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Canberra Times (Newspaper) - June 23, 1930, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory W a cow re 9f Toi full s a i 7mffi�� in we fir i i 1,1 a tourer i Lff to a of Ozone of the i Lowb to priced Carr it in Wori now at its i reduced Price the full size Plymouth offers of definitely More for your Money than any other Low priced car. More com fort the biggest Chassis and the biggest Roo Miest bodies. More performance 45 horsepower High compression engine. More safety the Only cat at or near its Price with weatherproof four wheel Hydraulic Blakes. More style in its Low swung smartness. More Satis faction in its Chrysler standardized Quality. See it drive it. motors product Larke Neave 8c Carter Ltd 177-185 William Street Sydney local dealer Canberra garage limited Ainslie cancer a. a a of is gaga it Orrin b for sors i of Cirth no Eer efts to loth men and women when poisons driven Cut this harmless Way run Karl Able Relief in Lien a Tirc cases of it zits tired worn feeling backache Joi it and limb pains bladder weakness Rau by Linn nation Colon disorder by Irre i Sigl i Ticac clips tie. Your blood decides your health and strength end will probably decide Bow Long you i Ive Lioyd fccd3 oui brain nerves Muscles even your Leith hair a id nails blood up a Willi Urie Reid poisons meant Toruna of Bud Che Heid pains body Paras rights and Sich Ness in Tho end it May me n Reven it deny or bladder Disenso even heart trouble these Are facts find Tho remedy read of act and so o a sind your v in he Atli the one real remedy i a Miro paint Witch ii now has Bright eyes comp Xion Lohf Day Hes Ilii. Riemed is ii in it ii h i ills mide Tio Iii a famous Pielou Pitton Belling Dili m Ison b rain turn Nie i genuine package ii ii Isoa a x ills me iot.1 ii cd the o in of Eck a. Peel Iii de Urie acid i Nitoiu Leli Niti i Gina indeed no1 to Discolo the Mino my no1 to harm Tho he it of i i will be paid to any a Luu on proving tha is not n Safe and effective remedy bearing genuine Loi Don doctors sism Ture Lime is Noll no to Eipl 1 masons Hills for Tho a Nery spells tint mile life a bin a Len to Nian Wen on and for the up cml is tint Mike men old is ii i is 20 ii Biffie thir time oin u or says since Tal y Yonn Nti " not Lur i ii Oulu 7�ni o ii / 77rtn Sou s Nils Long no but had Bren Fri Fiji Iii rvs Ini t Mann Otho my to try tin c Werk a.,o and 1 "�w.1 Vav the " air Vond Wiful i am non ainu a tej a lhtl1 Bohu Lili pm i ii s no Benefit no costs on i s v nothing by to \ Mali in Bon s 1 ils Marl d Beleiu i a cling Elv Guann Guetl Vith Tho Tuy Hist bottle if to i fill to rtt Mich Benefit the Pru pud will be refund 1 a Tho am i gun Ite 1 i ibo to pics so dam if Jon w my to get Betti to to lid x f Irein iches Nul pills if of want to tet Luck the elastic clip of Jon i Bill it i ifs my fic Edom i oin hold iches Luck pills d7 by elis if \01l a is i to get lid of Ihei Ini Iti sni constipation Hool kids vol Tiddei and m Niv Dis Sidtis get n Picl nge of Lair non rills Ioni any in a ii i4f of s Ort cry it i pm Wippl of i it cd sires is i is 2/ j2 pills 3/ of pills " / Don t Fielen Ivas Loi u and Eil Comtoi Wibly As you to Isis a can no Nattei if oth i the i a Hae Dis a Point d Oura i Lions pills it Iii pit Lou Liht Quelly Harrison s pills remove Tho Causo or .1 id Jan 23.a Jar or nor or in Nara when you need a Fountain pen you Louici Call and inspect the wonderful Rancie of Fountain pens stocked by i he Federal Cadiz no Preis a Here May be seen o varied be action of the Best pens Pio curable the prices Range from jul upwards and Are exactly the to me to m Mel Souire of Budnej. You cannot Duy c1 in apr anywhere Call and in spec t them the Federal capital press of Australia Ltd., Braddon act. Oc1ulil.il1 Al u Ili i juju 1 u jul Kaiui t t-1-c. Anad Cini Lannor Orkini Imir inn uni they give results \ two line in the o lung Canberra t1mls. I Rosehill Hustler wins Rosehill june Handicap hurdle race-2 Miles Rosscoe �1.12 j. O. Harris 1 Sci along a it. Nelson ,2 doctor , n. Kelly s Oiler starter King Elysian Bren Don Bush scribe Valhalla olympian kins., i hell ins ,7 to 2 Brendon i. King Elysian a i to 2 Ross Gole 5 Bush scribe to doctor Crace Sci along s Valhalla 10 olympian . For 30/ �1/12/, 13/, la. Won by eight lengths Willi halt a length Between second and third. Time Sai. Juvenile stakes-6 furlongs first division Eul Clare a e. Bartle 1 Tippo 7.2 v. I rown. 2 Mlea Herile 7.3 a. Pan _ 3 Oiler starters Sunder Leo lad g eat lady Trepac engaged a i n come red Earl silent Bird phone late. Retting evens Eula lure 3 Tippo 7 Trepac s Sunder Ece 12 Micawber it 12 to 33 others. Dive lil 7/6, in a. Won by a length Willi one and a Hall lengths Between second and third. Time�. Second division rim boy s.3 p. Maher. 