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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - December 8, 1961, Pasadena, CaliforniaMostly sunny news on c2. 10-cents los Blue ribbon commission Roii stale Striate apportionment has been warned that South Ern California May try a new initiative if los Angeles county Gols Only a of senators. Page-2i new Federal grand jury has indicted new York supreme court Justice Keogh by Brooklyn on charges of conspiring to fix a fraudulent bankruptcy ease. Page a3. A .1-x87i decline dips Pige b6. Caltf., Friday dec 8, of tie Miami Arthur j. Gold Berg and Al Cio president George Meany have littered on this Winter s Job picture. Goldberg is optimistic but meaty is not so Page 5. Los. An slate civil defense Cone irad radio recordings which would give los. Angeles residents out of Date information in event an enemy attack will be corrected l. A officials were told. Page 5.- Miami memory of that Day should serve us president Kennedy told the Al Cio convention of the anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Others recall memories of that fateful Clay. Page 4. Franc is High. Seeks the if double a football title tonight while Muir s Mustangs Lor a win Semi finals. Muir plays Al Rancho St. Francis meets Bishop Amat. Page by spies 37 secret groups f aide reveals new York Dpi assistant. Fri director Wil Liam c. disclosed yesterday that the world wide communist spy net work is manned by some intelligence and undercover agents working through More than 37 secret organizations one of the chief targets of this sprawling organization Sullivan american industries with classified govern ment defense contracts. The Fri official told the National association of manufacturers 66th annual Congress of american Industry that communist. Espionage agents obtained valuable intelligence data through attendance at scientific and Industrial meetings by the exploitation of published technical material and even from the government printing office. Sullivan said the Fri has Hen informed by a communist defector that there is no country in the world where valuable information can be acquired so openly As in the United Stales. He said this Freedom o t information should not in any in talking to reporters fitter Bis speech Gullivan said there should not be any violation of civil liberties in the fight against red subversion. There is no need of he in his text Sullivan cited an instance where intelligence once obtained in formation Oil port facilities valued at by a nominal Price to the govern ment printing office for an 38 volume report prepared by engineers he omitted this statement in speaking Bill said afterwards the omission was inadvertent. Citing Nollier intelligence gathering tactic Sullivan said the communists save time Energy and Money by Makin a a unit Esquen Good use of readily obtained George Meany told Kennedy. Of it rid inn c to a _ copies of . Patents in a two month period he said a country. Agen t in another country spends 90 per cent of his time he will renew sifting information readily Congress next year for available through government agencies or commercial pub aged. Lishing Bouses. Exhibitions. East germans escape pair of Queens Martha Sissell left 19o2 tournament of Lipses Queen and Carole Washburn this year s Monarch Shore Honor s at the traditional Queen s break fast hotel. Story on Page Al Juk asks Union Aid on Trade Miami i pol i Clos which he heeded to challenges greater than those posed by the attack on Pearl Harbor 20 years ago. The president made his plea before the Al Cio convention just one after he., asked similar support from the nation s businessmen in a speech before the National association of Manu fact users Nam in new York. In contrast to the guarded a i in i ii Arcuti this statement in speaking Bill approach businessmen took to urinmiawi., Ihn the proposal Kennedy received a whistling cheering ovation at tie labor convention yester Day. Well cooperate per Al Cio president the president covered a wide list of other subjects in Fri director j. Edgar Hoover wil1 renew his request to con throughout the world and from has testified before a Senate for tax incentives to in committee that an intelligence courage capital Plant expand tournament participants entertained world s fair official heard the people who ave Putong together the roses Parade for year s Day 250 of together last night to talk things Over and have a Good Lime at the annual participants dinner in the Huntington Sharaton hotel. Most of the talking was done