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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 18, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa NA30001 WfAlH** M*v,cit tOMCMl to 7AM tit 4 st at tie (4 -74 eofttoH NEW YORK DEATHS Retired Fireman, John Maher, Dies John E. Maher, 66. of 3001 Sixth street SW, died Wednesday after a short illness. Born March 15, 1908. he had been a lifelong resident of Cedar Rapids-    .    ,    .    pauper against the Jaycees of Mr. Maher retired as an assis- the United sta(e^ l0wa and tant. fire chief in 1959 after 27 Inmate Suit On Dues Refund Is Dismissed An inmate at the Anamosa men’s reformatory won one skirmish in federal court action Wednesday but lost the war. —Hearst— (Continued from Page I.) group — a bunch of paranoiacs — for 60 days. Whether she was in the bank with someone or : whether she had her mind bent by coercion, or whatever else, psychologists can explain. “lf you give someone limited Tile Cedar Rapids Ga/rtl?: Tliurs., April 18, 1974_3 Cyclist Hurt; Police Chief Fell Trying] Next Week: To Miss Dogs The driver of a motorcycle Steinbeck The city council hopes to de- UN WI Aim 11 DKX AS? 77TTI v//4 KNOWERS HH3snow AIR ^ HOW Thursday night, fair weather will cover the nation with skies ranging from clear to partly cloudy. A few showers, however, may be found in parts of the central Rockies and along the New Jersey coast. —Daily Record— years of service. He had been employed by Collins Radio, re-; tiring in 1972. He was a navy veteran of World war II; a member of the American Legion; Iowa Fireman’s Assn. and the Cedar Rapids Horseman’s club. He is survived by a daughter, Coni, San Francisco; two uas sisters, Sister Mary Maher, B.V.M., Dubuque and Mrs. Wil ham Stanton. Bernard. .Friends may call at the Reinecke Sets Stewart funeral home from 4 to 9 p.m. Thursday. * Services: Friday at IO a.m. at St. Patrick’s church by the Rev. Martin Laughlin. Burial: Mt. (Calvary. Father Laughlin will information, withhold    affection,    suffered scratches and a possi-    cide on a new chief of police John    Morris    Kelley    had    pe-    and then give it back,    there are    hie broken thumb early Thurs-    sometim(> next week Safety titioned    to    file    a    lawsuit    as    a    noted ways of making    people do    day ,n an accident that killed a    Commissloner James s(einbeck things they won t do under nor- dog.    j mal circumstances.”    Robert    L. Tokheim, 22. of 3746    said tuesday. The robbery confirmed to him    Kencrest drive NE, was treated    The choice may not be an- that his daughter is    alive, he    at Mercy hospital and released,    nounced that soon, he added, said.    Police    said Tokheim was    because of procedural matters FBI Now Free    southbound    in the 3300 block ol    and a dej wjlde ^ successfui First avenue E when he swerved ... 4    .    ....    ,    ,    . in on    u_ candidate is notified and of- in an attempt to miss three dogs. Tokheim was hurt w'hen cycle tipped over    George Mafias retired last fall *    *    *    due to ill health. A freak accident Wednesday The eight, applicants for the included* Miss” Hearst    When    ieiresulted    In a cut    to the chm    and    job, including two    members of labeled the    SU    a    group    of    loosened    lee,h for.the    driver    of    the Cedar Rapids    police force, ”    *    I    r\ n n« I>|L n mnn , v. m — -J ...Lf I. I Itnnn !»>♦ nm tiniimcl f Ut n «lf/inlr nit “common criminals.” the reformatory. Federal Judge Edward McManus agreed to waiving Kelley’s filing fees of $15 but dismissed the suit as out of the federal court’s jurisdiction. Kelley claims the Jaycees owe him the $12 he paid for Jaycee membership, since he “wrongfully expelled” He said he believes the FBI now has “a free hand to do whatever they want to do” to find Patricia. H e a r s t ’ s wife, Catherine, standing at her husband’s side, tidally accepts the post. The job has been vacant since from the reformatory chapter criticized Saxbe for saying he ’ after a dispute. The Weather High temperatures Wednesday, low temperatures overnight and inches of precipitation teenth avenue street SE. and Second Magistrate s Court Speeding — Paul Mulhol land, 618 Eleventh avenue SE;    f. . ..    . fined $100 and costs. Richard no , sajs tne letler vvas a gaS t0 Reynolds, 802 Fifteenth avenue trick the press, two newspapers SW; Robert Bettiga, 2112 E av- reported Thursday. Extended F'oreeast — Chance |enue Wallace Kann, 1114 ’pfle Guardian said Ronald Rich Insurance ii r XA/'I recite the Rosary Thursday at Man jays wilson 7:30 p.m. at the funeral home. Letter Was Gag LONDON (AP) The rich in- quasSi Laura Edna — Turner! „ 0f’this is to sav there shall I Both parents said it would be surance broker who reported west at 1:30 p.m. Friday by ™ ®LtributiOTS fromindividu difficult them to Primo Mintcfor Hornet Wilcnn’c the RPV F.i'npgf W I.arson Ut. CUIHI lOUllOJIs IIUIII lUUlVIUU    _    _ a car who wa? injured    while    were interviewed this    week    by I'm terribl v" surmised    and    crossing railroad tracks.    the full    council. I saddened that the    attorney    gen-j Carolyn J. Clark. 30. of    929 The    mayor    and    commis- ■ eral of the United    States would    Fourteenth avenue SW,    was    sinners    agreed    Thursday    all characterize Patty as a com- treated at Mercy hospital and were very impressive. Lt. Gov. Ed Reinecke says the mon criminal when she’s never released, best way to reform election fi- Reform Proposa SAN DIEGO, Calif. (API been convicted of a crime,”! 'The accident occurred in the Memorial Services Quass, Laura Edna — Turner Whitmore Sees New Day for Energy Firms Ancharage ti 34 L. Angeles 71 54 Atlanta 43 40 Miami ll 49 SO Rismarck stas Minneapolis 4t 30 Chicago 44 S3 N. Orleans 73 S4 Denver 41 37 New York 49 Si Duluth 41 30 Phoenix 93 40 Honolulu 04 73 Seattle 40 44 Moulton .. 73 40 Washington 49 44 Prime Minister Harold Wilson’s the Rev signature had been forged to a!BVr*al ‘ letter promoting a land deal west Ernest W. Larson. in Palo cemetery, may call at Turner —Stans— (Continued from Page I.) of rain on the weekend clearing ™Idj'-s$<^ndans*reectos^E; £acb j Milhench told it he produced the time covered by the indictment, Monday. Lows 50s on Saturday       ' to 40 on Monday. Highs 70s Saturday to around 60 on Monday. Mrs. Hearst said. She added she 1300 block of Tenth street SW. nancing is to prohibit campaign    h0ped    Saxbe wouldn't make    Miss Clark told police the crosscontributions by all groups,    in-    “any    more prejudicial state-    ing was rough and she hit her eluding political parties.    merits."    chin on the steering wheel. “The simplest way to resolve;    Really    Patty.’    *    *    * "“L------1    ‘    *    "    ,    J    ’    A driver who lost several swear in    teeth when his car hit a utility als only and none from any    or-    court tbat Patricia was the girl    pole and traffic signal Thursday ganized group ” he said.    in tbe    bank holdup, from the    refused hospital treatment. Rpinp/’kp ii/hn k cppkinn thp I photographs taken by the bank’s Thomas Lee Dietz, 43. of 212 pany, told shareholders at the ’    1    ®    1 hi^rion nqmarqc    Tivonftr.ninth ottnnnn cw annual meeting Thursday that “a new day has dawned for the entire energy industry.” Whitmore cited the recent en- DAVENPORT - Charles H. Whitmore, president and chairman of the board of Iowa-Illmois Gas and Electric Com- Republican nomination for gov.: hidden cameras.    