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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 7, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa JOA The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sun., April 7, 1974 U.S. Oil Reserves Vastly Understated: Proxmire WASHINGTON (AP) — The I was “based on the ridiculous as-1 total oil a field is estimated to American Petroleum Institute sumption that prices will drop contain, has deliberately and grossly un- to half their present level. This j Reserve oil is oil that can be derstatcd U.S. oil reserves. Sen. is about as likely as assuming produced economically at cur-William Proxmire said Satur- the sun will rise in the west to- relit costs — oil that has been day.    morrow. ’    readied for production by drill- While API estimated on \n API spokesman denied the ing of wells, what the industry March 29 that domestic re- claim and accused Proxmire of has “on the shelf,” ready for serves declined by one billion engaging in speculation.    delivery, barrels in 1973, “in fact they    Related    to Prices    The    ‘latest API figures are rose and probably by billions of    1    based    on the 1972 average U.S. barrels,” the Wisconsin Demo- Oil reserves are related di-, crude-oil price of $4.27 a barrel. erat said in a statement.    redly    to current oil prices and The current average is $6.61. Proxmire called the API es- to costs of producing oil. They: API says the estimate was timate outrageous and said it I represent only a fraction of the based on 1972 prices because of ---------- - ec0nomic uncertainties, chiefly f* I I F    T    *    JL    fears that congress would roll OI UCI V OOVS    I0/TOf/S/S back oil prices or take away in- /    J    dustry tax breaks. Could Build A-Bomh H. A. ’’Hub" Schimberg WASHINGTON (API r— The chances of terrorists blackmailing the United States with homemade atomic bombs will increase in the next few years unless nuclear power plant security is tightened, a Ford Foundation - sponsored study concluded Saturday. Instructions on how to build such a bomb already are available through numerous public documents, the study said. Construction of a crude nuclear I other    materials necessary for device could be accomplished making    a crude fission bomb within a few weeks by anyone I can be    bought    in hardware with laboratory and machine stores    or from commercial sup- barrel is very profitable at $5 a barrel,” Proxmire said. “Price increases may very possibly have increased reserves by a mammoth 50 percent or more.” Proxmire’s Answer Proxmire said those arguments won’t hold water, high explosive could, within sev-..clearlv thcre was never any eral weeks, design and build a c h a n c e that legislation to crude fission bomb.” the study: change the tax credits for the sa'd-    industry was going to get any- “Fission explosives can also where in 1973,” he said. “And| be made with a few kilograms the rollback provisions of the of high-enriched uranium, or Energy Emergency Act would with uranium 233,” the report not have touched 1973 prices.” says. “All these materials are President Nixon vetoed that found in the civilian nuclear act because he objected to the power industry.    prjCe rollback. “Besides nuclear material “Obviously, if the estimates and chemical explosives, the WCre based on realistic prices, reserves would be far higher simply because oil that is uneconomical to recover at $3 a Could Kill 50,000 John Hodges, API’s director: shop skills, determination and pliers of scientific equipment inventiveness.    for students.” “The design and manufacture of a crude fission bomb is no longer a difficult task technical-:    saicl    a    bomb    se:    n^ar    a ly, once nuclear materials are clt-% skyscraper could kill as at hand- making a nlutonium many as 50'000 Persons and one    .    ., d i s d e r a a I device is even ^ the suburbs could cause 2,000 of statistics and economics, said sinmler ’’ said the studv bv the deaths. The report said there is API could have engaged in Energy Policy Project. ‘    * littIe danger now but as energy speculation that would have shifts increasingly to nuclear supported a basic industry Materials Needed    power there will be more claim that higher prices and “Under conceivable circum-danger of blackmail efforts. stable tax conditions lead to stances, a few persons, possibly The report was prepared by incrcased petroleum supplies, even one person working alone, Mason Willrich, a lawyer with    “Imprecise Path” who possessed about IO kilo-experience in nuclear safeguard Rut had API done so Hodges grams of plutonium oxide and a matters, and by Theodore Tay-    jd ..we would have ’followed substantial amount of chemical ior| a physicist and former Los thc ' same imprecise path the j Alamos, N. M., scientist, the senator did when he claimed ... low£ Pol ICPmen's ^-ru r8y I>()11C> I roject said. The j^hat reserves mav have in-luwa rui icemen * study is the first t0 ^ published croased 50 percent or more Assn. WdrnS of in a series of sPcciaI research “While this makes good copy, nL    Aiel :reP°rts commissioned by the it makes i0USy statistics,” Phoney Au 06les project.    