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Independent, The (Newspaper) - August 5, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaDeath claims former Georgia sen. Walter f. George i foe spread Fuff in from East this morn ing but Nutly Sonny after Muff Moon. Chance in temperature. No smog. High near is More weather Page 4. Vol 142 22 pages cloth Ifird by 6-0311 the 1 Independent Home i surging new York f Askow stretch i to earner Cleve bimts i Mhz twice. Pise is. By 5-m11 1m Angam 1-8188 i 6-4671 Zenins 2330________pasadena, Cal monday. August 5. 1957 Oman rebels make plea to Ike Bulgarin for Aid 1 George with friends Eisenhower Roosevelt Churchill and outstanding american Vienna a. Of former at his Home Here after a six week against heart disease. Yesterday struggle the nation paid immediate Tou Are becoming Vert drowsy and stirring tribute to his cd Sun ing irm Ute to nos 5ied which spanned at his a 9entury_ the Georgia Democrat who retired from the Senate last january and became presi f. A Runyon s readers 1 Tjien ask that one of his old. I column be repeated. Stalf members have picked out a and we re giving them to you now while the Boss is on vacation May 8, 1953 the other evening be fore a group of dental assistants i had the rather startling privilege of wit Nessing a demonstration of hypnotic anaesthesia. I shall not Only Tell you about it but report a Lew rather alarming experiments of my own. The demonstration con ducted in the presence of legitimate dentists was conducted by Charles Edward Cook of los an Geles a practising psychologist who has done considerable teaching of hypnosis to medical and dental students in South Ern California. He began his demonstration by As Suring his audience that no one would be put out. Like a Light or induced to do anything contrary to their judgment or morals. Or. Cook then proceeded to test his audience for hypnotic susceptibility. We i tested ourselves. Here s the method. ,01056 your eyes. Try to visualize a Black Board. If you can pick up a piece of Chalk and make a Circle on the Board. Now put Down the Chalk pick up an Eraser and erase the Circle. Take the Chalk again and make an a where the Circle was. Erase the Board clean. If while doing this you Are conscious of dust from the Eraser your Power of imagery is highly developed and you Are More subject than the Ordinary person to hypnotic influence. This is not indicative of weakness but of a Superior sense of imagery. Close your eyes again Tun to fun two cum Rcv Joisie Ripesi Dent Eisenhower s special ambassador to nato had grown gradually weaker for the Pas week. He succumbed at . Yesterday with his wife miss and son hear George at his bedside. George former Dean of tha Senate respected by democrats and Bett Bochas Alflice died of complications of atherosclerosis an ailment that causes congestion and Nar rowing of the blood vessels that nourish the heart. The condition was first made Lublic in june when George Eft Washington for 10 Days o treatment at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. He was Dis charged from the Hospital five weeks ago and brought to his Home to recuperate. George was reported by Doc ors to be making Progress unil just Over a week ago when in took a turn for the worse. Great loss 5 president Eisenhower said George s death is a great Joss not Only to his own native state of Georgia but also to the entire and he said his passing was a personal loss to inasmuch As George was a Good and dear he was an outstanding american and a Fine gentleman who will be greatly the president said. Vice president Richard m. Nixon praised George As one of the greatest senators of the history of the he Rose the vice president said completely above partisan politics in the service of his state and the Secretary of state John Fos Ter Dulles hailed George s ser vice for Many years on the Senate foreign relations com Mittee and his work with nato. Dulles said George was loved by All who had the privilege of knowing Russell and her Russell will head a congressional delegation scheduled to us. Aide target of Tel Aviv. Ins the israeli secret service claimed yesterday it uncovered a fantastic plot to blow lip the soviet embassy in i Tel Aviv and assassinate Eric Johnston special . Mideast representative As Well As Brit ish foreign Secretary Selwyn Lloyd. The plot allegedly was hatched by an underground israeli terrorist organization to stir up As much trouble As possible in the Middle East. The head of the secret service disclosed the plans at a Tel Aviv District court where Yaa Cov Peruti accused terrorist Leader has appealed for release on bail pending a trial. Charging that Peruti had become the Central figure of terrorist activities in Israel the official testified that her uti s release would constitute a threat to Public secur he disclosed the underground group had worked out plans to Low up. The soviet embassy with a. View to provoking armed a s i a i retaliation which in turn would bring Western the cloak and Dagger chief whose identity is a closely guarded secret indicated that he terrorists expected a full scale War to break out with the embassy bombing. He said they wanted Israel to expand her Borders at the expense of Jordan Syria and Egypt and to Force capitulation of the Arab countries. As the Man responsible for Security services the chief said it was his duty to warn also that the terrorist organization had planned to assassinate such political figures As Lloyd am Johnston. Special precautions special Security precautions were taken while the secret service chief a Small Bald Mexico City. Ins four headed Man testified. Police prodigal painting Back George press loses fight. Four moderate quakes strike in Mexico City moderate earthquakes jolted Mexico City Early yesterday Reading