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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 3, 1965, Cedar Rapids, IowaWeather Low. It Fefe has. ,. City final 10 cents volume 83-number 85 Cedar rapids Iowa saturday april 3, 1965 associated press United press International planes strike near Hanoi raps Greer tactics in milk probe Boycott plan is denounced by alabamians Mon t g 0 m e r a Ala. A Many of Alabama l e a d i n g businessmen and legislators believe or. Mar tin Luther King s economic mrs. Felland angry at Boycott of this state Wil counsel s Reading of her letter photo on picture Page Des Moines an official of the state agriculture department who re signed in protest Over the firing of a milk sanitarian angrily called the counsel for a legislative committee in v e s t i g at i n g the cheap Friday. Affair it is More than obvious that you Are trying in every Way you know How to make us look bad mrs. Huda Fel land told counsel John Greer i think you Are reads letter mrs. Felland s outburst came after Greer Spencer lawyer began Reading a let ter she said she wrote to her superiors in the agriculture department last sept. 29. She did not mail the Only Hurt Racia if the Boycott should be successful it can serve no other purpose than to Wor sen race relations in the state said Crawford John son Iii a soft drink executive and president of the Birmingham Cha m b e r of Commerce. Fortunately i Don t think that or. King will be successful he said. Three phase Boycott King a n n o u n c e d the three stage Boycott Friday in Baltimore. The first stage of the Boycott which he said would Start immediately is to ask any Industry or National business concern considering building plants in Alabama to o immediately suspend their plans for such the second stage would Deal with private investment said she letter. In the letter mrs. Felland told Everett Saylor a department official that since he said he had been Assignee funds in Alabama and fed eral deposits in Alabama Banks King said while the third stage hearing next week for up Road 4-Lane u. S. Jets encounter red Mig Sames a proposal to four Lane a one half Mil Section of Highway 150 an to construct a new viaduct Over the Milwaukee Railroad Racks in Cedar rapids will e presented at a Public hear no in the court room of the Cedar rapids City Hall next thursday. The hearing will begin at 7 30 the Highway com by Malcolm w. Browne Mission today urged that car no. A n y o n e interested in the Saigon. Vietnam a . Air raids struck closer Hanoi than Ever before twin raids cripple a major artery in North Vietnam project should attend the hearing and make his views known to the engineers and saturday. . Navy planes wrecked a Bridge 65 Miles of the North capital and commissioners. A wire photo Taylor briefs senators ambassador Maxwell Taylor Center briefed committees headed by senators j. W. Fulbright Darla left and John Stennis a miss Friday in Washington about fighting in Vietnam. Taylor was to return saturday night to Saigon. Taylor has announced that several thousand . Troops will be added to the american Force in Vietnam. The Public hearing is an important first step in the acceptance or rejection of a Highway improvement project the commission said. By then agriculture Secre tary l. A l i d d y to keep track of her whereabouts he should t e l l Liddy she was leaving for Cedar r a p i d s Bright and Early and that he should Call her by 6 . Mrs. Felland who was head of the department milk and food Laboratory Here often visited Cedar rapids and other cities where there Are state lab oratories. The letter continued if any male connected with this department shows up in Cedar r a p i d s that night i hereby solemnly declare that i shall have him arrested by calling the local police department or the state High Way patrol. The charges will be either d i s t u r b i n g the peace or m o l e s t i n g me whichever might apply. Mrs. Felland told Greer the letter never was mailed and for you to bring it up Here is Riley objects her attorney sen. Tom would specific ally single out items produced in the state which King feels the nation should Boycott. Angry reaction the. Boycott brought angry responses f r o m Alabama state legislators. The White folks of they so desire can Boycott too said rep. John Lewis Gates of Shelby county accusing air strike halt asked by Pearson King of being Power mad now i can t see How with that Type of rash thinking the . Accuses Russia of harassing ships negro people of Alabama can believe that King is