Twcnty-ninth    avenue    SW,    told ernor, spoke to a Republican ,.. F°r, leRa' purpoKsfs’ 1 d°n 1^'“ h|; eastbound in the group Monday    think I could possible say that;IOO block    of Fourteenth avenue the gaunt-faced girl in    the    SE when his    car sheared off    a brown wig was definitely    my    utility    pole,    causing a    set    of    ergy    crisis    for    focusing    the    pub- daughter,” Mrs. Hearst said.    traffic    signals to fall    to the    lie’s    attention    on    energy    prob- Hearst said he would think it    ground    lems Reinecke has been indicted by Decker,7815 sixth avenue~SE; Take letter after a reporter from    detailing how    he    had    restricted    a federal grand jury on perjury PtaU\ Sy,i 1626 HaM-!,t0rn    the Daily Mail ta,ked t0 him    his work    schedule    in    order    to    char8es in connection with his. IIcaiai aaiu IIC WUU1U uluin u;gIUUIlu    ICIUS. F/>TWnry Gorrcy.n5e749    spo(ldation    and    men'sP°nd ail weekends and all eve-fesBn^ony fe a senafef    I    was    Patricia    simply because Dietz, charged with failure, Admitting supply problems C R WoaFFipt    don court NW; Leo Alberts, bonedI Wilson s name.    nings    except Monday and    Tues- ab. financing of the 1972 j,200 pictures were taken and to maintain control of the vehic- his firm shares with all energy ii nh u'pHnp Hat    KA    a454 I?1??! i£0rad ^* *Kc?1 *    n0t    Memjta„!0t    °/    ,ime    day with her.    Republican convention.    tlle    pgj    said    it    was she    j    wgs    tgken Mercy bostal utilities, he stated however that High wednesday    68    Arnell, 420 Fifteenth street NE; for newsDaDers Mi hench sa d «    •......  u    *    nj    *    ..L    .    •    j    al    ama Low overnight    52    Donald Forrester. 291S Dale- but ,ho Guardian said he rt    Cndcd    h,S    dL'rect    el!    D,„    Dill       but    walked    oul    wlthout    recelv’    we    have    conf,donee    the    utlll,y Ninon ThurvHav    cs    wood avenue SE; David Travis, .    ,    ,    ‘    amination of Stans with a series n3V wl£l1S bill OR Noon Thursday    ...    M    Mallory    street    SW: Mary ^ed to ray whether he forged „f ^ ^    ^    .    I    “    5 Nw Tono.vNw ,'650, Tremr,'?n-    S'lso,ns slJRnalure ,athe let,er    noccnce    Addition to Academy None street NW; C arolyn Couch, IKL    He claimed earlier he received - .3.71; Harold drive SE: each fined it |ast year while Wilson was the "Did -vou ever ask any°ne 10 DES MOINES (AP) - Gov. 2 79 2812 OavenueNWJali^eTa^ leader of the opposition in the do anv,hjn8 "> he'P, Robert;Robert Ray sjgned int0 ,aw ... 7.11 j ior. 5025 First avenue SW; John house of commons.    esc0    or company. ...9.16 Sullivan, route one. Cedar The letter is a side issue in “Mr. Bonner, on my oath I 2 p.m. Thursday Precipitation Total for April Normal for April Normal through April Total for 1974 ........ Barometer, falling Humidity at noon New Trash Can l,1K lrpatment__ Says Thank You G. R. Man Arrested 30.031    Rapids; Richard Ruff, 854 First Lu    oolitic flirnr 4Q<r    avenue NE; Bill Leichsenring, Iae large-scale political Juror /0 (Amana; Delmar Scaffinger. that has developed over the Wind direction    and    velocity at    2047 North Towne court NE; $264,000 profit Wilson's personal Gazette    weather    station    at 2    Edith McCaughan, Anamosa; |c^cretary, Marcia Williams .and p m WNW at 8 mph    if.S^nHrSs ° 8<' ‘’ac h her brother. Anthony Field. Sun rises Friday. 6 21; sun sets, 7 52 industry will survive and even prosper.” Whitmore said lowa-Illinois .    was    “fortunate    to have joined in To Depositors On Narcotics Countpartnership with commonwealth Edison to construct the BROOKVILLE, N. Y. (AP' — DENVER — Michael G. Al-Quad Cities nuclear power sta- Thursday a bill to appropriate $950,000 for an addition to the He talks, he sings, he makes berlSi 2I7of CedarTapids, was slightly risque suggestions and' arrested Tuesday for investiga-he swallows garbage. He’s Ar- Iowa Law Enforcement emy at Camp Dodge. Acad- fincd $20 and costs    lKl punier, ftnuioiiy nciu. a Driver’s license violation    former aide and close friend of Laverne Smith, 61 Oklahoma the prime minister, made on the grand jury tion.” In the next five years, according to Whitmore, the com-tion of posses?ion of $12,000 panv will spend over $295 mil-It was one of five bills he thur, the talking trash can. His worth of narcotics.    