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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 16, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Vinton School Board Tells Staff Changes The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., April 16, 1974 By Frank Nye DES MOINES - Senate Majority Leader Clifton Lamborn (R-Maquoketa) doesn’t like the long truck amendments the Iowa house added to the senate’s department of transportation (DOT) bill but he’s wondering if it can be made more palatable by inserting the word “final.” More palatable to Gov. Robert Ray, that is. It is no secret the governor has indicated he will sacrifice the DOT, which he wants very much, if he has to take it with the truck amendments attached. Lamborn, who favors long trucks but doesn’t think the amendments for them have any business on the DOT bill, told The Gazette Monday that the measure is unenforceable as: passed by the house. One Amendment One truck amendment legal izes 65-foot twin-trailer vehicles (present legal length is 60 feet) | [the house’s truck amendments I when the DOT bill conies up in the senate, he may ask senators to strip the amendments from the bill knowing that probably will send it to conference com-!mittee. The compromise, in that case, might be for the house to back down on the twin-trailer amendment if the senate would accept the single-trailer livestock truck amendment. The senate may take up the DOT bill, with its house amendments, yet this week. AP Wirephoto Modernization Project Launched At Iowa City's Mercy Hospital Galen Moffil, Lenox, got all caught up ’n his work, carrying a 250-foot col of four-inch plastic drainage tubina. Library Open House    and meet with the librarians WILLIAMSBURG - To cele- and members of the library brate National library week, board. April 21 to 27, the Williamsburg----- Community library will hold ON THIS DATE in 190ti the open house April 24, from 2 p.m. Pacific cable was completed to 4 p.m. The public is cordially between the United States and invited to come in. have coffee China. Tho first two phases of the* long-range plan were the updat-i ing of many patient areas during a 1966-69 building program. To Be Relocated A coronary-intensive care unit, now located in the 42-year-j old building, will be relocated adjacent to surgery on the sec-1 ond floor. Mercy’s current pediatrics unit occupies an admittedly crowded wing on the third floor of the 1932 building. Under the new project, pediatrics will | IOWA CITY - The board of directors at Mercy hospital here; Monday announced plans for a $2.6 million modernization project. Hospital areas which will be: involved include pediatrics, coronary-intensive care, ear-nose-throat, and food service. All of these areas are now: located in the hospital’s oldest buildings, built in 1908 and 1932. The modernization program, starting this week, is the final phase of Mercy’s master plan. formulated in 1965. rom Armstrong's Men 's Gift Bar DESK CALENDAR An attractive calendar on an Onyx base per fectly suited for a busy man’s desk. Gives date perpetually with a twist of a dial. ELECTRIC PENCIL SHARPENER A wonderful gift for home or office. Pencils always sharpened and ready with this fast, neat precision sharpener. Electric. Cedar Rapids Finest Larger Exhibits More Variety THAN EVER BEFORE Other Legislative Action DES MOINES IAP) - Bills in the Iowa legislature Monday. Signed By Governor Se 1324, To appropriate $25,000 ta tile state historical society for microfilming end $12,000 for a manuscript curator. SF1327, To incmase the appropriation for the state law library from $115,616 to $!>8,366 for 1974-75. SF1329, To raise the 1974-75 appropriation for the commission on aginq from $34430 to $53,130. SFI337, To raise appropriations tor soil and water cost sharinq the rest of this biennium from <1.5 million to $2 million. Passed By Senate HP1399, To revise election statutes. 47-0. To house for action on amendments. Introduced In Senate SP1377, To increase a d to dependent children appropriation bv $6 5 million to permit payments of IOO percent of defined need. Gluba and Orr. Passed By House HFI60, To set civil penalties for illeaal-ly taking came at $300 for each deer, MOO for each turkey and $25 tor each other game bird or animal or fur-bearing animal 79-3. To governor HF1378, To increase the appropriation for the Peer and l.auor control department to cover increased operating costs1 and allow the opening of nine new stores without closing any existing stores. 