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Canberra Times (Newspaper) - June 23, 1930, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory Publishing notice the Canberra times the newspaper of the Federal capital City a a proprietor the Federal capital press of Australia Ltd. times building East Row City. Canberra Tel. 7.54. Tha Canberra time in wholly printed on British newsprint pending the production of australian made newsprint. Prepaid subscription rates Post free within the Commonwealth Tor one year. " 26/ " half year.1�/. One Quarter. 6/6 -1 lace your orders with Tbs following Canberra. C. J. Graham. City r. J. Dunne. Kingston j. W. Prowse. City to. C. Gunn. Kingston miss d. Fraser. Hanuka . College. Canteen Dun Troon. Mrs. Brill. Westlake mrs. Davey. Molon Glo times building. City �111 Canberra hotels. Queanbeyan. R. J. Dunne. Queanbeyan a. M. Mailick & sons. Queanbeyan chinning. Comino & co. Meri Bula. Mrs. A. Goodsell Sambula. E. Brown Murru Bateman. J. R. Dalvey Delegate. P. Joseph Eden. J. G. Ramsay Bombala. Miss m. William Cooma. J. A. Per Kim Csom. J. Arthur Bung Endore. Mrs. Kenned Braidwood. C. E. Welli Taira. C. Jackson Hall. Southwell & Brown Captain s Flat. Or. Kemp obtainable at Bookstall on Sydney Moss Vale Goulburn and Albury railway stations. Early daily delivery. For particulars of the Canberra Rimes Early morning delivery please communicate with the circulation Nan Axar the weather Canberra saturday june 21 barometer at 9 , 2s.27 inches uncorrected at 3 ., 2s.2s. Thermometer at 9 , 3g degrees at 8 53.1. Maximum for 21 hours ended at 9 . 63.2 degrees mini mum in screen 31.4 degrees on grass 20. Wind at 9 ., e. At 3 ., . Canberra sunday june 22 barometer at 9 ., 28.37 inches uncorrected. Thermometer at 9 ., is degrees. Maximum for 21 hours ended at 9 ., 32.7 degrees minimum in screen 89.-4 of grass 21 degrees. Wind at 9 ., s.. Rainfall records file following Are the monthly total it rainfall in Canberra for the current a Var to Date Points in Quai. 31 february. 53 March. 48 april. 182 my 1. 3836 june 3. 17 w.". 220 june 7 7 tune 8. 22 Tot i. I4 ii via Ash Lii was ratio record for Queanbeyan Are Elrod ended. Temperature. . Max. Min. Rain fall. Julie 19. 55 28 rainfall records the following Are the monthly totals of rainfall in Queanbeyan a or the current year to Dat Points january. 57 february116 March. 35 april. 222 May. 175 Juno 2. C8 june 8. 10 total. G83 fasting Man who did t fast a Man named Jolly set out to mrwik the fasting record and was to to seen in a Glass Cage in which proposed to remain for 48 Days wit i out food. After the Twenty eighth Day it was discovered that he had sup plies of chocolate in his Cage and lie was prosecuted for fraud being fined Iii. To appealed. In Tho Appeal court it was stated that loss than half a million people Lead paid sixpence each for Tho Privi lege of seeing the fasting Man so that Jolly who Hud not really fasted at All had netted the. Respectable sum or ,000. Counsel for the Appellant said that die Point at Issue was not whether Lolly bad really lasted or not. To had Given an exhibition and was jul to is much entitled As any other artist to facilitate his feat by Means of a 1rlfk. Those people who Hud gone to him had sat Miod their curiosity und Lund had value for their sixpence. No Ope to Contin did had Boon defrauded. To the general Surprise tha court l18 Rood with this Aloiv and the Appeal was allowed. Lay by savings accounts earning 4% interest May be opened in this Bank. The purpose of Lay by accounts is to assist depositors to save amounts for definite object Ives and to keep these savings in separate accounts. The Money you Lay by will main 4% interest. Any number of Lay by accounts May be opened for different objectives up to a maximum amount of �100 for each account. The objective in View for each Lay by account need not be stated but Only the amount which the depositor nominates As necessary for the purpose he has in View. 4% interest raid of Ordinary savings accounts i to �1000. Canberra Meliti Orund Malm legs City Inocal Mana Icv o. R. Smith. Kingston agent 3\r a. . Lowe 1er. Hanuka agent Juriss e. Y Riband stationer. Government of savings of . ,. .r.f-. I i m in. Astronomical data. Commonwealth solar Observatory mount Stremlo. 