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Bridgeport Telegram Newspaper Archives May 20 1963, Page 1

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Bridgeport Telegram, The (Newspaper) - May 20, 1963, Bridgeport, Connecticut Weather forecast mild today Howem tuesday the Bridgeport Telegram Fairfield county l morning newspaper vol xxii no. 120 u cum Milf or. Two Kpa. I. An. Bridgeport 2, Conn., monday morning May 20, 1963 published daily at st., bred Zaport Conn. 18 pages raiders attack Barracks near Havana raise rag Caracas Venezuela May 19 a hit and run exiles attacked a militia Barracks near Havana today and raised an anti Castro Battle Flag before fleeing an exile spokesman announced. Ca Mahlow reported attack commemorating Cut f Independence Day was carried out by counter revolutionaries operating from inside Cuba the spokesman Segundino Alvarez said. An undetermined number of casualties were inflicted on the Castro militiamen it was reported. A communique issued in Venezuela and telephoned to Miami underground intelligence ser vice of the second National front of Scambray advises that a commando group of our inter Nal forces made an attack on Barracks of the militia at tar Ara. The attack was made in Early morning hours of May 19, anniversary of the death of the cuban Independence hero Jose mar to. It is not known at this moment How Many casualties were inflicted on the enemy. The attackers were identified by leaving in the soil of combat their Battle the same Type flags flew Over Miami today. Dozens of the eight foot ban ners were sent aloft on helium filled balloons As exiles observed Cuba s Independence Day and vowed second War of Independence. The red White and Blue flags first used when cubans opened their Campaign for Independence from Spain in ins were adopted by five newly Allied activity groups. They were sent up As exiles gathered in Miami s Bay front Park and other places to observe the occasion. The exiles also raised the Bat the flags at Miami International Airport alongside flags of the american republics flying there and at Miami s Torch of Friend ship a Symbol of Unity among the americas. War not politics this will remind that we need War not declared a spokesman for the Alliance which is composed of the second front Alpha 66, people s revolutionary movement anti communist liberation front and 30th of november revolutionary move ment. We Are going to resume hit and run attacks on the spokesman said. We have a place in the Caribbean for this. We also Are go continued on Page two european bloc rejects Tariff Cut pleas of . Geneva May 19 a the european common Market nations today rejected american proposals to attack world Trade barriers through sweeping across the Board Tariff reductions a common Market source reported. Delay in talks threatened the common Market nations France West Germany Belgium Italy Netherlands and Luxem Bourg decided to insist that the United states give selective treat ment to u. S. Tariffs that the european nations consider abnormally High. The deadlock threatened to de Lay the Start of bargaining ses Sions. Christian a. Herter president Kennedy s chief Trade negotiator had urged saturday that the bar gaining sessions begin May 6, 1964, with the of achieving Birmingham ala., May 19 across the Board Tariff reductions big theft of the explosive probed City is Calm Security tight a a Large dynamite theft pre ceded night bombings that set off rioting by negroes a week ago in this integration target City Sher Iff Melvin Bailey disclosed today. There is plenty of Loose Dyna mite in this Bailey said. 2 cases missing theft from a storage House of two cases of the explosive several Days before the blasts has been continued on Page two Maine teacher quits peace corps Post Portland Maine May 19 a a 27-year-old peace corps worker quit his Post in Sierra Leone West Africa after one year of the usual two year term because of what he called insurmountable Gerald m. Davis a Bates col lege graduate returned to his Hometown of Portland last week where he is now working As a substitute history teacher. Davis said he got no support from the local authorities of the school in which he was assigned to teach met extreme native prejudices against White persons and had to fight a Rise of communism in the country. Official weather data Troni weather Bureau Bridgeport and Vicinity cloudiness and mild today with a Chance of scattered showers developing by late after noon High near variable cloudiness with scattered showers and Little temperature change to night and tomorrow Low tonight in the 50s. Temperature highest yesterday .75 lowest yesterday 51 highest year ago yesterday 85 lowest year ago yesterday 55 precipitation for