65-18. To governor. HFSoi, To allow cities and towns, lf approved at a referendum, to issue aerier-1 al obligation bonds to establish zoos and zoological gardens and levy ud to one mill for maintenance. 84-1. To governor. HF 1200, To establish uniform proce-i dgres for all state agencies in the making of administrative rules. 86-2 To governor. Passed By House 5FI211, To give farmers and other nonhiphwav users a choice of claiming motor fuel tax refunds bv quarterly; refunds or an annual credit against state Income tax, 88-5. To seriate tor action on amendments. SF19, To make th# penalty on delinquent mobile home taxes the same as on real estate taxes 8/1. To governor SF242, To extend the exemption from: taxation of pension and retirement insur-i ance premiums to annuity contracts ex-empt under federal law 90-0. To governor. SF1071, To repeal the requirement that a person buying a home on contract show that IO percent of the purchase price has been oa d to qualify for homestead tax credit. 90-0, To senate for action on amendments. SF 1197, To provda uniform penalties for failure to file reports, filing false reports, and deliberate evasion of Iowa income, sales and use. chain store and motor vehicle fuel tax laws. 88-6. To governor. HF1160, To authorize any county regard-j less of population to establish a juvenile I court service director. 45-0. To senate. HPI456, To repeal obsolete sections of law requiring road equipment to be equipped with red signal lanterns or red lights. 75-0. To senate. HF1443, To update the Iowa code to require school districts to Provide a suitable educational Droqram for all children, no matter how severely handicapped. 83-0. ; To senate. HF1465, To authorize the Iowa highway I commission lo participate In federal funding for the Great River road. 80-0. To senate. SF 182, To allow county boards of supervisors lo abolish as well as establish the I office ct public defender bv resolution. 90-I 2. To senate tor action on amendment. SF314, To switch the administration of the judicial retirement system from the: state comptroller to the supreme court ! administrator. 83-3. To senate for action Ion amendment. SF389, To require three iudqes of the Judicial district to siqn the appointment of Jury commissioners unless there are ‘ fewer judges in the district. 86-0. To senate fcr action on amendment. SF442, To revise and update the Iowa probate coda. 90-0. To governor. SF500, To make clear that judges may qranf grandparents visitation rights with j their grandchildren. 82 13. To governor. SF509, To spell out the persons, In I order of priority, who may consent to an autopsy. 93-0. To senate for action on amendment. SF1042, To clarify the law on fl ing of federal tax liens on vehicles requiring a i certificate of title. 79-8. To senate for action on amendment SF 1113, To require the listing of unlicensed used trucks on Aug. I instead of July I. 91-0 To governor SF1227, To permit counties to pay claims without having them notarized. 92-0. To governor. HF 1409, To place responsibility with] local school districts to provide for children requiring special education. 87-2. i To ienat*. HF1418, To prohibit civil service employes who are working oevond retire-1 ment ago to take examinations tor j promotions. 83 9 To senate. HFH19, To provide a salary of $5,400 for grand jury cleeks In counties of 75,0001 to 100,000 population and $8,600 in coun- ; ties over 100,000. 92-0. To governor. receive LIBRARY SET Every desk should have this wonderful set that includes a letter opener and fine, sharp scissor in a leather case. Also convenient for attache’ cases. PEOPLE FEEDER A unique gift — dispenses a handful of goodies out of a container on a swivel base. Ideal for parties, rec room or office. Given away daily Need not be present to win! Nothing to buy! ^ Over Quarter of Million dollars in glittering displays of new home ideas. All phases of home building, remodelling, furnishing are represented in the giant 1974 show. You’ll be amazed at many displays. You’ll be certain to find ideas you can use. KITCHEN iaunohy SHAVING MUG and BRUSH Genuine Ceramic mug and pure bristle brush made in Germany. Still the best way to shave, many men would appreciate this good looking set. MEN’S GIFT BAR STREET FLOOR Adults: 50 cents Under I 2: Free MtHKOOM IA SEME NT ;

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