Hodges added. -Gazette Photo bv Tom Merryman Setting Up Bill Van Orden, route two, Iowa City, is shown Saturday morning setting up his large scope for photographs of the moon and other sky objects. Bill is one of more than 70 Eastern Iowa junior and senior high school students participating this weekend in the 15th annual Eastern Iowa Science fair in the Washington high school gymnasium. The winners will be announced during an awards ceremony at 3:30 p.m. today. 11 Students Named Finalists In East Iowa Science Fair B'nai B rith Award To "Hub" Schimberg The 1974 B’nai B’rith “Community Builder” award will go to H. A. “Hub” Schimberg, it was announced today by Donald D. Ohsman, president of the Cedar Rapids lodge of B’nai B’rith. The award will be presented to Schimberg by Stanley G. Ginsberg Wednesday night at the dinner-meeting of the Chamber of Commerce civic bureau in the armory at the coliseum. B’nai B’rith, a Jewish organization dedicated to the support of human rights, has given the Community Builder award annually for the last 14 years in recognition of “unselfish, outstanding leadership and service for the betterment of the com-| — munity.” In selecting the recipi-Park Terrace SE. They have ents, special weight is given to three daughters and two sons. : sustained service over a long previous recipients of the period.    Community Builder award are In making the award to Don Hines, A. L. Smulekoff, Ed Schimberg. Ohsman said, the Zeller. Dr. Kingsley Grant, Ar-selection committee “was im- thur Collins, Harry Boyd, Van pressed by the consistency of Vechten Shaffer. B T. Perrine his contribution-in sound judg- and the late Morris Sanford, ment, hard work and a leaven- Sutherland Dows, Howard ing sense of humor-to a wide cherry, sr., S.E. Coquillette and range of civic and cultural ac- Howard Hall. : tivities.”    --- Schimberg was born in Cedar Rapids June 9, 1907, and re-lceived his early education in the Cedar Rapids schools. He was graduated from Notre Dame WAI KON—Allan Oro I ct, university in 1929.    Waukon,    who was named last He was director of purchases fall to complete the unexpired I for the old LaPlant-Choate Man- term of John Wibe as Allama-ufacturing Co. for a number of kee county judicial magistrate, years prior to 1947, when he wras appointed Saturday to a bought Dempsey’s dry cleaning two-year term in the post 1 plant, which he operated until Drolct was one of three applies retirement last year.    cants for the post. Schimberg is a past president However, he was the only ap* and director    of the Chamber of    plicant    to    appear Saturday Commerce,    Catholic Laymen,    morning    at    a meeting of the the YMCA,    the Cedar Rapids    judicial    magistrate appointing Rotary club    and Friends of the    commission    Judge Joseph Cedar Rapids Public Library. Keefe is chairman of the com* He is a past president and mission. chairman of the board of the Drolet will serve from July I, Iowa State Cleaners Assn. and 1974 t0 june 30. 1976 has been honorary chairman of    ______________ the local Council of Christians 30 YEARS \<;o~ and Jews. As a board member,^ 5()    o( of the Linn countv Red Cross he Magistrate Post To Allan Drolet • Withdrawal Germany's crack occupation troops from will be open to the public free Muscatine; and Richard Sehons. was responsible for organization \-orwav was disclosed by an es- today from I to 3:30.    Linn-Mar.    of wbal ls bf,||e''(,<i 10 b* ,lu'caped Norwegian underground The "Class ll" winners first disaster relief committee in ,eader named Saturday: Junior biological: the U S He member of the of Mercy hos- Eleven junior and senior high school students from six communities Saturday were named    In the senior    high competi- finalists in the 15th annual East-    hon, finalists in    the biological a ufaminrr * kncinncc m n The report says the present U. I Proxmire’s statement marked    em Iowa Science fair competi-    sciences di\ ision    are Tint Mar-    ^ Junior biological,    j bt r \ I ^oard 0f trustee.,    — who have bwn°solicited!’for ad-S' systcm of safcSuards is "in-another chapter in the congree:tion at washington high school,    Mid-P?airie    anWHmin*    Miller ’ 311°of*"Muscatine West !pilal and of "* Cedar ,<apld!' _iictnet : a I•    „    .»    comolete at this time” but adds sional battle over oil-industry Th ,<n    uinnpr<.    frnrn    ,    J    ’    '    c.. ’ ‘ ...... '    library board. He is or has been vertismg m pol.ee magazines this system is improving, ft con-statistics.    The    J*?    winners    from    and    Susan Yohn. Muscatine, hi- and Phil Shive, Solon.    a member of the boards of the has been issued by the Iowa ^ (he A,omic Enc*    Com. Ap,    an industry organization. jwhom the flnal ™n('rs    wdl be    "*'«•**" the physical    sciences )unjor physita|: Gary Camp.    ^ H ds Symphony. ,h(. btatePolicemens Assn.    mission has moved in the    right is thc    only source for estimates1 selected represented Solon, Mu-    woe urn    Nelson and    Mililani    ^ji and    joc] Goode, both of    old public welfare bureau and Reports that sorfie businesses direction to safeguard nuclear,on petroleum reserves. Prox- scatine, Marion. Cedar    Rapids,    Van Orden.    both from iowa u y    Marion C.    B Vernon; John Gar-    United Community Services. He have been asked by telephone material but says specific    stan- mire    and other congressmen Wellman and Iowa City.    ^ ’ an    aIT^ ’’Ue    F ’ * US    butt an^    Russell Gillenwater.    was chairman of the first Civic contacts to purchase advertising dards need to be set for physi- say here Is no way the federal, sixteen “Class ll” winners catine. both of Muscatine West; and Center advisory committee and in such magazines prompted the cai protection of such materials, government can develop a na- ajso were named Saturday from ln ,^C    ^c^on’    Jon    Jacobson.    Marion    St.    Jo-    be    is    a    past    recipient    of    the    city „ ——    lienal energy policy without Muscatine, Solon. Marion! Iowa “J I* “ ,he.“0g_‘eal ““"“S ^Pb- Laifinrf loKla nnKi ocn/4 I TV f r»r _ ; n:*.. n. J  ; J _ » * ^   ii.    ISI    Oil warning from Harold McKenna,    , secret ary-treasurer of the    Special force    having reliable, unbiased infor-|city, Cedar Rapids, Maquoketa group.    The two authors recommend malion.    and    Marengo. The association does not solic- the AEC consider forming a spelt by telephone for its official cial federal security service to publication, Iowa Police Jour-protect nuclear materials nal, McKenna said.    throughout the civilian power Representatives of the group industry. They also propose thc contact business places in per- AEC design detailed safeguards son and display their identifica- for each type of nuclear reactor Paul VI appealed Saturday lor tion cards upon initial contact, and set up criteria for approv- an end to “all revenges, animo-McKennasaid.    ing the industry’s security, sities and resentments The identification cards are plans.    Chile, signed by McKenna.    In addition, the report says The pontiff said he hoped for Iast week- Chile Revenges VATICAN CITY (AP) - Pope nalists in the biological sciences ,„pnh    .    ...    ....    .    , are    Renee    Harter,    P    councd 5 distinguished service Solon; Cynthia    Thurman.    Musq Senior biological: Evelyn    award. He has been active in ____ caline:    and Elven.* Vaske, I Elkins. Maquoketa; Caliver Mar-1 fund drives for a wide range of _    .    ,    — i I The final placings will be Linn-Mar. Physical division ti-den. Iowa City: Susan Murray,(community agencies over a long POD© ASKS end to    announced today at an awards    nalists are Dave Conway, Cedar ( ec ar    RaP'ds    Washington. ceremony at 3:30. Exhibit area    Rapids Wilson; Kris Gregersen.    Senior    physical:    Cindy Dono- Schimberg was a charter van. Maquoketa; Ronald Meyer,    member of All Saints church Cedar Rapids Jefferson; Paul    an(* was chairman of its build- Schafbuch, Marengo Iowa Val-    ,n8 campaign. DECORAH — Dale Ahern, Chairman, William P. Ronan, ^’-v-    ant^    ^ve ^ in! founder and president of the    and Mrs. Carrie Lee, to make Porter House museum, resigned    nominations. A new president will be elected at the May I Ahem Resigns as Head of Museum Xipttt Jfeust In some cases, business men the Inited States should take a sincere reconciliation in Chile The resignation will be cffec- meeting, have been asked to purchase the initiative in discussing the and a peace “built on the safe- tive after the next monthly Since the Ahems will be mov-the “same ad as last year,” problems of potential nuclear guarding of human life, of meeting of the Porter House ing to their home in Bluffton McKenna said. Salesmen for the theft with other countries with a moral and material welfare, of board May I.    township this summer, Ahernl Journal do not use this tactic, view toward developing world- fundamental rights of every Ahern appointed a committee, said he will not have enough he said.    I    wide safeguards.    person....’’    comprised    of    Dr.    H.    P.    Field,'time to continue as president — and will find it more difficult to attend meetings regularly. Gary Cavie resigned Wednes-j day as treasurer of the board, explaining that he has an increased work load in his position as steward of the Winneshiek county home. He will serve until his successor is elected. Miss Marlys Svendsen of Armstrong, a Luther college j student, was elected caretaker, of the Porter House. REMEMBER Ceda Rapids Briefs News r Any size living room shampooed for $9.95. Any bedroom $7.95. Can clean velvet and satin upholstery and repair cigaret bums. Diamond Carpet. 366-6226.