31 oni a Al Al l 23. Sun rises 7.12 ., sets 5.00 Hoon rises 3.1 s ., sets 2.00 Major planets Venus rises .33 ., sets 7.31 Mars 3.35 ., 2.00 Jupiter 7.07 ., �.4s Saturn 5.30 ., 7.53 . New South Wales forecast. Cloudy with further showers on the coast fogs generally in Eastern districts chiefly Fine Inland with frosts South to South East winds. Canberra forecast. Fine with fogs cold night frosts on the Highlands South West to South East winds. Jbf Unn Hnton Simes monday 23, 1030. A National joke. V�v7eights and measures Are surely our National joke but like most jokes Are sometimes exasperating. From time to time serious minded people say engineers bring the subject into the open give it a Good spanking which produces visible effect and let it Drift Back into its old ways. But one of these Days it will be shaken out of its lethargy when Empire traders really discover its disadvantages in foreign business and make a determined Effort to introduce the Decimal system. One reason for the survival of the old Jumble is the fact that America accepted the foot As a unit of measure although America like must have special american tons and Gallons. Although the Sun never sets on Britain s ancient weights and measures it rises every Day and everywhere on the scientific metric system. The question to one with far reaching censequence3. A change in our standards of weights and measures could not be accomplished quickly and it is questionable whether it would be wholly practical or desirable to adopt the French standards. In our coinage we Are not far from a Decimal system. A Florin is the tenth part of a Pound and if a Penny were made the Twenty fifth part of a Florin the Farthing could serve theoretically at least As the lowest Copper Coin in a Decimal system of coinage. When an approach is made however to weights and in cry a r a the Means whereby a change can be made is not so easy to and very Little calculation is needed to estimate the great Cost which a change would involve. There is Little doubt that our present system is cumbersome and ludicrous but a change would be As cumbersome for Many years. Taking it All round the Case is against our old system and in favour of the new but the greatest difficulty is to decide How the change can be made and when it should commence. Personal at the accounts office of tile . Branch of Hie Home affairs depart ment on saturday or. Cliff Marriott was presented wit i a handsome clock by his fellow officers on lie occasion of his mar rip a. Or. B. V. Lan Caster in Makins Hie presentation spoke of the recipient in Eulogi Stic terms and with or. G. Crease who supported his remarks whined him every happiness and Prosperity in his future life. German master of tongues by the recent death of councillor Krebs the German foreign office has been bereaved of in Ama inc linguist. Ile spoke and wrote fluently Lorty live languages and had a working knowledge of some Twenty More. Those included All the Louro Piui tongues and a great Many Asiatic languages and dialects. He had been in the diplomatic ser vice since l8 3, and Tor Yin he acted As interpreter at the German embassy in j Ekin where be had of porn unities of developing Lils a Una Intano Willi Oriental tongues. Jovon the chinese had Hie greatest respect for his linguistic till Euls. Shortly before his recall from Pekin in 1912 a mongolian tribe sent a communication to Hie Pekin government which nobody was Able to decipher. Tho Chinero look to to Herr Krebs who without a inon enl a hesitation waa Able to rattle Olf a fluent translation of the despatch. Tiley regarded him almost Asti magician which indeed to was. Meat strike supplies in Sydney butchers arrange Sydney sunday. Despite flip meat strike caused by Tho Slaughter men coming out at Home Bush Tho master butchers Havo arranged for supplies to lie available to retailers on monday morning. Arrangements Havo been Ninda for Tho disposal of the Stock which has been consigned to or is held by agents for monday s Stock sales but graziers who intended to Send in consignments for thursday s Stock sales should immediately Gol into touch with agents and accept their advice. Tho government has been apprised of the. Full facts of the situation so that if it is necessary to intervene a i can do so at a minute s notice. On behalf of the. A raiders association or. A. Ii Mun Bee stated Thal the meat strike is being closely Ival Ched by the graziers who Aro fully supporting Hie master butchers. In a statement issued last night or. I \ Pollard Secretary of the meat workers Union Sahl that the is hour week is bound to increase unemployment and by the lowering of the wages reduce the consumption of goods. New loan Happy beginning �674,610 subscribed figures made available by the Federal Treasury on saturday showed that during the first five Days the Presont Commonwealth Boan has Boon opened .cg71.g10 