1 country Damsel a. John Stone. 2 la Gloria d. Munro 3 other slaters Micky o Shaugh Nessy woo Rooma Reddit Cli Aman til lab Ranpuria Observatory. Retting 3 la Gloria 7 to 2 country dam Sec 1 rim Roy 5 Reddit Cli 7 Observatory 10 to 20 others. Dive �1/15/, s/6, s/6. Avon by a head wit i four lengths Between second and third. Time 1.15. Three year old Handicap 7 furlongs celtic 7. W. Johnstone x cleaner 7.0 s. Weiss x rebate s.1" e. Bartle. 3 dead boat. Oiler starters Goldmine fir Bolg mintage Tetra a Green Mantle Queen Dennis Gallant Light clip Ysolda. Dive celtic 10/-, gleaner �1/1/, rebate 12/. Retting -1 Collie and gleaner 5 re Bate and Goldmine 7 fir Bolg and Gren Mantle 10 to 20 others. Rebate was half a length from the dead Heaters. Time 1.271. Flying welter Handicap--7 / furlongs first division magnetic. 9.0 e. Bartle 1 no Lens Volens s.7 ii. Liar Iii Ingham. 2 shilling Worth 7.13 it. Lilly Man. T other starters Atho Spear ring Bov Star boy blaster " Bonnie Charles Telluride wills Dan Greencorn Bachelor girl. Betting g to Tio i h Rik Wool Lum Loid i Lilii Iii i of Tuimil tit a i 1 pm do 1 oui dunks Jolaun c Ike ii in id i i us Chii Kiuei i. Mossl of oct s us ii 111 1 ii m tit 10 ii nos Ipi oils a i 1. I Obi us ii i Licudo 11 Rik w ool 2 1 Ollu is won a two Lui lbs Willi oin Mil i ii Tili nth Bitu in second and till 1 i us i h1, Minook two year old-7 fuse St in i ii 1 \ i to s h \ lit to ? i Lilli i uni 7 1 of i Ucen ii j i in i 7 w poll into Vihti i Nins up. Ii Mil i min Binnun pin i its sit thames re in i ii \ 1 i by i sol i oin i i Tun i 1 sign till Ilion 0 spi u Dill 7 Undi s soil Only 10 dims 12 it Linus _ Othi is won by Titi a knt lib with Lull to length Between second and third. Time 1.2si. Richmond Handicap-1 mile Al Rev 7.1 11. Badger 1 lamp a w. Bevis _ 2 Prince Don 7.13 it. Morris. 3 other starters Harbinger Glyn lir in Petto Ocean round Wood chatter Bessemer Sar Laress Tiki third King. Betting 5 to 2 Ocean bound 1 Elroy s Wood chatter Bessemer 10 har Binger 12 lamp a Prince Don Sar Taress 15 others. Won by a neck with half a neck be tween second and third. Time 2.22j. Wanda Steeple about 2 Miles 13 furlongs Avest Wing 9.3 w. Howson 1 w. Foley _ 2 Good whisky 10.2 l. Shepherd 3 other starters Eperone reviser Orange Park King Aura Blar Wyn Aneas. Betting 7 to 2 Terauki 1 reviser to 2 West Wing 5 Epos one 10 Good whisky King Aura 15 others. Won by three lengths with Ono and a Hall lengths Between second and third. Time course record. Cambria welter-1 mile 1 Furlong Alligator 13.0 p. Mus Cialli. 1 dark Dawn 8.2 a Hildyard 2 Salon ii s.7 to. Bastian. 3 other starters Southdown Whit Tome Willom Temoin sea Money Mulindi a Nick Reward Cortlon an lanyard 3 dark Dawn 1 Alligator Quick Reward 10 Southdown a Hil Honie in Zaeh Mulindi 12 Temoin t or Donn. Won by a Nedwill one and n half length bet Ween second and third. Time 1.5is,. Rosny plate-6 Furlong Wise Korce 11.3 .1. Daniels 1 Jaberoo 7.0 n. Percival.2 lady a Arbito 7.12 a. I was Ley. 3 other starters Myron treat Stro. Golf lil Mutie Greener Marin yield ? artillery Clarion Call Niekra Brock i Wood Limber up quirk is. Andrew Jonilu Riih , Uris Garrii Bei Neil. Betting 5 Field artillery 1 wine Foi co my malic i a Lockwood 10 Marin ominous 12 Limber up Jaberoo 2� r lady Mackillo. 