helping their cause said sen. Jimmy Mcdow of Shel by county. King said the b o y c o t t would go on until these conditions Are met an end to the poll tax in All elections. Voter registrations at Thurmont president Johnson and can Ada s prime minister les ter b. Pearson discussed in formally saturday Pearson s new Call for a pause in air strikes against North Viet Nam As a possible first step toward peace. Johnson and Pearson met at the presidential Retreat at Camp David in the nearby Cato tin mountains. Plans for the second John son Pearson meeting in less than three months were announced by the White House Washington a the United states barged rus Sia saturday with four new instances of harassing Amer ican warships on the High seas. In. A protest note Washington told Moscow it Wil Bear full responsibility for the serious consequences i a c o l l i s i o n comes from russian Craft shredded the times convenient to working shortly before Pearson said Riley a Cedar i rapids objected to the letter although such objections Are against the investigating committee s rules. Expel me if you like Riley declared. I be about had c o m m i t t e e chairman sen. Franklin main a la Moni pointed a Finger at people such As at night and on weekends. Appointment of negroes to policy making positions on state boards and in state agencies. An end to alleged police brutality and the Assurance of equal police Protection to All citizens. Denunciation by officials and civic leaders of violence and of the use of racist ideas in political statements. King tells this is no attempt to destroy the Economy of the state of Alabama King Friday night in Philadelphia that a pause in air strikes might prompt the communist regime in Hanoi to adopt More flexible policies. There was no immediate White House reaction to the suggestion. Pearson a Veteran Diplo mat made his suggestion in accepting the second annual peace award at Temple University. Further dangerous actions of soviet ships interfering with u. S. Navy operations. The . Note delivered to the soviet embassy Fri Day and made Public by the state department saturday is the latest in a series of angry cold War exchanges o v e r alleged nautical harassment. The russians have been 2. On feb. 16 the soviet ship Zond six t Imes crossed close ahead of the . Navy submarine la Fayette about 35 Miles off Cadiz Spain. This caused serious risk of collision the note charged. Vietnam forces to be boosted Washington a ambassador Maxwell d. Taylor is going Lack to Saigon with plans to add several thou Sand americans to the u. S. Force in South Vietnam. He also intends to see an other 160,000 South Vietnam Ese added to the fight against South vietnamese l chased away three red Mig jets that for the first time offered a Challenge. While 60 planes from the carriers Coral sea and Han staff engineers from the cock were working Over the Ames Headquarters and the Bridge 50 . Air Force f District office in Cedar rap Hoos and f-105s were dam ids will attend and conduct aging another Span 15 Miles the hearing so that area to the South residents May attend the twin strik pc h purpose of the hearing the c0nflict Ever Doser g to the commission said is to Hanoi s Doorstep. The Clos seek out local opinion about est approach previously was the project from individuals an air raid j. As Well As from organized pm cd 10q al g r o u p s. A recorded Tran Hanoi script of the hearing is then returned to Ames and made fired a few shot a part of the project file never before had com which is carefully Analysed Niu nist fighter planes Chal before the project is a legged . Air might and 3. Ship on feb. "arban1 24 the soviet mane Vered proved or rejected. Early plans developed to Date and to be reviewed at the hearing include build ing a four Lane or 49-foot wide pavement beginning near the Junction of Highway 150 and Center Point Road be. The widening project would extend North to Blairs ferry Road be and include construction of a new via duct Over the Milwaukee tracks. North of the Railroad the the communist Viet Cong Grade will be raised slightly to interfere with fueling operations Between Carrier Hornet 1 the . And the this year raising the coun try s total to about 700,000. Taylor completed a week . Tanker Ashtabula off the California coast. 