month 1.88 barometer 8 . .30.00 humidity 8 . .70% today . . . The tide High Low tomorrow . . . Almanac monday May 20 Hundred and Fortieth Day of the year. Sixty first Day of Spring. Sun rises at . And sets at . Of As much As 50 per cent. A common Market official said however that there could be no question of setting a Date for the bargaining talks until there is an agreement Between the United states and the common Market on How to approach the problem. He added however that the common Market would agree to a Date if the United states con sents to treat the problem of High tariffs on the same level As its proposals for across the Board tar Iff cuts. The common Market stand was taken in a two hour meeting. Maurice brasses Belgium s min Ster of foreign Trade conveyed the decision to Herter at a session arranged by Swiss economic at airs minister Hans Schaffner chairman of the current general agreement on tariffs and Trade conference. After 3 1-2 hours discussion spokesmen for both sides told newsmen there had been some Progress but no agreement. A member of the . Dele a lion insisted that there must be a general Rule Lor Tariff reductions on an equal basis. There can be no Compromise on he said. The common Market Dele a continued on Page two 5 killed in collision on Parkway in Bronx new York May 19 a five persons were killed and one was critically injured tonight in Headon automobile collision. The son of a City judge was charged with Drunken driving and leaving the scene of an Accident. Police said a witness told them a third car forced one of the others to swerve across the divid ing strip of the Henry Hudson Parkway in the Bronx and into the path of an oncoming car. Gareth martinis 23, son of criminal court judge Joseph a martinis was arrested. Police said his car with a Dent in the Radiator was found about i-1 mile from the Accident. All five of the victims were in the car reportedly forced across the dividing strip. They were id entitled As or. And mrs. Her Man Brunk their great grandson Raymond Radigan 6, Eleano Bracken and Catherine Jacobs All of suburban Yonkers. Eugene Kramon 50, of new York who was alone in the Sec Ond car was in critical Condl Tion at a Hospital. As Cooper saw the Himalayas flight s dramatic finale is described by Cooper Nasa photo a wort photo astronaut Gordon Cooper held his Hasselblad camera to the window of his space capsule Faith 7 to make this picture As he flashed around the world in space High Over the Himalayan mountains. The camera with 88mm Lens recorded the scene on a new Type High Speed Ansco Chrome reversal film. Down below China Nasa photo via a the curvature of the Earth and China Are below astronaut Gordon Cooper As he made this photograph during his 22-orbit flight through space. A window reflection is in the Center of the picture. Cooper identified the area yesterday after his arrival Back at Cape canaveral Fla. Weekend toll 4 in state traffic superhighway collision kills 2 upstate 2 Vic Tims pedestrians four persons two of them pedestrians were killed in High Way accidents in Connecticut during the weekend. A collision sunday on inter state route 91 in Hartford claimed two lives. State police said Richard Cap 20, of Hartford was driving North on the superhighway when his car jumped the Center Esplanade and skipped across the southbound lanes on its Side. It was struck by a car driven by Gerald Bernard 45, of Thompsonville. Capasso was killed. So was Bernard s Mother mrs. Ludivian Blain 70, of Fairview mass. Capasso s passenger Robert Lubas 20, of Hartford was hospitalized in critical condition. Bernard and his wife were injured but not seriously. Their two children were not Hurt. Around Midnight saturday George e. Rhufell 49, of Plain Ville was struck and killed on Farmington Avenue in Plainville. The Driver of the car Paul Swanson 44, of Plainville was charged with negligent homicide and freed under Bond. The other pedestrian victim was Louis Heuser 27, of Dan Bury who was struck by a car while along route 7 in new Milford at an Early hour Satur Day. Juk s Jet sets record in .