in groups preceding the dinner the usual speeches and instructions being presented in printed form which the float builders and others can peruse at Leisure. Special features of the 73rd annual tournament were Dis closed but the routine material of Many past participants dinners was dispensed Willi. Sam Eodie representing the Seattle world s fair announced that the Washington float in the Jan. .1 Parade will be decorated with roses from despite labor opposition he More than 75 countries tear pet leads gis into Berlin harassment from red guards a . Convoy headed by a Pearl Harbor Veteran yes erday defied communist threats and travelled 110 Niles through East German Ler Tilory to Berlin on the Anli anniversary of the Start of world War ii Pacific. The 172-Man Advance com Pany of the-1st. Battle group 13th infantry 2-Lth division made the trip from West Ger Many without harassment or undue delay from russian or East German Border guards. By coincidence the same Mit was stationed at Schofield Barracks Hawaii when the japanese attacked Pearl har Bor and the non com in charge of the company sir. Maj. William k. Mailolo of Mono ulu was serving in lie unit Hen Mailoto Rocie at the head of he 23-Vehiclc Convoy on the trip through East Germany. Another smaller Convoy West Germany from West Berlin without incident to is the Advance unit of the group Asili infant was sent to Berlin at the height of the crisis aug 20 and is now being re placed by the new Battle group Pel Man Deputy foreign warned wednesday every state in the Union. To illustrate his had an airline hostess present he f i Lora pm Sampson chairman for the Parade of for , a bouquet of 10 roses which were in Rio de r i Anlero hours before a a o vet embassy officials have is opinion a balanced second bouquet to judge it. Been photo Sid in both situation is Asim Burton Noble president of the As budget. Tournament which left Paris Ming their briefcases with a discrimination against material on display at scientific minorities blot on our s and a democracy and a drag on our ,r.0fe, Economy so Sec which had left Tokyo Japan at 3 . Yesterday j no a Kohl us Berlin seven Young time spelling out the need for germans escaped from red greater american Export Bibisi ruled East Berlin yesterday Ness and explaining the heavy and the near Impact it would have on the freezing Waters of a canal. Re nor Pitr Ervin my Maimu i j . Yesterday but he spent most of his Japan time and arrived Here Domestic Economy. Political wayfarers get pertinent hints sunday orators to the left orators to the right Volley and Thunder. About what in the often Slippery fooling of american politics just where do the conservatives and liberals stand one of. The Best ways to find but is to let spokesmen for both sides say Why they can t see Eye to Eye and two of the most articulate men to Champion their respective wings arc playwright Gore Vidal left and editor William f. Buckley jr., their clashing comment helping Point out the sides and the Middle of the Road to the political wayfarer make an intriguing Page this coming sunday in the Independent Star news. At . Yesterday Pasa Dena time. Sampson presided at the Din Ner and president Noble welcomed the guests and introduced special guests. Hoy Neil and Betty White who narrate the descriptions of the Parade for Abc television told the group that an increasing Audi ence will witness the Floral spectacle throughout the United states and Canada in color. John Cabot chairman of the turn to 8, column 7 inside the Independent m Bridge c9 classified c2-8 comics c9 7 editorial.6 finance. 7 Hindrickson Joe Kay Virginia 7 6 Russ 7 Mcmann Doug -7 mar Louvia tries 6 -7 Ryan William l. ,6 society a4-6 or. 7 Bill Al Theale is. A9 to radio b5 Villa sfrlislics.c2 deadline today for kids ads deadline for classified ads to be run in sunday s Independent Star news is 5 . Today. Ads must be brought to the classified and counter at the Independent Star news or received by mail before 5 . To qualify for Lic Atlon. Free ads May not be placed by Telephone. Complete rules for the traditional Independent Star news Christmas present to youngsters of the Gabriel Valley Svere published wednesday in both Independent and Star news. Goa go Battle rages on Jet escorted Airlift will resume today v readiness stressed by Artiman hot defends use of atom bombs former president Harry Truman said last night that the United slates is con fronted by an even Graver threat to our survival than at the time of the Pearl Harbor attack. Speaking on the 20th anniversary of he