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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 5, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- Cold tonight, lows in 30s. Sunny Saturday, high around 60. rn fled ne tt meta # CITY FINAL IO CENTS VOLUME 92 - NUMBER 86 CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA. FRIDAY, APRIL 5, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES IRS Plans No Penalty For Nixon Gazette Leased Wires WASHINGTON - The Internal Revenue Service said Thursday that it does not feel civil fraud penalties against President Nixon are warranted and said that its audit of the President's tax returns for 1969-1972 was closed. “The IRS did not assert the civil fraud penalty for any of the years involved in the audit because it did not believe that any such assertion was warranted.” the agency said in a statement. The statement was made after a senate-house committee said it would leave any further action on Nixon's taxes to the IRS and the committee considering the impeachment. Would Consider The house judiciary committee said Thursday that ii would consider the detailed report of the joint committee on internal revenue taxation along with other evidence in its impeachment inquiry. The report by the committee staff Wednesday concluded that Nixon owes $476,431 in back taxes and interest. The IRS concluded that Nixon owed $465,000 and Nixon agreed to pay the IRS assessment. The White House said the tax debt will leave the President “almost totally wiped out” financially and may force him to obtain a loan to pay the hill. Offering a gloomy assessment Fears SLA May Have Killed Pat SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -Fears that Patricia Hearst is dead and that her latest com-,munique may be a trick have Tragic Clean-Up Begins Extension Following Tornadoes ChplypJ ky iociated Press    “Ifs    one    of    the    most    tragic    wlBvi    I    VII    jr House Unit By Associated “I looked at it and wanted to times in our history,” he said, cry,” said Kentucky Gov. Wen- The fury of a hundred tor-dell Ford after he walked nadoes had rammed wide paths1 through the pile of tornado-left - rubble that had been Branden-    (Photo on Picture Page.) burg.    _ Governor George Wallace, of destruction through ,owns house banking committee voted WASHINGTON (AP) The brushing away tears, rolkd his and ruruj areas wiping out the 21 t0 10 Friday to postpone ac hnon nvnrnccnH Kv on .. wheelchair through a temporary work 0f generations. Some tion indefinitely on any exten been expressed by dn 3ttorney shelter for Alohom^ homolog *    i    *    i    i    j as the FBI vowed to keep pres- _    homeless.; towns were almost leveled. sure on its two-month hunt for the terrorists' kidnap hideout. “I do have serious concern that the girl is dead and that Wednesday’s tape communication may have been a coverup,’’ said attorney Vincent Hal-linan in an interview Thursday. Fund Trustee Campaigning In Michigan Set by Nixon sion of wage and price controls. Worst in 49 Years    thus effectively allowing them In ll southern and midwes- 1° d'e April JO. tern states and Canada, the The senate banking commit-Wednesday night series of tee already had killed efforts to twisters — the worst in 49 years> extenc| the Economic Stabiliza- — left at least 310 persons dead. ..    .    .    ...    .    .    on 1    tion Act. which expires April 30. The injured totaled 4.000 and    „»i„ J    The    administration    apparently SAGINAW, Mich. (AP) -|^Jcast *bat ,many,.|os‘ tbc.ir.had already given up hope of President Nixon Friday accept- omes ^ 1C ,eva" a lon Utl^ getting congress to extend man-Hallinan is one of three trust- cd an invitation to campaign for    ‘‘mesonic — damage seemed    d    d .    controls certain to climb past $500 mil- _    * lion. The force of the tornadoes    ..    ,    ..    .    .    . _ intense that officials    It    Pinned    Us    hopes    instead on ces of a $4 million fund set up congressional candidate James by the William Randolph Hearst1 Sparling, who says he didn’t invite the President to help his (Photo on Picture Page.) Foundation to provide more free food for poor people if Miss candidacy but rather to give over health and isolated other industries. was so a bill heard by the committee people a chance to hear Nixon were certain they had not yet;    h    ^    have    ended exD ain his no res    ifound    all    the    dead.    Five    states    *    ,    ,    _    _.A    .    .    