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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 3, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 'Protect Children' Effort To Study TV Programming Jack's Pure Dalmatian —Gazette Photo bv Duane Crock Diamond Jack is a real gem of a dog. The six-month-old pure Dalmatian male is housebroken and good with children. Diamond Jack's previous owners were forced to give him up when they moved. He has had all his shots and can be adopted for $10 from the Humane Society, ML Vernon road SE, open from IO a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. By Kevin Kane Plans for a “Protect the Chi dren” publicity campaign an local investigation into the effect of television programming on children were announcec Tuesday night by Citizens Con cerned for Decency. The local organization, an ou ; growth of Church Women Unit ed, held a public progress re port session Tuesday night at the YWCA. Ruth Redman, immediate past president of Churc Women United and spokesman for the citizens’ group, said the publicity and television efforts will be coordinated by two com mittees. Betty Kennedy, 3026 Fran brook terrace NW, was namec to head the publicity committee and Phyllis Holden, rura Swisher, and Sally Sattler, 3201 Franbrook terrace NW, were named co-chairmen for the tele vision committee. Considered Suggestions The majority of the evening discussion centered around sug gestions for analyzing the televi s i o n question, encompassing possible effects of violence as well as so-called “adult” pro grams being slotted into chil dren’s viewing hours. The group, emphasizing it wants to examine what televi sion programming might be In the Legislature “good as well as bad” for children, also discussed possible investigation into the effects of horror and “occult” films such as “The Exorcist”. Mrs. Redman told the IO to 15 women at the report session they must keep abreast of the times in these areas, because “what happens in our society gets passed around to our children pretty fast.” Parental Interest The “Protect the Children” publicity campaign will tie into developing parental interest in i the television programming effort as well as the group’s earlier efforts to keep sexually-explicit materials from being jdisplayed in public places frequented by minors. The latter cause, for which the women lobbied earlier this year in Des Moines, has been incorporated to some degree in Iowa obscenity law revisions which passed the house last week and are now being considered in the senate. I Persons or organizations interested in working with the Citizens Concerned for Decency are invited to contact Mrs. Redman (362-2442), Mrs. Kennedy (366-0685), Mrs. Holden <857-13800) or Mrs. Sattler (362-3598). The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Wed., April 3, 1974    5^ Clairol Recalls Two Hair Sprays WASHINGTON (AP)—Clairol, Inc., announced Wednesday that it is recalling from the nation’s store shelves about 100,000 cans of aerosol hair spray, some containing a chemical recently linked to a rare form of liver cancer. The cosmetics firm said the request for a voluntary recall came from the Food and Drug Administration following reports that at least IO industrial workers exposed to the chemical, vinyl chloride, had developed angiosarcoma. The two brands being recalled are Summer Blonde Aerosol I Hair Spray and Miss Clairol Aersol Hair Spray. The firm said vinyl chloride was used in the propellant of those two brands for about four years but was discontinued last summer. A Clairol spokesman said it was considered “extremely remote” that anyone using one of the sprays under normal conditions would be harmed. Pagan Priest NORFOLK, England (UPI) -The new priest at Kettlestone parish church is the Rev. Keith Pagan. Urban Sprawl Curb Is Voted whiil is a KILLIAN BONUS? A WEEKLY SERIES OF SENSA-. TIONAL VALUES PLANNED IN cooperation with only the • EST OF MANUFACTURERS. EACH BONUS ITEM MEETS OUR RIGID STANDARDS OF QUALITY AND WILL IE SOLD AT LOW' BONUS PRICES ONLY WHILE SPECIAL QUANTITIES LAST. 3 smartly styled ‘ Atleigh" coats at a savings! Perma-press All-weather Pant Coats 17.90 REGULARLY 23.99 A frue value! These coats feature reinforced buttons, print lining and extra buttons. Machine washable polyester and cotton oxford cloth. Double breasted, single breasted or fly front zipper styling. Sizes IO to 18. Cedar Rapids: Aisle tar, Downtown Street Floor and Lindale Budget Shop Iowa City: Mall Shopping Center on Six at Sycamore I Downstairs Budget Store    I/*11* Kl I ions By William L. Eberline DES MOINES (AP) - A land use policy bill