0 won by one and n Limiter lengths Willi two lengths Bel Ween second and v third. Time 1.11,West City maintains Lead in Rugby league Competition Hall s Surprise win from Sputh thrilling play at Hanuka with the four District Rugby league football teams in action at Hanuka Oval on saturday followers of the International code witnessed two games which abounded in thrills although they were not remarkable for Good football. West City maintained its place As loader in the Competition by defeating North by 5 Points to 3, in one of the hardest fought games of the season while Hill sprang a Surprise in gaining a decisive Victory from South. The final scores in the latter game were 13 to 9. A regrettable feature of the Clay was the late starting of the fixtures. The first match was schedule to Start at 2 p.m., but the players did not take the Liel d until after 2.ho. This delay in addition to necessitating the second match being concluded in failing Light is unsatisfactory to spectators and Calls for action on the part of the controlling body. The North v. West match quickly a solved itself into a Duel in which Speed and handling were the deciding factors. A considerably improved West City scrum a gained Possession of the Ball More often than in previous matches and the backs combined excellently in repeated attacks. Both teams wore evenly mashed and play was fast throughout. tackling was the order of the Day and North City was slightly Superior in this department. Frequent infringe ments in the scrums marred play and penalties were numerous. The Best movement of the Day resulted in West s Glrst try. From a penalty kick by North. Do Smel marked and passed to Hawke who Cross kicked. J. Stevens secured and passed to de Smet who backed up Drew his opponent and Tran Forre d the Ball to a. Steven Kellington Hall and Seton who crossed Over. Seton failed to convert. North City was penalised for failing of play the Ball and from the result ing free kick Cooney scored a Good Troal making the scores West City 5. North nil. Ii. Hurt at this singe and was forced to leave the Field. Half time came with no addition to the resumed his place in the team after the interval. Several infringements of the rules ook place and both sides were pro Perly penalised when the game was commenced and it was not till Ossie Byrne after a spectacular run crossed the line that scores were added. The try was North City s first score. The kick for the goal failed. West City 5. North City 3. The play for a period was spoiled by interruptions clue to info a nge ments of the rules and the resulting Froc Deks had a. Retarding effect. Players got into their stride later but this had the effect of preventing further scoring by either Side and the match finished with the scores West City 5 Points. North City 3 Points. For West City de Smel both Stephens Waterman and Edlington played Well. North City was Best rep resented by the Byrne Brothers har Rison 1-Lavill and Cooney. Premiers beaten Hall gains first win in decisive / beating last year s premiers South City in the second match at Hanuka Oval. Hull gained i its first Victory in the Rugby league Competition this Fason. The team s previous beat Effort was a drawn i game against Avest City in the first round. South City opened the scoring with i an unconverted try but after Tho play had from end to end Hall i equalised Gribble crossing a to ii a scrum in South s Corner. The shot at goal failed. Scrums at each end pre ceded a Good try by Harrington but failed to convert. South City. G Hall. 3 South City consolidated its position shortly Altor wards when a Good run by Facer gave spoofing a Chance to Cross the line. Again the kick at goal came to nothing. South City. 9 Hall. 3 the play was ragged for a time with both sides striving to get the upper hand. Hven Tully kevins found the line and added thre0 Points to Hall s total and this was quickly Fol Lowed by a held goal from Gribble. South City. I Hall. S scrum followed scrum and Many free kicks were taken by both sides for infringements before the next score came after Gribble had missed the goal for Hall. R. Southwell gathered Well from a scrum in South City s Corner and crossed. In brio kicked the goal giving Hall tha Lead. Hull was now the Superior team. Hall. 13 South City. 0 the match finished in Somi dark Ness with no further scoring. Hall s Best were Gribble who was outstanding. Marsh Lucas and bar Roll. Facer p Ayed Well for South City and h. Speering Edlington and j. Harrington did much valuable work. Junior matches Canberra grammar school gained a lec Sivo win from Dun Troon in the Junior Rugby match played at Kings ton on saturday. Anhilo Dun Troon i ailed to score the grammar school oiled up 11 Points. Nine of these came rom Stevenson who was two in the position of Centre. To a cd Good football. The backs of both sides i Well and made Many openings