—Adv. * * * Golf Starts — Retired Men’s Golf Assn. will start its first game of the season Friday at 9 a m. at Twin Pines. ♦ *    * Pella Tulip Festival Motor Coach Tour May lith. Travel & Transport 393-8747.—Adv. * *    * Metro    Kiwanis—Robert Brown, city manpower coordinator, will present a memory program for Ladies Night Thursday at 6 p.m. at the Roosevelt. * *    * Rape    Crisis    Line    —Rape Crisis Line members will meet at 7:30 p.m. Monday at the YWCA for a report on meetings with Jaw enforcement officers, volunteer training and general organization. The public and volunteers arc invited ★ * * SME— Members of chapter 71 of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers will meet Thursday evening at the Town House Motor Inn. Suppliers night will be held and display tables will be set up by 18 firms. Evening < Optimists—Oratorical contest Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Longbranch. * * * “Arrangement of the Week” Easter basket with daisies and daffodils, $5 50-$ IO.    Pierson's Florist, 366-1826 —Adv. * * * Sertoma Club — John Dyson will speak at the Tuesday noon meeting at the Elks. ♦ ★ * Fashion Cleaners — wedding gowns, formals —Adv. ♦ * * XX Club - Robert M L. Johnson, chairman of the local Bi-centennial Committee, will speak Tuesday noon at the Mon- ,trose. * * * Fur Storage, Berger Furrier, Marion.—Adv. ♦    *    * Fur Storage. Berger Furrier. Marion.—Adv. *    *    * Hawkeye Toastmasters — Speakers at the 6 p.m. Monday ; meeting at the Elks will be R. Boston, V. Haaland, P. Wheatley, T. Whiners, J. Cortez, R. Fandel and E. Vroonland. *    *    * *    *    * V Camera Club—-A program on member entries in the N4C invitational will be presented Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in the Keen Teen room of the YMCA Harmony Hawks—Chorus will meet Thursday at 8 p.m. in the Mott room of the Central YMCA. * * * Mr. Larry Alexander is now taking appointments at Germaine’s Encore Styling Salon. 366-2393.—Adv. * * * V i s u a I Communicators — Tour 7:30 p.m. Wednesday of the Collins photographic and graphic facilities. Open to the public. Reservations must be made with Al Willcnborg at 395-2264 by noon Tuesday. ♦    *    * Try Evans Masso Therapy treatments. 362-6769.-Adv. * * * Railway Vets — Unit 29 of the National Assn. of Retired and Veteran Railway Employes will meet Friday at I p.m. at Bishops in Lindale Plaza. *    *    * Tuesday Noon    Optimists— Finals of the boys’ oratorical contest will be held Tuesday noon at the Roosevelt. *    *    * Downtown Kiwanis—Jefferson high Choral Director Alan Koepke and Public Improvements Commissioner Richard Phillips will present a program Wednesday noon at the Roosevelt on “A Layman’s Look at Lent”. The Sensational Rotary engine Mazda is here. All departments open at Metro Mazda, 4425 Center Point Rd. NE.—Adv. ♦    *    * Hiawatha Opti-Mrs.— A meeting will be held Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Indian House. *    *    * Rent Ryder Trucks at Buresh East. Local or one-way. 366-1519. — Adv. *    *    * Jaycee    Toastmasters—Joe Enzler. jr., Wayne Williams and Dick Rehman    will speak    Tues- ; day at    7    a rn.    at    Bishops    down town. *    *    * Rotary Club—Members will participate in Holy Week services Monday noon at First Presbyterian church. *    *    * Dog Club— The Cedar Valley Collie and Shetland Sheepdog .club will meet Wednesday at 7:30 p m. at the Marion REC building. Tama Council Member Injured in Collision Spec to Tho Gazette TAMA — A member of the Tama city council was hospitalized shortly after noon Saturday following a collision between her ear and a semi-trailer truck on highway 63 in Toledo. Investigating Toledo police officers said a ear driven by Cleo j Meisa, 62, was turning left off the highway when it was struck by the truck driven by Frederick St. Germain, 33, Winona. Minn. St. Germain was not injured. Mrs. Melsa was taken to a Marshalltown hospital for treatment of facial injuries. H. P. “Cy” Stanton 377-11 53 TOMMY TUCKER REALTY Realtors 365-6956 Tim Koch graduated as valedictorian from Lisbon High school in 1972. He was also president of his freshman class Outstanding Senior Scholar, twice captain of the football team' and member of the concert band, track and basketball teams and the National Honor Society. Now at Coe College, Cedar Rapids, Tim is a sophmore majoring in chemistry. At Coe, he is a member of the Coe Lettermen’s Club, the indoor and outdoor track teams, Phi Eta Sigma freshman men’s national honorary fraternity, officer of the American Chemical Society student affiliation of Coe, has been on the Dean’s List three times, and received a Coe Science Scholarship. ”1 came to Coe after I attended a National Science Foundation training program here during the summer of 1971 My advisor, Dr. Peter Wickham, chairman of the chemistry department, is the best teacher that I have ever had.” COE COLLEGE CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA PUT YOURSELF IN THE PICTURE AT COE ;

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