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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 8, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa They'll Do It Every Time The fuel shortage sets dizzier and dizzier-frfeA Pizzy LOCALE LAW' I OUST HAVE WILL. BE USING TWO SETS OF By Oswald & James Jacoby Oswald: “East’s three diamonds bid was made to suggest a lead, lf North had doubled East would have run to four clubs, a contract that would only be set one trick if West played correctly. North didn’t lather to double and the spade game was reached.” Jim: ‘‘This hand is given as an example of how an alert declarer bases his play on knowledge of his opponents’ bidding methods. The defense started with the ace of dia- Hearst Slips Off To Mexico; AIM Proposes Plan HILLSBOROUGH. Calif. (AP) —Saying he wants “to get it together.” Randolph Hearst has slipped quietly away to Mexico where he will consider what to do next to win freedom for his kidnaped daughter. ‘‘He doesn’t really want to be* in this house and he doesn’t know what to do, so lie is going somewhere where he can think about it a little more.” said nephew William Randolph Hearst III. Meanw hile, American Indian I Movement leader Dennis Banks said he has agreed to try contacting the terrorist Symbioneso Liberation Army to arrange a reunion for the Hearsts with their daughter Patricia. “Randolph Hearst asked me if I would begin a national appeal to the SLA with hopes of arranging a meeting between AIM, Patty and the Hearsts.” Ranks said in a telephone interview from St. Paul, Minn. “The idea was to see if slit could be given a tliree-dav pass, a 24-hour pass or a week pass so she could spend some time with the family. After that she would bo free to return to the SLA,” lie said. Scil those no-longer needed spadTtakers quickly with a want ad. Dial 398 8234. Clark Calls for Law Governing Commodify Loans WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Dick Clark (D-Iovva) introduced legislation Monday requiring a 12-month maturity period for all commodity loans. The measure is designed to “bring government’s commodity loan program in line with the realities of the present agricultural marketing situation,” he said. He said the measure would benefit both farmers and consumers by “helping to even out the flow of supplies to market and reduce price fluctuations.” Clark said all commodity loans currently mature on a fixed annual date, with different dates specified for various crops. “Every corn loan, for example, comes due on July 31 of each year, regardless of whether the individual loans were granted two or seven months before.” He said his measure would require that all loans mature individually, 12 months after they were granted. He said farmers could still redeem their loans at any time before the maturity dates, as they can now. He said current maturity procedure was adopted in the 1930s and that “vastly different” production and marketing conditions have developed since then. Iowans in Spectacular Gratuity Counts tive proposal by Gov. Robert D Ray to require an extensive bid-    t ding law for governmental pur-    Crash, Injuries Minor chases.    WAUZEKA, Wis. - Two Keith L. Miller of New Sharon young McGregor. Iowa men es-said the entire plan “to pass caped serious injury Sunday in legislation to make all pur- one-car crash at the cast edge chases by bids is silly and was of this Wisconsin town, also very poorly thought out.”    Wisconsin officials said a car Miller said it would be “very driven by Rim Henkes, 17, time-consuming and costly to crossed the center line on high-prepare bids for all purchases way 60 near town, struck a and would also increase the guard rail and careened down price of many repair jobs and equipment, trades Tho Cedar Rapids Gazette: Mon., April 8. 1974 INDEPENDENCE - Services INDIANOLA (UPI) — Two’w j IJ be held in Waterloo Carlisle    --- city employes The governor has proposed a bidding procedures law to prohibit governmental units from been charged by Warren County Attorney Robert Gooschald with five counts of illegally accepting gifts or gratuities. Kermit Davis, electric plant the highway.    superintendent, and Dwight The vehicle became airborne Herkleman, sewer and water on three different occasions be- superintendent, were scheduled fore striking a tree.    ; to be arraigned Monday on the Officers said Henkes and a j charges, which are indictable any possible conflicts of interest , Dassenger in the car. Garv    L. j misdemeanors. in letting contracts. However, Damon, 19, were transported to    The    charges are the latest in Miller said the local govern-the hospital at Prairie du Chien, Ja wide-spread investigation by ments are already overbur- where they were treated and the Iowa attorney general’s of-dened with regulations.    released. Investigation of “We have too many state reg-1 accident was continuing. illations now as it costs more    - for water and sewage tests than Q0|an 0arners the mayor receives in salary,”! Miller said. “Most towns have men capable of running the business without expert advice, from the state.” Pair Held for Thefts From Two Farm Houses Filed Against Funeral Wednesday for Owner of Dog C*i r I    Plane    Crash    Victim    i/.m    ii r* ity employes    Killed    by    Car •    vt    I    TNrnirptr’wnirwmp    / To Pay Damages GUTHRIE CENTER (UPI)-The owner of a St. Bernard dog struck and killed by a car in 1972 has been ordered to pay for damages to the car. The dog, owned by Dale Harlan of Menlo, was killed Sept. 25, 1972, when it was hit by a car driven by Douglas O'Brien. 