japanese As Sault Truman said the United Stales must be ready for War. Bui he added preparedness would be a deterrent to a world conflict. Spolter to about at a testimonial dinner for any permit nato troops on communist territory he said. But soviet tro6ps cleared the Convoy on both ends of the autobahn s ii p i i g h w a y through East Germany. German Border guards took no part in the clearance. Tass the official soviet news Agency said in a dispatch from turn to Page 8, column 1 ree traffic Over tie area the said of the German democratic United states should be rus Alert and ready to meet any Sia and East Germany do not he added we Don t want War we want a peaceful world but we must be ready for what May come and then it won t in discussing the Pearl har Bor attack which brought the United Stales into world War ii Truman said we were complacent and did t believe we d go into the War. We weren t ready. The principal part of our Navy was at the Bottom of Pearl Harbor. We had not finished the training of our land forces but we took off our Coats and went to work. We Are in the same mood now As we were in 3941. the . Sailors entombed in the submerged Hulk of the battleship Arizona in Pearl Harbor Truman declared when i think of them it s hard for me to shed any tears Oyer the japanese victims of the atom bombs at Hiroshima and the sex president defended travel guide yuletide exhibits inviting by Russ if Christmas decorating is on your mind these Days you can get a boastful of ideas by going Lottie los Angeles municipal Art gallery in barns Dail Park Between now and his use of the atom bomb by dec. -17 for the Christmas in arguing that it saved a Quarter Many lands display. Sponsored annually by the of a million Young american lives and a like number of los Angeles department of japanese plus perhaps a half municipal Art the event will be open to the Public without charge and will feature More than a score of groups. Each of demonstrate Christmas Deco rations and customs of their native countries. There is also a daily pro Gram of Folk songs and dances by the National groups. All will be Lii native costumes. Any scout groups or youth organizations who wish to take part in Christmas dinner for the Birds program can do so by contacting represent a lives at the Eaton Canyon nature Center 26s4 new York drive. This time of the year Many migratory Birds come to the Center and around Christmas feed and forage can be in Short Supply. Youth groups can help by building feeding stations and stocking them with Choice morsels. All i such groups Are Wel come. 6 come to. The Center during the Winter weeks to watch the visiting Birds. Seen this time of the year at the Pond up behind he Gar Dens in la can Ada. Many exotic turn of Pic 8, column 1 million casualties on each Side reservists who have been crying to their congressmen nationality got Little sympathy from tru these will Man. He said if i had my Way i d keep those crying reservists in training twice As . Plane damaged by gunfire Katanga is claim gains Over Elizabethville Kata Gans temporarily knocked out a United states Airlift yesterday and a . Spokesman acknowledged the provincial to pupi seemed to be holding thei positions against . Ask forces in very confused fighting. Bullets fired from the Resi Dence of Katanga president Moise Tshombe slightly dam aged a u. S. Globe master and led american authorities to halt Oil u. Supplies to this and fax Jive Nicholaj Mikuler who Ita gtd Vair Holdup of Exchange a ctr Chicago using threat of Al dying Victor a Christmas tragedy father son in aritis., seized in Holdup was almost Christmas time and Nicho Las Mikulin could t even pay the rent. Mikulin 35, had Corne from Detroit to the suburb of bring Clew 15 months ago with his wife and two Small Chil . Action hinted in lag the 77-year-old missourian praised Morse devoted and militant Public who believes what he says and says what he Truman said he was sure the people of Oregon would Send Morse Back to the Senate in next year s election. Democratic gov. Edmund g. Brown also Drew Praise from Truman. . Sen Thomas ii. Kuchel said yesterday Congress May be forced to invoke Federal police Powers to reduce air contamination if local communities fail to solve the smog problem themselves. The California legislator addressed the closing session of the 5th annual medical Confer ence of air pollution at the University of Southern Cali fornia. While the effects of smog have been realized for More than. 35 years less Progress has been made than Public welfare demands