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Independent, The (Newspaper) - August 1, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaWeather. Tittle Chan be in tempera Ture with High expected about 92. High yesterday 98, Tow 68. Moderate to heavy Eye irritation possible smog Alert. Rubbish burning prohibited until 4 pea. More weather Fage 5. Vol. 139 Independent Home edition school Board sounds out Public on new proposals to outlaw politicking by school 2. 58 pages classified by Poi Odeno by 5-6811 Angeles by 1-8188 i t. Jim i 6-4671 _ Zenith 2330 Pasadena Cal thursday August woman s tip launches new manhunt for cop killer Pai Oden Mcallister 6, finally finds hawaiian trip wont of 10neiy for local the three children of mrs. Gar Matthews of South won t be lonely on their trip to Hawaii. Nor will their grand Mother mrs. Stanley Peg Schnetzler 65, of Palos Verdes estates who is Tak ing 11 of her 12 grandchildren to Hawaii aboard the hawaiian _ steamship co. Liner Leila in. Mrs. Schnetzler sailed yesterday with the sons and daughters ranging in age from 2 to 14 years of her three daughters mrs. Mat thews mrs. N. S. Mewhin Ney of Piedmont calif., and mrs. David Hull of Houston Tex. The party required five Cabins aboard the liner. The Matthews children Are Karen 9 Mark 7, and Susan 2. Not for bread alone f. A Lium Jon s readers often Ash that one of his old columns tie repeated. Staff members have picked out a jew and use re giving them to you now while the Boss is on vacation june lots of people have manholes outside their Homes in the Street but very few actually own one. I own 9ne, lid and All. Pardon my capitalistic Candor but owning a solid Iron manhole cover does something to a Man. The sheer heft of a thing like that gives a fellow a solid citizen like feeling. The Hole beneath it one to every lid you know is a source of proud property conscious Ness in owning a few personal catacombs or a commercial linear acre of parisian sewer. Frightfully mysterious and All that. Frightfully frightful if you Ever fell in i can imagine you readers Are All ears and in my mind s Eye i can see you sitting Bug eyed at your breakfast tables at this bit of intelligence. Husband says to wife guess wife yawns that Runyon Chap has gone and done it wife yawns again. Done gone and gotten him self a and All. Affluent he Humph now i sup pose you la be wanting Well Honey we ought to have something to re place those flies he drove with that Cotton heat stirs smog Alert another hot one Joday Pasadena and the. Entire los Angeles Basin gasped through the third straight Day of hot and smoggy ites Earen Mac Hosea yesterday weather yesterday and the air pollution control District it has asked for 50 convict Callea the first smog Alert of the year. Volunteers at the Ohio state Relief from the sweltering weather was seen Thino hitch for a to today with the High tempera Ture forecast in the upper 90s there will be no let up in tin smog and burning is prohibited until 4 . Pasadena listed one Hent exhaustion Case when Robert w. Auld 70, of 285 Parke St. A lapsed. He suffered a severe nosebleed but was re leafed after trea Bueist at emergency Hospital. In los Angeles Tony Presiado collapsed in his Home a 1220 Sunset blvd. And was taken to general Hospital. The Mercury hit 98 in Pasa Dena at 3. . Yesterday with a Low of 68 recorded last night 94 in . Temperatures in los Angeles reached 94 degrees one degree under the Mark set in 1931 for the same Date. The smog Alert was called at . When the Ozone concentration reached 0.50 parts per million parts of air at Griswold called off the Alert at 217 . When the Ozone Content dropped to 0.45. Griswold said the smog reached Only a first stage Alert phase and said the air contamination was Safe but neared a Point where Preven Tive action was needed. Cikk our pages for Dollar Days. Tomorrow and saturday Are Dollar Days in Pasa Dena. Study the ads1 in today s Independent and take advantage of the tremendous bargains offered by Pasa Dena s merchants on., these two memorable shopping Days. State scans cons sought for shots of cancer cells new York. In the Sloan Kettering Institute for cancer research disclosed yesterday Deer Lodge Mont. Of a. Usu Iii us. An authorities regained full con Azusa. Smog chief s. Smith of the riot torn Montana state prison late yesterday and the Alert. Vehicle ban operators of commercial strutted to private non vehicles Are in locked All inmates