20, of Stuart. O’Brien claimed the impact caused $350 worth of damages and filed suit to collect payment. Two suits were tossed out but on the third try. Guthrie County District Judge M. C. Herrick ruled that Harlan must pay O’Brien $329.70 for damages to his car. The dog. named Caesar, weighed between 150 and 200 pounds. In his suit, O’Brien cited Harlan for allowing the dog to run loose. have |wednesday for Edmund Yar-rington, 33. Independence, who died Saturday in the crash of his single-engine aircraft. The Iowa highway patrolman who investigated the crash said Federal Aviation Agency investigators suspect structural failure in the aircraft may have caused Yarrington to be thrown from the plane before the impact. His body was found about 700 feet from the craft. Yarrington. who was em-i I,.    . .    ,    .    *    Gloved    in    Waterloo,    owned the the hee into illegal chemical com- R^de laundromat here, pany gift-giving in exchange for, ...    ,    . (municipal purchase orders.    Surviving    are    his    wife, Bon- I The investigation has already n‘e:    Paren^s' Mr and Mrs. ^resulted in 44 indictments ofi^|er*3eIt "VmGngton, Waterloo Reaional JA which all but three are against I ^rcc daughters, Tina, Dina anc fP    . company salesmen. The other ljCe^nn- and a son. Kevin, all at bales Award three were employes of Cedar home; a brother. Ronald. Buck- Quinn Dolan, first place win- ^ Ce",er Poi"‘ a"d Ana'    ‘nclud- ner in the Cedar Rapids-Marionl1110;1’3, ,. A    ,, Junior Achievement Best Sales- A c c o r d I n g to Gottschald, contest, advanced to|D?vl^ls accusodT0,f acicPtin8,a oerson CORALVILLE - Brian Ray P o r t r a t z , 23, and William Warner, 37, both of Coralville were arrested Sunday and charged with larceny in the daytime. The arrests were made after ing Charles Nickell, Jesup, and six stepgrandchildren. Services will be at 1:30 Rpoinnai mmnoiinln iaci\«PotI television set in July, 1973, while I Wednesday at First Wesleyan Herkleman is accused of accept- church, Waterloo. Burial: Bucking a refrigerator and color Ingham cemetery. White funeral television in 1972 and a dish-home, Independence, is in washer in September of last charge. place Bidding Lav/ Idea Rapped NEW SHARON (UPI) — The mayor of a small central Iowa community has rapped a legisla- end. taking third 24 contestants. Regional contestants were required to give sales presenta-j tions before judging panels and 'oar sales prospect at the Wagon1 .. .. r ..    ,    .    ,    Quinn’s    presentation    con al! investigation of thefts at *VV(L\y}i€ei lodge in Rockton, 111. riiro! form hniicoc in CAiiihu/ocr I    .    , cerned an Easter candy decoration produced by Wilsel, a Junior Achievement company sponsored by Wilson and Co. Quinn |is Wilsel’s president. A senior at Regis high school, rural farm houses in southwest Johnson county Sunday. Included in the loot recovered when the two were arrested were a color television set and custom rug. Additional informa tion on the ease was not imme- he is the son of the John Dolans diately available.    |of 357 Windsor drive NE. Queen in Tow HAMILTON, Bermuda (UPI) DiaI 398-8234. — The crippled luxury liner Queen Elizabeth 2 was towed by two tugs toward Bermuda Saturday night to repair damage! which forced her to abort a Car-1 ibbcan cruise in mid-Atlantic I and transfer her passengers to another ship. Pick up the phone today and let a want ad go to work for you., Keep your home cool this summer with RUSCO WINDOWS and DOORS Don’t wait...order yours early! 364-0295 51 5 8th Ave. SE monds, a diamond luff and the king of clubs lead. South took! dummy’s ace; drew trumps; with two leads and discarded his last club and a heart on; dummy’s good diamonds. Then' he ruffed dummy’s last club and studied the heart suit.” Oswald: “Playing bridge in a vacuum, South would cash dummy’s ace of hearts and lead a heart toward his queen. This| play would work if East held the king of hearts or West held the! doubleton king. In this latter! case he would have to give: South a ruff and a discard.” Jim:    “It would also have! failed miserably this time and South was sure that it would. I West’s two club overcall had1 marked him with the king of; hearts. If he only held two! hearts he would have held ani eight-card club suit. So South entered dummy with a trump; led a low heart; stuck in his nine after East followed and1 poor West was end-played.” 9+CHRD The bidding has been:    8 West    .North    East    South 1 +    Dble Pass    14    Pass    ? You, South, hold: ♦ 10 8654VAKQ83 4AJ5*- What do you do now? A—Bid two clubs. You plan to raise spades strongly later on. A four spade call right now would be inadequate. TODAYS QUESTION You bid two clubs and your partner bids two spades. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow SMU LE KOF FS lVi acres of everything for the homo Third Ave. at First St. SE In Downtown Cedar Rapids ’ “EARLY BIRD” SALE! mma atm Av ROOM rw™ ana Air Conditioners SEVENTEEN © 1974 bv Chicago Tribune N.Y. News SyntJ. Inc. LL & ” World Right* Reserved    ’ "Don't overdo it, Boris.. .They aren't eating, they just ordered tea!" RENT A NEW PIANO SA AHD Per Wonth I ll"    No Cartage Ct nl\/ IU, or Drayage Vw * * ■ j ■    subject    lo office approval All Rent Will Apply lf You Decide To Buy! TICKETS available at Hiftbrunner Music Co. (or all concert* at Handier Auditorium, University of Iowa. Ill LTIKItlTNNE It’S 116 SECOND STREET SE Now You Can Buy Brand New Am ana Air Conditioner 5,000 to 18,000 BTU and J Save 50 GO With Coupon The sleek, handsome air conditioner so whisper quiet it gets talked about ACT NOW! Why Swelter This Summer? Get Set NOW To Enjoy COOL, COOL COMFORT During Summer’s Sweltering Days and Nights! It Pays To Buy NOW AND SAVE! 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