4. On March 2, the soviet continued Page 2, col. 5. Riley and said if you make one More such out burst i will throw you mrs. Felland resigned to protest what she called the political firing of Republican milk sanitarian Rich Ard Dennler. The probe concentrated on Dennler during the first two Days. M r s. Felland defended Dennler As an excellent sanitarian and said his re placement Democrat Rich Ard Coad had no Back ground and never worked in a Dairy. A confidential report by the state Bureau of criminal investigation showed that agriculture Secretary Kenneth Owen fired Dennler on the strength of conversation with said. Rather it is an attempt to breathe life and health i to that Economy by making it possible for the men of conscience and social responsibility to assert them selves and Lead their state out of the clutches of racism ignorance and asked what he would do if president Johnson should ask him to Call off the boy Cott King replied i m afraid i would have to say no to workers seize offices Jakarta Indonesia a the american owned National Cash Register co. Offices in Indonesia hav been taken Over by workers Affili accusing americans of Buzz ing their ships. The United states complained in a note feb. 24 that soviet Craft had interfered with . Car Rier operations in september and january. Saturday s u. S. Protest charged that 1. On Jan. 7 the soviet ship vertical with a Lookout on her Bow using binoculars steamed to within 75 feet of the rear of the u. S. Ship Dut ton. " the american naval vessel was in the East Ern Atlantic towing a magnetometer Cable. Despite the ated to the nationalist party labor federation it was re sorted saturday scientist disputes evolution theory $140,000 painting stolen in Moscow Moscow a paint ing by a dutch master Esti mated to be Worth $140, has been stolen from mos four persons including Coad. Low s Pushkin museum al sources said saturday. Reporters checking at the i museum saw Only a Gap o the Wall where the Paintin had been hanging. The 300-year-old painting st. Luke by Frans Hals 158m666, was on loan from the Odessa museum of Wes Hern and Eastern Art today s chuckle a psychiatrist says that talking will cure a lot of our troubles. No one believes it talking was what started most of them in the first place Dutton s warning flags Anc signals showing it had a to astern the note said the of policy president conferences with Johnson arid top officials Here Friday. He leaves Washington saturday pm hearing clears Illinois Assembly Chicago a the Illinois crime investigating commission has cleared the Illinois general Assembly of corruption charges levelled by two legislators. The result of a two month learing at which 133 witnesses testified was revealed Friday. The investing a t i o n was spurred by state rep. An night to return to his Bassy heavily damaged by a terrorist bombing tuesday. The conferences report edly confirmed present major strategy including continued air s t r i k e s against communist North Vietnam and extensive use of air As Well As ground forces against Viet Cong concentrations in the South. The is to convince North Vietnam it cannot win in the South and that it can to eliminate the present dip in the pavement. Cost of the project including right of Way Pur Chase and erosion control is estimated at $376,200. Construction is planned in the commission s five year program for 1966. A map of the project is on display in the City clerk s office at the City Hall in Cedar rapids and a duplicate will be carried in sunday s Gazette. The official pubic notice of the hearing erroneously reported that the the Thony Scariano a Park for est and state sen Paul Simon a Troy. Simon Crea ted a juror when he co authored an article on alleged bribery and conflict of in Terest in the legislature which appeared in a National mag Azine last fall. This was Only a feeble Chal Lenge. The Navy said the migs made a pass at one . Navy plane probably fired a few shots but made off into the Haze before american fighters could get into firing position with their deadly sidewinder missiles. Both Bridges were on route 1, the Highway leading South Ward from red China s fron tier through North Vietnam along the coast and on into South Vietnam to Saigon. This is a major Supply artery for North Vietnam and when the Day s work was done route 1 was severed. During the morning 30 u. S. Fleet Carrier planes at tacked the 500-foot Railroad and Highway Bridge Over the Nam a r i v e r at Dong Phuong. Pilots r e p o r t e d moderate damage but complained they could not see Well in the Haze. It was during this opera Tion that the migs appeared. There was speculation that map was displayed at City Hall in Hiawatha. Information a b o u t t he project is also available through the commission s District office in Cedar rap