A._ explain his policies Sparling, a Republican, Hearst is released unharmed, running against Democrat Rob-Food worth $2 million already ert Traxler in this month’s spe- is - Kentucky. Ohio. Tennessee. ch°n,rols but extended the life of Indiana and Alabama — were e declared federal disaster areas Cost of Living through the end of 1975. Council 1 has been given away. The latest communique from Miss Hearst and the Sym-bionese Liberation Army, in which she said she has become an SLA member, did not con- cial election. “I am very pleased the President has accepted my invitation to come to the Eighth congressional district,” said Sparling. who last summer spent IO weeks as a White House aide. bv President Nixon and others    most Republicans and were expected to join them. The many Democrats on the com-designation enables individuals mittee expressed opposition to and municipalities to get low- ar,y extension of the council, cost federal loans to rebuild. even l°r a research and moni-In Xenia, Ohio, where 50 per- toring function. cent of the town of 25.000 was The vote, on a motion to table — AP Wirephoto CHILI COOk-OFF SEQUEL—Se nator Barry Coldwater (R-Ariz.) aims a playful kick at Sen. John Tower (R-Texas) after the great chili cook-off bubbled to a draw Thursday night at the National Press Club in Washington, climaxing a debate that started two months ago with a few friendly jibes on the senate floor. The audience chose the Texas recipe but the "experts" voted for the Arizona chili. fain any time reference to in-    ........ ‘    reduced    to scrap, women sat all wage-price legislation before dicate when it was made, said    “Have    a Right”    on the streets and wept Thurs-ithe committee, came after two C^aries f^tcs' 1 81 agent ini Sparling has said that if elect-'d a>’ • Their men wandered hours of debate, charge of the case.    ed he would VQte for impeach, through the rubble of what once The motion was made by the “I believe this was the    first    ment if there is any proof of were their homes. They picked    committee’s    ranking Democrat, one without a date on it,” he    wrongdoing by Nixon.    up little pieces of nothing, blank    Rep Barrett    (Pa.), said Thursday.    “The    people    of    the    Eighth    dis-    stares    on    their face-    Although some members sug- Hallinan voiced concern about ,1*c, *lavc a to ^now vyhy    “Unbelievable”    gested that the committee come the last message, saying,    "The    'J* l>[^de"‘h™SC'f fac;i "The destruction, the devasta-    back lalc[    tbc 'non,h to ,akc tape of her voice could    have    sDar|^ sa d elr L this week ,ion is unbelievable," said Vice-    a deePcr look a ‘be Pr°Posal by been made at any time.”    ...    ,    .    nmsiriont    Ford after flvinr over HeP- Stanton (R-Ohio) to extend I “in addition to Watergate Vnd president Ford after flying over    w FBI Director Clarence Kelley|it mjscrabie ramification" our the arca “You can sce whcre ° h^i ° n? Council, the its miserable ramification., our the    were    overwhelming    sentiment    was    to said in a brief statement from of the President’s financial pie- 1MAOll«Tr,«rkM lA, torc. a presidential spokesman „ WASHINGTON Af hinted Thursday Nixon may ,k™en< bdw<;en ,bc Jeamste also have to consider selling one and Irin king industry ap of his homes to meet his back-.Pears.10 hayc ddused a P°ten tax obligation “He ha reassess hi Teamster-Trucker Accord A set-members not employed in long- “If they have a case, they will that the investigation of Miss- g^d'ing,'innariomn,V thcT* economy I Twenty-eight persons were a8ency-listers distance trucking.    he    upheld    and    paid.”    said    one    Hearst's kidnaping Feb. 4 from and the energy crisis ”    dead    in    Xenia.    In    Brandenburg, hts Washington office Thursday pe°P,!<‘ arf demandin8 some matches""'' ..............get    rid    cf    both    controls    and    the t. .    .g,    J    f    »?    .    lough-    no-nonsense answers re- mdtcties- trucking. Pact Approved tial threat bv other unions to source.    her Berkeley apartment is con Fitzsimmons had written TEI tinuing. Without public announcement, in December to demand that the    Personal    Meeting reopened.j Patricias mother issued Cl P"CneS brief written which has been almost totally    day    aPprovcd    a    se"lcracm    in    bito    ^    drive™ p™d on I    “S'a JT wiped out by this, Deputy :cceded in reopening .her na- »hich dr.vcrs could file for any mi|cagc bBasjs.    sonal meeting w,th her daugh cr r«p»tnrv..... ro.    j..    &    would convince her that Patty ins to comDletelv reopen contracts because of the the executive board of Trucking national contract be s financial position on^.r!y cr,sis    . J Employers, Inc. (TED. Wednes- contending higher fu i i ... ii i ^he administration feared .    .    ,    .    and lower speeds wet been almost totally ...    ^____....... day approved a settlement in . ._____ White House Press Secretary tjonal frejght c.ontract the way lost wages due them. Gerald Warren told reporters.    ^ haye been    for    TEUhe    industry-s    barg. The White House said Nixon    stood at 29. would fly to Michigan April IO a was cxPccte(ft0 8° higher. I to campaign for Sparling.    Brandenburg,    an Ohio river a Traxler hailed the President's JownL ,0^    shai'ed the statement Thurs-1 decision.    bombed-out appeal once of other towns hit by the vicious winds. Craters littered with fragment-I definitely think it will bene- ccj Vvood where houses once Jurors Still Deliberate On Chapin WASHINGTON (AP) "Ridiculous”    other    unions    to    protect    their    arm, represents A White House statement that Imcmbcrs from ,he 'mPad of companies bargaining the controversial deductions ^ tTis*s-were made without the Pres- Instead, Teamsters Union Argreement    voluntarily joined the SLA. * fit my candidacy, the Demo- stood, cars twisted like the ref- federal district court jury , o- „    “nniv    p *f    erat ic candidate .'■aid, in the use 0f a monstrous demolition charged with deciding whether «sents some 12.00(1    rh<-‘ union argued that, before Only I atty in person can sense that it will focus on the derbv, a colonnaded town build- Dwight Chapin lied under oath nationw.de with he fueler,si^dnvers were able conv,nee mc that the terrible] main issue: the failings of the ing rcduced t0 , caricature of resumed its deliberations Fri- Oemoloves    to average 500 to 5a0 miles per i weary words came from her Nixon administration.    .. „,i„„,t    ........ j.... about 400,000 employee. in- Despite the agreement. a ruined Greek temple.    day. "It will surely help me be- Early Friday, national guards- and in- Despite the aereement. jn- daY on a 10-hour run, but. under j heart and were delivered of her ....... ....    _    r.anv    rnaav    national    euaros.    • no r menus know led ee or aDDrovai —— / -.....— m—.., -------  oa.u    uu    not    the new 55 mile-per-hour speed own free will,” Catherine cause it will place the emphasis men patroled‘the quiet town to .3P I fori]ier dPP^in ' t u t ? ? ? approvai •    m    comoensatine    exneet    a    hie    rush    bv    drivers    for    runs    would    be    reduced    to    Hearst    said.    of the camoaicn where it    *    i    \    quiel    town    o    ments    secretary    to    President was labeled ridiculous by his 0Ul d Iornf»u*a Ior comptnsaung expect a Dig rush by drivers tor    >    I , campaign wnere it prevent the looting of what little vjxon was accused of three tax lawyer, Frank DeMarco in ov’ciMhe-road drivers for lost in- higher mileage rates    At    the    University    of    t'alifor-    belongs, on Nixon.    was Guardsmen also were counts of eivine false testimony come resulting from lower Teamsters officials had no Administration sources sug- nia, vvhere Patricia was a    Controversy had developed on duty in other sections of the La"    Lt to a frdPrT^nd the I speed limits without reopening comment.    gested that Fitzsimmons may student, a professor of politi- over whether the President state and in areas of West Vir-’J the contract.    The agreement provides that have over-reacted and said the cal revolution said she may be    would accept Sparlings inv'ita-jginia, Ohio, Tennessee, Indiana ii This also served to eliminate individual drivers can take their j situation was apparently never vjctjm 0j a psychological Tion after the Saginaw county an(j Alabama. Los Angeles. “What we did was go over return page by page,” said De Marco. He said it would be J"** j possible internal political prob- case before industry-union areal as bad as he predicted ^r]ems for Teamsters President,grievance committees to prove1 “Fitz never-got t Arinur Kiev nr    SHppkiftn.    Frank    Fitzsimmons,    who    would    through    payroll records a    loss    of    from    the rank-and-file    the animant, maae    n    ‘    have    been    under pressure to    win    earnings    resulting* from    lower    thought he    would    get,” without instructions from Nixon    L    his    other    I speed limits, the sources said or his representatives.    