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Cedar Rapids Gazette Newspaper Archives Apr 10 1990, Page 2

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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 10, 1990, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Ellen Goodman Branstad signs handicapped parking Bill tn<4or who Loti when quitting office becomes a necessity by Oston a Madeleine Kunin does no to want to be seen As a another body on the pile of politicians who have gotten the three term governor of Vermont Isnit disenchanted with politics or alienated or cynical. Yet when this thoughtful woman announced that she run again that she was ready to leave politics it was natural to count. One two three governors in new England a from states that have seen better Days better Bond ratings surely better feelings among taxpayers a have called it quits. It cannot be much fun after All to govern like a ceo in charge of company that is downsizing not much fun to try and get your kicks from damage control not much fun to Cut what you tried to build. And maybe its not much fun to be a politician in an Era when chief executives have become chief targets and the Public has soured toward them like milk on a shelf. But Kunins decision strikes a particular note of concern. The soft spoken introspective and intelligent governor is not Only one of the few women to come this far she is one of the few politicians who has tried to keep the Public Eye on the Long run by emphasizing the environment and children and on the Bottom line by asking for taxes. And she admits a a it a taken a toll. I have no regrets but in a going against a powerful when a politician who has in most ways done the right thing finds herself running against the tide it is right to ask just what that tide is. The governor added her own voice to what is being said More often these Days. Even in a civil state like Vermont there is reason to fear a a cancerous cynicism which is multiplying in the body politic and weakening our very capacity for As she told the Montpelier crowd a we Are living in a time when we set the stage nationally for political disillusionment because politicians make promises which Are impossible to keep. Worst amongst these is the Promise of no new taxes while guaranteeing continued or even vastly enhanced Kunin was circumscribing the closed Circle of american politics. In this noose that often strangles the dialogue for change voters say they wish for honest leaders and politicians say they wish the mood of the Public would permit hard honest talk. Voters blame politicians and politicians blame the a climate a the human weather pattern they watch. We All read each others lips minds polls and watch the Long slow slide of the country on the graphs marked Quot deficit or the politicians who Are most adept at staying in office a the legislators the permanent Congress in Washington a have by and Large become As risk aversive As a worker in a one company town. Even the press does no to seem to expect courage anymore from people who Are a a just trying to hold onto their jobs. Indeed we May disparage those who speak for change or for sacrifice As politically naive suicidal. But there May be another message in one governors leave taking. She was quite Clear in saying that politics was just one Way to make change. She is ready to try others. The savvy insider analyst May describe Kunin As a politician who is leaving because she became controversial. But it is equally fair to describe her As a politician who risked controversy because she was willing to leave. Indeed if we usually define departure As loss perhaps its because we be forgotten the Model of the citizen politician a not the professional campaigner and lifetime legislator but the american who holds office for a time and then goes Back to a real the person who finds in Public office just one answer to the lifelong question Kunin posed in her announcement a How can i Lead a meaningful life a forgive me if i commit a sin against cynicism but there Are Many attracted to politics As a Way of improving society solving problems. Somewhere along the line if they Are not careful they spend All their time improving their approval ratings and solving the problem of re election. It May be that the Only Way to speak freely is with one foot out the door. It May be that the readiness to leave mutes ambition and amplifies honesty. Risk taking May come most easily to those who Are willing if necessary to leave. If that is True we have to learn once again that Ideal Public service is by definition temporary. Ellen Goodman a syndicated column appears tuesdays and fridays in the Gazette. Wet a lobster shirt leads police to suspect Spencer apr police Here caught their Man wet handed. Earl Surette 29, of storm Lake was charged with fifth degree theft for allegedly stealing three live lobsters from a tank at a by Vee food store in Spencer. Police found Surette at a nearby mall