ids located at 430 sixteenth Avenue so. Get peace Only by halting in filtration of troops and arms. Taylor told a news con Ference after a meeting of the National Security coun cil Friday that he thinks the chances of red chinese intervention in the vietnamese War Are very slight. Y Robert Goldenstein p science writer Chicago a one of the world s most renowned anthropologists has uncovered evidence that three entirely different Spe cies of prehistoric Man lived at the same time and in the same place about a million years ago. This startling scientific claim was made by or. Louis s. B. Leakey director of the Coryden me Morial museum Nairobi Kenya. Leakey was the Lead off speaker at a three Day con Ference on the origin of Man at the University of Chicago s Center for continuing education. The British anthropologist w h o s e excavations from tit olduvai Gorge in East Africa have attracted worldwide attention announced he had found a Skull of a third manlike creature called a pith can thro Pine. In earlier excavations at the same site he found Fossil remains belonging to two other manlike groups called Zinc Anthropius and Homo Kabilis. Leakey told some 300 scientists attending t h e conference Friday night that All three species lived at the same site at the same time. He said his claim Means that nature experimented w i t h various primitive manlike creatures before deciding on a satisfactory Stock that led to present Day Man. It also contradicts old textbook state ments that evolution took place i single jumps with in a single species. Leakey showed slide Pic Tures of the Skull that was reconstructed from More than 100 fragments. The Skull was crushed by cattle that trampled the area in search of water. Although olduvai s new fragmented Skull is older and smaller it has similarities to the far East s heavy bowed Java Man and peking Man of about 400,000 to 600,000 y e a r s ago. These Are regarded As extinct cousins of Man. L e a k e y also reported that thousands of primitive tools had been found at the site and that anthropologists have been trying to determine whether t h e y were made by Homo Habil s or Zinc Anthropius. Asserting that his new also May have made tools he said we have been living in a fool s Paradise. We be been assuming that if tools were found along with manlike creatures t h e n these creatures made the tools. But now it appears that any one of three Crea Tures might have made the Leakey s excavation site goes Back 2 million years. The oldest Fossil of the Zinc Anthropius dates Back 1.75 m i l l i o n years but o t h e r specimens of this species Are Only 1 million years old. The Homo a bilis dates Back from 1 to 2 million years ago. Rain still in Iowa forecast the possibility of rain still Hung Over Iowa saturday. Rain started falling in Cedar rapids about 1 30 p. M. And continued to fall lightly. Heaviest rain was expected in Central and Southeast sections of the state but showers were also Likely in they happened to be in the air and had not been scram bled to meet the attack. Model not identified capt. George h. Whistler the Navy spokesman did not say what Type of migs they were. North Vietnam is believed to have some old Mig-15s and Mig-17s and there have been r e p o r t s chinese communists h a v e flown some migs to Hanoi. I Don t know if they the migs fired Whistler said Northern Iowa which still has a Blanket of Snow from March storms. Rain would definitely complicate Runoff problems in areas where creeks Are al ready swollen by melting ice they p r o b a b 1 y did and saturday afternoon 30 al sky raiders and a-4 Jet attack planes returned to the attack on the Bridge dropping 60 on of 500 and 1,000 Pound bombs. This time one Span fell into the River and another was badly d a g e the spokesman said. One Navy Jet was hit by anti aircraft fire during the afternoon raid but landed and Snow. Water from the Iowa River reportedly surround d e d 23 Homes at Tama and Cov ered the Tama Airport. The s t a t e Highway com Mission s a id Highway 14 North of Marshalltown and Highway 31 South of Correctionville were closed because of High water. Water was also Over sever al other highways but they were open. At Cedar rapids the Cedar River stood at 7 feet up .6 since Friday. Flood stage is continued Page 2, col. 6. Continued Page 2, col. 3. Today s Index comics 7 courthouse. 2 crossword. 7 daily record 2 deaths editorial features financial Marion movies sports state television 2 6 8 8 5 4,5 8 4 want ads 9-11

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