lion for new construction, signed Thursday.    inventor    thinks    a    kind    word    Two    suitcases which police say Earnings for 1973 fell 18 per- Another will appropriate,fe°m Arthur encourages people cQntained 44 pounds of mari-cent, it was reported at the Year Ago Today - High. 69.    ^,shk    land    bouRht in l9fi7 and clcar(,d "I testified to the facts as I hrary system to be used only lf belong c/\ • f-»i  __I    oinandw    k    11311    tarn    unrc    c    orr    .....    ..    K    %r    tko    Arf    hi never did anything to help Robert Vesco in any way and I never asked anyone to do anything to help Robert Vesco,” Stans replied firmly. “Did you testify to the facts to $762,588 to the state library f0    him with garbage rather juana were confiscated at the meeting, and common stock commission for the regional Ii. (than dump it whore it doesnt Denver airport urhen Alberts cannings dropped from $2.08 per low. 60; rainfall, none of slop $15 and costs. Scott Goslin. 407 ' K then recalled them Traveler's Forecast Weather, Hi-Lo PtCldy 70-42 PtCldy 58-50 PtCldy 69-46 PtCIdv 58-38 PtCldy 77-52 Bismarck Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland .. Des Moines .. Detroit ..... Indianapolis . Kansas City Milwaukee Mpls.-St. Paul Okla. City .. Omaha ...... St. Louis Sioux Falls PtCldy 59-40 PtCldv 72-48 Fair 80-60 PtCldv 55-41 PtCldy 67-42 PtCldy 82-61 PtCldy 79-51 .. Fair 78-60 PtCldv 74-44 Sinclair avenue SE; Charles;-- Ray, 270 Brentwood place NE.  IJ! J each fined $10 and costs.    """■IVlIU"tUbT“" Plate violation — William (Continued from Page I.) Wahl, 4012 Westover road SE; .    .    r 7r~r fined $10 and costs.    a,med    at Israeli troops occupy Faulty equipment _ Dennis mg .1.232-toot mountaintop,    ,,«u federal , , j library ......  ^ • Did you willfully and know- avai|abI(. ,his ingly give false testimony to the Tbe ,^hpr ’ new |aws grand jury?    change the makeup of the Law “I certainly did not."    Enforcement Academy Council, 'Did you conspire with John appropriate expenses for judges magistrates, and raise the funds received by the Arthur is the brainchild of Denver oolice in the past are not Chiles Hamad, 24. of Danbury. who refused fo was arrested. say Alberts, give a Cedar share in 1972 to $1.70 last year. Dean R. Stichnoth, Bettendorf. vice-president and secre- Burrier, .112 Thirtv-firsi street I an Israeli spokesman said    ""    "Ia8is,rmes- ana ralse lne ythurs voicf »« NW; fined $50 and costs. Rich-    Onened    i n    and the SEC.    salary of the state geologist jsette, activated when trash is a rd Arnzu, 718 Thirty-third    pea    p    “I    have not conspired with from $22,400 to $26,400 per year stuffed into the 45-gallon can. street NE; fined $10 and costs. At the same time Syrian gun- john Mitchell or anyone else to--Hamad    said    he    has    five    dif- Vehicle control violation — ners also opened up on Israeli defraud the government,” Stans Marcia Engel. Ely; fined $30(forces in the southern sector of replied 'the 300-square-mile Syrian en-j Stans’ testimony that he hadj (Continued from Page 1.) Conn a graduate student in Rapids address, tried to claim tary of the firm, was named a will psychology    at    G.    U    Post col- the suitcases after flying from    director at the meeting. He    re- -.^Ia30    _    r'_d_,    _    y:.rn Tucson, Ariz. Alberts was carry-    places C. J. Math, former    ex- ing a ticket from Tucson to    ecutive vice-president who    re- Denver when arrested.    t’red last year. - ! All other board members, including Harry G. O’Donnell of Cedar Rapids, were re-elected. sociate psychology professor and Hamad’s thesis adviser. Feed the Birds —Ehrlichman— former White House Degree Days Wednesday..........14 Total to date .. ..    6,466 Through April 17, 1913 . 