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Cedar Rapids Gazette Newspaper Archives Apr 10 1990, Page 4

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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 10, 1990, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Opinion . Hladky jr., chairman of the Board of directors Joe Hladky Iii president and publisher Ken Slaughter vice president and treasurer Dale Larson general manager John Robertson executive editor Jerry Elsea editor of editorial pages editorial Board chairman Mark Bouden managing editor Gazette editorials missed opportunities considering the options available to them Between Jan. 8 and april 8, Iowa lawmakers done to have much to show for the three months prior to adjourning for the year. They approved a budget for the coming fiscal year of course but they had to do that. Indeed that a about the Only mandate imposed upon them each year. Done to get us wrong. The session had its moments. After flirting with the Issue for years lawmakers finally broke Down and adopted regional interstate banking. Besides neither volume of legislation nor popularity of an Issue is an effective gauge of the Legislatures work. So called a a sexy issues a parimutuel racing or riverboat gambling a excite the Public but May be less significant to the states Well being in the Long haul than say a program to help iowans avoid eviction from their Homes or farms during periods of financial stress. This year in its haste to hit the Campaign Trail the general Assembly generated neither the a a sexy nor the a a profound legislative initiative. Unless of course we number the states first $3 billion budget As profound. In our View its also excessive and filled with gimmicks that enabled legislators to avoid making specific spending decisions. Democrats who control the legislature say they exceeded Republican gov. Terry Branstad s spending proposals by merely $19 million. Branstad staffers say democrats outspent the governor by $45 million. But wait to avoid being pinned Down to identifiable spending Levels lawmakers built a a trigger mechanisms into the budget. One identifies up to $20 million in specific spending cuts if Revenue growth through this fiscal year does no to exceed 5 percent. The other kicks in More spending if the state Treasury has a balance of $132 million at the end of the fiscal year. To give due credit we believe legislative hearts were in the right place this year its just that an election year is not the time to rile constituents by tackling such sensitive ideas As extending the waiting period for Purchase of handguns or overhauling Drunken driving Laws. They looked at both concepts but opted instead to dilute their actions this year. Gun owners now Are obligated to keep firearms out of the reach of children and Drunken Drivers face stiffer penalties. Maybe next year. Maybe they will do something about giving voters a say in deciding whether their county should assume the Prospect of heavy debt should a race track fail Polk county or whether their City should finance remodelling of a baseball Park Des Moines. Maybe they will do something to resolve the impasse Between them and gov. Branstad Over reforming Iowa a Campaign finance Laws. And maybe settling that embarrassing difference Between the state and Home schooners. Then again maybe not. Next year because of the 1990 census have to begin drafting reapportionment plans. And that could affect the political futures of Many legislators. Message survives we did no to know Ryan White. Not Many americans did. We knew about him however enough to Admire the courage of the lad who died sunday after a valiant struggle against aids. If Ever it can be said something positive comes from tragedy particularly the death of a child perhaps this is such a situation. A great Opportunity is available to those of us who remain to learn from the example set by Ryan who coped not Only with the certain death of acquired immune deficiency syndrome but with the ignorance of those around him. Throughout his five year ordeal As president Bush noted in a recent tribute to the Young Man a Ryan has helped us understand the truth about aids and he a shown All of us the strength bravery of the human Ryan was stricken with aids five years ago at age 13 from contaminated blood products used to treat the Haemophilia with which he was afflicted throughout his life. He was As powerless to prevent that As a less worthy victim May have been to endure the emotional punishment that followed. School officials barred him from classes fearing wrongly that he might contaminate classmates. A i was labelled a troublemaker my mom an unfit Mother and i was not Welcome anywhere a Ryan recalled in an appearance at a convention of teachers in 1988. A even at Church people would not shake my hand. Because of the Lack of education on aids discrimination fear panic and lies surrounded Ryan faced his trial with courage and determination gaining recognition As an International spokesman for aids patients. His personal struggle ended in an Indianapolis Hospital bed. The message he carried so bravely during five trying years remains. A help me beat the Odds and together lets educate and save the children of the world a he told those teachers in 1988. A by proper education aids can be a disease not a dirty of tar an Independent newspaper established in 1883 a div might help Bush see writing on Wall Tom Wicker new York times service All right George Bush fans lets reconcile the following two news items the Pentagon has leaked the idea of cutting by two thirds the funds intended for research into High definition television. The result would be to make the . Armed forces dependent on foreign suppliers