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Independent, The (Newspaper) - December 12, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaNegotiators break off bus talks until Friday weather mostly Ruimy today and tomorrow. Increasing High Clouds tomorrow. High to Day new so. Yesterday 8148. More weather on Page 4. The Independent extra 10 cents 50 pages classified by other 6-4671 Pasadena Cal thursday. Dec. 12. 1957 orphan bums seek Rose bowl City s Chance Good for grabbing Flatbush 9 Ike advises nato hide a bombs in caves by Howard Cherf of ins Paris. Ins a top Allied official said last night presi Dent Eisenhower will try to i Well guarded depots in Europe. My from dozens if not Hun persuade the North Atlantic . Military chiefs the , of separate bases. At present . Atomic bombs and warheads Are concentrated in a few secret and require wide dispersal of such arsenals so that nuclear armed missiles can he launched Quick pact nations to permit the scattering of atomic stockpiles in european Grottoes caves and Mountain fastnesses. What next Bandit in wheelchair holds up liquor store Long Beach. Fans Edward j. Duquette. 38, a clerk in a Long Beach liquor store thought it was Only a joke. The Man facing him was in a wheelchair and said this is a me your Duquette took a closer look and saw that the Man in the wheelchair was holding a gun. Deciding it was no joke Duquette handed s95. The Man wheeled himself away. Witnesses saw him Roll himself to a car. Place the wheelchair in it pull him self behind the wheel by his arms and drive away. The Bandit was captured 15 Miles away. The Holdup Man is a world War ii Veteran with a record of psychiatric treatment. He was sent to the psychiatric Ward at general Hospital. 12-Day strike said Are convinced such con the nato said ulat Centra Jons Are dangerous. The other Allied the official said the generals chiefs of government of this believe modern War be one of the toughest Eisenhower will tackle at j next week s Summit meet ing. . Lauris b. No Stead the supreme Allied com Mander in Europe wants Hie nuclear warheads under shape control. Adenauer to seek nato Extension re Mittie Lle he Liln. -v.v. Herald Tribune Sheryl fat Washington. West Ger Man Chancellor Konrad Ade Nauer will propose at the nato Summit meeting in Paris a 10-year Extension of the 20-year nato treaty from 1969 to 1979 As a Way of serv ing notice to the world of continuing Faith in the Organiza Tion and the West s determination to stick together it was Learned yesterday. In these Days occasionally marred by gloomy predictions that nato is disintegrating such a demonstration of Posi Tive interest in its continuance might in the United states View have a very salutary effect. Stalemate mediator s7ry ing hard for deaf official says negotiations Between the brotherhood of Railroad trainmen and four idled bus lines broke up yesterday in Pasadena and los Angeles without any indication of when the 12-Day strike will be settled. Meanwhile a new bus strike against the Santa be bus lines threatened As Federal conciliation commissioner Earl j. Ruddy started talks with Brt and Santa be. City manager Don Mcmillan withdrew from arbitration talks Between the Pasadena City lines and the Union at hotel. Iney will meet again tomorrow. Representatives of the Pasadena City lines and the Brt met in Mcmillan s office for 4 hours yesterday and 5 hours tuesday. Up to this time the principles for carrying on have been Laid Down and in my Humble opinion they Are really striving to reach a Mutual Mcmillan said As he withdrew from the talks yesterday. In los Angeles a metro spokesman said the talks have been entered around working rules rather than wages although wages Are an Issue. The threatening Santa be strike involves 11 Drivers who operate a shuttle service Between los Angeles and Bakers Field Pasadena and Long or Purdue coeds Kissin Sweet Lafayette. Incl. Dec. 11. Ipi Purdue University coeds yesterday indignantly denied reports that they and their Dales Are limited to just one goodnight kiss. But the girls admitted they Aren t allowed to put too much passion into their goodbyes. The controversy was stirred up by a report of a new special order at a girls dormitory that goodnight kisses should he delivered singly and without emotion. Downtown merchants with their own Parkins lots agreed yesterday that to Date despite Tho bus strike there is plenty of parking plan a would wedge bowl in both sides and provide major league specifications. Plan b would provide for minimum wedging alternate none whatsoever. Chavez Ravine site fades dodgers path no bed of roses by Rube Saji Ullsox whether it is to be the Rose bowl urn Wrigley Field or even an outdoor theater site and Don t laugh that off however preposterous it seems when analysing futures for the los Angeles dodgers in 1958, league baseball is concerned. The jury is still out but a mistrial verdict shapes up As inevitable. The damaging evidence starting first As a Light Breeze in form is now whipping into a Tell tale Gale. Wagers Are even being made to be held next March to Speed a decision so that the dodgers could proceed ear Lier with a favourable Public reaction to build their new stadium. This you May certain will not be dead done. By shrewd political observers if inc Council so decreed and informal men in key prominent figure who they were unanimous in urging that As Many As pos sible do their shopping at night Between now and Christmas. Daytime where possible they asked that shoppers in Vite neighbors to share the ride when they were driving downtown. . Yesterday after reporting some the company and Union Are scheduled to meet again at 10 . Tomor Row with Federal conciliator Fred Ferguson. Another negotiation meeting Between the Union and the metropolitan coach a s h u r y transit lines also broke up yesterday in a downtown los As major it appears that Chavez Ravine civic and sports positions that is inside today s Independent Adams .19 features .37 Shafer Allen sports.7.21 business.30 theater .28 classified.32 obituaries.31 tv-radio.12 comics .37 women.15 Connolly .28 ruark.19 your stars.32i officials study Rose bowl plans dodger president Walter o Malley right and civic officials of Pasadena and los angelas study plans yesterday for laying out a baseball Field in the Rose bowl. Left to right . Mayor Norris Poulson Pasa Dena mayor Seth