-Moscow flight Moscow. May president Kennedy s Jet Airliner streaked into Moscow today to set an inter National Speed record for a nonstop flight from washing ton. The flight took 8 hours 38 minutes and 42 seconds. It answered a russian claim that the United states had no aircraft capable of flying nonstop to mos cow. Averages 580 Mph the . Embassy said the plane flown by Kennedy s per Sonal Pilot col. James b. Swin Day 46, of Birmingham ala., averaged 580 Miles and hour and set a total of 15 records in route. Col. Swi Jacial said the Only other nonstop Washington Moscow flight he knew of was made some time ago by a soviet Turbo prop transport in about 12 hours. The russians use the Tu-114 for Long air hops such As on their air route Between Moscow and Havana. Kennedy s plane is a Boeing 707 equipped with Ian jets which continued on Page two Gordo s photos released Cape canaveral Fla., May 19 soaring More than 100 Miles High astronaut Gordon Cooper snapped a series of striking photographs which show Earth features More clearly than any previous pictures taken in space. The magnificent views Cooper had of his Home planet were shown in 11 pictures released today by the National aeronautics and space administration. They were among dozens taken by the astronaut. They were taken with color film but the initial pictures released were in Black and White. The most spectacular prints showed India s him Alayan mountains. One which the Nasa la belled the Edge of the him showed what appeared to be Snow capped Mountain peaks. Another had several lakes in a High Pla teau area. Others showed what seemed to be Snow Cov ered plateaus and Frozen lakes. Other pictures Cloud layers Over red China with no land Fea Tures distinguishable. Coop or was the first american astronaut to pass Over this communist nation. Unidentified Pacific Island clearly outlined against the Pacific. Partially obscuring a wide expanse of at lactic Ocean. Atlas mountains. Streamer of Clouds above the Brown Sands of the arabian desert. The pictures were made with a Hasselblad hand held camera with 80-mm. Lens. Cooper used what was described As a new Type High Speed Ansco Chrome reversal film 120 size. The film was rated As Asa 160. Rem arms Union ousts leaders opposition slate scores near sweep in voting Grillo keeps Post the opposition slate of the Rem Egton arms Industrial machine and office workers Union score almost a Complete Victory in the Independent Union s annual elec Ion yesterday. Only two incumbents Secretary Awrence Grillo and trustee War Ren Mancinelli remained in of ice. Or. Grillo will serve his 19tl consecutive year As the Union Secretary. Elected president was Vincen Rusetti who Defeated incumbent Harold Kamen 457-358. Paul Piv continued on Page two a wire Lioto discussing outer Gordon Cooper makes a Point yesterday during a news conference discussion of his 22-orbit space flight. Lives a humorous touch to his account of sus Pense packed re entry easy to sleep in space he tells news Parley Cape canaveral Fla., May 19 a a re axed astronaut Gordon Cooper drawing several laughs rom a packed news conference today reported he Felt Ike ignoring a Green Light that indicated trouble with Lis automatic control system during his dramatic 22-orbit Light last week. Then i decided i d better he quipped. I decided it just would t go thus he described in Low key humor the suspense asked end of his historic voyage through the skies. Covers wide Range he finally completed the 22 Cir Cuits of the Globe today by arriving Back at his jumping off place. He came by Jet from Hawaii where he was reunited yes erday with his family. His actual space flight was a Little less than 22 Earth orbits. Cooper touched on All aspects of his flight in the news Confer ence held in a Motel auditorium in the nearby missile Community of Cocoa Beach. Cooper reported of the Clear Day he was Able to distinguish Many land features such As Railroad trains trailing smoke and the Wake of a boat on a River or the arabian Peninsula i could see Dallas and he Sale i saw lakes in the Frea of my Houston Home but i could 1 see my House because they left too Many Trees around Cooper came up with still an other theory on the source of the mysterious fireflies first spot Ted by John Glenn on his Orbital flight in february 1962. Glenn at first believed they were some thing in space but the flights of Scott Carpenter and Walter Schirra subsequently led to the belief they were pieces of Frost flaking off the capsule surface. Cooper said he was convinced they came from the thrusters. The Small Jet motors which regulate the capsule s position. I could see each thruster fire and the fireflies came from them in great Cooper said. There was a regular Stream from each thruster. Had no trouble at All sleep ing in space. I slept very sound he reported and said he Hac dreams but could not recall what they were about. China he said appeared very much like it did on the he saw several map. He said chinese cities. Described trouble he had with a urine collection device As a plumbing four times during the flight he collected urine samples in separate containers by pumping them out of the main collection bag. He recommended larger flow openings because it took me half an orbit to pump each urine this Drew a loing laugh from the audience. Among those who laughed loudest were four other astronauts. Said