such As Japan for an important military technology while also damaging the hard pressed . Electronics Industry. Meanwhile in the Senate two republicans not known for being soft on defense William Cohen of Maine and John Mccain of Arizona have proposed cutting twice As much out of the Pentagon budget As president Bush has projected a primarily from the b-2 bomber a new ballistic missile and the Star wars strategic defense program. So can anyone explain Why the administration wants to Cut research into High definition television one of the most important pending technological developments while it demands billions in the Pentagon budget for missiles bombers and a Buck Rogers antimissile system few scientists believe will work increased investment needed the proposal to Cut a div research funds comes in the Teeth moreover of a report by a High powered Pentagon advisory panel of businessmen academics and labor leaders. The panels report Calls for a vast increase in funding for a div on grounds the alternative is a unacceptably High Levels of risk to our National increased investment also is necessary the reports authors argue to keep . Computer and semiconductor industries competitive. But the administrations one hand does not know what its other hand is doing. George Bush does he really want to cede a div to Japan the proposed Cut in a div funds a $20 million out of $30 million a would be used to a a study How to Reform Pentagon purchasing procedures and to provide foreign Aid for Panama and Nicaragua. Not just budgetary but ideological considerations apparently Are at work Here. Richard Darman the director of the office of management and budget and Michael Boskin the chairman of the presidents Council of economic advisers Are reported to be opposed to Pentagon research that would reinforce commercial research and development in the . Why they think providing such funds smacks of a Industrial what rot for years the government touted the space program and various military projects for their ultimate commercial applications. Now the Bush administration finds it ideologically distasteful to give Strong backing to a div despite its valuable military potential. Yet it proposes an Overall 1991 defense budget that actually is higher in dollars to be spent than the 1990 budget. Only the projected rate of increase has been reduced. This absurdly High level of military spending has been proposed in spite of developments in Eastern Europe and the soviet Union that clearly make it All but impossible for a Warsaw pact invasion to be launched against the West. And William Webster the director of the Cia with the approval of Secretary of state James a. Baker Iii has told Congress this course of events is irreversible. Senators Cohen and Mccain now have joined the Senate a democratic military authority Sam Nunn of Georgia in calling for far More extensive cuts in the Pentagon budget than Bush and Secretary of defense Dick Cheney have proposed. Under the Cohen Mccain plan by 1995 military spending would be $50 billion less than in the current year discounting inflation. For example they would have the european allies assume primary responsibility for heavy ground forces and air defense in Europe and they would reduce the present 14 aircraft Carrier Battle groups by one or two. Sensible cuts warranted surely such sensible reductions in the . Military establishment Are More than warranted by the collapse of communism and the Warsaw pact and the numerous internal challenges facing the soviet Union. Surely too such cuts make far More sense than reducing research and development for the future. Does George Bush really want to cede High definition television with All its ramifications for defense and the Economy to Japan while pouring Money into the b-2 bomber and Star wars Here too is the real measure of Bush a cheap political pledge a no new if cuts in military spending cannot be made fast enough or big enough to pay for other developments the . Desperately needs a High Caliper research education a rebuilt infrastructure a a True Leader would not hesitate to ask this wealthy nation to pay the necessary Bill. Letters to the Gazette headline misleading on Story about abortion poll Gazette Johnson county Bureau chief Lyle Muller needs to Brush up on his math. A most pro Choice in Midwest poll a March 29. Given the table of data the a fall polled percentage shown for a make abortion More difficult was understated by 3 percent. The Correct total is 38 percent not 35 percent As was shown on the front Page of the Gazette. The text of the article backs up this calculation. A seven percent said abortion should never be allowed and 31 percent said it should be allowed Only in cases of rape incest or a danger to the mothers so just what percentage of those polled by the u of i social science Institute favor abortion on demand to continue with the article a among the remaining 62 percent people favouring unrestricted abortion outnumber by almost a 2-1 margin those favouring abortion on demand for personal health for some reason this statement is difficult to understand. Logically those favouring abortion for personal health reasons Are in favor of some form of restrictions. They Are not pro Choice. Given the abortion advocate position of a unrestricted abortions a the percentage backing this position is approximately two thirds of 62 percent or 41 percent. That a forty one percent. The last time i checked 41 percent is not a majority. Lets Check out that headline once again. A most pro Choice in Midwest from the polls findings that conclusion cannot be reached. Has the Gazette chosen to purposely mislead its readers on the abortion Issue Steve Patton 405 Stone hedge or. New pro nuclear