j      _z_ZI_I___ DeMarco said    he    feels    the deductions could legally be de-, fended, but that    they did    not show "political astuteness.” Warren said Nixon would meet the obligation with "certain cash and probably borrow some money to pay the remainder." Nine Qualify for Chief; Two Are    C.R. Officers the gripes that hej the! sources said. They described him as “genuinely concerned” about how much added cost the trucking: industry would have been able to absorb and noted that he instead tried to get congress to I increase truck speeds However, the lawmakers refused to go termed G.O.P. chairman said Nixon Kentucky reported 71 dead work sboidd stay out of the campaign. from the storms, Alabama 72, jury investigating "dirty tricks” in the 1972 presidential campaign. The penalty on each count is a The Eighth district seat wasl indiana 5’ Tennessee 44 Ohio    of    five    years    in    pris- recentlv vacated bv James liar-    a"“    a    (me    of    $10,000. school of motivation “chang-fang” or 4 spirit.” ii. r, • .j •,    ,.    recently    vacated    bv    James    Mar-    35 Georeia 16 Ontario C anada 1    j ,•.    ,    # Wes Davis    said    it    could    mean    ,    Republlcan    \vho    rcsignod „ N„r“h    car0|lna5 Michigan V    , Aftcr del.berattng nearly four .Continued:    Page    J.    Col.    8    t lo accept    a    federal    judgeship.    Illinois 2, Virginia Wes? Vip!    beaned bacL rn'.he cou?h 8*n*a 1    room by U.S. District Judge People s Story    Gerhard Gesell, who asked: “Is In the    aftermath of the disas-    the jury close to a verdict?” (Continued Page 4 Col 2.) "No sir." replied the fore-&    man, Charles Wesley. *    *    *    “Without Bias” Jobless Rate Showed Decrease Last Month general services division. The Candidates cedar Rapids mw*-    j30tb serve jn tbe department s1 Linng' The Cedar Rapids civil ser-i    -    j    along. vice commission Friday for- He did not indicate whether warded |be names of nine men, Nixon might seeki bank loan I g qualifjed candidates [or Ce.: Following is a complete list of or turn to wealthy^ friends who    n    hj    f    .    ,    ,    those certified. Steinbeck said have helped him financially in dar Rapid, police chief, includ- ^ ^ .g jn order Qf scorjng Qn ^According to Warren Nixon pubUc * Safety ” ComrlSIioner -m •    T”    tCSt*    50 states have now complied,and ra,sed hopi*s that the rise in million in February to a season- , According 10 wdrreu, nix i uoiic bately uommissioncr mg, including written examina- .    ,    .    joblessness    that    began    with    the    ally-adjusted    4.6    mil    ion.    1 ,j with the national 55-mile-per-i A„„.     i______ ____ u„..„    I.    _ WASHINGTON (AP) — Un- tistics, total employment re- RgcJ Cf OSS All    VA/I+U    I employment dipped slightly mained essentially unchanged a    /    r ANN    comply WITn    from 5.2 percent to 5.1 percent    for the    second consecutive    r\ppGOlS tor I imll    I aw    of the work force in March’ thc    month at    85.9 million in March    A    • J    L,,nJe r    government said Friday. It was    while the    number of people not    lUnuS WASHINGTON (UPI)    — All    the first decline in five months    at work    edged down from 4.7 will not consider selling his San james Steinbeck    said he    be-    tion, with the top score listed    wltd national 55-mile-per-    ^rab od    cmbarg0 mav bave «. october Clemente estate because he has,,.^ ^ |gw    requires    (hc    firJt.    hour spced ,imit ,aw and have    ,opped ou| Stanley P. (iushard, 41, Lin-    posted new speed limit signs Thc judge, in evident allusion to emotions generated by    the Watergate scandals, told the jurors to decide the case “solely on the basis of the evidence    . . . An    appeal    for    funds    to    aid    vie-    *i,b?ut bias or symPathy "    k tuns    of tornadoes    which    hit    the    ..L“ your common sense    he Midwest and South has been sa,d- Vou are deeding nothing persons had about 580.OKO issued by the Red Cross. Paul but Ihis case. without any anger been reported Shawver. chairman of the Grant Ult..ont band:Lw.,*out any after* 'nnd3^ wHe'dL^But city council to make a decision Stanley P. Gushard. 41, Un- posted new speed limit signs The labor department consid- thrown out of work, mostly as a Wood chapter board of direc- >'1," ba!l!y ''!!,bC    ia,.„b Warren made no such claim in 30days, or by May 5.    