6,551 Percent of normal year 97.33 Total normal year    6,631 Mississippi Stages (Flood stages in brackets) I Aa Crosse (12) 9.4, no change lansing (18) 10.4. rise .5 Dam 9 (18) 19.7. rise .4 McGregor (18) 12.4, rise 3 Guttenberg (15) 11.1, rise .1 Dubuque (17) 13.3, fall .2 Davenport (15) 12.2, rise .4 Keokuk (16) 11.5, fall .2 Cedar at C.R. (13) 6.35, rise .IO. Coralville Lake Pool level Thursday 669 99 Births — Mercy April 17 — To the families of Thomas Sonka. route 2. a son; Mark McMann. Newhall, a son; John Knutson. 1648 Tenth street NW, a daughter; Francis Schulte, Norway, a son. Births — St. Luke's April 17 — To the families of Russell Cooper, 1430 E avenue NE, a daughter; Vernon Cooper. 151 Brentwood drive NE, a son; Wayne B. Johnson. Springville, a son; Daniel Stam-meyer. 540 West Ninth avenue, Marion, a daughter; Don W’ie Driving on right 235. _______^ SE; fined $10 and Israelis said. But the Syrians as j ^en recalled them” and boulevard costs. Traffic signal violation James Howard, 1040 Twixt Town road, Marion; Jay Donovan, Vinton; David Draxton, 1565 Linmar drive NE; David Gardner, 310 Thirty-fiftn street NE; Cletus Moser, 2535 Fourth avenue, Marion; each fined $15 and costs. Right-of-way violation ferent tapes for Arthur. Several say, “Thank you,” one plays music and another makes random noises. And then there is what (Charged the Israelis with firing ^at he had reviewed his rec- him"Vt™)t^nrpcM*!nth!?^Hamad calls the “X-rated first-     *    -.....    """    F^dent.a!    tapes    |ape    .,    Hamad    „-s    ..kind    of aI> were ‘silly and untrue.” Registration violation — Robert Blackwell, 1445 A avenue NE; fined $10 and costs. Iowa Deaths Victor—Edith Benschnider, 83. Saturday at 2, St James Lutheran church. McAninch’s. Manchester—William F . Gienapp, 87. Saturday at 1:30, St. Paul’s Lutheran church, Delaware. Burial: Pine View cemetery, Delaware. Visitation after 7 Thursday, Shelly’s. tions on the President,” Ehrlich- One Residence ?un..“.idu 'By,,he ,time 1 '!ft 1 ords since the indictment The days outbreak of shoot- parently was elicited because u " *v “1,v‘uv    corny,    but says things like, mg followed an all-night clash on 0f a conflict between his testi- !;e .a (fe>n*ed ,da*’ ^en ‘Meet me up in your room in IO the Hermon massif on the north-    mony    Wednesday and his grand    su    ^'s    resignation    last    minutes    with    a    whip and a em rim of the Israeli-held jury testimony    year’ aad reached an under- prune Danish.’ ” bulge.    Bonner was apparently trying s^an<^n8 fbat    the President    ___________ It was the second straight day to explain the conflict by stress-,would fo,low thr°ugh with a Israeli    planes were called    into    jng    stans’ preoccupation    with    compIete staternent    of    every- Karen    Bennel,    2921    Sixth    action    aad the fourth time    in a    his    wife’s illness during his ap-    thing    he knew about    the    Water* street SW;    fined $3o and    costs,    week.    pearance before the grand    jury.    &afe In Cairo,    War Minister    - “My    resignation did not in- Ahmed Ismail said Egypt    t    vo^ve    anjr *mPosRfen of    condi- would fight alongside the    1 w° • neTTS dT Syrians if the situation on the Golan Heights became eriti-    «'v*.MW"VV fen that he had. in fact, made a cal.    Two men who live at the full disclosure of what he knew Ismail, who is commander in some address reported thefts of about Watergate, chief of the armies of both Syria    item?    Wednesday from their    jape    gap and Egypt, said: “If the fighting residence. became more serious or the sit- Donald W. Hrabek told police Ehrlichman also denied ever uation became critical, no doubt    he returned home to    find $55    fe"in£ omone he thought an 18- we will take part ”    cash and $24 worth    of food    minut(’ gap in one of the presi- Dy»«^lto~l£wrence Hon-;    the    Tp, Aviv suburban I stamps missing.    