has been subscribed by 1,113 subscribers averaging slightly Over �600 per applicant. As the loan had been issued at Short notice and prospectuses wore not widely available during Hie last week these figures be regarded in official circles As very Gratifying and As evidence that the terms of the loan Are attractive to the Public. The figures also show a Mai iced and Vance on the Cash subscribed to the Marveil redemption operation when during Hie corresponding period the amount subscribed was x270,000. Although subscribers have Hie option of paying their moneys by instalments most of the applicants have Profero de to pay the amount of their subscription in one sum the total Cash receipts to Date being �522,000 in respect of applications for �671,g10. All Banks savings Banks and Post offices arc now in a position to receive applications and country investors will also have every Poi to until of sub scribing to Hie loan. Alien migrants prevention of influx on labour Market the minister for Home affairs or. Blakeley stated on saturday that allegations Havo been made that cer Tain Southern europeans of a class who arc not at present eligible to come to Australia Aro arriving with passports granted to former residents of the Commonwealth. Or. Blaksley pointed out that whilst hindrance is placed in the Way of Bona fide alien residents of Australia returning to the common wealth after temporary a Sinco abroad stops have been taken in View of the serious position As regards unemployment in this country to Check the migration of certain classes of aliens who would require to sack employment hero and thus compete with the local labour Market. Or. Blakeley added that he m3 hav ing a careful investigation made with a View to seeing whether there is any truth in the allegations referred to so that certain precautionary measures May to taken if necessary. Wedding Marriott Mitchell on saturday evening at 5.30, St. John s Church of England was the scene of a pretty wedding when Edna Buey youngest daughter of or. And mrs. S. Mitchell of Waringa Brisbane late of Canberra became the wife of Clifford Henry eldest son of or. And mrs. B. Marriott of Franklin Street Forre Canberra a Large gathering ass Nyblod to witness the ceremony which was per formed by the Rev. Canon Robertson. Or. Yvo. R. Blackman presided at Tho Organ. Hiring the signing of the Register mrs. A. W. Paul beautifully rendered the song of thanksgiving. In the unavoidable absence of her father the Bride was Given away by i or. G. Currie a Friend of the family. She wore a Graceful gown of Ivory Georgette made with a Long tight bodice finished with a pointed Collar embroidered with Silver. The skirt fell in dared Points to the Ankles. Her silk embroidered tulle veil was held in place by a Coronet of or Arujo Blosom and carried a Beautiful Shower bouquet of White Stock and Sweet peas. Or Only attendant was miss Marjorie Marriott the Bride Groom s sister who wore an ankle length frock of Pink taffeta. Her head dress was a Bandeau of Pink tulle tied with a Large Bow at the Back and carried a bouquet of Pink Sweet pea and asparagus Fern. The bridegroom was supported by his brother or. Keith Marriott Best Man. As the Bride was leaving the Church Little Nancy Marriott placed a Lucky Horseshoe on her . After the ceremony the guests wre entertained at the Blue Moon cafe Bator the Happy Young couple Iori for Sydney the Brido wearing a Navy and Lemon Satin ensemble with Lemon hat to tone. Shortest Day Winter a Earnest a i Lino is that ii pie hit Pici Iru to is min ii it sen title i la in Ollie i in wind i did not of Floc ill com mint u Itil tin its opinion sine Luoni Ling Willi Ali Sli Oit St d ii of the u Milich is not june j1 As is pop Hull supposed in Tiliti Situ Iii Sun Hine last id a few seconds Long i uni Sun Dai s Asti Anomie Lill in the South tin i in Uphou the to list dal Dois not Ott in until tin Sun is in it1 Tai Thi St position Noi i i tins in is uni it h oppt my the t tis my t min our pit that position id u Hilt up u uti ii St Ison did not in ii t ils of Kiil i but 11 until i St Idaj its pit is Hil lot Bun unit to Laid of Elliot i i i hand la i it Lui with on of two to top tons to did is b i ii i ii d a i mild Loi in it in u h h i Lorn Sim m i of b line 11 o i i lion ii i Lum is usually i i i in of t i printed and published by c j shares peace Foi Tho it Dei u capital Pioss of Aust Alii Ltd at the i t Logi stood office of the company Ainslie Canberra. For territory Tennis won by s. Gee s. Gee won Hie singles Lennis championship of the Federal territory from r. Ayliffe