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Canberra Times (Newspaper) - June 23, 1930, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory Southern Gros a re fuelling in air. By special plan new York saturday or Ruig Emonts have been made for 1lio,utilisation of lie special plane ii soul in the recent non Slop flight to in l us he Southern Cross when ii nears american shores. I May await the approach of the Iran at Kurilic plane at Nova Urolia or . The machine will ii Arry 100 Gallons of petrol and will anti �o00 Miles to the Rango of Hie suit ruin Cress. Arctic voyage in a submarine tribute to Wilkins seriousness new York sunday. The now York Herald Tribune in n Lender commenting on Wilkins pro posed expedition stated the project waa to restore to Arctic exploration All tile Priant our of hair rating adventure of which it was so largely robbed by the punctual exploits of aeroplanes and the thought of crossing an in locked up. In a submarine beneath the ice was enough to make the Ordinary citizen turn Palo it say yet sir Hubert quite seriously was developing plans. Curiously enough he seems convinced that it is All til Lite Sale and the nost natural and practicable thing in the world. This serious minded matter of fact undertaking can Only heighten one s admiration Tor sir Hubert s . Tariff effect on foreign Trade waru inc ton saturday. Thi secret Arv to he Treasury sir. Mellon praised the new Tariff Law i a Sla Loment saying that it removed the obstacle to business recovery by eliminating the uncertainty of the last Ali teen . Ile deprecated the gloomy prophecy no a notion of this sort is going to destroy our foreign Trade and is certainly foundation the v United states will continue to buy quantities of foreign products and sell the products of its farms mines and factories All Over the world. Ii warned foreign nations that to do business with the United states i icy will to Well to remember Hie All i portent Factor is the maintenance of High purchasing Power and the Standard of living of the american i copi.1. L.4v i founding of vessel inquiry in Papua he 1 Lime Alini Stii i Scullin Lei in 1 Moi motion uni 1 i Tom tin. J a Cut Nuit Govi nun of i Yipu i Bil Lull Eil Munn s Uuk tint the in Quin into the los of the i Sci a ii Mil which found incl Neu Cann on tin in lit of Lune show 1 tint Thucie \ i no Ceil uni of m i Nee i 13oi-,p he i ii lint Aii i Tiiu it i Temi my ins Tom child i to a tin i Willi thai Tun nits Etc Ilio Winil alis i i c Aid the icon a Iii win incl in jul bit Ailinn t ids tint the n Witiw Slowi Lile a Iii i e 11 i j latin mis 1ii"i to ii nil tile so ionic h h is the it the " Ile on the night Ullum 10 Mali w is of in Unnic n Lintel Ilia it i disturbed thief escapes from picture theatre san Xiomy sunday. Ii hum i Lui it tempt w13 Mukhi ii to i Lic Xiii in to ii 11 _ lion tin. Kit i u Tui 1 la ii i c in the cil \ a on Millili Pisni ii i p in noticed in la us Luiss St Iii Hioki n on tin i u Loui in \ i in insult nid la u m i noise slim Ltd tin Lins a it Lihu u 1 Olli Honl m id la s bul he ii Sulli no ii nid a Sis no a i " p no Al Oulu s ions Pililis Lusi a Lud i Mil in. I it the m m in plinth i i i the Buk door. I new flying record Mexico City Mutiri a. In m i i h i to lit Lomeli to d non a Vijil Lunn Isis \ m k to m to it i Diganci of j Jim Mik i in of Lum 11 minute s1 1� to in col j Milli 11 s Lime \ i i my nuts. Serious clash in Bombay three hour Battle in City casualties number 500 Defiance of magistrate s order Calcutta sunday. More than 500 were injun de in a three hour Battle in Bombay yesterday Between mounted and foot police and Congress volunteers who massed in the Vicinity of the Esplanade Maidan a Large open space in the Centre of the City in contravention to the magistrate s order Banning a rally there. A Large body of More than 500 police armed with Lathis or Long Bamboo poles repeatedly charged the crowd numbering 1,500. Early in the morning in Defiance of the police order nationalist Congress workers and National militia and. Other nationalist organisations assembled at Maidan for inspection by Pandit Motilal Mehry the president of the nationalist Congress. The police had a most difficult task to disperse the sikh volunteers As they sheltered behind the women nationalists. Malta conflict i report of Cabinet s action London saturday. The correspondent of the Central news at Malva Hays that the Cabinet without stating reasons Lias surprisingly resigned despite the absence j of lord Strickland and air. Bartolo in London. I lord Strickland in an interview said that he had no news confirming the i Cabinet s resignation and the suspension of the Constitution. To could no1 conceive he ministers resigning in his absence. A message from Malta denies that the Cabinet has resigned. There is a Strong Rumour of the Eaily reversion to Crown Colony status. I Timber duties Canadian interests pleased Vancouver saturday. So pleased Aro the British Columbia lumbermen with the australian cd i tension of preference on sawn Timber that a Resolution of appreciation of Likely to be proposed when the provincial legislature meets. Air. A. Munn a former member of the legislature and now a candidate Tor the House of commons slated that it is very encouraging to see Australia following Canada in extend ing Empire preference both to British countries and placing Canadian Cedar on the. Same basis As californian red Wood but the. Extension of preference on Cedar is also hoped for. All parties representation urged in Imperial conference , quiday. Tile Obs Iii m m dit01 in is lil it it hopi s the it Ali 1 11 Thom is will to to i list tin Impi i ton ii Une inti ill Ilion tin Pilj i Ulm it Hon ii