that when he first awoke after his space slumber he was slightly confused about where he was and this probably contributed to the sudden jump in blood pressure and heartbeat readings recorded on the ground. He said he did t know immediately whether he was in a Simu lated flight on top of the Atlas awaiting Blastoff or actually in space. Another Mercury flight asked if he thought his flight concluded project Mercury Coop or replied that it was his personal opinion that great gain would come from an extended Mercury flight. Then he tossed the question to or. Robert c. Seamans associate administrator of the National aeronautics and space administration. We Are faced with a decision in the next week or so on Ano ther Mercury Seamans said but said it was quite unlikely another Mercury manned mis Sion would be conducted. He explained that the longer you keep Mercury personnel continued on Page two i Gordo and Well done throng yells to latest u. S. Space hero by Bem Price Cape canaveral Fla., May a huge crowd including space Hel meted kids waving Ameri can flags cheered astronaut Gordon Cooper with yells i Gordo and Well done today upon his return Here. It was one of the largest crowds in the history of this Garish Florida Sand spit Frontier town of the space age. A Beautiful Day Cooper and his wife Trudy drove from a Beach House at Patrick air Force base toward a news conference seven Miles away at Cocoa Beach. He had returned to the Cape canaveral area from Honolulu at . By Jet. It was a Beautiful Day and people from Miles around con verged on the area for a glimpse of the nation newest space hero Man who flew around the world 22 times in 34 hours and 20 minutes. Two of Cocoa Beach s three fire trucks were along the route with Anners Reading Welcome Home legislators play for Charity democrats defeat gop 5-3, leukaemia fund adds by Frederick e. Phelan the democratic members of the general Assembly Defeated the Republican legislators by a score of 5 to 3 in a softball game yesterday at Raybe Stos Field in Stratford for the Benefit of the. Leukaemia society of fair Field county. It was announced that j2.5m was realized for the Charity from Gate receipts and Advance ticket sales. Rep. May Boatwright. A Stonington and sen. Fred Pope jr., a Fairfield served on the ticket committee. After the contest the Legisla tors were the guests of rep. Robert j. Testo a Bridgeport an assistant House minority Leader continued on Page two there were hundreds of other hand made signs expressing the same sentiment. Enro Ute Gordo and his wife in one car his two daughters in another passed Over the local equivalent of the red a strip of red paint on Highway a1a. As he approached this spot on the Road teen aged girls Shower cont Mied on Page two Glenn 15 hailed in visit to Japan vacationing . Astron naut and wife to pay Call on Crown Prince today Tokyo May 19 can astronaut John Glenn received an enthusiastic Welcome when he arrived in Tokyo today for a vacation that had All he earmarks of a Semi official state visit. Glenn the first american spaceman to tour a foreign coun by wound up his duties As a communicator for astronaut Gor Don Cooper s 22-orbit flight last week. Then he went ashore at naga Saki from the u. S. Navy vessel coastal sentry flew into Tokyo International Airport and was greeted by his wife and two Hildren u. S. Ambassador Edwin 0. Reischauer and a crowd of persons. After greeting his family Glenn turned to Reischauer with a Grin and said i m new Here. What do we do with that the group was whisked away to the ambassador s residence in a limousine where the astronaut and his family will be House guests until tues Day. The u. S. Embassy officially is calling Glenn s 12-Day stay Here a however he will be travelling around Japan on a schedule usually reserved Only continued on Page two Telegram softball sit Down scotched rep. Louis j. Padula a Norwalk House majority Leader in the legislature holding Ball stages a Short lived strike on the Mound yesterday during softball game Between Republican and democratic state legislators in Stratford. The Benefit game for the leukaemia fund raised democrats won 5-3. Left to right Are reps. John r. Kelly a Watertown Stephen e. Lynzi a North Branford Michael l. Moranor Greenwich William t. Shea a Meriden Robert j. Tusto a Bridgeport and William 1. Walsh of the Bridgeport Post Telegram Dean of legislative correspondents who Umpire. For everybody in Telegram every Day Page chef 9 classified ads. 12-17 comics 10 crossword Puzzle 10 dear Abby 9 or. Brandstadt . 9 editorials 8 fashions h Jacoby on Bridge. 9 obituaries 18 sports 6-v Sylvia Porter. 8 theater news. 5 to and radio. U women s news. J

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