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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 16, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa HMA1J0MM WI ATH!* UtVJCt fORlCAVt to ?AM til 4 -17 I (GOSTON \ iNEW YORK Ihc Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., April 16, 1974 Mrs. Glenn Tremaine Ira S. Weed Ira Samuel Weed, 59, of 320/ Agnes Kuba Tremaine, 65. a Waveland drive NW, died Mon-jformer cedar Rapids resident day following a long illness. ;ancj wjfe 0f Glenn W. Tremaine, Born July 29, 1914, in Belle Plaine, he had lived in Cedar Rapids 40 years. Mr. Weed had been a pilot for Delay Pleas In Servey Soy Nixon Will Name Murder Case Sawhill To Head FEO George Junior Nowlin and Atwell Junior Conner were ar- Uf I WI At Hi k t OTOC AST €> Tuesday night, rain is expected over the Pacific northwest, southern Florida and in southern Texas. Clear to partly cloudy elsewhere. Martin-Roasa Tractor and Equipment Co. and was a pilot-instructor during World war II. He was married to Nadine Simmer Nov. 2, 1951, in Atkins. He was a member of Edgewood Baptist church, Mizpah lodge, AF and AM, the Consistory and Chanters. Surviving besides his wife are | three sons, Gary E., Louisville, and Ira Gregory and Brian Ii.. | at home; and a sister, Lillian Freese, Cedar Falls. Services: Thursday at 1:30 p.m. in Turner chapel west by the Rev. Carroll A. VanAnda and Mizpah lodge. Burial: Cedar Memorial. All Master ; Masons are asked to meet at Turner chapel west at 1:15 p.m. Thursday to attend the service. Stout, 91. ll a.m. Wednesday at There will be military rites at died at Ojai, Calif., Sunday following a long illness. Surviving, in addition to her morning in the Linn county dis-husband, is a brother, Stanley Riel c0llr' °f Judge John Hy-C. Kuba, Cedar Rapids.    *and- Services will be Wednesday Both men were indicted by at Claussen’s, Ojai, with burial the Linn county grand jury at Ivy Lawn cemetery, Ventura, April 9 for robbery with aggra- WASHINGTON (AP) — Pres-'whether Sawhill should get the r a i g n e d separately Tuesday’ ident Nixon plans to name John job, in view of his outspoken na- 15 ' ‘ Sawhill as the next federal en- lure. Calif. Mi nima m Although Simon will be maintaining a strong interest in en- Deaf Man's Case Ready ergy chief to succeed Simon, sources say. Sawhill, 37, who has been dep- ergy policy at the treasury, he uty administrator of the Federal | will not be named an assistant Energy Office since it was t0 the President, as was his formed last December, will take |predecessor, George Shultz. over after Simon is named sec-___ retary of the treasury, probably vation and the murder of chael Servey on March IO. Conner, 29, of near Bertram, later this week. Tuesday waived his right to a Simon, however, is expected speedy trial, and his court-ap-ito still keep his hand in energy! pointed attorneys requested a policy, with Sawhill running delay before a plea is entered, day-to-day operations. PqP Jurors JudSC Hyland set April 30, at sawbills selection is some- if Bid Opening Next Month For Approach 1:15 p m tor the plea.    what    of a surprise especially    A bld opening is anticipated Closing arguments in the ex- Nowlins court-appointed at- because he contradicted Nixon    ,    month    for    construe tortion trial of Jackie Barnett torneys asked that the speedy on the extent of to ae® l|(mof    chcs    t0    the west were heard Tuesday, with the trial waiver not be applied and crisis after the President held a ^ ^ ^ new Twelfth avenue state maintaining all the ele- will return to court April 23 at news conference earlier this    , ments needed for conviction 1:15 p.m. for Nowlin, 31, of year.    ;    ' were presented during testimony rural Keystone, to enter a plea. But sources said Sawhill’s    I Inns, speci ications and form n    .    .    t    • strnncr simnnrt on Canitol Hill contract will be placed on file Conner remains in Linn(siron§ support on v,apnui n"ljf    ,    .    . county jail under bonds of and the need to maintain conti-,for public inspection at the city $25,000 and $100,000. Judge Hy-jnuitY >n *he energy job and the defense claiming prosecution evidence w'as circumstan Barnett, 46, of Cedar Rapids out- council meeting Wednesday, The Weather Hiqh temoeratures Monday, low tem Dentures cverniqht and inches of pre ciDitation: Anchorage 42    34    L. Anq'les    87    58 Atlanta . 66    39    Miami ..81    75 Bismarck 51    23    Min'polis    57    31 Chicago ..46    40 Denver 60    29 Duluth ... 51    28 Gerald McCormick, Center Point. Marriages Dissolved Gary Allen and Deborah J. Taber. Jerome W. and Dorothy N. orie'ns «9 58 1.24 McGrane. Sandra R. and Rob SKS*    ii ii ort C. Ramsdoll. Sheets and Son. Monticello - Wilke ican Legj^ posti Behrends, 88. Wednesday at 1:30 at St. Matthew’s Lutheran church. Friends may call at Goettsch’s after 7 Tuesday. the cemetery by    Hanford Amer- is on    trial in district    court for    land reduced Nowlin’s    bonds    to weighed opposition in the White J J    ii    tv    c\r\ ii ____ _ i i    j i •    ...    .      i    IIahpa 1a Bia rlnruifu ndmimcfro. the Dec. 28 attempted extortion Honolulu 85 71 .16 Seattle 58 47    r* Houston 58 50 .67 Wash'ton 71 46    fires Extended Forecast — Chance    12:17 p.m.    Monday.    Food on of rain Thursday, Friday night stove at 222 Tenth street NWN •md 's'jtiird'iv ‘ P-irtlv cloudy 4:16 P-m- Monda-v- Food wn and Saturday I artly cloudy sU)ve at f)2 Fiftecnth avCnuc Friday. Highs in the upper 50s gyy. to mid 60s. Lows mostly upper 12:15 a m. Tuesday. Malfunc- Third tion of alarm at Third street and Sixteenth avenue SE. Magistrate’s Court Specdinc: — Fred Jones, Hia-42 Watha; Edward Klekar. 1915 59 Twenty-seventh street. Marion; /■cleach fined $40 and costs. I v" Dianne Downing. 153 East-None view drive NW; Steve Teufel, 3.71 Hiawatha; David LeClcre, Cog-1 2.79 Son; each fined $35 and costs.' - oj David Furry, 1818 Thirty-. ’    ; second street NE; Dan Calflin, | J.lo 4 71 j j Danbury street NE; Sherril j 30.20 Deschamps, 528 Twelfth street 33°o SE; Sharon Coleman; Hia-i 30s to mid 40s. C. R. Weather High Monday ......... Low overnight Noon Tuesday ......... 2 p.m.  ................ Precipitation —........ Total for April Normal for April ....... Normal through April Total for 1974 ........... Barometer, rising Humidity at noon    „ ,,,,    " .    Watha; Lynne Parr, 1500 E ave- Wmd (bree. ion and velocity nU(. jjW; Gerald Waddington. at Gazette weather station at 1031 Tenth avenue SE; Janj 2 p m. NE at 6 mph.    Collins. 1625 Park Terrace ... ,    .    . drive NP.; Rick Mease, 91J' Sun rises Wednesday. 6:24: Eighteenth avenue SW; Allen j sun sets, 7:50.    strong, 4508 Rushmore drive, v- . „ . T„ j.,,.    «,• 1, jo NE; each fined $30 and costs. ‘ Ah° loda> “ Nigh. 48, AIfred Bradley, Toddville; Willow, 37; rainfall, none.    liam Fosscn, 349 Park Terrace drive SE; Geraldine Barkdoll, Degree Days    Biberon; Michael O’Rear, 1407 Monday .................19 j Thirty-second street NE; Ste- Total    to    date    6,435; Ven Hills, 4622    Ridgeside drive Through    April    15,    1973    .6,512:    NE; each fined    $20 and costs. Percent of normal year    Faulty    equipment    — William 96.98Percent Freeman, 142 Thirty-first street Total normal year    6,6311 MW; Roger Carman, Ely; Mi- Traveler's Forecast chael Rear’ 142 Twentieth ave-) (raveler s rorecas nue gW; Todd Hanscrit 175 Wednesday    Mavden avenue SW; Stanley! Weather, Hi-Lo Cady, Toddville; each fined $10 PtCldy 60-30 and costs. Fair 66-49 Permitting unauthorized per-' Fair    58-38 son to drive —    Barbara Mease, Fair    50-34j 4319 b avenue    NW; fined $201 . . .Fair    73-47 and costs. PtCidy 60-42 Vehicle control violation —; PtCldy 62-40 j Donald Peiffer. route three, .... Fair 75-57 j Cedar Rapids; Richard Young, Fair 59-34 225 Johnson avenue NW; each; PtCldy 63-36j fined $25 and costs. Pt Cldy 77-491 Traffic signal violation — 78-53 J Robert Spencer, 1723 Ellis boulevard NW; Rex Barber, Bismarck .... Chicago...... Cincinnati ... Cleveland .. . Des Moines .. Detroit . Indianapolis .. Kansas City . . Milwaukee ... Mpls.