of of i Isi is this to in it mum by i tin Mil full Lont Niqui lot Axil i Iii my Pius Tion tin min sol ill Pulumu i b ? lie nil 1 mounts is will is Dominion oppo it Ion Oil it Lobi u i minted in of i i tint tin ii Iii inn ill in t is in Impi Nidick ii Munal of St d Loi the who of til i nip Villi Whit tin v i in do Loi i u i Oil ii i tin itt he of d new Cabinet in Egypt , saturday. \ ii poll Lunn i Moses Hil Isi Nul Suiku r ish i i 1 id i i his Lui no ii i non p u to c in ii i Iii in Lind to i ii i Iii he sin Iii uni tin i Mila i Al Iii Pulu i by special a aliment re Lei s world service in addition to other special Kout Ces of info Matin is used in the compilation of Tho ovoid sea Intel lib Jenco published in this Issue and dil rights Tho Tein m Austian and new zealand to reserved. A Foj a girl shot through open v. Window assailant at Large Sydney. Sunday. Rosie Kelly 17, of Yelverton Street St. I Oters was wounded to night in most unusual circumstances. She was sitting in the front room in her Home playing the piano when a shot rang out and she fell to the floor. She walked into the ambulance Sta Tion and she was immediately driven to the Koyal Prince Alfred Hospital where she will Box Rayed. The Doc tors Aro Uncertain whether Tho Bullet punctured her lung. If Liis is the Case the injury will to serious. The shot was tired through the win Dow of the front room. The police Are at present Tho District for Hie alleged Murd Tor. Tho shot was tired from a Large calibre gun. World peace japanese desire to stand with .a. V1ctouia la saturday. Woisil Pic Ein n mini issued Willi bul in tie Unitus Silks ind 1 in m standing to Itlen i Sud i Ine i Uesato Lukuf a a pies dint of he Lapinis Llo Usu of 1 its on Uii ii on Satin Day Hen on the Luigi i is of Lusa i with those thin nations Wal til to Ichii in Linin ship tin i Ici of Hub old can b Nimit unil i t i sons h id to in ii a Mil Lunn huli Hood Mund Iii d Bonus about a ii i Ion is Litin Xis on hit a Soith co is Lim no Iki d i not with i win i uni Lili i Ilni oin Minnii Itkis Noi in ii s i Ici s will Tiki in i is to Liston to tilt phone sovino Natl Iii owns Lunn Niew silk it in Sci us to Bun the cells gluon a so Toni of Success in next test rain delays Lancashire match Jackson shows better form the prospects of England for the second test Are being debated by leading critics some of which concede Australia a. Good Chance of Success. Meanwhile Jackson has shown improvement in the match at Lancashire and has improved his chances of inclusion in the team. London saturday. Injuries to Walker Ponsford and a Beckett made the selection of the australian Leam for the second match against Lancashire unpleasantly easy to Day. Grimmett is resting in View of the coming test. To remained in London so that if a twelfth Man is required a casualty must Field. Woodfull broke a Long run of unsuccessful losses by winning from Eckersley and Australia scored 231 for five wickets. Play was interrupted on several Ioc Casio is by rain and bad Light. The teams wore i Australia Woodfull Captai Richardson Jackson Bradman Fairfax Mccabe Oldfield Wall Horny Brool and Hur Wood. Lancashire Eckersley Captain hallows wat son e. Eyed Eloy it. Tyldesley iddon Hopwood Duckworth Sibblis Hodg son and Taylor. Trio weather was Fine and Dull when the game commenced shortly after a Shower had fallen and the wicket appeared easy. Lancashire was without Mcdonald who was suffering from a sprain. Hodgson opened the Bowling and sent Down a Maiden to Woodfull. R. Tyldesley was warmly applauded indicating the crowd s sympathy be cause of his omission from the to St when he appeared a Quarter Olau hour lat having round his Boora which he lost earlier Jackson and Woodfull settled Down quietly against the accurate Bowling. Jackson timed Well and he scored the first four of the Day cutting Hodgson twice to the Boundary with successive balls. Rain shortly after the commencement held up play which was not resumed until two of clock. Jackson had not added a run when Hodgson at second slip dropped a comparatively easy catch in first Over. An hour s batting Jiromi Lucid ill runs. Sibblis was remaining accurate despite the downpour but the batsmen were risking nothing. The crowd applauded when to. Tyl Desley Carno on at 39 and fifty appeared after 70 minutes. Sibblis who was howling remarkably Well worried both batsmen and to Hail Woodfull dismissed As the result of a Brilliant piece of stumping by Duckworth who whipped off the bails when an in Swyger beat the Captain Aller a patient innings of 27 in minutes. Jackson though scoring slowly played a number of Allu Tulve shots picking to ides key a slows Oil his Oes and driving them hard on both sides of the wicket. Both Bradman and Hickson hit brilliantly to the Boun Dary and the log Caine up alter l minutes the scoring having been on the slow Side. An Appeal against Ilio is Milf is Lilily to show uni Pitma Loi in ill is no1 11 ill last he sus Lull will i Iii Nill Pio i most \ ii la ii i Liol Minook will la Good on \ l Wallis i Kilili is nah 111 f 1 \ to in Lili his i in As no ill Loisulu 1 n Lind on lit not i i Losi Al i Olds unlit a Iii bul Mil i Millili in a guns hum is Llu win i dust tin aus i ulan j ii Ottingh tin 1u w is my Luigi i s ii d Willi int Long Lili Slid la Ila Iii is list As Puiul to ill p isl Biliti i i idiot Iii s la ii la Leam Foi Husi Corni list should i Hobbs lol uni Hammond lit Tullin Duli i pal Phil t h pm in in Hollins Roati Lin Wood mud Dizik Wotli australians form Cirii Mirling on he Malch Hie 1 127 Ollins Streel Melbourne or Al Hie Lillico of Hie Cham her of Commerce in Euch capital City of Australia
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