fears among Resi ends who underwent a major make last sunday that killed cores of persons and caused by Bill Mayer a 92-year-old Blind Man ran his fingers fondly yesterday Over an italian pre Renaissance painting Worth at least which he re ported stolen More thin two years ago. Egbert Halsey Moare House who runs an Art store still at 810 e. Seventh los Angeles insisted it was a great work of Art even though there is no Sig nature on it. So did Belli Acquaviva 62 year old Pasadena Art dealer in whose shop at 37 n. Arroyo Parkway the painting was found. Acquaviva said his asking he told that to Pete Ellena a Pasadena detective just before he was ordered to the Hall of jus Tice for questioning. Last night act Ulve known also As Umberto Bellini d Atri Aragon the Duke d Atri and various other names was still under questioning by los Angeles police. And he was booked on suspicion of grand theft i did t steal Acquaviva insisted. I did work for or. More House. He wanted to pay me and i said i would like return for my services. He gave it to but Moorehouse told a different Story. He said the As he called Acquaviva came into his shop about March 956, took the painting out of its Frame and strode out of the store with it. Photo Moorehouse and Hli lost painting i Moorehouse said. I was t Blind. There but i was too feeble to struggle with him.1 Moorehouse told Ellena he went to the Federal Bureau of investigation and asked for help but. Was brushed after that he gave up until of Feridi Clyde hol e. Pred son came into his shop recently and asked about the picture Hollingshead first saw the turn to Page two Eavy property damage. No casualties were reported esterday. The Tacu Baya seismology Obora tory in the capital said he first quake recorded at orce five on the Percalli scale seized the camera of a photographer who snapped his picture and removed the film. The government previously claimed that Peruti headed a terrorist group which Assassin ated or. Rudolf Kastner in Israel last March. Kastner had been Leader of the jewish com occurred at . T was followed by tremors at 36 . And . A fourth earthquake of Force four was recorded at . The series brought to 136 the Otal number of tremors Reg stored since last sunday. Mishaps m my 4 picture on Page 2 cars that missed curves and went bounding and battering along City streets leaving trails of damaged property an injuries killed one Man Yeste Day in the san Gabriel Vail and injured four others. Glendale girl gets Oregon Honor Grants pass Ore. Fol Sally to Thompson of Glendale was chosen yesterday to reign As Queen Gladys Xvi at the 1957 Grants pass Gladiolus festival West s disarmament Hopes growing in London talks is Bulgarin ailing or purged by Charles h. Klensch London. Ins has soviet Premier Nikolai Bulgarin been purged too Bulgarin was once the big a iof the travelling team of soviet brass. But on saturday Moscow told about a couple of important out of the country missions and Bulgarin s name was t even mentioned. To unless there is an explanation soon the Kremlin can count on a Quick revival of last month s rumours which added Bulgarin to the list of purged by Nikita s. Khrushchev. First he was t on hand for the secret meeting Between soviet communist party chief Khrushchev and yugoslav president Tito thursday and Friday in Romania. Then Only a few hours after Moscow broke the word of the Khrushchev Tito Hud dle the Kremlin listed the members of the delegation which will journey to East Ger Many Bulgarin there either. Only two weeks ago when the impending visit to satellite East Germany was first re said that bom b. would make the trip t tjlf16 has that Icay wry phys Cay or dead Polit Carly to prot Lect bul Ganin has gone the Way of v. M. Molotov and Corei Malenkos who were ousted from the party and government Hierarchy after Khrushchev emerged victorious in the Krem Lin Power struggle during june. Bulgarin s absence from the Khrushchev Tito meeting in Romania at first appeared the fact that party not government matters were being discussed. But now the absence from Romania Cou pled with his being dropped from the delegation bound for East Germany tends to strengthen the possibility he has been cased however it is not unprecedented for Bui Ganin to drop from sight for a period of several weeks. He almost the entire month of january 1956. Not until shortly before the end of the month did the Kremlin reveal that the Premier was recovering from a breakdown following the exertion of his tour through India Burma and Afghanistan with Khrushchev. He has followed a similarly heavy sched ule the past six weeks which have included trips to Finland and Czechoslovakia in Addi Tion to the Kremlin upheaval. It is possible those events May have put top heavy a Strain on the 62-year-old Bulgan in s far from robust health. On the other hand there were reports following the Kremlin shakeup that during the Early stages Bulgarin sided with Khrushchev s foes. London. In Hopes of Kee ing the disarmament talks Liiv grew among Western dipl Mats in London last nigh they emphasized responsibility for any breakdown woul rest solely with the russians there was a wide feeling tha the flight of John Foster Dulle to appear before the United nations disarmament sub Ommi tee Here last week gave the talks a decided lift skies spirits of Western negotiators were not dampened by Moscow radio s harsh criticism of the new Allied open skies inspection proposals Designe to prevent a sneak nuclear at tack. But everyone agreed some Tough bargaining could be expected before even a first stage disarmament agreement is reached. Diplomat source admitted there seemed slim Chance the russians would accept the proposal to open All of the soviet Union United states Canada and most of Europe to air and ground inspection. Soviet