-St. Paul Okla. City ... Omaha ...... St. Louis .... Sioux Falls . Mississippi Stages (Flood stages in brackets) Lacrosse (12) 8.5, rise .3 Lansing (18) 9.8, no chang Dam 9 (18) 19.3, no chang! McGregor (18) 11.9, change Guttenberg (15)    10.9, change Dubuque (17) 13.2, fall .1 Davenport (15) 11.6, rise J Keokuk (16) 11.3, rise .2 PtCldy Fair 73-53 Fair 67-40 3531 First avenue SWT; Carl Solick, 404 Seventh avenue SW; Dennis Bahlken, Monticello:; Jeanette Jensen, 1120 Thirty-] ! fifth street NE; Dawn Hutchison, Iowa City; Michael Janski,] Harmony, Minn.; Dale Jones,] no Swisher; each fined $15 and costs. Ronald Biery, 2514: no. Franklin avenue NE; Lyle Abarr. 2442 Deborah drive SW; j Ronald Leyton, 2937 South-1 land street SW: each fined SIO1 i and costs. Driver’s license violation — Cedar at C. R. (13) 6.20, fall Gary O’Reary, 1407 Thirty- | second street NE; fined $20 and costs. Dianne    Downing,    153 Eastview drive NW; Todd Hansen, 175 Maydcn avenue SW; j each fined $10 and costs. Right-of-way    violation    — P.^    Glen Page, 414 Thirty-fifth Jim Robert, 2421 C avenue NL 1 street SE; Edward Shuttlc-a daughter; \ ernon1 Ilertson, W0Idd Mt. Vernon; each fined 929    Fourth    street    SW,    a    son;    525 and costs. I-rank    Sedlacek,    Pail    fax,    a dieter violation — Charles daughter.    ! Zahorik, Lisbon; fined $50 and .02 Coralville Lake Pool level Tuesday .. 671.82 Births — Mercy April 15—To the families —Steinbeck— (Continued from Page I.) criminal intent but out of over-zealousness. He was asked who was making a political football out of problems in the police department. Steinbeck said he could list about 20 names, but that he doesn’t want to say anything while the grand jury remains in session. “Several Levels” However, he said, it involves several levels which include the city, the county, the bar association, the statehouse, special interest groups, and “a few people closely affiliated with political parties.” Does that mean the grand jury is being used? “I guess you could put it that way.” It was at this point he referred to rumors about indictments against himself and made the remark about "taking the lid off.” “Way I Feel” He concluded that “I'll probably be chastised for these comments but that’s the way I feel. The sooner the grand jury can pack its tent and go home the sooner I can go ahead with police work in this city.” During a question period following his Rotary talk Steinbeck touched on several other matters. He said the use of “fad drugs” is down in Cedar Rapids, but that hard drugs such as heroin are not on the decrease because they are "big business.” "No Longer Cool” He said he believes education in the schools has gone a long way to make use of drugs no longer a "cool thing.” Steinbeck closed the meeting by attempting to put to rest rumors that the police department has solved several murders but is unable to get evidence to take the cases to court. Reports of this kind, said, arc based strictly "rumor and misquotes.” __correspond    with Conner’s. Bond j Neuse to the deputy administra Friends may call at Turner $100,900 from Cedar Rapids for him had previously been set fewest between ll a.m. Wednes-!business man Robert Arm- at $50,000 and $200,000. He, too, Nevertheless, there was inday and I p.m. Thursday. The strong.    ijs    jn unn county jail.    tense    White    House    debate    over casket will not be opened after! The prosecution reviewed tes- the service. Friends may, if they wish, make a contribution to the Cancer Society or Shrine Crippled Children’s hospital. Mrs. Robert Baird Georgiana M. Baird. 68. of 4420 Lee street NE, died Monday following a long illness. Born in Ely May 28, 1905, she was married to Robert G. Baird Feb. 6. 