in solving air pollution problems Kuciel said. John Maga chief of the Bureau of air sanitation stale department of Public health said Are the single most important source Dren. He got a. Job Reynolds Metal co. But his House Cost him 5150 a month and when broke Down and he bought a new car he did t have rent Money. His landlord gave him a five Day . His wife was. Seven months preg Nant and the Christmas shop Ping season was beginning. Mikulin went the rounds of Banks and loan agencies beg Ging for Money. He failed. He then took his 2-year-old son Victor in his arms and walked into a currency Exchange. Mikulin cloth bag and a note to the cashier mrs. June Caruso 39. Not my the note said. If you Don t want him killed please put All the Money you have in this a customer Arthur Dunlap 60, walked in and sensed the tension. After his Check had been cashed Dunlap Tele phoned from another building Are you in Why mrs. Caruso said. Have or. Ziarko come in and see Dunlap relayed the Alert to Albin Ziarko Bridgeview s chief of police. Don t shoot Don t Nia remaining in califor Mikulin pleaded a Short time later is my at the Bridgeview jail yes verday Mikulin s wife visited him. The two Mikulin children played with a stray Puppy which had been brought into the station. Or. John Middleton of Riverside chairman of the state motor vehicle Poullion control Board said Hook Square Miles in the state Are blanketed with foul spokesman , announced the american planes will resume Ope rat Oday under . Jet said his ment. Was based on official information relayed by . Authorities in Jleopold Ville was not brought out How the fighters could be expected to protect the transports Rorri round though strafing1 attacks might help to Clear the approaches. . Frees Laid Down a heavy mortar barrage late Iri the Day of Katanga position of the West Side Elizabethville Airport Road. To Cor respondents in the Post office area also the Tempo of the fighting appeared to be shooting persisted in i area known As the Funnell entered about a strategic underpass Between the City and Bur bs., was. Claimed that swedish troops were in command there. But during the evening a , spokesman indicated that Al though the swedes May still control the underpass they do not command the whole area. Katanga foreign minister Evariste Kimba told a news Man that he and Interior min ister Godefroid Lunongo had toured Battle positions and Felt very confident. Both claimed tie Kata Gansy a d gained fishing though not say just where. The . Jet air Force a stalk ing its own blow at enemy supplies blasted a Katanga ammunition dump six Miles outside Elizabethville and the resulting explosions Shook the heart of the City. The Globe master was one it six which wednesday began an air Lext of. Armoured Crews to the Force in Elizabethville aside from the tha ammunition dump sources said two knocked out an antiaircraft installation on the outskirts arid Indian Canberra destroyed two Katanga army trucks of turn to Page 8, column i train service study ordered the California Public utile. Ties commission yesterday or dered a Pilot study the possibility of commuter service into los Angeles Over existing rail lines Santa be through Pasadena representatives of the Sania migrating waterfowl can be pc Union Pacific and Southern Pacific protested h e a t e d by made by a citizens group for commuter t f Rice. Through the Sari Gabriel and san Fernando valleys to Union station in downtown los . The Puc and rail rep Iesenla lives conferred informally on the proposal in los Angeles. The Gro ii argues the. Service would ease freeway congestion. , ordered the three railroads to come up with fads and figures on tunning two to four car commuter trains on Heije or Butts Santa be san Bernardino via p a s a d n n a Union. Pacific san Bernardino via Riverside Santa san Bernardino via Fullerton the san Fer Nando Valley. A Railroad representatives told the commission tha t commuter service would spelt i financial losses for them. 13. Robinson of the Santa be said through the Ages transportation of people has been unprofitable. We re in Terest de in m aking my hey and we can l make it this you think you can a commuter service without a big financial investment. This Jan. 25. Is a big said de Yeo Southern Pacific Attar can t even big study without Canning metropol. It an transit authority Rcpt e be rail commuter service in the san Gabriel and san Fern undo valleys reduce the authority s earning told. To yes or commission Mcelmu a

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