dential    tapes had been caused icamPof    St*    Francis    Xavier,    vdlspe of Pardes Katz, an    David I., Herrick (old police a    deliberately. Burial: St.    Peter and    Paul cern-    Israeli-made hand grenade    ex-    transistor radio valued    at $25. a    The laos Angeles limes article etery,    St.    Petersburg    Parish    pioded. wounding 12 Arabs    and    pair of sunglasses valued at $15    was based on interviews with Scripture service: Friday at 8,    Jew    ,ho jsrae|j military and a flashlight valued at $2 Seattle area friends and asy riTcommand reported    were taken.    sociates of the former White Clarence—Fred Dcbner, 86.    _    .    ...    t-u    .•    .    .r ____• . Saturday    at    1:30,    St.    John s    Guerilla sabotage bombs have    The    men live at 169 Sixteenth    House aide. United Church of Christ. Visi- been going off in Israel almost avenue SW    Frank Haven, the Times man powers for every occasion! since 1909 .IOU* E. Iaa\I*IaN Canvtnient downtown location 308 3rd Ave. SE 365-0511 Good Friends tation after 2:30 Friday, Chap-;dajiv for the past few weeks man’s. Olin — Howard Mackey, 67. hold. 2530 Twenty-fourth ave- Saturday at 2 at United Methodist church. Friends may call j at Hayden’s after I Friday. nue, Marion, a daughter. Marriage Licenses Dorothy Johnson and Virgil Saling, both of Toddville. Natalie Scheldrup and John Walsh, lr., Sheryl Broxey and William Schaefer a1! of Cedar RaP|^-    vlctor    Elodie DeCaluwe. Bonnie Thomas, Center Point,    J'"” and Kevin Fa„le. Cedar Rapids. I J^S.’^tdhaJjcatcl,°uralhStR^; pjre$    Friday    at    8    at    McAninch’s. I 56 p.m. Wednesday. Assistance call at 938 Twenty-second avenue SW. 4:36 p.m. Wednesday. Unknown to grass on Sixteenth avenue SW along railroad tracks. 7:11 p.m. Wednesday. Short in electric switch at 3600 E avenue NE 7:40 p.m. Wednesday. Unknown to grass at railroad tracks and Twin Pines NE. 9:42 p.m. Wednesday.) Downed power lines at Four-; Crusader Killed —Barnett— (Continued from Page I.) Toledo — William J. Kubik, Cedar Rapids, face trials later they could be seen miles away. 81. Henderson ^    in connection with the incident. ..........—   ■    —i- North English — Wilma E.j    *    *    * Myers, 80. Saturday at 10:30 at Powell’s.    Jurors were David M. le- chau, Ivins. Elaine E. Wolfer, Sheila J. Janda,    Charles    H Kepler and Janna L. Harper, all of Cedar Rapids; Roy L. Squires, Toddville;    Leroy    M. Brashears, Central City; Cece-BANGKOK    (AP)    —    A    newspa-    Ha M. Neis, Fairfax; Roger per editor    who    had    been    crusad-(Stark, Robins; Gordon E. Oiling    against    corrupt    provincial    bertson, Marion, and Bori    Mc- authorities    was    shot    and    killed    Cright, Hiawatha. as he was parking his motorcy- Alternate juror was Marcella cie at a market.    D. Ritter, Hiawatha. aging editor, said, “The Times IO YEARS AGO — The newly- stands by its story. Mr. Ehrlieh-integrated high school in No- man was given the opportunity tasulga, Ala., was destroyed by to respond to it prior to publicans which sent flames so high j tion and twice declined to do so on the record.” flowers can say everything O FLORIST and GIFT SHOP 364-8139 Phone Answered 24 Hours [very Day rf'TT’T for Any Occasion FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS .PIERSON’S FLOWER SHOP Your f T ty florist IMI Ellis Blvd. IVW FLOWERPHONfc 364-182* floral artistry eu>e FLORIST Town and Country Shopping Center 364-2146 John B. Turner & Son Funeral Directors Serving all faiths since 1888. Ulmer's Eiisi 8( X) Sue oik! Aw. si; 'llirner’s West \J2\ l:irst Ave A Vest Sympathy, concern, understanding -that make a good friendship. they're the things And these same things make every service we direct something personal. Murdoth ^June^iaT Hotttei MARION CENTER POINT CENTRAL CITY SPRINGVILLE WALKER    COGGON and in Cedar Rapids THE BEATTY BEURLE CHAPEL ;

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