disarmament Dele Gate Valerian Zorin protested the plan did not cover ice land and North Africa where the United states has air bases. The alternative proposal wiltern theater robbed of 3gs a 25-year-old robbed the Warner wiltern theater at . Yesterday and escaped with in a travelling bag. The Bandit apparently held up the manager and then waited out put Tho Box office. Opening to inspection a Liml Tei zone in the Arctic seemed like to attract More soviet alter Tion. Libel jury selection to continue los Angeles. Up selection of a jury to hear the confidential Magazine libel suit continues today much to the Disma of a Public waiting impatient to hear the expected spicy Tes irony of witnesses. The preliminaries Are delay no court appearances of Holly Vood figures subpoenaed by both the prosecution and de Ense. Opposing attorneys predicted it would be tomorrow at the earliest before a jury was Impan eled. Opposing views of defense and prosecution Over just who and what Are on trial became More noticeable. There Are in effect three empty chairs a he defendants table. Defense attorney Arthur j Crowley insists that Only free and Marjorie Meade husband and wife team who operate Hollywood research inc., Anc Weir firm Are on trial on Harges of criminal conspiracy o commit libel and publish of Cene material. Hollywood re Earch inc., is a West coast gency of confidential. But the prosecution and the court agrees that in Ddillon confidential inc., Velsper inc., and publishers distributing corp. Are also de pendants. They Are Una cafe enter by counsel but the pro Elution says it will Moke ase against them and seek a verdict of guilty. Ernest s. Gill 25, of los an Giles died shortly after my night in his automobile on a Rob or. Just of san Gabriel Gabrie about an hour and a Hall later four Young men were. Injured in what police de scribed As a 70-Mph crash in front of 120. N. Orange Grove ave. Near Holly st., in Pas Adena. They were John Alverado 22, the Driver Valentino Miranda 21 Peter Gonzales 20 and Fred True Flo 17. The firs three Are los Angeles Resi dents Trujillo a Seaman in Thi Navy. Their injuries were no serious. Gill was pronounced dead when the ambulance got him Tel Monte medical Way patrolmen said they believed death was instantaneous officers said he was West Jofe asic Powers to end strife Cairo. Leaders of the Arab rebellion against the Sultan of Muscat and Oman appealed today to president and russian Premier Nikolai Bui Ganin to Stop British military intervention and negotiate a peace. The rebels appealing in the name of their Leader the Imam of Oman opened the Way for the soviet Union to step into the Vest pocket dispute it the mid East. Radio Moscow has been backing the rebellion and attacking Britain for sending troops and equipment to help the Sultan the rebel lion sheikh Mohamed Ediar thy Oman representative in Cairo said the Appeal was sent to Eisenhower and bid Gayln in note. It was signed by Emir Saleh bin Issa Elhart thy governor of sharply a where the rebels toned welded strength yester Day and the Imam s official represent Auvo in Arabia the note wis want in behalf of the Imam Elgar thy said. According to the announce ment Here the note requested american and soviet intervene Ion on the condition that our Rentiers and Independence Are and our rights Stab halt strife noting the British govern ment s official statements con Corning its coming to the Mil itary Aid of the Sultan of cat against the Imam of Oman and that this Promise has been put into effect we in the name of the Imam of Oman and his free people request you halt the British government and put an end to this the note said. It asked Eisenhower and bul Ganin to prevent the shedding of blood of old men women and the note claimed the British and the Sultan of the potentially Oil Rich country were the aggressors. Arab sources Here said the rebels Bombshell m o v a would bring Russia directly into the Anglo omani Dis Pute. If Russia Steps in they said t would be the first time the soviets had intervened in mid dle East disputes since the Suez a yesterday the Imam s representative Here appealed to Arab and american nations to Stop at High Speed. He lost Contro of the vehicle while trying to make a left turn apparently onto san Gabriel blvd. Cab skidded Gill s car skidded broadside 01 feet then rolled Over and kept rolling for another 150 get he was hurled from the it Mobile while it was spin Ling and evidently landed on Lis head. In the Pasadena Accident a ording to investigating offi ers the Alverado car missed be Orange Grove curve at live aks ave., bounded up Over he sidewalk ripped a fire by rant out rammed a Power Ole tree and Light Standard and ended up on its Side. Aim american Namons 10 Stop bound on Arroyo dr., moving Britain from intervening in the at no pal Tufi inor .ui.t. Rebellion which is More than two weeks old. Warns Britain Mohamed Elgar thy also a Ned Britain that bigger Owers were ready to help the Mam. He did not name the Lowers but it was pointed out Lere that Russia has been the Only major Power ready to Side with the rebels against the British backed Sultan the British who have an agreement with the Sultan to support his arabian Gulf Sand Tate moved armoured vehicles and infantry soldiers against rebels yesterday. Earlier hey had blasted away at the Mam s forts with rockets from it planes. Inside today s Independent Lother to join widow of american who died in Okinawa is flying to daughters in custody of wife no. 13. Tallulah is. Wants a National lottery but Federal officials 8. Mason raps Secretary blames unions farm ers and tight Money for 12. H features .11 obituaries .35 ilen.11 health .11 sports .13 14 15 21 Kay. 6 theater s .8 leadabrand.11 to radio in a nash.11 women.6 7

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