wearing a wet shirt covering three crustaceans. Corrections an incorrect photo was used of u of i researcher or. William Yates in sundays Gazette to illustrate a Story about his study on the effects of teen age drinking. If it if Steven Grieb a mount mercy College student was incorrectly identified in a photo on Page 2a monday. A a new testament deliverance Church is located at 1039 10th ave. Be. An incorrect address was listed in saturdays directory of easter week services. A a a the Witwer congregate meal site will not be open easter sunday. Incorrect information was Given to the Gazette for the congregate meal site listing in sundays Gazette. The Gazette will respond to complaints about the accuracy fairness and completeness of reports and headlines in the newspaper. When a report is found to be wrong or misleading a correction or clarification will be published in this space. Phone 398-8313. Or. William Yates commitment to the future printed with soy Ink by Rod Boshart Gazette Des Moines Bureau Des Moines a handicapped persons in Cedar rapids and other Iowa cities will have More Access to parking designated specifically for their use under a Bill gov. Terry Branstad signed into Law monday. The measure however actually Scales Back from 4 percent to lobbyists and politicians prepare for the 1991 legislature. Page 6b. 2 percent the number of handicapped parking spaces required in ramps business districts and certain private parking areas. That a because most cities have not complied with the 4 percent requirement that went into effect Jan. I due to the expense and likelihood that the Law would change this year. The Compromise reached in the just completed legislative session should mean an increase in the number of available handicapped parking space after july i. A we done to have any specific numbers As to what our final outcome will be but we definitely will be conforming to the requirements of the new Law a said Mel Meyer Cedar rapids City traffic Engineer. Iowan pleads not guilty to desert killing by Lyle Muller Gazette Johnson county Bureau a june 25 trial was scheduled monday for one of three iowans accused of stealing a Many a and then murdering the Man in the Arizona desert. Samuel Knott 20, who claimed he was from the Iowa City area is to be tried for first degree murder kidnapping and theft. Knott pleaded not guilty to the charges in Phoenix Ariz., on monday and is scheduled to appear before judge Cheryl Hendrix in Phoenix for an april 30 pre trial conference. Meanwhile a criminal complaint listing the same charges facing Knott has been filed against another member of the Iowa Trio 17-year-old Tom Placzek. He waived his rights to be tried As an adult last week. No court dates have been scheduled for Placzek. Knott Placzek and John Paul Hartley Jones 17, Are accused in the March 9 shooting death of a 19-year-old Washington state Man near Sacaton Ariz. Their arrests have investigators in Arizona Texas Florida and Iowa tracing a late Winter trip authorities said included an attempted murder in Florida an 11-Day jail sentence in Texas for having an illegal knife and the possibility of involvement in unsolved murders in Texas. An april 26 court hearing is pending for Jones. Authorities there Are seeking to have him tried As an adult said Bill Fitzgerald spokesman for the Maricopa county attorneys office. Although the three said they were from Iowa City when arrested investigators said Knott has been a transient who lived for a Short time with his father in the Iowa City area. Placzek has been traced to West Branch while Jones lived in Wellman. Fitzgerald said knotty smother lives in the Phoenix area and that May have been his Home. 7-foot Alligator goes shopping Spring Hill Fla. Apr de Shea was talking on the phone in his shop when a customer walked in turned around and fled without a word. Shea looked Over his shoulder and saw the reason the Man had bolted. There was a 7-foot Alligator in the shop. A at first i thought it was plastic and that someone was just trying to scare. Me a said the 43-year-old store owner. The guest stayed for 20 minutes until wildlife officials arrived. I think a lot of ground was gained from the old Law to this one. Mel Meyer . Traffic Engineer if the 2 percent provision is fully implemented the current 31 handicapped parking spaces in downtown Cedar rapids would be expanded to about 95 spaces he added. However a provision of the new Law allows cities to establish handicapped parking review committees comprised of five handicapped and five non handicapped members with authority to assess needs and increase or decrease the number of handicapped spaces. The Law also allows cities to lease parking to meet the requirements. In addition the statute sets the Fine for improper use of a handicapped identification device at $25 and retains a $5 Fine for an overdue parking violation. Meyer said once a local committee examines options and makes recommendations the Impact of the new