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Brownfield News Newspaper Archives Dec 12 1999, Page 1

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Brownfield News (Newspaper) - December 12, 1999, Brownfield, Texas R ii.,ii,, , l for add 780 w by 27s Soi Ith West m t Cro publish i no 7 f Vandell or Elpaso to 79903 3724 c 0 4 i a. 1999 crop summary see Page 4 of this Issue Bale count 147,296 As of Friday december to 1999 the Brownfield n e is sunday december 1999 3 a ska it be mail v High 49� a High 41� v High 51� High 62� a aaa preparing for the new millennium Home of Virgie Jenkins 50 Cusps 067-880 Low str rain 25% dec ticks Plu Supi element volume 94, no. 99 guar offers profitable alternative by Blake Decker of you wondered throughout the past few months Why so Many Farmers had planted a Weed like crop in their Fields you were not alone. That Weed looking Plant covering approximately 10.000 acres in Terry county is guar As the alternative crop is making a return after a decade and a half hiatus from Terry county farms. One of the main reasons for the return of guar to this area is Klint Forbes a contractor for Rhodia inc. In Vernon Texas. Forbes who said he a got into the contracting business to be Able to grow it on his own land began the guar comeback with a journey to the Rhodia facility in Vernon in 1997, As he said a we needed an alternative. That alternative which had not been planted since 1982 in the county ended up the season As the fourth most planted alternative to Cotton in Terry county. For the season Forbes said the lowest yields have been around 450 pounds per acre with the Best yield right now at 2,208 pounds per acre. One of those producers who approached the High end of 2,000-plus pounds per acre was Mike sides. Sides who Farmed More than 1,300 acres of guar mostly on hailed out Cotton is the highest acreage guar Farmer in Terry county As there were several others including Forbes who Farmed More than 1,000 acres of the alternative crop. According to sides the looks of the crop can be deceiving. A it s the ugliest crop to grow but at least it is a profit crop sides said adding a a it a inexpensive to grow because the Cost of production is really Low. Proving Beauty is the in the Eye of the beholder sides said there Are several reasons guar has been such a beneficial crop for him this year As Well As next. A it is Beautiful As a catch crop behind failed Cotton because your Cotton herbicides Don t bother it it is real drought tolerant and you have a Chance of making a profit on guar he said. A now we have something to rotate our dryland which will build your soil much like peanuts. It s a Low maintenance crop you Plant it plow it maybe Hoe it one or two times. It does t require a lot of water does t require any fertilizer and bugs Aren t going to Hurt you. A As with most alternative crops guar won t necessarily be a Cash cow at the Bank but it can offset what otherwise could be a disastrous season. A if you have to have something for safety like during a trouble year like this year where we lost our main crop this is a Safe play sides said. A if your yields Are 600 pounds or better you Are making decent Money. The net profit is even comparable to dryland Cotton because by the time you take your Boll Weevil spraying out one or two fertilizing and if you have a worm problem by the time you get through paying that on dryland with an 800 Pound or 1,000 Pound guar crop it will be really close to the dryland Cotton net profit. With the Promise it has shown this year guar is one alternative that sides said he has already made plans to take advantage of next season. A this year i had not planned to Plant any guar but i used it behind hailed out Cotton As one of the reasons guar works so Well being planted after a failed Cotton crop is a Farmer can Plant it late in the season. A the guar i planted Early did no to do As Good As the guar i planted in the Middle. What i planted later see 4 Snow Falls in Brownfield to r wrist it. A a a a Jwj Winter weather brings out the children in All of us As several local youngsters took advantage of several inches of Snow and a late starting school Day to build a snowman thursday morning. The architects of a a frosty were left to right Christian Fay Meredith Wise Mike Hamilton Olivia Wise and Parker Wise. Not pictured was Jessica Fay. Rn.,a a. 4 a it a j 1n Ink by Lynn Brisendine seems impossible to be Over the Hill when you be never been to the top of it. Some of this and some of that. Some scientists continue to espouse a theory that Mankind s leaps in technology Are destined to hit a Wall soon. This week i heard Michael Crighton the famous and prolific science fiction author Tell an audience that he finds these protestations laughable. He does not think our quest for knowledge and the new concepts that come with it Are even close to being reached. This week the news magazines Are reporting on the newest ism super computer. And from reports it is a super duper computer. A machine that uses a different Type of logical numbering. Computer chips which handled thousands of calculations a second were big news Only a few years ago. Then came silicone chips which would handle millions of calculations a second. Not too Many months later faster computers were handling a billion thoughts a second. The newest big Blue wonder is capable of handling trillions of calculations a second. These speeds will help researchers tackle some huge problems. And these new innovations can mean leaps and Bounds in medical research in designs of All types in astronomy and in understanding the most Complex problems. And the Cool thing about All of this is the faster these problems Are solved the sooner we Consumers see the products or services arrive for our consumption enjoyment and enhancement of our lives. So Crank up these new super supercomputers. I can t wait to read and hear about All the new concepts heading our Way. Going from