including a murderer a who had the run of he Penitentiary Yard for 24 hours in their cells. The inmates gained one finite Concession from their a and night disturbance a Romise from the state Board me Eliut do arc declaration of a smog Alert of prison commissioners to immediately bans burning of convert an onion Garden in any combustible waste at location within the los Angeles Basin. Residents Are not allowed to operate Light or continue feeding any incinerator after _ however attorney general Jjo rest h. Andersen assured the rioters again that his of fice would make an Earnest and extensive investigation into other problems listed by the prisoners. The riot that started tues strutted to take such Steps Day afternoon ended when All necessary for possible second inmates directly involved were Alert it in Penitentiary to submit to injections of a test anti cancer vaccine made of dead cancer cells. The Institute s disclosure was made with the release of the text of an interview with or Chester m. Southam director of the research project in the Ohio Penitentiary news. Guinea pigs Southam said the test inoculations would be made As soon As 50 convicts volunteered to act As human Guinea he began his experiments at the institution last february by implanting live cancer cells in the skin of Volunteer inmates. Results of the tests indicated that healthy persons have Nat ural defences against cancer he said. Although he used live cells for the implants Southam said he did not think it would be practicable to Start with live cells in has test vaccine. He plans to inoculate volunteers with dead human cancer cells first and live ones a few weeks later. The Experiment should by Ray Duncan in a Little room inside i Pasadena Industrial plan Thomas Hogan sniffed the air. That s the smell o he said. It was a Sweet and heavy smell. He said the smell is Lavender Oil and fat of of turpentine but we use them to hold Gold in solution. Of Gold runs a year it s j. Romance sighed. Hogan s firm produces China plates cups and saucers and such at 356 s. Raymond ave. And uses Gold Coin for or Rimini and decorating. There Are on about six firms in the nation capable of producing Fine China yesterday Hogan put up a Ronze plaque from a recen National show honouring him for his technical and artistic contributions to the Fine Chin it s cheaper he stood in his office and said do you know that it s actually cheaper to eat from the Best China dinnerware every Day than it is to eat from paper this is one of the passions in the life of Hogan a brisk and Stocky businessman who seems astonished at finding himself involved in Art. It s a very sad he said when people put their Fine China plates in a closet. China is to live with every Day. Children especially should have a Chance to know the warmth and Good living in Beautiful and the Joy of breaking them Rorri a stack on a table Hogan took a plate be tween his fingertips. Feel the he said offering it like a precious Stone. It Felt taut and twangy Ntim . V alive to the touch. Far More durable than cheaper said. Much better investment from the Hogam Happy smells Gold and Romance. Standpoint of useful a tin can dangled from a Tring above his head we keep Gold erasers in he Aid but he did t mean eras is made of Gold. The can was Ull of gadgets to wipe tiny Ains and smears of Gold from he plates. We Send our old rags and aint brushes to a special company that Deans the Gold rom said Hogan. He started in the business a the lowest Point a. Long a from Gold soaked rags. I a a. Labourer in a Brickyard 3 years he. Said arid i Grac rally worked up toward Chin Teacup shortage after the War. I started pro during on my own. Did you know there was a shortage o teacups just after the. Tarted out making nothing by turn to Page an editorial prove body s Alert close Down orders. Griswold is empowered to re quest the Public to Stop All non turn to pase five returned to their own cells and their bars locked until a m during the 15 hours inner turn to Page whether the human natural immunity to can be enhanced by dead cell Southam said. He emphasized the results of the Experiment would be limited to the ability of the human body to throw off implanted cancer rather than its ability to conquer naturally formed cancer through inoculation. Long term study if he succeeds in immunizing the convicts against implanted cancer Southam said a Long term follow up study of 10, 20 or 25 years must be made to