Miller Pasadena City manager Don c. Mcmillan and o Malley. The contract approving the Transfer of Chavez Ravine i in the picture opined the taxpayer Mel be r on sight. Such Ley. Dodgers president lose when it is tested on the ballot. If indeed it comes to that. Taxes add heat in other words the far reaching turn of events stemmed from the Success of the referendum petition ing for a Public vote. Strength skyrocketed when City and county taxes Verdi exorbitantly increased to pro Voke an aroused citizenry to the boiling Point. That did it. Or at least is doing it. As of today four courses Are open to the los Angeles City Council to wit 1 repeal the ordinance passed oct. 8, under which the dodgers were granted the Chavez Ravine contract. Such a step can be taken any Day. But won t be taken As matters stand unless the aforementioned Gale goes beyond control. Remember True councilmen s own Politi Cal lives Are at stake. They obviously Aren t forgetting that a general election is to be held next june. Mean while they could be sparring for time and weighing the significance of every connected development. Nov. Vote not Likely 2 the Council May order the referendum to be placed on the general election ballot of november 1958. I this1, almost of a it will not do. 3 die Council May order special election presumably obstacles see Gaffe 21 an editorial makes bid Foci by directors for famed Gridiron by Bob Shafee one of the most incredible sport stories of All time was Laid at Pasadena s Doorstep yesterday when baseball s dodgers asked to take temporary refuse in the Rose bowl. Walter f. O Malley made the request. He is president of the homeless club which announced its move from Brooklyn to los Angeles at the conclusion of the season. Negotiations for los Angeles memorial Coli Seum have reached a stalemate. And the referendum move is holding up his plans to build a dodger Park in Chavez Ravine pending a vote. He asked the City s Board of directors to let his baseball team perform in the stadium renowned for football s original new year s Day bowl game. Mayor Norris Poulson of los Angeles also made an impassioned plea to Pasadena to accept the dodgers on behalf of All Southern California. So did county supervisor Warren m. Dorn him self the former chairman of the Pasadena Board of directors. Its current Leader Seth Miller and his fellow legislators promptly voted to consider the matter formally at their regular 10 . Meeting tuesday. Two year stay sought o Malley Mots to use the bowl for his celebrated club for of a year and a half a maximum of two years. By then he expects to have the team s stadium built. The move anticipated from earlier develop ments reported exclusively by the Independent Star news this week came after o Malley and the governing body of the coliseum could not reach agreement Poulson touched on this subject in his open ing remarks. We have come Here to Appeal to you in a temporary the los Angeles mayor said. You have something we Don t. You have the Best place for major league baseball to be played anywhere in Southern California. I ridiculed for saying this. But i just left a conference with the coliseum commission. They will admit that for baseball the Rose bowl can be adapted comparably to the Best stadium in the the coliseum was frowned upon for several reasons. Most noticeable were the preferred Loca Tion of the playing Field and numerous conflicts with other events that Are a traditional part of the coliseum schedule. The bowl is sparingly used and its Only annual summer commitment is a fourth of july fireworks show sponsored by City firemen. In that coliseum the plate would have to have been located in the East or peristyle end. This would make it the Only baseball Field in the country in which the late afternoon Sun would Shine in a Batter s eyes. O Malley had earlier expressed fears of possible fatal Braning of batters who might sight of pitched balls. He also said it was unfeasible from a Spectator standpoint. Tyrlik drawings Park Sentei he submitted three engineers drawings for to in Page 21 let s give our bums a Home Pasadena has an Opportunity now to demonstrate that it is major league in every respect. Let s not fool around about it. The dodger s want to use our Rose bowl for at least one season. Let us make them Welcome and in a big Way. Dodger president Walter o Mal Ley came to town yesterday with los Angeles mayor Norris Poulson to ask for the use of our stadium on a temporary basis. The coliseum is out As a baseball Park. Wrigley Field in los Angeles is too Small for the dodgers Advance ticket Sale. The Rose bowl with minor con version and Well quote mayor Poul son is comparable to the Best baseball stadiums in the we be got the Ball Park and the parking space. Let us now Hope that our City officials make it possible for us to have at least for a season the thrilling spectacle of major league baseball in Pasadena. Let us offer the dodgers decent terms and warm hospitality. Mayor Poulson s interest in getting the Rose bowl for the dodgers is a Southern California interest. As of this Date there is nothing to pre vent the dodgers from returning to Brooklyn. Los Angeles mayor Poulson s own City has succeeded in. Muddling the future of the dodgers there. The Chavez Ravine site on which o Malley wants to locate his Ball Park has become the subject of con Traversy. Coliseum officials were unable to provide a satisfactory physical layout for the dodgers or a Busi Ness arrangement in which the dodgers could break even. What about the Rose bowl is it a shrine dedicated rely to King football to that we would give a rousing the Rose bowl with its major league facilities its acres of parking area sits Idle through most of the year. Pasadena City College has Given it up As have the High schools. Cal tech scheduled a handful of. Games there this season. There is the Rose bowl game the Junior Rose bowl game and the fourth of july fireworks show put on by the fire department. And that s about it. For the balance of the year it is merely something tourists go to see while in Pasadena. Certainly the City of Pasadena could come up with an arrangement satisfactory to both the dodgers and the City alike. Possibly and this May by More than just an Idle pipe dream we could make the arrange ment not Only satisfactory but per manent

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