Law will be known More clearly. Quot we will not just be jumping in and making All the changes a he said. A i think a lot of ground was gained from the old Law to this lawmakers tackled the Issue a second straight year after an outcry from City officials and business owners statewide who charged a 1989 change requiring 4 percent of available parking spaces be reserved for vehicles bearing handicapped id devices was unworkable. Under the Law currently in effect since Jan. I Cedar rapids had to designate 280 spaces for handicapped parking in the downtown area. The occupancy level of handicapped parking spaces in Cedar rapids is 26 percent of the designated off Street spaces and 23 percent of designated on Street spaces. The City provides six tenths of i percent of All off Street parking spaces and i percent of All on Street spaces As handicapped spaces. Under the new Law which takes effect july i an individual possessing a handicapped id device May petition the City to review existing handicapped parking spaces for a one month period but not More than once every 12 months. If the average occupancy rate exceeds 60 percent during Normal business hours the City must provide additional handicapped parking spaces. The Bill passed the Senate on a 49-1 vote feb. 19, but was amended in the House on March 8 and approved 95-1. The Senate then voted 45-3 to concur with the House changes March 29 and sent the Bill to the governor. It was one of 14 measures Branstad signed into Law monday. Gazette photo by Jim Mayer Down the Chute some of the 300 Rainbow and 100 Brown Trout stocked monday morning near West Branch slide Down a state stocking truck Chute into the Cedar Valley Quarry. More than too people turned out to watch the project with Many bringing fishing poles. The project is the southernmost stocking of Trout in Iowa by the department of natural resources As Trout can t live in water Over 70 degrees. However the Spring fed Quarry is 100 feet deep and tests have shown summer water temperatures remain below 70 degrees. Survey ranks Iowa As a healthy place to live by Bert Kreitlow Gazette Rural affairs writer a National environmental health Survey ranks Iowa at the Bottom of two health categories related to farm chemicals but places the state in an tie with North Dakota As the 13th Healthiest place in the country to live. The state by state scorecard being released today is part of a report by the non profit Institute for Southern studies of Durham n.c., that attempts to weigh the combined effect of dozens of health factors for each state. Combining 35 factors the Institute concluded that Vermont has the Healthiest conditions in the country and Alabama the lowest. The factors Range from unemployment rates and the number of Homes without plumbing to a states land use policies and the number of hazardous waste Sites. A fall those things Are very interrelated but they tend to get discussed independently a said Erie Bates managing editor of the journal Southern exposure published by the organization. As a Region the upper Midwest fared fairly Well in the report but new England states clearly had the Best scores. On the other hand the South did the worst in the study. Institute researchers blamed the South a poor performance on a Large amount of pollution hazardous jobs and unsanitary plumbing. Among the 35 factors considered Iowa sometimes does very Well and sometimes ranks poorly. In two categories a pounds of pesticides per person and percent of pesticide contamination of ground water a Iowa had the worst numbers in the study. The study relied on government data for its numbers said Bates. However Iowa ranked in the top to states in other measures of environmental health such As percent of residents with insurance premature death rates and policies toward solid waste and water Quality. The idea of ranking states on a wide Range of health factors was criticized by University of Iowa environmental health specialist Burton Kross. Kross said it is risky to use such wide ranging factors to conclude that one state has healthier conditions than another. A it would be an extremely difficult task and it would produce extremely questionable results even if All the research sources were completely accurate Kross said in a Telephone interview monday. A a it a almost an impossible Kross believes that Iowa a poor ranking regarding pesticide contamination is More a result of the extensive research that has taken place Here than because of a serious health risk. The Gazette promotes agriculture by printing with soybean Ink. The Gazette often prints on recycled newsprint and encourages readers to drop newspapers for recycling in boxes at City Carton 4250 sixth St so and the former fire station at 42nd and Council streets be. The Cedar rapids Gazette uses 095680 established in 1883 by the Gazette company and published daily and sunday at 500 third Avenue be Cedar rapids Iowa 52401. 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