1938. in Oxford Junction. Mrs. Baird was a Cedar Rapids resident most of her life. She was associated with the Montieur studios for many years and was a member of the timony and argued that Barnett and two other men knew fully what they were attempting to accomplish when they went to an abandoned house to pick up the money. Police arrested the men at the scene. 43 Persons Become Citizens In Federal Court Ceremony “Knew Meaning” There    are    over two-score]Douglas Eugene Dreier more United States citizensjona (South Korea), today following naturalization Mrs. Myriam Socorro Brandt, The state maintained that a ceremonies Tuesday morn,ng in Garnavillo (Nicaragua); Sa-deaf mute such as Barnett can|Cedar RaPlds ft'deral court' . brma ConcilIado Sehuster (For-commit a crime. Intent is based Those naturalized and their mer > - <rs. a in. on the fact that    defendant knew    j native countries are: the meaning    of    the threat con-    Oscar    Adolf    Merz, tained in a    letter sent to the    Towne    place    NE, Armstrong residence, the state:Laura M. Carrillo, claimed    lYa"g    Yee-Chuan, U“a|^.|Ajram, 1079 Juniper drive SW. and bids will probably be scheduled for May 8. The estimated cost of the project is $532,000. The approaches will swing southwesterly to meet C street SW between Fourteenth and Fifteenth avenues. The westbound lanes will join Fifteenth avenue at Hamilton street and continue to J street. The eastbound lanes will link up with Sixteenth avenue between First street and Hamilton street. The approaches west from C street were originally planned as a separate contract, but to „ ,    .    ,    ^    i    offset    inflation the council de- Schuster i, D u b u q ue ( hilip- dded -n    to    do    ^    wh0ie Mon- 1616 Park.!™65'; ,Marilyn Jane Mavins (Canada); ,f”™r£ ^anlyl\ -'an0 ^.r' iformerly SGt)’ 2228 Glenwood drive NW, formerly lf England); Kalil Braham Defense attorney James Ben- tieth avenue SW, (Lebanon). Goldsmith, K o n n i e job at once. Because not enough money was budgeted for the entire project. $500,009 in federal revenue sharing funds originally earmarked for the Kenwood storm sewer project will be di- Junior American Czech lodge!nett claimed the state failed to Mrs. Kathleen Grace Locksley, 388 of the Czechoslovak    Society I present fingerprints cf the sus-    4364 Eaglemere court SE, (Eng-    1    ’    K I of America.    ipect on any of the items intro-land); Mia Jackie Will, 3071 Surviving in addition to her :duced as physical evidence. The Sixth street SW. (South Korea). husband is a daughter. Mrs. ™has the largest laboratory Anne shabani (formerly Mrs.    _ _    „_.s, Chancy Pierce, Cedar Rapids; "1 )he w0Irld' bottomless re- Kyrana Shabani), 1539 Sixth av- shjn , Cedar Fa)|s (Korea); allotment before they are need two grandchildren; a    sister. so“'e<?s and bottomless experts.    \enue SE, (Greece); Javier Gar-    Tomjko 'Kim Stimson (former- cd for the Kenwood project. Frances Novotny,    Cedar yet none testified, Bennett said.    cja.Bustamante, 2018 Washing Rapids: four brothers. Charles.    "Treated    Lightly” Kang-ai Lee (formerlv Kang Ai verted to the bridge approaches^ Lee), Cedar Falls (Korea); Ken , The Ufunds *l11 bo rePlaced Kang-shin Lee i formerlv Rang from thc "“t avenue sharing ;ly Mrs. Tomiko Stimson, In- Quido and Edwin Novotny, all of The defense aUorncy daimed I Cedar- Rapids, and Elwun i ovo- tde case was treated so lightly tiny, Bowling Green, i lo.    ^ pQ|jCe an(j pgj agents that Services: 10:30 a.m. Wednes- no attempt to examine evidence day in Janeba-Kuba funeral]for fingerprints was made until home west by the Rev. George1 five days after thc arrest. ton avenue SE, (Spain); Narr> dependence (Taiwan); Jack Lind. Waterloo (Norway); Mary Ghuk-P’ung Wong (formerly Frances Mulgrevv, Dubuque, (Ireland). ♦ * * Maximo. Crisologo Damaso, Dubuque (Philippines): Celes- Chuk-Fung W:ong>, 3340 Bever avenue SE, (China). 