater from seeing the movie. Iowa supreme    court rulings in    Rut it would he fined as in-    commit certain acts to arouse The committee also    amended which tw'o of    Iowa's obscenity decent exposure only if the per-    or satisfy the sexual desires of    the bill to prevent    any    local anyone under the age of 16. community from establishing its D * / / \ A / I I r* I    I    I    ',so^    wou^    niake    it    own obscenity ordinance in con- Lj 111    nu Cl I    DCI Ijr^illrslp*    ,0 disseminate or show    flict with the state law. Taxation on City Dogs In Legislature Legislative Notes by Frank Nye (SPIRO Representative Now Kentucky Researcher DES MOINES — John Ncubauer, the first representative of iowa Student Public Interest Research Group (ISPIRG) at the legislature, in 1973, had a falling out with the organization it will be recalled. Neubauer made many friends while in legislative halls and many have wondered of his whereabouts. He’s now a research analyst and fiscal officer for the human services coordination project at Louisville. Kv. □ □ □ No Annua! Sessions SPEAKING of Kentucky, the voters of that state recently narrowly defeated for the second time an amendment requiring the legislature to meet annually. Iowa is now in its sixth year of annual session The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Thurs., April 18, 1974 Church of New Song Membership Upheld NYE DES MOINES (API - The l°wa house has acted to end ‘ double taxation" ot dogs owned by city dwellers. It voted 45-38 Wednesday to put in the law a provision that ii the owner of a dog is required to buy a city license, the county can t license the same animal, too. Tho provision was contained in an amendment bv Rep. Russell Wyckoff if) Vinton i to a bill which would permit the county assessor, rather than the audi DES MOINES (AP) - Bills in,^!'^ RIMAS    WYCKOFF such claim". 94 I. To governor HF733, To allow the board of medical examiners lo set the examination fee at roo ll ire him    to hiiv two Ii-    an/ amount up to $100. administer    na- i Aguilt- nun    m uiiv I wu ii    tiona,,y s,ar»d*rdize<1 examinations    and censes because    it isn’t the eitv    r£0u‘:e ,he, residence requirement    tor physicians from three years to one year. dogs.that cause livestock loss.    87 0 To ooveroor. HF 1178, To place administrative author- tor. to take charge of issuing Rep Glenn    Brecken i R-    |,V over ,he SIX lowa conservancy    dis- .    ,    lr lets with the department of soil cooser county dog licenses.    ... _______________ law info compliance with I federal regulations. 85-0. To governor. the Iowa I epislatiiro Thnrsctav SF1120, To require county agricultural me lima i.LgiMdltue inuisuay. extension offices to publish in their annu- Passed By House    al reports all funds received from any t    ^    source instead    of only that received from .    u ,all0vy    local    schoo    boards,    the countvwide    three-quarter mill levy. 87- countv    school and    area    school    boards,    0 f0 governor board    of public instruction to    provide HF1307, To create an Iowa cable tele vt group contracts and the educational radio Sion advisory council. 66-21. To senate. and television facility board either md;- HFI239, To provide that children from vidual or group contracts for tax shel birth to age 18 be listed in the annual tered annuities for employes. 71-18. To scr,00| census. 73-11. To senate, governor.    HFlllS, To prohibit the possession, HF215, To require water well pipe to be manufacture or sale of devices fraudu-labeled as to whether it is new or recon lenity used to obtain wire service or fete difioned and as to grade 92-1 To gover- phone toll service 73-16. To senate. nor    SF528, To permit the county auditor to HF442, To broaden toe definition of    1' VTlO Vk"? bodies that can buy municipal tort claims    ^^essorand    prohibit    ^unty I ic ens insurance and define who is liable tor ta9,,0 $    J.. ? t PII -    .-.PL- Claims Roy Is Dragging Feet on Appointments 169-13. men! To Senate for action on amend Defeated In Senate SF 1362, To appropriate $5.5 million for* a coal mine research project. 23-26. Motion to reconside- filed bv Sen. Clifton lamborn (R-Maquoketal. Passed Bv Senate SF1378, To appropriate $2.9 million for sewage qrants. 47-0. To house. HF142S, To appropriate funds to the highway commission for support of field Marshalltown I arnilPft it would vation. 86-O To governor hueu 11 wmllu HF it 76, To permit the state fire mar operations 43-3. To house for action on Tho hit! wac ras;M>H Kfl n and reduce the amount Of monev shal ,0 scant a conditional certificate per amendment Itll mil was I asst O tW-I.J ann    ,    ,    ,    """ny    miffjng    a nursing or custodlfll home to SF1370, To create a state elevator code for humane society’ operate for a given period of time during 43-4 To house which it takes steps to comply with fire    T“    ' regulations. 89-0. To governor HFI399, To revise Iowa election laws I J). 87-V To governor Rinas humane societies which care fot homeless or stray animals It isn t fair to the city resident ous income tax assessment. 92-0 To gov ernor SFI 1101, To delay until July I, 1975 the effective date of the new home rule mu- SF1374, To grant furloughs of up to two weeks to prison inmates for illness or death in the family or job interviews. 36 7. To house Introduced In Senate SF1379, To repeal the statutes prombit ing three-card monte Judiciary. Lawnmower Catches Fire, Man Is Injured returned to the senate for action available on the amendment.    