iowans owe sen. Charles grass Ley a sincere Quot thank you for putting common sense ahead of politics in a recent vote affecting regulation of nuclear plants including the Duane Arnold Energy Center at Palo. He voted against an amendment tacked on to the clean air act that would require the environmental Protection Agency to unnecessarily duplicate the program of the nuclear regulatory commission to regulate radioactive emissions. The Epa itself described the amendment As requiring a Dup locative efforts that do not offer an additional Public health unfortunately a majority of the Senate chose to ignore the experts and listened instead to activists who used dual regulation As another tactic for making nuclear generated electricity a less attractive option for utilities. This is especially distressing since nuclear Energy is the Only major source of electricity that emits no greenhouse gases and has real Promise for helping us achieve Congress own goal of cleaner air. Thanks for supporting Safe and Cost effective nuclear Power sen. Grassley from those of us who really do want to breathe clean air. George Burnet professor College of engineering Iowa state University Ames took com owe a heavy on Promise wins Wii cheap w effective i democratic tilt in the March 25 Gazette the account of the Linn county Republican convention consisted of a Small picture 4 by 4% inches and a few words one column Width 2 is inches Long. On april i the Gazette printed a 63/b by 4-Inch photo of the Linn county democratic convention with Harkin and Tabor Campaign signs and wrote in four columns totalling 14 a inches about another county a convention. It is funny to read letters accusing the Gazette of being pro Republican. Evidence shows otherwise. Sandra Wolcott 180 Brentwood or. Be concern for patient my Friend Clarence died in a care Center april 27, 1985. This is the fifth year i have written to remind All of you who have friends and family in a care Center. To be observant of care Given or not Given of employees competency or Lack of it of kindness or Lack of it. I am not unmindful of the difficulties and stress of giving care but the patient is subject to those same difficulties and stress and has no Choice. It is with great concern for the patient that i remind you once again. Vera m. Melton 1245 third ave. Be i see the Iowa state Council of senior citizens gave Tom Harkin its Claude Pepper award. This supposedly for his dedication in solving the Long term health crisis and his fight to preserve medicare. This misleading of Iowa a senior citizens would be laughable if it weren to so tragic. This is the same Harkin who voted for and praised the recent disastrous catastrophic health Bill. Tio in january �?T89 said it was just what the elderly needed and the 15 percent surcharge would Only finance needed benefits. He Only modified his position when opposition by the overwhelming majority of senior citizens became obvious. He then suggested increasing taxes As a substitute. In August 1989, he suggested Transfer of up to $4 billion from medicare to education although he Well knew that without Catnap medicare would fall Short since Congress was already soaking up any surplus. This was of course before Catnap was Defeated. Sen. George Mitchell Senate majority Leader admitted that with Catnap medicare would have a $6 billion surplus in 1989. Harkin conveniently forgets this Transfer of medicare billions to Eastern hospitals for their major construction even though new York and Massachusetts get the Lions share. Dale m. Williamson 1216 Stoney it. Re. New Story goes National i have not seen anything about this Story in the Eastern Iowa news Media but be assured the rape Story of a 29-year-old Grinnell woman has gained National attention. The Story was told in a five part series by the Des Moines Register. Nancy Ziegenmeyer told the Story of her rape and what she went through during the trial and conviction of her attacker. She did this for the sole purpose of helping other rape victims. Articles have since appeared in Usa today the new York times and the Wall Street journal. She has appeared on television news programs. As Nancy jobs father i am proud of her for making something positive out of a tragedy. Don Dillon 3103 Huxley Lane so preserve natural world for children scientific research has demonstrated that we Are greatly affected by our environment. Studies show the greatest brain growth occurs when animals have been provided stimulation in their natural outdoor habitat. But what will tomorrow bring for us will we preserve a a natural world for our children and grandchildren or will they be locked into experiencing the Joys of nature Only through their local Cable Access Channel Are we Content with our increasingly social a rat cages a enriched with our daily regimens of to Vars compact discs video games and other electronic artefacts or do we seek More we seek More we seek the Cool Shade of a massive Oak on a summer Day the crunch of leaves under our feet the chatter of squirrels the song of Woodland Birds and the Good smell that comes from Only one thing a clean air this is but one reason we and Many of our neighbors oppose the development of 19 acres of Woodland adjacent to 30th Street drive be. If you too value these simple pleasures done to take them for granted join with your fellow citizens to prevent exploitative development and environmental destruction in our City. A think globally but act locally to preserve and develop a a natural world a a Rich natural habitat for our children and our children a children. Oppose this environmentally destructive development on 30th Street drive Jim and Mary Lee 2570 Indian Hill re. Be

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