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Canberra Times (Newspaper) - September 21, 1957, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory National Library of Australia . Claims to have equal to russian rocket Ash ii Toiv Friday Jer Trio United states Secretary for pc Etc or. Charles Wilson said last night that the . Months ago could be made the same claim that the rus sians did last August that they had bunched an inter Continental ballistic to missile. Jwilliam Holaday it. Foiw is special assist i for guided missiles told forum that the Al hid want a test ballistic Jug Jas thousands of jstt1 across the skies. 1b, Wilson said the Kisslan claim of August Ujj m probably True but 3 did not say tie soviet statement lid in part that its mis Al Teu it a very High apr accented a 11 i tude. Fire ring a huge distance i i Brief time the missile listed in the target area. Us results obtained show wit is possible to direct is sales into any part of & i or. Wilson said the rus Sian simply had made a general statement that they had developed a mis Sile. That it had performed in the Way it was supposed to and that the results of the tests indicated that such missiles could be directed toward any part of the world the United states could a to said the same thing months ago or. Wilson said. He also said he did not believe the russians had such an inter Continental missile in operational use. It they would have some Day and so would the the original version of or. Holaday s speech said we have sent ballistic missiles thousands of the defence department later corrected this to. Say that Only the one missile had achieved thousands of Miles. An official also explained that Holaday was referring to the launching of the modified Jupiter missile last november. The . Has made Only one attempt which proved unsuccessful to fire an alias inter Continental bal Listic missile which has n designed Range of 5.000 Miles. It has successfully fired lesser but still Long Range. Ballistic a missiles at least three times. The first and longest Range was the army s modified Jupiter which in november travelled at nearly 15.000 m.p.h., reached an Altitude of More than 600 Miles and went about 3,600 Miles. Junior Farmer chosen for visit to Perth Jur Garet Wheatley 19 Jar old member of the Caberra Junior Farmers club has been chosen to present . W. At a Camp Fie Junior Farmers clubs of Western Australia will a at the Perth Royal Siw from september 28 id october 3. Kiss Wheatley will leave Sydney by air on septem k 27 for Perth. The trip is being Spon red by the Shell Oil co., Tulch will pay her first Friiss air fares from Syd try to Perth and return. I Jet Wheatley was chos it because of the High toward of her general work 83 a Junior Farmer. A tvs in Brief Pilot Dies at controls new York Friday . A. North West airlines dc-6 with 62 passengers on Board was is minutes out of Madison Wisconsin yesterday when Ali Pilot Captain Alfred Lohmar 51, died of a heart attack. However the Airliner was on automatic control at tie time and the co Pilot Captain Arthur Steadman a took Over Aad landed the plane safely at Madison yemeni pull out of disputed area Aden Friday . Yemeni forces live withdrawn from a much disputed area the Jebel Dha hat Shukair Triangle in the Cihan Region i the West Aden protectorate. An official statement indicates that meat if not 111 the disputed territory occupied by the yemeni for tone months is now in the hands of British protectorate forces world politicians agree l f London Friday a . The 46th i later parliamentary Union conference ended yester a toy on a note of Concord which the Queen called for1 Wen she opened the conference a week ago. I the chairman of the British group sir Malcolm Goddart Scott said there had never been so Little Dos Jpe ement delegates from both the United states and ui8oviet Union supported the nomination of Britain s Fri stans Gate As honorary president. 120m. Ransom for britons London Friday . Egypt has known unofficially its minimum Ransom for a release of gabled britons James Swinburn and junes Zarb and for the re establishment of diplomatic Iwa Tlona with Britain. The daily express reporting this said the. Price �20 million of egyptian balances Frozen Iri Lon Don since Egypt seized the Suez canal in july 1956. Fanes asked to pay late a u Ndon Friday a.. Britain is to l n of a War damage bill1,082 years late. People j Denmark will be asked to help a �100,000 restoration Ghorghe fifth Century Hexham Abbey Northum. Was sacked by the a in 875 and the Appeal colonel Hugh Swinburne Jock Early told the express we will Tell the Danes they burned own once and should help to keep it in us Dies of broken hear pm York Friday . Cecil the Bronx jjj8 Duckbill platypus died on wednesday just 49 jew after his mate Penelope deserted him in the a a Pusey that had been their Home for 11 years. V a zoo official said the australian prime minister Ujj menties would be asked for three More. A Post Orem performed by the zoos veterinarian revealed 2� Peric Throssell a the male Lead was not so successful. He said his lines clearly and intelligently at first one thought Well but soon one became conscious of the colourless Quality of his voice and its repetitive tricks. Even his effective stance and Carriage of the head came to appear More and More posed. The few moments of passion he is sup posed to live through were not convincing the failings of course Are or Throssell a but the fact that we became conscious of them is largely the fault of the producer Terence Juliff. The mail Overall flaw last night was a Lack of Pace the com Edy should move quickly slowing Down Only for the Romance and the genuine sadness. Or. Thrussell As the fast talking Lively Thomas me dip is the Man the producer should have used to set the Pace me dip it is who interrupts goads dominate almost until the end. Last night he did go far too slowly. If during the season Delove for a period of five years \ Canberra House which has been Idle departure of. Sir John Butters from Canberra i is to be occupied by or. E. T. Crutchley who has been appointed United kingdom representative in ,. V the entry of a Bung Endore bakery into Queanbeyan has precipitated a bread War and the Cash Price has been reduced to 8�d. A the department of the Interior has sold f 250,000 bricks from the Canberra brickwork for 1 the building of the new Queanbeyan Hospital at �4/5/ per thousand. The output of the brickwork is 22,000 a week or. Of. G. Thorpe who has been Secretary of the Public service. Board has been appointed assistant these items Are recalled to Public interest with the compliments monday september 23,. 1947. Former members of the band at the first Vracr Tice have been invited to the social on monday night. I six Bondsmen who at tended the first practice Are still playing with the band although there Hail been a Large turnover of personnel during the 10 years. In that time two prac ? times each n week have be ii held and the band has played in Public on Mora than 300 occasions. ? in the same week As the first practice the band master started the first learners class and in 1943 the first training in wind instruments was Given to Canberra schools. These classes have been held each year since except in the years 1951 to v 1953, and from them have come most of the present players. Thirty four of the. Present 45 band members had their initial training in either the adult or school classes. King Haakon failing Oslo Friday. . Reuter. Close members of the norwegian Royal family spent the night at the Palace after a medical bulletin announced that. The1 condition of ring Haakon had worsened. Ithe 85-year-old Moni Iryll. Has been. Confined to his bed for the past fortnight

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