at the Assoc cation courts on saturday. With Hie exception of the mixed doubles Handicap a vent All com petitions Tish 10 i i i s know is but Misi 1 m to i i Soloni m Bill aids Goodwin sit Oto hound Al Heslyn bait miss Dunn id i Douglas beat miss a nil Fly .10-25. Miss Shu beat miss Knowles 30-27. Third round. Menfi Douglas Beut mrs Winchester 30-17.,Prince of Wales 36tli birr inlay Australia s greetings the Prince of Wales will to Day celebrate Hie 3gth a anniversary of his excellency the governor general has despatched the following message to the Sec rotary of state for the Prince of Wales Dominion affairs please convey to . The Prince of Wales respect Ful Good wishes from myself the government and people of Australia on the anniversary of his divorce Law Church v a Elitude to re marriage London saturday. How ought the Church treat people who have been divorced and who have re married was a question debated by the Church Assembly at a est monster the archbishop of York presiding. Seigneur Athelstan Riley an Anglo Catholic Leader moved a Resolution con temping easy divorce. He said the act of 102.1 is a cruel and wicked measure. There is and can be Equality in matters of sexual morality Dew cedi men and women. It has pleased god to create a profound in Equality in temptation in the results of sin and in the consequences to flip family. Avill the Bishops Tell us what Ive ought to do in the matter at present the Church _ is being dragged through the mire. There were 5s00 divorces last year compared with 577 in 1923. Collusion is rampant. A new profession has Arisen of women who for a consideration Are prepared to hotel Bill even if there is mrs. Basing stroke president of the mothers Union said to would be pleased to to assured of a pronounce ment from the Bishops. Tho Resolution was carried. Millions in mine dump the belief that anything from thirty to a Hundred million pounds Worth of Gold still lies buried in the dumps of the Rand mines lends interest to the report that or. R. Nicholls a metallurgist has discovered a new process for extracting this residue Gold. The now method is stated Lobo a Sulphur cyanide process and while the inventor conservatively estimates a 30 per cent recovery to is con Vinced that the actual recovery will be Between 50 and go per cent. Many years ago a chemical solution process was being exploited by a or. Stark on a Mino dump with the re sult Thal in a Low years about �g0,000 worn of Gold was extracted. Or. Nicholls who has been associated with or. Stark has radically improved this process and Patent rights have Boon taken out. A local Syndicate has taken charge of the invention and an Independent assay report gives an indication of 30 to 50 per cent for the method. The Syndicate proposes to have six plants working shortly capable of treating about a Quarter of a million tons monthly. So far it is claimed Thal Laboratory tests have proved very favourable. It remains to to seen How the process will work out on a Large commercial scale but the pro motors Are very optimistic. Pursued by relentless Fate an Eti Toi do ii \ Eli my of Aioli dents it i i i if in outcome Becl two Biot Hii l us ind gust it Plum Woll known in St Oil Holm Widin spoiling Indis c us w is tin lie us 01 Motoi boil my \ in t build is with a i ill Intili. M swirl i my Abi o us tin two Bothi St t out in i Otoi Bolt to i ii i us Illi on m a Slid Niti til it i Illo lol l\pl3dlll uni he two i old i h i 1 to swim to Sion Wini h to i ii i d m in a h Iii Sti d to Iii i la i olo i i w i k i u % took i Mill puts loth flu Loi i Pun i v Lull wind Mir Ilou Iii to 1 j ii 1 Mil list ii Hilo i i til i Lilis ind w is i nil d it of i i \ t i b Idle in up d Nimbus w is Minnon d l \ lil p Ion h oin s Oak Liloni uni in i up i 1 Luino Iii i in he p i i Loiti i Lui i i n \ Lilli i ill \ s 11 i 1 i i s Lin my Limpi of ibo of i to b Omilo did i 11 ii o huh bom id w lung ii i ill i ii la d the p in it w i 1 us 1 t h t is ii is m i id u Lim 1 id ii Ion ii i Ipi i s Mil Iii in of la i l 11 w from the pulpit the country of the or. Waldock s Sermon preaching at the Flap St Kingston yesterday i Taval Dook took As his text John c a this Man and Lum log us world and a ".?� m a r a " my ,."i i n.,. Ii any Lime s cd ii omit to Onil a and i deliver him i " the li.ngilo Eliver i ?. Daniu san i by soon in arrangement Reuters world service in addition to other special services of �"f�""�1 0, used in tin o a he Oversea Intelli Oneo Emu Hodja this Issue anti All Nyhl. Thar in Australia and now zealand o
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