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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 16, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa House Plan Users a Offers Choice DES MOINES (AP) - Farmers and other nonhighway users of motor fuel would get the choice of two ways of claiming iud tax reimbursement, under a bill passed 88-5, by the Iowa house Monday. They could file quarterly applications for motor fuel tax refunds now provided by law, or let it go until they filed their state income tax return and claim a fuel tax credit then. The senate-passed bill would have substituted the income tax credit for the present system of refunds. Rep (R- tax the Lyle Stephens LeMars), said the income credit system, similar to way the federal government now operates, would eliminate a situation under which many farmers and contractors now lose hundreds of thousands of dollars annually by failing to file their quarterly refund applications on time. Lose Revenue The state might lose a little motor fuel revenue it now is getting but isn’t entitled to, he said, but it would make up for k I I • I    jr I    Legislative Notes bv Frank Nye Nonhighway Fuel    2 Illogical Move Was in Claiming Refunds Perfectly Logical for House J^ES MOINES — The house debated a bill to change Iowa’s the loss in administrative sav-; declared. “We don't want the in8s-    greedy, lecherous, bureaucratic Rep. Harold Fischer (R-Wclls-burgj, filed the amendment to give nonhighway users a choice of which system to use. He declared that under the bill without his amendment, every nonhighway motor fuel user would have to give the state the use of his gas tax money without interest for up to a year. Greedy, Lecherous “We don’t want to be like the federal government,” Fischer Indian Leader Cites Iowa Discrimination government to keep that money and invest it at interest, at the expense of the nonhighway fuel user.” Stephens and others protested that Fischer’s amendment would increase the administrative problems of the department of revenue and lead to the possibility of double collection by farmers. The amendment was first defeated on a 46-46 tie vote. But after Rep. Keith Dunton (D-| Thornburg) won reconsideration, it was passed 56-38. Another amendment, offered by Rep. Quentin Anderson (R-Beaconsfield), would allow the same choice of a quarterly refund or an annual income tax credit for persons operating1 boats on private lakes. Conservation Commission adoption laws for nearly a day last week without taking final action. The next morning it switched to an appropriations bill involving $100,000 to check up on welfare recipients. I asked Bill Eberline of the Associated Press: “Why did they switch?” Bill, who has been covering the house for, lo, these many years, had a ready answer: “Because that was illogical and that’s the way the house always does things.” □ □ □ Knoke’s Dilemma The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., April 16, 1974    5 South Tama Refuses Resignation Review R EP. George Knoke (R-Council Bluffs) expressed the view of a good many NYE DES MOINES (UPI) — Charg-person get out and make his animals that the interior departing that Iowa’s 3,000 Indians are waY *n society,” he said.    merit has been dealing with for victims of discrimination    U.    S. Failure    years,” he said. “We love, de- throughout the state, the chief Rabideaux charged that thcjspair, have hopes and feelings^™® kow° '”0 fthe Senate counsel of the American Indian United States has failed its con-1 just like other people.    conservation commission t o Movement (AIM) Monday urged factual and human obligation “We are not asking for a lot, iieip develop and maintain pub- ln Tr>rl i 'inc orrl “Krill a1 i-vod anrl ...       ....    ...    .. Iowa lawmakers to appoint a    but    just    a    little    bit    of    part    of    the    lie    waters citizens who aren’t even legislators tire other day when he Tirade this plaintive plea to the chair: “I have an amendment to the amendment, but I don't know what’s happening.” □ □ □ Fast Trip SENATORS William Plymat (R-Des Moines) and Cloyd Robinson (D-Cedar Rapids) were scheduled to make a two-day trip to Schick hospitals in Los Angeles starting Tuesday noon. Plymat is on the hospitals board and the institution is employing a new technique of treating alcoholics, which he and Robinson — both drys — will check on to get ideas for improving Iowa’s program in this area. to Indians and “ brought them to a desolate posi- ~    ..........V sta'2 coordinator for Indian af- tion ti    national Pledge of Allegiance t-| Rep. fairs.    I    "We    are    human beings, notl ‘with ^berly and justice In an address to both -- chambers of the legislature, Modern Librarian Is Ramon Rabideaux told lawmak- y | Lecture Theme!deaux’ visit. saying it set a| But Anderson replied, “I don’t Black Hawk county in 1972, has Robert Carr (D-for Dubuque), objected that “I don’t think anyone who can af-1 Black Hawk Sheriff Quits WATERLOO (AP) — Sheriff year, in a Marion alcoholism all/ ” he said.    ___ Rep. Terry Branstad (R- ,n|’d t() own a l)oat on his °wn Robert Aldrich, 43, the Republi- treatment center I Adalid), objected to Rabi-1 deserves an exemption. j can party’s top vote-getter in j BIapk Hawk Count Au day night said Bachman feels    had”under7he    ad *    v    nrv    time    fnrnnH    rne.irrn    onn    _ By Alice Witosky    'Monday night and each member TAMA - The South Tama said he felt the matter was I school board Monday night re- concluded when Bachman refused to reconsider or rescind signed April 5. its earlier decision to terminate Frank better, Chelsea, a the contract of Donald Bach-!former member of the school man, South Tama County high board, addressed the board to school principal for nine years, tell them, “I wish to go on A citizens delegation of about recorcj as supporting the present 35 persons from the school dis- ,    ,...    ,    ,, .rid presented the board with board IOO percent. I three petitions containing 404 Hanson requested an mforma-signaturcs pledging support for tion session saying the public | Bachman.    Wished    to ask questions of the They asked the board to re-.board open the case, then withhold ac- ' Mgde ch tion until a public hearing is hold    Hanson said the two charges Charges    the board withdrew were added _ .    ,    ...    .    ,. after the original charges of ad- Bachman submitted his res- mjnist,.atlve faiIure wcre made. lunation April 5. after bree Bachman himself made the hours of bargaining between his cb    b|jc bo(orc the n. attorney and the board s ador- valc* nfererlc.. .leys. Bachman said he resigned Cobctt sajd ^ bQard was at a after the board agreed to drop dlsadvantagc in not being able two charges of improper con-    questions,    according duct with ternate teachers.    Iowa ,aw Left standing were charges of phj, Juh| erintendcnt of failure to assert administrative I f juvenile home at Toledo j leadership. Bachman on April and a mJember of |hc cjlizens. ' d'dnot ask for a public hear-    also ask(,d ,hc board mg when he resigned.    i    withdraw its action. Carry Hanson, Toledo, Juh, spokc of ,he outstanding 'spokesman for the group Mon- cducationa| opportunities his “bad precedent.” Branstad said feel it is fair to tax fuel that is j resigned. Aldrich recently said he was | s resignation M o n d a y , j    an    jncidcnt    involving    Al- prs some of the 500 Indians in,    . — r---------- -------------------------------------- Des Moines are living in aban- MWA —    ^(,w rol° other groups have not been1 used on private lakes.” His ______ v      aiw doned cars because they are un- 0' ,,1”0 contemporary 11 r<iIKin given equal access and argued amendment was adopted 48-38. being treated voluntarily for a s,ai(l able to find jobs. '    *'»    Jo    t    *    f    aJ“^    (that    the    legislature    was    not    the    The    bill    now    returns    to the drinking problem. He said he drl<* and S™** cmPloyes,las He charged that legislative S    Wednesday    at I .3 i“Drnnpr forum for such a nm- sonata fur nr»tinn un tho hnncrv had snont cnvoral uroolrc laln/',cc^ resulted in a complaint inaction has allowed the U. S. Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) to become a “vicious money grabbing bureaucracy” which in Ute Lucas-Dodge room y-j scntation . University of Iowa Memorial •union. The talk will be given by Judith J. Field, head of rcfer- “proper forum for such a pre- senate for action on the house had spent several weeks late . . Isnntatinn ”    amendments    lad    vnar ana font- dove thic'cing tiled. last year, and four days this David Dutton, who received AI- [“an("s‘a public ht-arinT^" a"d ministrative leadorshiP ot Bach‘ Hex Cobctt, board president, manobeU was asked if the mat. said Bachman appeared at the js nQW a dead jssue aid private conference April 5 wtth;cannot be broughl up agai„. his attorney and Robert simmons, Des Moines, execu- has doled out DO percent of its ™    Kiini7AlTich.‘, public ^3 TT KS I D 0 TI U DC ! 311 O D R. 0 3 l min fat r atm* ^ an^nh/prf^vprv^library and chairman of the DES MOINES — American In-j for an AIM convention, also* mimstrators and given \cry hll-inp«.s    financp    denart-Li:„_    »_______a /..ut t —i._______*_____«    *____ Cobett replied, “No com- Dutton and the county board tjve secretary of the Iowa Assn.    indirafzvt of supervisors met twice in of secondary School Prineioals    citizens    group    indicated closed session Monday to dis-Lna mcimmri    would    see^    ^e8a^    adv’ice    in    lts session i cuss the complaint. Details were not revealed. I’m pretty sure the meeting Aldrich was elected in the November, 1968, general election after serving as chief depu The inaction, he said, has led t o “intolerable conditions’ which the BIA has forced upon ^ the Indians. He cited these sta- and had resigned. Attorney’s Advice Bachman told The Gazette he resigned on advice of his attorney. The board agreed to hire attempt to reinstate Bachman. i;tii. thp indian nonnlp    business and finance *jePa.rMdian Movement (AIM) Leader:said he expects a meeting soon'will come about soon.” ment of the Special Libraries Dcnnjs Banks said here Monday between Patty, her family and Banks, executive director for Intolerable Conditions Assn.    night that he is convinced Pa- the SLA.    AIM, is currently on trial in St. The lecture is being present- tricia Hearst’s renunciation of He said nothing definite had Paul, Minn., for his part in the cd bv the Special Libraries her family was genuine and not been set up, “but we are trying two-month occupation of Wound- drich was re-elected to a four- he was looking for a job. Assn. in cooperation with the the product of brain washing. to get in contact with the SLA.” ed Knee, S. D.    I    year    term    in    1972.    ‘    Board    members    were of I. school of library sci-1 Banks, who earlier was asked' ence, and is open to the public. he one of the negotiators with ty under former Sheriff Elmer Bachman as its special consul-Hightower, who resigned. Al- tant for July and August while polled tistics. The lift xpee tun y A    hour    at    IO    a.m.    will    the S v rn b i o n e s e Liberation Indians is 44.5 years; the na- Premjc the talk which is titled    *    ,    , \    / I ion -kl nvpraftp of infant mnrtali-    I 1ll , ‘‘.    Army    (SLA),    said “her family tional average ot imam mortan .“Librarians: In Need of a New H th Pnnnfrv havin? a tv is four limes greater among stereotype".    L"rd ‘b “^ndLtandine what1 Indians than for Caucasians:    JL_ hard time understanding what and 70 percent of the Indians on 20 YE ARS AGO    — A iurv    ‘"‘10 *S    ^()‘^.    Enough, but her j reservations are unemployed. returned a verdict    of guilty of    opprested^Ti^uine0'- "The legislature must become, per jury for former St Louis >Panks ;hoPis jnRDos Mojnes interested in the people who are Police Lt. 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