for the forwards. These were taken Nadvan age of by the grammar school representatives but Dun Troon was unable o break through. A closer result was soon in the second Junior match Between Queanbeyan and St. Christophers but the heavier Queanbeyan combination hushed Willi a six Points winning margin. I -=3 rude Surprise for a wife Paul dil s of Chicago who some times walked Loti i a ill n Undi i the n Uno pot i s ill he m mud tin i i is a Foi no i Ault suing him Foi Bick Alimon Saul him tied is an at Toiney by ought into Youit ii coi Els to Pio a the number in thus to wife who us d Foi he support of one of 1 his h Shulii children became no i though she to ou0ht Lui Silt no h my his up Cut Wile Undi i the Imp cission she w11 no i u Cann no to j he court land if win no 10 111 better cite must no 1 s thin Witt no 1 of died 1 his to Lui tin Toi 111 1 wit or Cut of Millili 011lill" so Lull sad w 111 la tin 11 ill 1 two of 1 his s Loi Nui w n s u Deul it w is show 11 j la of it is d voiced him Engineer s important l Post thin his Bini a Ood i ii ols a my Iti ii Ilious i nil tin in in who Lum Lunn ippol lid to Din it tin big m St of in Mullish i Dustin in Hie moment la is Ali Chillis mini Iii Idini i mining ing Tuii in his Iii Loi tit s who ins Bun t Liosi n l \ Ali j if thin 11 Lobi Mun i inn Dii Itoi of tin i i Tii tit t Mun if t no m to list Width is Lupi \ Idi tin Nui u us Loi Hubl Iii Idt 11 Kliu s of i Ilion in ism tin inn s Liutti Slizis of tin Loulli \ Mili ii do i is will known in tit lion to ii and Sli t i indu Lilis Mil i is bin Assod Ltd with Lohn san Onuis uni s is la Tullid tin t in Iii i ing Coin to n Loi Mam Unis ont of Lils Gil Al ii he Mihi in w is he Doii Blyn us acc Wiki in one Cai get the habit of trading at Al m a i vol special Winter bargains i free a Seiz ladies shoes newest styles just opened satins brocades and by owns and a free pair of Sll Speis to every Cash Pur Chaser 42/6 White australian blankets reduced Tio 35/6. Special line reversible Coats assorted shades suitable for both cold and wet weather 67/6. Velour Coats Are always Nice especially when reduced 4/ in the a we specialise in hosiery Lisle Cashmere and silk from 2/11. Full Range of ladies and children s Woollen under Wear cardigans and sweat ers for everyone our bet Lei expert h at you Sei vice Foi Correct a Coset Ting. Her experience solves your problem. J boots and shoes Good and i Lrons and Fin paid 0 Cocks to Cash Purchase Wai m o i Coats Fri a 52/6, with a i by he to Osh purchasers Golf shirts film ?/6. Work shuts 4/6 1 f Pye wet i Waal ? Nom 9/6. J Woollen half Hose j and fancy of pm 2/1�. E gloves Savey or Hinds from 2/11. All Wool underwear full ranges to Click be Horn j boys sea t overcoats from a a a. To 2ev/srmcot8a�d i la of Jen wakes you Kiszie hour Mim a cig and Worth. While. Bargain tables for keen shoppers. Show com creations Fer buyers Hayes i russe Canberra s exclusive store v i wer " n so As u a a 8, Mcvey i line i new Light lagged mile pm or yet honesty the Best policy truth in advertising is not Only the professed Ideal of every advertisement writer and designed through out the English speaking world to Day but also the principle and practice of every manufacturer distributor and dealer who wishes to succeed truth is the one thing insisted on As the basis of All right dealings. It pays to Tell the honest truth because most modern newspapers insist on truthful As Well As clean messages appealing in their pages their advertising columns Are liberally patronised by All who have a Story to Tell of commercial enter prise achievement and salesmanship. Continental newspapers Are not so favoured simply because they do not employ the same standards of practice. Of course there Are still a number of manufacturer who do not and Elise then goods in the Public 1 Ress and of Thev some roly on securing a Market As substitutes for those who do. Every advertised line in the Canberra times " Carnes with it the a a Rance of its manufacturer and the Hall mail of truth this is wiry every rating housewife insists on a cd living goods that Are advertised and a ejects substitutes honest truth overcomes All difficulties j issued by the Austi Uslan i of a Neill Tiess association j we we a Good in Vestal an the Canberra times
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