the exciting new things on the horizon to someone who has Hung around so Long until he has become so tiresome so old and so out of Date it is almost ridiculous. Fidel Castro has made the headlines Over the last couple of weeks with regularity. First he made some statements about attending the to meeting in Seattle. In fact his government aides were reported to have made hotel reservations for the bearded dictator. This news was greeted by several of our . Representatives demanding his arrest should he set foot on . Soil. Fidel did t make the meetings. But one wonders if he had shown up on the West coast would the . Marshals have appeared with a warrant of Fidel snagged some heavy headlines these few weeks later anyway. He attended a rally in support of returning the six year old boy who basically washed up on our shores. His attendance at a cuban rally for the boy s return was covered intensely. The suspense continues to build about the once and soon again Caribbean jewel s transition from a third world dive Back to a tropical playground. Castro has been Able to maintain his grip on the Island but lots of people Are betting when he Dies it will not take Long for the socialists to turn into socialites. It s just a matter of time until the first Casino opens and the party starts again. The Hampton basketball coaches lawsuit against the City of Lubbock has been summarily dismissed. The coaches and their attorneys were unable to coax a settlement out of Lubbock and their Case appeared to be weak at Best. It is still no time for the Ltd and the City of Lubbock to break out the party napkins and celebrate. The appeals process continues. And a new honeymoon Quot has broken out on the Texas tech Campus. A new head football coach is in place. At this time it is All Good news. Everyone seems excited about the possibilities the new Man brings from Oklahoma. All the news is going to be Good and All the hoopla will be heavy. The new Guy has everything going his Way until. That first loss. Mike Leach is a name we will All be hearing a great Deal about. From All reports he has a great Deal of skill especially on the offensive Side. Here s hoping he has the ability and works hard enough to Garner some Luck. As everyone knows Luck is usually made up from hard hard work. From this Day there Are 15 Days til Christmas and 21 Days til the new year. Time flies. Filing deadline for party primaries set for Jan. 3, 2000 any area resident who has an interest in filing for a Public office in either this Spring s democratic or Republican primaries has three weeks to make up their. The filing deadline with either the democratic or Republican county chairmen is 6 p m. Monday Jan. 3, 2000 area positions coming open for the March 14, 2000 primaries includes precinct one and precinct three commissioners sheriff county attorney Justice of the peace. District judge county tax assessor collector and Constable. Terry county clerk Ann Willis noted that before a person can file for an office they must have already named a Campaign chairman by contacting her the persons who have thus far designated Campaign chairman include the following precinct one commissioner Earl Brownjr. Incumbent. Precinct three commissioner Don Robertson incumbent. Terry county sheriff Jerry Johnson incumbent. Terry county attorney g. Dwayne Pruitt incumbent Frank Lacy. Justice of the peace Evelyn Dalton Lynn Mills Mike Bennett Gail Gilbreath. The remaining area incumbents District judge Kelly Moore tax assessor collector Redelle Cox and Terry county Constable Kenneth Tuttle have not As yet designated a Campaign chairman or filed for their office. Incumbents to seek re election Jerry Johnson announce for county sheriff Jerry Johnson Terry county sheriff Jerry l. Johnson has announced his candidacy for re election. Johnson took office in Jan. 1989 after having begun his career in Law enforcement in 1972 in the past 27 years Johnson has accumulated about 1.500 total training hours having earned Basic intermediate advanced instructor and a master peace office certificate which is the highest certificate issued by the Texas commission on Law enforcement sheriff Johnson added that the Terry county jail has passed every state inspection since his taking office in 1989. In nov. 1998, the Terry county sheriff s department and jail moved to a new facility at 1311 Tahoka Road the department made some dramatic changes due to the increase in size of the new jail. At the time of the move to the Terry county Law enforcement Center there were some major changes made in the departmental policies and procedures. After observing the first year anniversary of the new facility the sheriff feels that the department reached the goals and objectives set for the see Johnson 4 Earl Brown announces intentions Earl Brownjr. Is announcing his candidacy for Terry county commissioner precinct one. He has served the citizens of Terry county As commissioner beginning Jan i 1993. Brown and his w Ife Eloise Are lifelong residents of Terry county. A i have always enjoyed working for the citizens of Terry county Brown said adding a i have always tried to do what was Best for the Earl Brown taxpayers. A the decisions of the commissioners court Are made through careful consideration of the Issue at hand and then a decision is made to Benefit the majority of the citizens. A i would certainly appreciate each and every vote and your influence in the upcoming democratic primary. I will continue to be fair and consider each request on its own Merit and i will always keep the Best interests of Terry county citizens first and Foremost. Don Robertson to seek office of commissioner h i it i it >11 Rolvin Iso i pm >uk1 it get kit. It in to and in not set it it i their Coo Peia Ani munitions to precinct m three commission in the March 2000 primary $ a a your support will be appreciated a a Don Robertson Don Robertson 4 i

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