previously defeated, has been resurrected and passed 67-26 by the Iowa house. Before passing the measure Tuesday, the house added amendments designed to make it more palatable to urban representatives. “Urban Sprawl” Rep. Dale Cochran (D-Eagle Grove), floor manager of the bill which now goes to the senate, said the bill would set up a and county land use policy commissions to woo the votes of urban legislators. One of them, offered by Cochran and five others, would require that of the five new members of the state commission, one must be from a city with a population over 25,000. one from a city between 10,000 and 25,000. and one from a city of under IO,0(H). The other two would be named to “represent a broad cross-section of the public.” The bill provides that the framework to enable the state to j county board of supervisors control “urban sprawl,” take names one third of the county care of industrial needs and commission, soil district com-preserve class A farm land for missioners one third, and production of food and fiber. mayors and councilmen of the “We are the breadbasket of(^*es an^ towns in the county the world,” Cochran said, “and ^ rema*ning one-third. we know our land has been used T house added an amend- The measure would provide funds to find a way to take sulphur out of Iowa coal and to demonstrate that the coal can SF1295, To permit street name changes to be noted on a sheet attached to a plat instead of on the plat. 40-0. To house .    SF1117, To rewrite laws on be taken    out    of    strip    mines and    organization and powers of then    the    land    restored    to    its    credit unions. 41-1. To house. SF1340, To direct the issuance of a patent on real es tate in Ottumwa. 42-0. To j house. HF1473, To legalize water- original value ♦ Securities works contracts awarded by the town of Libertyville. 43-0. To house for action on amendment. Introduced in Senate A measure designed to plug some loopholes in Iowa’s 45-year-old securities law was passed 47-0 by the senate Tues- day-    SF1356,    To legalize proce- A. motion to hold the bill in the dures    of    the    Iowa    Great    Lakes senate, and not return it imme- sanitarJ.    ,dIstrMJ?    ®nnexatlon .. .....    .    1    proceedings. Judiciary. diately to the house was filed. SF1357, To create a county The bill earlier passed the house;compensation commission 94-0. but has to be returned! County government because of scnate-adopted| of ^’township dump or public amendments.    1 disposal ground to a solid waste The senate added an amend- disposal ground. County gov-ment to the measure to allow ernmenb . .    ,    SF1359,    To    increase    the    ap unwisely. We know too .ha, we    to    it    to    say    (ha,    in    a    0°f 3° ST^ritle; have to do a better job of land county where one city has 50 use planning if we are to feed percent or more of the urban the world in the future.”    population, it is entitled to at The measure, however, viewed askance by some members. Rep. Charles Strothman (It* New London! said the hill “takes away land that is coveted by anomer. In other words, ll breaks the Ten Commandments which say ‘Thou shalt not steal'.” least half the was——-*  .....-    persons to serve on the commission. selecte yji ii uuu iii juuuiiuw.sa-Uniy lUHlIlU! (transactions to make restitution.' Appropriations. Sen. Ralph McCartney (R-    SF1360,    To    extend School Aid the ap- \    *    ij .a    *    ipropriation of the Iowa Amen Charles City), (old the senate can Revolution Bicentennial A conference committee compromise on a bill designed to the bill was “developed in an ef- Commission. Appropriations, fort to remedy some obvious, a1-    Passed    by    House most fraudulent practices imposed on our public in the farmer’s spouse or relatives liv-State.”    ing in his household are not He said one of the big prob- employes ^covered by I e rn s has been out-of-state lfF1046, To clarify that a work-85-1. To Rep. Arlyn Danker (R-Min-den) complained that the bill “tries to go too far too fast. The people at home have been much concerned about land use. They approved it 86-1. want us to go slow in adopting a Under the compromise policy.” “Proposes” Policy mens compensation pump about $20 million into th. !e '"s '“J. “*Y" uul-u™“lc|«cnat«. 451 Iowa school districts to pro brokers sellinR Iowans optlons "FII21- To amend the state vide a pay boost for teachers'*0 buV commodities futures.I school lo. has received final legislative ap- re ,    d<’es    n    ,rei    crease    for    ail    teachers and help proval.    quire    such    persons    to    register    schools    with    declining enrolL- -p,    *    a    .    .    with    the    state.    ments.    85-0.    To    senate. The senate approved the mea-    HF1422,    To    provide for a sure Tuesday 42-1 and sent it to Other Bills    state    land    use    P°licy- 67_26- To the governor after the house Bills in the Iowa legislature Tuesday. ,school district would lose state H    by    8en^*    t    t I -j t I . ca    a    »    ja    .    HF    1121,    To    amend    the    state aid for only 50 percent of its en- sch00i foundation program. 42- .    ......    4    rollment    loss    in    the    budget.year I. To governor. But hep. .James Middleswarf (^ginning next July I.    SF12S0,    To    allow    assessors    to i nri i anni a \ Kmniiucmri fVrA    send out notices by regular It would    lose    State    aid    ft)r    half    mail instead of certified mail. of the enrollment decrease up to 42-0. To house. 5 percent in the fiscaH year HF1432, To amend the Iowa It only sets up a commission    Tlliv    ,    107*;    7*    nor    securities    law.    47-0.    To    house nrprnti aaa » Ha .owl “The *infg    '    19?J’    “    ^    P**"    for    action    on    amendments. cent oi    any    decrease    ovejr    5    per-;    hf59, To permit the highway cent.    commission to condemn land (D-Indianola) emphasized the legislation does not establish a land use policy. to propose one, commission will he said, make its rec ommendations to the legislature    sprite    had    I    *or    Ganges in roads, streams    or and    ine. nouse dna ,en,1Ie    nda dry runs. 43-1. To governor. one or two years from now , the Dolicv will    be set    richt    here    Par*ed    company on the question    SF1009, To repeal the re- inthia body ”    of how    to handIe schooL districts    quirement of corroboration of J'    with declining enrollments.    the testimony of a rape victim. The bill would expand the    “    43-1. To house. present soil conservation de-    /    !,    To    sf.t    *ine,s    fc?r,,VP" „ ,  a . « I .j.    I    ! lawful destruction of wildlife. p< rtment nt    a    dcpartmtn    o    Cool    Mine    33-8. To house for action on soil conservation and land use. .    .    t......amendments. Five members appointed by    the!,. ^ *peasure to spendl    a mil-    HF713,    To permit sale of governor would    be added to    thelllon for a state owned    expert-    deer hides and other game present eight    appointive "1en,al coal mining project has    skim. 40-1    ToD*»veraor members of the soil conserva- been “PProvcd b>' the senate ap- x p e n s-e , t0 ^legislative tion commission, and it would Pr°pnations comm it bee.    members    of the ethics commit- become the state land use policy rhe committee approved the tees. 43-0. To house.    . measure, one of Gov.    Robert    HI*414,    lo permit flashing blue lights on fire trucks. 40-0. commission. 'Hie state commission would adopt broad guidelines for a land use policy. There would be created a county land ase policy commission in each county which would oversee the adoption of a proposed land use policy in each county, city and all other governmental subdivisions. The bill was voted down 39-40 on March 21 after an 11-hour debate which ran into the night and competed with the boys’ state basketball tournament then underway. Ray’s proposals to combat the energy shortage, 23-3 Tuesday. To house for action on amendment. senate. 1IF1425, To increase the state highway commission appropriation for the current fiscal year from $65,212,177 to $67,670,177 and for the 1974-75 fiscal year from $66,609,506 to $70,054,506. direct the commission to build bike and hiking paths, and overturning a commission rule on establishing informational signs on interstate highways. 86-7. To senate. IIF 1326, To prohibit lawsuits for damages against the employer by an employe injured on the job if he is covered by workmen’s compensation and permit lawsuits against a fellow employe only if his willful or reckless act causes the injury. 68-24. To senate. Introduced in House 1IF1476, To require public school districts to provide auxiliary services including transportation to nonpublic school children and appropriate $2.2 million to pay the cost. Appropriations. IIF1477, To change the method of distributing state funds to the counties in partial reimbursement for the cost of care for county residents in state mental health institutes. Lipsky and three others. Many Absent In calling it up again. Cochran noted that 21 house members were absent when that vote was taken. He said the legislation was too important to Iowa to let die. 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