4c *    * Yang Ahn, Vinton (Japan): Mrs. Ursula Maria Harms. Dike —Energy— (Continued from Page I.) past 20 years, to approximately 3 percent." Peterson, in contrast, urges cutting the energy growth rate Carlson of the First Lutheran in examining the testimony    ^Valerie (Germany); Charoen ^avc*( to no more than U8 percent ---    -    1    (Philippines);    Sandra    Valerie(tama]> Bclle P,aine (ThaiJand'    ^ church. Burial: Czech National, tof the FBI agents involved Friends may call at the Janeba- the arrest Bennett cl Kuba funeral home west after 7 lice and FBI agents did p.m. Tuesday. Mrs. Irvin L. Sword Alma I. Sword, 88, of 1914 B avenue NE, widow of Irvin L. i Sword, died Tuesday following a 'short illness. Formerly of Western, Iowa, she had been a Cedar Rapids resident 41 years. She was bom Oct. 5, 1885, at Minneapolis, Kan., and was married to Irvin Sword May 28. 1913, at Stanwood. Mrs. Sword was a member of Shueyville United Methodist I church; was a lif their stories straight to establish a motive. The defense attorney maintained that Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong considered the extortion note a joke. New’ Peres, Mrs. Hiroko Attleson, Hampton (Japan). Man Doh Huie, 416 Sixth street SE (China); Dr. Eva Maria Abbo. 245 23rd street drive SE, (Germany); Connie Kim Tracy (formerly Mrs. Ok Pun Tracy, 850 27th street, Marion (Korea): Connie Jane tion of these materials there Dreier (formerly Connie Jaunita would be no delay in bringing Dreier), Monona (South Korea); the case to trial.”         -......... —Watergate— (Continued from Page I.) (Yugoslavia). Mrs. Pok Sun Merck, 1632 i Keith drive NE, (Korea); Gregory Spanos, 3620 12th avenue j SW, Cedar Rapids (Greece); Ann Daly Krueger (formerly,    ..    .    „    . Mrs. Ann Krueger), Radcliffe    crf»    conservation'I    really    has (Canada): Jan Jacobus Zon.    ™t    been    getting    enough    pnon- ty, Train said. "This really should be the No. “I'm going to try to sell as people as I can on this ,” Peterson said. He ould meet soon with Simon. Train said he was studying Peterson’s energy conservation plan. “I’m concerned that this (en- Zon- SE. In a letter written to St. Clair last Thursday, and revealed Tuesday with his motion, Ja-mpmhTnf worski warned the White House both the Cedar Rapids Woman s!    a    sabPot’,,a    Tucs- _,..L    nmr no.,. day lf he was not given some County Paving Bids Are Higher Than Estimate neveld, 516 23rd street (Netherlands); Mrs. Ida neveld, 516 23rd street (Switzerland). Sheela Ray Schwarz (former-,., .    , ly Bvun HaiRyun), Decorah <heJu?p,y.c!:d (Korea); Nan Anta Schwarz (formerly Chay Gun-Nan), Decorah (Korea); Mrs. Georgia club and the Iowa Poetry Day Assn.; and a member of the Midwest Federation of Chaparral Poets and the Cedar Rapids Project Writers. assurance that the materials would be turned over. He asked that the subpoena be issued before the trial to pre- Bids for paving 1.5 miles of Draport road received by the Linn county supervisors Tuesday; fefa Szegda, morning were 30 percent higher (Germany), than estimates. Low bid was $208,664.77 from I priority. "But all the specific, concrete programs tend to be focused on the breeder reactor, coal conversion — that’s where the action is. ‘‘The energy conservation a i ■ ICA. oaau * i cr programs tend to be a lot of Anastasiou, 1641 34th street SE. (Greece); Grundy Center Michal Szegda. he on James Hall, 20, Faces Assault Count Surviving are two sons. John.)'™' any WimwM and to ....... ................ Cedar Rapids, and Paul. San? ;s'd 10 PrePdre lrdn- Quad City Construction Co. of Antonio. Texas; two daughters. j!scrlPts forecourt « use. Mrs. Ray V/eathervvax and Mrs.; Jaworski said that if the sub-Harold Mahuran. both of Cedar, Pocna *s *° be thrashed out in I Rapids; a sister, Emma No-icourt    would be best for all votny, Marion; five grand-,concerned that such litigation c h i I d re n ; and one great-]be initiated promptly in order to 1 anndrhiirl    ]    avoid    the possibility of postpon- Sendees: Chapel of Memories *0®the lr*al ” n , .v m i “The Federal Energy Office is (Poland); Gene-supposed (0 be jn bcharge of Grundy Center    cncrgy conserVation ... but I haven t got any sense of great thrust over there on energy conservate,’’ Train added. , -    ,    n . f* i . I Jobn Sawhill, deputy director Rock Island. The county engi- o6SSI0n 013 T © Cl of the Federal Energy Office, neer s    office    had    estimate Representatives    of    teachers    Emitted to a newsman that the $,£U*    »">    'to college Community FEO was -just starting our |C    e««    uhilp    thp    low biri    board    will    meet    Wednes-    massive work on Project In- cest was $6.25. while the iow bid day f#r    discern on 1974-75 dependence." the planning to was $8.03.    !    achieve national energy self-suf- College Salary Session Slated April 16 -Mr. and Mrs. Larry Scofield, 1211 filth street NE, a son. costs Births Unity-1 Driving left of center line — Patrick McMick. 1017 Center St Luke's street NE; fined $30 and costs. IOWA CITY -20, accused of the March 13, 1973, murder of ILL coed Sarah I Ottens in a U.I. dormitory and at I p.m. Thursday by the Rev., James HallJWayne A. Shipman of thc Mcbovem Files Church of the Brethren. Burial: Cedar Memorial. Friends may, call at Cedar Memorial funeral! home after noon Wednesday and project were $220,028.90 from Flynn Construction Co. of Dubuque and $216,643.84 from Cedar Valley Corp. of Waterloo. For Re-election The section to bc Paved is from the Draport road-inter-M1TCHELL. S. D. (AP)—Sen- state 380 interchange east 1.5 Other bids received for the <1Tbe^eeting is set for 3:30!ficiency by >980 which will in- Pede.stria^ritht-of-way vi<>-jfrce on bond on that charge,|aUhe chapel after 9 a.m. Thurs- a<or <m°rSc McGovern, promis-jmdes. fined $501 Monday was charged with as-j day. sault with intent to inflict great April 15 —To the families of latten Bonnie L. Brill, 72 Twenty- Tenth avenue SW; ninth street NW, a daughter;]and costs. Richard Brennan. Tipton, a    Resisting    an officer —Dono- son; Marvin Ma.is, South    van    Young,    jr.,    428 Fourth J bodily injury. Amana, a son.    |    street    SW;    fined    $50 and costs. Out of Town Births At Marshalltown— Mr. and Mrs. James Pace, a daughter born April 4. Mrs. Pace is the daughter of Mary Stewart, 1134 Thirty-fourth street NE. Pace is the son of Mr. and Mrs. M. L Pace, 240 Twenty-sixth street NW. At Omaha — Mr. and Mrs. James Tosoni, a daughter April 16. Mrs .Tosoni is thc daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Larkin, 1924 Second avenue SE. At St. Joseph, Mo. — Mr. and Mrs. Jack Brown, a son born April 16. Browm is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Brown, 4420 Bowling street SE. Marriage Licenses Striking unattended vehicle I, ch«r8* I filed against - Frank Gelski, 1005 Alpine; Hall by Mark A. Jagnow, Coral-drivc, Marion; Bernard Kofron,: Ville, a student at the University 2326 Teresa drive SW; each;0f iowa, in connection with an fined $30 and costs.    Anri, q    inrjHnnt Reckless driving — Todd Api 11 y    mciaent. Hansen, 175 Mayden avenue Appearing Tuesday in magis-SW, fined $50 and costs.    trate’s    court before    Vernon    Ro- lowa Deaths    binson,    Hall requested    a    prelim- North English -The Rev. inary hcarin8 Lester E. Myers, 78. Warsaw, However, due to the timing of Ind. Services Wednesday at Hall’s trial on a murder charge. mg to help “return the govern-1 jerry Nelson, assistant county ’    .    ..    taa.    roent to the people once    again,”    engineer,    said    he did not know    board March    1SJ;    and the    nego- The    family    suggests that    Tuesday announced    his    candid-    why the    bids    were above es-    hating committee has    been friends    may,    if    they^wish, do-]acy for re_eiection.    timates.    The    interchange area The South Dakota    Democrat,    required    “some complexity, but p.m. in Supt. James G. Bavme’s! c^udc energy conservation prooffice.    ’    srams- College Community teachers Sawhill said Simons "goal” are asking a 9.3 percent in-:0* a 8 percent annual growth crease in the base teacher’s sal- ra*e *°r ener§y was “open to ary, from $7,410 to $8,100. The discussion” and that Peterson’s salary package was rejected by P*an would be considered, the College Community school “I boP° d can he achieved,” Sawhill said. nate to the American Cancer So- j cietv. The casket will be closed at 12:30 p.m. Thursday. meeting weekly since then. 10:30, Warsaw1. Further services Friday at 10:30, Pleasant Grove Brethren church. Friends may call at Best’s after 9 a.m. Thursday. Postville — Earl Bathurst, 59. Services Wednesday at 1:30, Community Presbyterian the preliminary hearing was postponed until a further order of the court, records show'. Hall was released to the custody of his attorney on the assault charge. Memorial Services Rainbolt, Louise B. — Turner chapel west at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday by the Rev. Paul Pfalzgraff. Burial: Cedar Memorial. Friends may call at Turner’s until I p.m. Wednesday. The casket will not be opened after the service. who lost overwhelmingly to i didn’t feel it was all that President Nixon in 1972, re- great.” turned to his hometown to give Supervisors the official notice of his bid notice of for a third term. McGovern, 51, has no Democratic opposition so far, although candidates have until April 19 to file. directed him to study the bids. Nelson said he would return Tuesday afternoon with a recommendation on them. Two bids received for the grading portion of the work were lower than the county’s es- Senate Asks Nixon To Visit Iowa Farmers Poet Brodsky Cancels Cornell Appearance MT. VERNON — Exiled Rus sian poet Joseph Brodsky has DES MOINES — Members of canceled his scheduled appear-the Iowa senate committees on ances Wednesday night and agriculture and energy voted Thursday at the Cornell college Tuesday afternoon to invite fine arts symposium. President Nixon to come to the In the time allotted for state to talk with Iowa farmers Brodsky, Tom Meschery of the regarding the problems they University of Iowa Writers’ ON THIS DATE in 1947 more than 500 persons died in fires and explosions at Texas City, Texas, after a French freighter loaded with nitrate blew up. 20 YEARS AGO - Radio Mos- Ornate. Barker Inc. of Iowa City    face Gonnected    u ith    the    fortiIiz-    Workshop    will lecture on cow told the Russian people that was low bidder with $82,813.41.    ct. sbortaS°    and    sk\ rocketing    Brodsky. Other    regional WTiters American farmers were going Riley Construction Co. of Ossian    pilcts *    and poets also will participate, bankrupt at the rate of 100,000 a submitted a bid of $128,657.80. year — all because too tractors were being used. many The county had grading at $86,000. estimated day at Memorial Park, Daven-| port. Tipton — Hertha (Hattie) Kathryn Boalboy and Robert 1". Burial: tl^.m. Thurs-Armstrong, both ot Cedar Rapids. Bonnie Eash, South En glish, and Donald Pospisil, Cedar Rapids. Lynn Kluber, Cedar Rapids, and Paul Meal-how, Shellsburg. Reta Forbes, Atalissa, and Don Callahan, Cedar Rapids. Bonita McClure, Cedar Rapids, and Dudley Haines, Madison, Wis. Joan Noel, Cedar Rapids, and Larry Mil bach, Hiawatha. Nelda Booth, Cedar Rapids, and SynifMtlhv in the hardest word lo write, say it a ith flower* PIERSON’S IBS' IHM FLUS BLVD. NU FI OWI RPHONE 36(>-1826 For 61 years . . . flowers for all occasions/ John E. Lap es 308 3rd Ave. SE    365-0511 Convenient downtown location z < o tell someone you care with flowers Florist and Gift Shop 364-8139 phone answered 24 hours every day John B. IUrner& Son Funeral Directors since 1888 Only one service...our best to all. Cost is entirely a matter of personal choice. Rimer s East woo Second Ave. si : Rimer s West 1221 First Ave. West J \ ;

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