use. Wyckoff said county dog Ii Rep. Joseph muon ai/- SM251, To eliminate the 90-dav restric cense fees go into a fund to re- Marion) agreed with Brocket!. imburse farmers for losses of "I><>gs don’t know where livestock killed bv dogs or wild city limits are. and if a city dog animals, while city license fees Sets loose he could cause dam-    applying generally go to support local age in the country." he replied. restrict^ Wyckoff replied, however.    TT°o9provX    fha,    ,he    surviving    SIGOURNEY    -    Raymond that in most cities dogs aren t    Armstrong. Sigourney, reallowed to run loose.    r'\9Lo7°    IT bring' th*, iowa vocational mained in satisfactory condition ------Thursday at Keokuk county hospital here with second degree burns to his arms and hands. Armstrong was injured Tuesday when a lawnmower he was working on in his yard caught fire, igniting his clothing. Ii mrs I it mr rn prrsrnls /chis MOVIE SPECTACULAR SALE! ii/I lo    .10% off on    Xii nn> Klninil Sopor ft I By Harrison Weber DES MOINES (IDPAi - A state senator is accusing Gov Robert Ray of "dragging his feet" in appointing two people representing public employes to a state board. The accusation comes from Sen. William Palmer. Des Moines, who is .seeking the Democratic nomination tor lieutenant governor. When the 1973 legislature approved increased benefits to public employes under the Iowa Public Employes' Retirement System, it also added two public employes to the I PF'RS investment board. The two public employes, who must be covered by IPF'.RS, are to serve as ex-of-ficio members. Although the changes in thr law became effective last July I. Palmer charged the governor has not yet appointed the two public members. Palmer claims this is a "violation of the law” and said "the governor must be laughing at us (legislators)." Wythe Willey, executive assistant to Gov. Ray. said earlier this month the governor appointed George Duvall, former basketball coach at Ames and presently a teacher at Ames high school, to the board and is working on the second appointment "Anyone can make recommendations to the board and we certainly have never received any recommendations from Palmer. Willey said "We're making about IO to 15 appointments a week. This is like picking out one percent and ignoring the other 99 percent." Willey added. The I PF; RS advisory investment hoard which supervises some $550 million in funds is comprised of three representatives from insurance, banking and industrial fields. Two legislators appointed bv the speaker of the house and the lieutenant governor also serve on the board in an ex-officio capacity. ST. LOUIS. Mo. (AP) - A three-judge appellate panel has upheld the right of inmates at the Iowa state penitentiary to belong to a religious group known as the Church of the New Song. In a U.S. Eighth circuit court of appeals decision, the panel held that the church, a protest of prison officials notwithstanding. "is a religion within the ambit of the First amendment." Furthermore, the panel ruled. U. S. district Court Judge William Hansen, Des Moines, was not in error in upholding the right of the inmates in a previous decision. Appealed Ruling The warden of the penitentiary, Lou V. Brewer, and two penitentiary chaplains have ap- Shellsburg Board Sets S7,700 Base SHELLSBURG - The Shellsburg Community school board has made a final offer of a new salary schedule for the 1974-75 school year to the certified employes. The scale is on a base of $7,700. Fringe benefits include two days' personal leave each year. a bereavement leave up to five days, parental leave for childbirth, development of joint committees to study and discuss student learning, credit for five 1 years' experience from another district, and full individual rate paid for hospitalization insurance with a major medical policy A new extra-curricular pay schedule also was approved, with an average of $190 raise in the sports and music areas. The board also approved an eight percent pay raise for noncertified employes—cooks, bus drivers and secretaries. pealed the district court ruling contending the Church of the New Song is not a religion. As noted by the lower court, the appeals court decision said, "The question of the church can be dealt with by both the prison administration staff and the court in the event it should be subsequently found to be a hoax" Judges writing the unsigned decision of the appellate court were Floyd R. Gibson. Roy L Stephenson and William H. Webster. Started in 1970 The Church of the New Song was started in 1970 by a federal prisoner at Atlanta. Ga., named Harry Theriault. The church stresses that an individual's desires should take precedence over any authority, provided the individual s actions bring him inner peace and do not disturb the inner peace of others. Hansen had said in his ruling that Protestant and Catholic services at the state penitentiary did not fulfill the needs of members of the Church of the New' Song. Michael Hemmers and Robert boney, two penitentiary inmates. had sent a complaint to Hansen, charging that members of the sect were being denied their right to practice their religion The church's headquarters for Iowa and ten other states is located in Iowa City. abc (friar i&ajribs (6a*rttr Established rn 1883 by Th* Gazette Co. and published doily end Sunday at 500 Third Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52406 Second Class Postage paid at Cedar Rapids. 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