learn the effectiveness of shots against natural cancer. Ores win confidential Magazine , Dorothy dad ride met Annan vol t a court approval Angeles Honey me. Away Don t we re not having a Man Hole or the cover to go with it on this property do you Yabut Don t Yabut me. If you re so crazy about manhole covers Why Don t you go Down to the Cor fir and stare at that one in the Middle of the that belongs to the turn to six i quinine Mae West yesterday to Call on Hollywood John Carroll and Mark Stevens movie stars for testimony in a. Its criminal libel trial which opens Friday afternoon. Superior judge Herbert v. Walker denied a motion by attorneys for actor Rcv Cal subpoena Lioun s Law Houn to quash served on him. . Yers contended his testimony could serve no useful purpose and that the subpoena was is sued primarily to harrass their client. Can Ronco Linn assistant at Torney general Lias Stih miffed stories in confidential which he prosecution claims arc Ullh Clovis and obscene. The stories involve 0 , Dick Powell Robert Corinne Calvet Mae prosecution witnesses Are Howard Kushmore former editor of confidential and mrs. Ronnie Juiliano Scilly who admittedly supplied the Magazine with a source mate rial. Among the latest to be tapped by pro Cess servers Are Tab Hunter and Tita Purdom divorced wife of actor Edward Purdom. Crow to place his Star studded Ley said others served include list of witnesses on a two hour Gary Cooper Walter Pidgeon Itric in _ _ Linn said he does not plan to Call them but that they could be summoned for rebuttal in the defense tries to prove the stories about them Are True 200 witnesses Arthur j. Crowley defense attorney inc seated he May Call 200 witnesses. The court urged klan _ standby basis instead of hold ing them daily at the trial until they Are called. Crowley told reporters he in tends to Usk some of tha stars under oath if the stories about them in the Magazine Are True or false. Topping Tui list of briefly As miss in the miss universe contest apologized formally yesterday for losing As a miss in the inter National pageant of Pul Chri of Leona who lost her Crown iut won some More lucrative ewards when it was discovered hat she was married for the second time and a Mother also Wice expressed her regret in letter to Oscar Meinhardt Arr Assed director of the tumultuous contest. I the letter said that you can i hid in your heart forgiveness and can realize that the Way things were and from my own in experience i had no idea of the amount of trouble that the misunderstanding would Meinhardt still recuperating from the Rigours of the Eon est made the letter Public Vith the observation that i Ling it is a very gracious Ges ure on her the letter did not have far travel. She is rehearsing n nearby Hollywood for a net Ork television play to be aired n Friday and is receiving hat approaches Star treat ent from the network s pub City department. 14-Yew-Oid in first walk los Angeles. Fourteen ear old Victor a n t o n i n o walked the first me in his life. Victor a native of the Phil Pines was placed in a Japa Ese concentration Camp with s parents and seven Brothers and Sisters in 1942. Maln utri on stunted his growth and he infarcted mor Quio s disease. Because his hip joints and Pine failed to develop Vic or is Only 4 feet tall. He entered orthopaedic hos from me quo Tal Here for treatment in Paris was issued Here is year. Yesterday with the through his London lawyer u of crutches and a Brace it said the documents were at kept his legs widely sop. In Complete Fabrica ated he walked around the tons and in part Gross Dis Ards of the Hospital. J portions of the truth Uke debunks nazi s report London. Of the Duke of Windsor yesterday denounced reports a nazi Diplo mat made in 1940 that he was thinking of disavowing Brit ish policy and breaking with King George i. The reports were in Ger Man wartime documents made Public by the state department in Washington. A statement from the Duko inside today s Independent Oppold vows plea renewal disappointed at rejection of his Freedom bid Nathan Leopold 1924 thrill killer vows to keep trying until dying n. Icy enjoy to to Milf a selected oldsters anti orcs Home ams Len business classified a 20. A Floc ,.23 .23 ,.36 .37 comics .43 Connolly .32 Considine features health Kay. Ivul Ahrend Nasli .23 .23 .17 .23 p.1ro obituaries.37 opinion .23 sports .25 theater to Kadlo 34 women in

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