roin. Meb now regional vice- where required, the department|cred the drop statistically insig- result of the direct or indirect tors, announced Friday.    g ‘    ,    d    ,h    ,    . . I "I boor to beata interviews as Pres,de"‘of Ihc Nebraska Inter- of transportation announced Fri- nihcant but government ana- effects of the energy crisis.    Thc    Red    Cross    disaster    fund    ,    .p . . J ;    “ ® I hop. to beg, , interviews as natlona, Assn for ldentification.    lysts    said    the    figures    did    sag-;    The    government    said that, ai- has been nearly depleted by “I TI L e “    8 soon as possible,” Steinbeck He has several degrees, includ- ddy'    .    .    .............. said. He said all nine men will ing a law degree.    Federal    Highway    Admimstra    xbe    unemployment    rate    has    continued    to    expand    at    a    ment    said.    Marie    Clancy,    chap TodOy'S Index he interviewed, providing all Wallace N. LaPeters, 40 (Continued: Page 4, Col. 7. gest stability in the job picture. though“white-collar employment recent disasters, the announce-    c^ncacdlum^'hap^n    re^ __________________ ____ has continued to expand at a ment said. Marie Clancy, chap-    ...    —    . tor Norbert Tiemann said his jumped from a three-and-a-half- strong pace rising by more than ter executive director, said ifs [)emocra{lc cruited in late 1971 to infiltrate campaign ranks Comics .............. 28 Crossword ......... 28 Daily Record ..... Deaths .............. ....... 3 Editorial Features .. 6 Farm ............... .......19 Financial .......... 29 Marion 18 Movies .............. ... 26,27 Society .............. 16.17 Sports ............... ...21-24 State . 8.9 Television ........... ....../15 Want Ads 32-35 are still interested in the city’s Miami, Fla., now self-employed department can now continue to year low of 4.6 percent in Oc- 800.000 over the October-March difficult to estimate the amount and trv to disrupt them top police post.    as a police consultant. He has a approve new highway projects tober to 5.2 percent in January period, the gross was largely of money needed, “but we know seeretti served iou Interviews Planned    *uw degree-    receiving federal aid in all the as the impact of the fuel short- offset by a decline in blue-collar we don't have enough.”    ,,    ‘jj    months    after John S. Megerson, 32, route “I plan to get everyone here one. Etters, Pa., now a police in age spread through the econ- jobs, mainly due to layoffs in states The Emergency Highway En- omy. It held steady in Febru- the auto industry. r and a-pleading TIK’ appeal has been endorsed ,tv of distributing phon" by Untied W ay of Linn county. !4ampalgn |lterature    ,hc as on a one-to-one basis. The two local officers certified by the civil service commission are Capt. Raymond college. He has an MA degree Larry L. Laschen, 40, now police chief at Vernon Hills, 111. Capt. Baker, who holds an associate degree. Ll. Dickerson, who has a BA degree. Robert J. ( The average work week of ^he local Red Cross has been Jan. 3, provided that no federal-    The administration    had fore-    production workers last month    contacted by 17 families seeking , aid highway projects could be    cast a sharp rise in    unemploy-    dropped six minutes to    36.8    information about relatives in approved in states not comply-    ment in the first half    of the year    hours. In manufacturing,    the    the stricken area, and the ing by March 4 with thc speed    but with joblessness    averaging    average fell 12 minutes to    40.3    chapter is attempting to help them. Persons wishing to donate to limit imposed because of the'about 5.5 percent over the full hours. energy crisis. The average weekly paycheck 46, of 5251 Barbet avenue NW (Continued: Page 4, Col. 4.) year. Some private economists With the signing of emergency    had predicted the rate would top    was listed as    $148.23 in March,    the tornado disaster    fund may irav 47 i captain ^egts*at‘on *n Arizona this week,    6 percent.    an increase of    77 cents from    send contributions to    the Grant ’    Tinmonn cola ^iii kiatpa havn According to Friday’s report    February    and $8 01 since    Wood chapter of the    American from the Bureau of Labor Sta-|    March, 1973 Tiemann said, all states have complied Red Cross, 327 Granby building. (Continued: Page 3, Col. 6. I offcii/*.v Chuckle Positive proof that thc honeymoon is over is when all the baby talk around thc house is done by the baby. —CopyriBht ;

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